Chapter 7: A God's Greatest Treasure

(In the skies above Station Square)

Eggman, Orbot, and Cubot were watching the fight below from Eggman's hovercraft.

Eggman- Well, it looks like things are about to heat up. Balrock is strong enough to make even Nazo kneel to the ground. I might finally get to see that blasted retarded hedgehog get what's been coming to him after all these years!

Cubot- But won't that dragon be too strong for you to control? Even if Sonic and the other do weaken him?

Eggman- I'll figure something out eventually. For now, I'll just enjoy watching Sonic being executed!

Magolor- Don't you realize when you're being played, doctor?

Eggman looked up and saw the Lor Star Cutter right in front of him. On the deck of the ship were Tails, Mighty, and Magolor.

Eggman- Played?! What do you mean by that?

Mighty- I mean you were tricked to releasing Balrock from his tomb. Dimentio and Infinite broke into your base and programed your computer to pick up Balrock's energy signal, knowing you would not be able to resist after seeing how strong Balrock is.

Eggman- That doesn't make any sense. Why would Tabuu go through all the trouble of getting me to…

Magolor- Because there was an alarm system in Balrock's tomb. If any god or being carrying the power of one, like Tabuu's followers, an alarm would be sent to the Lord of the Universe, indicating that Balrock's tomb had been breached. However, if a mortal, like you, frees Balrock, the gods wouldn't know that Balrock was free until it was already too late.

Tails- Is releasing Balrock on Sonic what Tabuu wanted?

Magolor- You wish, Tails! I'm afraid it's much worse. Tabuu wants to regain the remaining 20% of his full power. And the original team 1,000 years ago hide a piece of Tabuu's soul in Balrock's tomb and the only way to get it out was to open the tomb. A similar incident occurred in Kanto that almost got your friend, Ash, killed.

Mighty- In short, you just helped Tabuu become even stronger by freeing Balrock. And if Tabuu regains 100%...he could potentially break free from his prison in Subspace! And you'll be partly to blame due to you being tricked to freeing Balrock.

Eggman- You can't seriously mean that, can you?!

Mighty and Magolor just stood there and glared at Eggman.

Magolor- You had better hope that Kyrin and the Lord of the Universe don't hold you accountable for this after Balrock has been dealt with.

Mighty- Assuming Sonic and the others can beat Balrock.

Tails- Sonic can! I just know he can!

(Back on the ground level of Station Square)

Balrock fired a stream of regular fire at Super Sonic, Super Shadow, Super Silver, and Perfect Nazo. Super Silver fired some of his Psychic energy at the flames and blocked the attack. Before the smoke cleared, Super Shadow dashed from the smoke cloud and punched Balrock in the face. Then Super Shadow upper kicked Balrock in the face. Balrock retaliated by swiping his claw and knocking Super Shadow away from him. However, Super Sonic hit Balrock in the stomach with a spin dash and knock him into the side of a building. Balrock tried to swing his at him, but Super Sonic jumped over the tail like a jump rope this time. Balrock shot a stream of fire at Super Sonic, but Super Sonic managed to avoid it with his speed. In the blink of an eye, Super Sonic vanished from sight. But as soon as that happened, Perfect Nazo jumped out and punched Balrock in the face, knocking him through the building Super Sonic knocked him into earlier. Balrock flew out of the rubble and began charging his Rainbow Flame again. Super Silver and Perfect Nazo used their energy attacks to block the Rainbow Flame. However, the flame was pushing through the energy blasts. But then Super Sonic managed to uppercut Balrock in the gut while his guard was down. The Rainbow Flame faded after Super Sonic surprised Balrock. But before Balrock could recover, Super Shadow grabbed Balrock from behind and began glowing red.

Super Shadow- Let's see if the Chaos Blast can hurt you this time! CHAOS BLAST!

Then Balrock was blasted with an explosion with a red energy. When the explosion faded, Balrock was lying on the ground in a large crater and looking injured. When Balrock raised his head, he saw Super Sonic, Super Shadow, Super Silver, and Perfect Nazo surrounding him.

Balrock- I see I've once again underestimate Chaos' power. But it's obvious you four wouldn't be much of a challenge for me if you weren't piggybacking off of Chaos power through those jewels you have. But now I realize that I can play that game too!

Super Sonic- What the **** are you talking about?!

Then Balrock raised his tail up and used it sort of like an antenna. Suddenly, energy from the Chaos Emeralds were absorbed by Balrock using his tail as the focal point.

Super Silver- What's he doing?!

Super Shadow- He's absorbing power from the Chaos Emeralds like we did!

Then Balrock was engulfed by a bright light and the ground began to shake like crazy. When the light faded, Balrock appearance was completely different. His greenish-brownish scales turned gold, spikes appeared on Balrock's back and tail, and a glowing aura surrounded Balrock's body.

Chaos Balrock- And to think, I was Chaos' equal before. How ironic that Chaos' own power will help me enact my revenge against Chaos! Now let's see the result of adding Chaos' power to my own! (ROAR)

Super Sonic quickly tried to punch him while dashing as his max speed, but Chaos Balrock caught Super Sonic's fist.

Chaos Balrock- Is that the best your speed can do? Because to my eyes, you were moving in slow motion there, Sonic.

Chaos Balrock punched Super Sonic in the chest, fractured some of his ribs, and knocked Super Sonic a distance away from him. Super Silver tried to drop a large rock on Chaos Balrock with his psychic abilities, but Chaos Balrock instantly vanished before the rock dropped on him.

Super Silver- Did he just…

Super Shadow- No doubt about it! That was Chaos Control!

Chaos Balrock reappeared not far from where he teleported from and smirked at Super Sonic, Super Shadow, Super Silver, and Perfect Nazo.

Chaos Balrock- Why so surprised? I've absorbed Chaos' power from those stones like you did. Which means all of Chaos' little tricks are at my disposal. Like this one…

Chaos Balrock's body began to have a red glow around his body and it looked like a massive amount of energy was building up inside of him.

Chaos Balrock- CHAOS BLAST!

Then a huge explosion of chaos energy engulfed most of Station Square. The Lor Star Cutter and Eggman's hovercraft were barely out of reach of that explosion. When it faded, Super Sonic, Super Shadow, Super Silver, and Perfect Nazo reverted back to their normal forms and were lying on the ground looking severely injured.

Chaos Balrock- How pathetic. If only I could do this to Chaos himself. And to think, his own power will be the downfall of Mobius!

(Up on the Lor Star Cutter)

Tails- SONIC!

Tails was about to jump off the Lor Star Cutter, but Mighty grabbed hold of Tails.

Tails- Hey! Let me go!

Mighty- I know you want to help, but how can you fight someone like Balrock? He'll tare you apart!

Tails- I don't care! I'm not gonna sit here and let that dragon kill Sonic!

But while Tails was struggling to get his body out of Mighty's grip, he saw something. It sort of looked like a soul without a body admitting a bright blue glow. It was barely noticeable, but Tails saw this light moving towards Sonic and the Chaos Emeralds.

(Back at the ground level of Station Square)

Chaos Balrock approached Sonic and put all five claw tips on his right claw together, looking like a drill or a larger tip of a blade.

Chaos Balrock- You were harder to finish off than I expected, but it's time to finally end this. And out of my history with Chaos…I'll kill you first, Sonic! Time to die!

Chaos Balrock struck with his claws as Sonic, but a light blue barrier suddenly appeared around Sonic and stopped his attack.

Chaos Balrock- What the?! What's going on?!

Suddenly, the Chaos Emeralds began to float again and began to circle around Sonic.

Mysterious voice (in Sonic's head)- Forgive me, but I'm going to barrow you for a bit. This is between me and Balrock and I must be the one to finish it.

Sonic- Wha…

Suddenly, Sonic's body began to absorb energy from the Chaos Emeralds and he was transforming into Super Sonic. However, there was something different about him after he had transformed into Super Sonic this time. He was still gold, but there was a cyan blue aura around his body and his eyes were glowing a light blue. Even stranger, a stream of energy was formed around his neck, making it look like he was wearing a cyan blue scarf around his neck.

Chaos Balrock- You…

Possessed Super Sonic- I see you still haven't learned your lesson even after all these years of being imprisoned underground.

Chaos Balrock- I don't care how you're doing this, but I'm glad you did. Because you're the one I really want to fight…Chaos!

(Up on the Lor Star Cutter)

Tails looked down and saw Possessed Super Sonic.

Tails- Sonic…or…is that really Sonic…

Magolor- You're right. The way this energy is flowing…it feels more like another hedgehog Kyrin told us about.

Mighty- You don't think…

Tails- Think what?

(Back at the ground level of Station Square)

Chaos Balrock dashed at Possessed Super Sonic, but his claw stopped at Possessed Super Sonic's face.

Chaos Balrock- What the hell! Why did my claw just stop?!

Possessed Super Sonic- Because that power you're using was originally mine before you made the gods take it away from me. And no matter how hard you try, that power will always refuse to harm its original master. My power you absorbed from the emeralds might've made you stronger, but you literally can't attack me while you're using it to power yourself up.

Chaos Balrock- Damn you…

Then Chaos Balrock reverted back to his regular form.

Balrock- No matter. I was always just as strong as you in battle. And this time, you don't have that fool, Marco, to back you up.

Possessed Super Sonic- I don't need my friend Marco for this.

Balrock swung his tails, but Possessed Super Sonic grabbed hold of it before it could hit him.

Possessed Super Sonic- You know, Balrock, I figured you would've changed your fighting strategies after 1,000 years. But I guess dragon is just a pony with all of his one-tricks! You're better off fighting knights with lances at old castles.

Balrock- You know how much I hate…GWAAAH!

Possessed Super Sonic began to squeeze Balrock's tails and breaking the bones inside. Balrock opened his mouth and fired a stream of fire at Possessed Super Sonic.

Possessed Super Sonic- Chaos Control!

Then Possessed Super Sonic teleported out of the way before the flames could hit him. Possessed Super Sonic reappeared in the air just above where Balrock was standing. Balrock opened a portal and threw his fist into there. A portal opened up to the left of Possessed Super Sonic, but he caught Balrock's fist.

Possessed Super Sonic- Bad move, Balrock!

Possessed Super Sonic snapped his fingers and the portals near Possessed Super Sonic instantly closed. Then Balrock screamed in pain as blood pored from where is right arm used to be.

Possessed Super Sonic- I believe this belongs to you, scale bait.

Possessed Super Sonic threw Balrocks right arm at him. Balrock held his open wound with his remaining arm and glared at Possessed Super Sonic. Then Balrock shot his Rainbow Flame at Possessed Super Sonic. Possessed Super Sonic stopped it using what looked like the same psychic powers that Silver has and made the Rainbow Flame disappear.

Balrock- **** it! **** it all! I will not lose to you again, Chaos! Even if it means taking the same extreme measures I took that almost destroyed you and the Mario Brothers the last time we fought!

Then Balrock used what power he had left to create a giant blackhole.

Possessed Super Sonic- You're insane, Balrock! That will destroy everything, including you! I warned you that last time as well!

Balrock- Better than letting you defeat me again! And I know you're power alone isn't strong enough to stop this blackhole since you needed Marco and that red star powerup of his last time to overload the blackhole! Enjoy oblivion, Chaos!

Possessed Super Sonic looked and saw Shadow, Silver, and Nazo lying nearby.

Possessed Super Sonic- I guess I need more than just this one for this. I need to barrow the powers of you three as well.

Then Possessed Super Sonic began absorbing energy from Shadow, Silver, and Nazo's body. Then Possessed Super Sonic created on huge ball of energy out of the power he borrowed from the other hedgehog and launched it at the blackhole. When the energy ball hit the blackhole, the blackhole began to break apart before exploding and Balrock was caught in that explosion.

Balrock- NOOOO! How could…I be defeated…by you again….

(Sonic's dream)

Sonic's eyes slowly opened and he saw he was in an area that looked like it was in outer space. Nothing but stars and galaxies around him. But while Sonic was looking around and wondering where he was, he saw a white hedgehog that looked similar to him standing in front of him.

Sonic- Huh…? Who are…

Hedgehog that looked like Sonic- Here, a piece offering for taking over your body like that. This good luck charm meant a lot to me. Hope it brings you luck too.

Sonic felt the white hedgehog put something into his hand. When Sonic looked at his hand, he saw he was holding a cyan blue scarf.

Sonic- What is this? Why did you give this to me?

Before the white hedgehog could answer, his body burst into several streams of light.

(Back in Station Square)

Sonic was waking up for real this time and he saw Tails and Kyrin standing above him.

Kyrin- There. That should at least get Sonic up on his feet.

Tails- You're right, Kyrin! He's waking up!

Sonic- Tails…? Kyrin…what are you doing…

Kyrin- I wouldn't be moving if I were you, Sonic. Your body is still recovering after all you've went through.

Sonic- My head…how long was I out…?

Tails- Six hours.

Sonic- Six hours?! Wait, what happened to Balrock?!

Tails- Don't you remember anything, Sonic?

Sonic- Remember what?!

Kyrin- Uh…all you need to know is Balrock was destroyed after his blackhole blew up. I did heal Shadow, Silver, and Nazo as well. Though Nazo decided to split once he regained enough of his strength teleport away. I was surprised he seemed afraid of me. I guess it's because I resemble my brother a bit. Hang on…that scarf in your hand!

Sonic looked at his hand again and saw he was holding a cyan blue scarf.

Sonic- What about it?

Kyrin- That was Chaos' scarf. He happened to have treated that scarf like it was his personal treasure. It really meant a lot to him.

Sonic- How so?

Kyrin- After Chaos was turned mortal for a crime he didn't commit, he made some new friends during his exile. One of which was a woman that was…really close to Chaos. She made that scarf and gave it to him as a gift. Since then, Chaos kept that scarf as a good luck charm, because he thought of her every time he wore it. But where did you get it?

Sonic- I'm…I'm not sure…

Tails- How do you know so much about Chaos anyway?

Kyrin- He was a god like me once upon a time. He was also a close friend of my father. But more importantly, he was also a member of the original Super Mario Brothers' Team 1,000 years ago. Mario's ancestor was the one who proved Chaos was framed for Balrock's crimes. Chaos decided to join his team shortly afterwards.

Eggman- Excuse me, but can we please take a break now!

Sonic, Tails, and Kyrin looked and saw Eggman, Orbot, and Cubot rebuilding a house that was wrecked in the fight earlier.

Eggman- We've been at this for nearly six hours. I'm starting to get exhausted from all of this.

Kyrin- No way, egghead! My father is still pissed off that you released Balrock like that. I've told you before. Either you don't stop until Station Square is fully fixed or face the Lord of the Universe. Now, unless you want me to introduce you to my father while you're still on his bad side, I'd suggest you and your silly bots get back to work.

Eggman- Alright! Alright! Stupid gods and their punishments…

Sonic and Tails couldn't help but laugh as Eggman, Orbot, and Cubot continued to rebuild Station Square. But Sonic wondered about what took over his body earlier or why he was now holding a 1,000 year-old scarf. All Sonic could do was hope his questions would be answered in due time.

The End


(Tabuu's palace in Subspace)

Tabuu was sitting on his throne while Dimentio and Infinite were bowing to him.

Tabuu- See, it wasn't so bad working together.

Infinite- (Mutters) Easy for you to say…

Dimentio- Master Tabuu, were you able to get what you were seeking?

Tabuu- As a matter of fact…I did.

Tabuu points at his torso and it looked like a human's torso with a six-pack abs. Not to mention his left arm was still looking human.

Tabuu- 85% of my full power! I feel so close now! As for you two, dismissed for now.

After Infinite and Dimentio left the room, Tabuu pulled out a book and cast a seeker spell. The book flipped its pages and stopped at a picture of a gray Tasmanian tiger with a scar on his left face and a giant boomerang on his back.

Tabuu- I see one of Australia's greatest thieves, Simba the Tasmanian Tiger, is next. Very well then. Quinking!

Tabuu snapped his fingers and the Quinking entered the room.

Quinking- You called, Master Tabuu?

Tabuu- Yes. I need you to locate some nasty little creatures that were buried in the Australian swamps by a certain Tasmanian tiger many years ago.