I wanna get this out of the way: I like The Sorcerer's Apprentice movie. It's not a masterpiece but I enjoy it. However I've been thinking 'what if we change it up a bit?' Add the prophecy of Arthur's return into it and heck, make the whole 'Prime Merlinian' into the reincarnation of Merlin.

THEREFORE! David Stutler will NOT be a part of this! If anything picture the main lead as Colin Morgan.

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In a land of myth, and a time of legend; King Arthur of Camelot died by the hands of Mordred at the Battle of Camlann. His wife, Guinevere took over as queen and Camelot once again allowed magic to return to the land and appointed the just and powerful Merlin as the Court Sorcerer.

For fifty years, the kingdom was prosperous. However, with the ever threat of Morgana Pendragon looming over them and gathering magical followers, Merlin decided to take on three apprentices to entrust his magic and hopes for the future: Balthazar, Veronica, and Horvath.

He should have trusted only two.

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Balthazar and Veronica rode into the castle courtyard of Camelot to see the knights lay ruthlessly massacred. As they searched for survivors they were horrified to see the queen herself was among the dead.

Camelot had fallen.

They knew who Morgana would go after and quickly ran through the castle following the carnage of knights and sorcerers, both evil and good alike. Knowing the perpetrator, Morgana, would be ahead of all it.

A burst of fire incinerated a group of knights that were storming the throne room where Morgana Pendragon was. Even after fifty years, she had aged gracefully and smirked with malice before turning back to searching for her most hated enemy who his behind a pillar. As soon as she passed two candelabras, Merlin's eyes glowed and silently cast a spell to turn them into shackles that latched to Morgana's wrists.

Coming out of his hiding space, Merlin came out wearing a long red and blue robe looking exactly as he did when he pretended to be 'Dragoon the Great' all those years ago. However this time instead of a staff; he brandished a sword he had forged in a dragon's breath and a silver ring in the shape of a dragon with a green jewel on his right hand finger. As he attempted to land a killing blow, Morgana used a spell to heat parts of the candelabras holding her into sharp points and used them to block Merlin's attack. As they fought, Merlin cornered Morgana with her back against a pillar and absorbed her hands into the stone.

"Death and darkness follow you as always. But not at first, we were friends" Merlin said in anger but his eyes reflected sadness "we with magic are but servants to those without … it didn't have to be this way, Morgana" Merlin said and was about to decapitate her, but then the door opened suddenly and one of Merlin's apprentices, Horvath, came through holding a sword.

"Merlin …" was all he said before firing a blast of energy at the stone to allow Morganna to break free.

"Horvath?! You betray me? Why?!" Merlin asked in pure shock before Morgana used his surprise to grab the sword the old sorcerer wielded and stabbed him in the gut and through his back

"I am no ones servant, Emrys … that was always your job" Morgana said harshly and shoved him down to the floor then looked at Horvath "well done, now get the spell" she said as Horvath nodded before looking at his dying master with a slight pang of regret before going to Merlin's spell book and found the spell he was looking for: The Rising. A spell to raise an army of dead sorcerers to do Morgana's bidding. Ripping it out, he went to rejoin Morgana, but at that moment Balthazar and Veronica blasted through the throne room doors and saw everything.

"Go, I shall handle these pests" Morgana said shooting an energy blast at Balthazar allowing Horvath to escape. Morgana was about to conjure a bolt of lightning to finish him off but then felt a pulse of energy at the other end of the room. Veronica used a dangerous spell to merge Morgana's soul into her body.

"Veronica!" Balthazar cried out when he saw what was happening. Witnessing Morgana's body and soul become like dust and merged into the sorceress who collapsed to her knees. Balthazar ran to check on her, but saw Morgana was fighting for control.

"The Grimhold-" Veronica said while struggling to fight Morgana "no- no no! We can find another way!" Balthazar said on the verge of tears and seeing Veronica in pain made it worse. "There is … no … other … way" she said breathlessly as she continued to struggle then looked at Balthazar, he could see her eyes shifting from the cold green of Morgana to the peaceful blue of Veronica "please, my love …" she said before her eyes shifted to green.

Balthazar, heartbroken, took a black nesting doll that Merlin kept locked away in a vault that was now opened by Morgana's attack, and opened it; trapping both Veronica and Morgana. Letting out a small sob, he turned to the chaos and saw Merlin's chest still moving!

"Master Merlin!" He cried before running over dropping the grimhold nearby just as Merlin let out a pained cough in a pool of his own blood. "H-hold on Master, I can-" Balthazar said but Merlin gently placed a hand on his to stop him.

"Did i … ever tell you … about Arthur?" He asked weakly which caused tears to fall down the apprentice's cheek. "A million times, you can keep telling me after-" "no … no" Merlin said interrupting him and struggled to keep his breathing "there is … a prophecy … about Arthur-" he said before coughing and Balthazar nodded "i-i know. Arthur is the Once and Future King, He'll return in Albion's need … so you have to live!" Balthazar said with a sob, his hands shook trying to move his hands over Merlin's injuries but kept getting refused by the dying sorcerer "please … I have no one else"

Merlin gave him a sad smile as he pulled his dragon ring off his finger, which turned into a small metal statue and handed it to him "my place …. Is with my friends …. They'd be lost … without me" he said with a half chuckle "Arthur will be reborn … and i know Gwen and the knights will too … this ring-" he said pressing the statue in Balthazar's hand "is enchanted … to recognize me … you must … find us" he said making Balthazar looked down at the dragon clenching it tightly

"you … Veronica … Horvath-" Merlin said snapping Balthazar's attention back at his dying master who had a kind smile on his face. "You were like …. The children … I could never have" he said before starting to become still. "Find …. Us ….."

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It took him until the late hours of the next night before Balthazar was able to give the fallen inhabitants of Camelot a proper burial in the catacombs underneath the castle. The knights and the queen he placed in boats to be set on the lake which he set on fire, hoping they would find each other in Avalon.

The last one was his Master: Merlin. The man who said Balthazar was like a son to him, and in truth, he felt the same. Merlin was the father he never had, took him in when he was living on the streets. Now he was gone. His funeral was the hardest as he placed the body in the boat and placed a pointed hat with stars and moons decorated on it on his head and let out a weak laugh. The hat was made by the three apprentices when they were children in honor of the anniversary of their master's birth. It looked absolutely ridiculous but of course Merlin took it with pride and rarely took it off when he was awake.

Pushing the boat that carried Merlin's body out into the lake, Balthazar's eyes glowed golden before the boat caught fire as well. "Take care of him, Freya" Balthazar said remembering of Merlin's love as he took out the dragon statue from his pocket gazing at it intently. "I swear master … I swear I will find you … I will search for centuries is i must" he said before looking out to the burning boat which started to sink.

Turning away, he saw the pointed hat he had placed with Merlin had rested on a nearby rock and quickly turned around to look at the remains of the sinking burning boat then back to the hat in amazement. Gingerly, he took the hat, which he noticed had traces of Merlin's magic, and examined it before waving his hand and shrunk it into a cylinder box which he put in his pocket next to the dragon ring statue.

Balthazar gave a small smile knowing that even in death, the man he considered his father was still looking out for him. No … he was his father, he would accept that now.

He would leave Camelot, cast a spell to keep it hidden, and search the world for the child who was Merlin reborn. Battling Morganians, Sorcerers who followed Morgana, who wanted to free the evil sorceress from her prison only to capture them and put them on layer upon layer of the Grimhold, eventually capturing Horvath as well. Never giving up, never for once resting until he would find him. Find the reincarnation of the most powerful Sorcerer who ever lived and teach him everything Merlin taught him.

The irony: the Sorcerer who taught Balthazar, Veronica, and Horvath would one day become:

The Sorcerer's Apprentice

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