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Chapter 2: Horvath

"I have been searching for you" Balthazar said coming out from behind the counter, breaking Myles out of his musings, before kneeling down to his level "for a very long time, and now … you find me" he said with a half chuckle. "This ring on your finger means something. It means you have the makings of greatness in you, and you will become a very powerful sorcerer. But for now, you'll be my apprentice" he said as Myles looked at him stunned before a grin spread across his face.

"I … I can learn magic?" Myles asked making Balthazar nod "your first lesson can start now if you wish, but first you're going to need something: your very own Encantus" he said before standing up "I'll be right back, don't touch anything." he said before turning around but stopped when Myles asked if anything was dangerous "yes … that's why i said don't touch anything." Balthazar said turning to him

"Then why do you have them just laying around?" Myles asked making Balthazar frown in thought and hesitated "um … well … no one ever comes here" he said in almost a questioning tone, as though he never thought of that before. Sighing, Balthazar shook his head. "I'll admit, I didn't think that through" he said ignoring the smug grin Myles had on his face. "But it's in the basement" he said making the grin fall flat and giving Balthazar a grin himself

"On second thought, I'll wait here" Myles said making Balthazar nod approvingly and walked down to the basement. "Wait!" Myles said but Balthazar turned to him stopping in place "if I'm to learn magic from you, can I at least know your name?" Myles asked and almost thought he saw a pang of hurt in the elder sorcerer's eyes but nodded "Balthazar" he said before continuing to the back.

'Myles, what have you gotten yourself into?' He thought before looking down at his ring smiling. Turning his hand, he saw the emerald in the center reflect the light before hearing a weird knock in the wall. Searching for the source, he moved his hand and the knock happened again but saw where it was coming from: up near the ceiling behind some books.

Myles was nervous now and set his hand down but the noise still happened. "I can't even move my hand?!" He said in confusion and looked at where the noise was coming from and made a split level decision and raised his hand up before jerking it to the side. Suddenly, a large object came bursting through the wall and fell down at his feet. The good news was that he could move his hand freely again without causing mayhem, bad news was he now made a huge mess caused by this weird … nesting doll?

Myles remembered Balthazar told him not to touch anything, so most likely this thing was dangerous. But he couldn't just leave it on the floor like that.

Looking around, Myles noticed a dusting rag and grabbed it, covering both his hands before picking up the doll. Thankfully nothing happened and Myles set it on the counter with a smile looking at the image of the angry looking man in a suit on the doll but before he could congratulate himself for not messing up, part of his finger grazed on the doll and instantly felt it start to shake and the line that encircled around the doll started to glow as though it was on fire.

It shocked Myles so much that he accidentally knocked it back on the floor and the layer burst open. Before Myles could try to fix it, thousands of cockroaches swarmed out of it and started to stack on each other. They morphed, changed color, showing a pair of shoes then legs, then a torso, before finally a man wearing a fur-lined coat with a suit and bowler hat and a cane with a blue jeweled tip stood there gasping out a breath.

One last cockroach ran across his mouth before becoming part of his lower lip which he touched gingerly with his gloved hand. Glancing around the room, the man looked down to Myles and his expression turned almost pure shock and took one step back. "You?!" He said startling Myles who backed up against the counter.

The man only snarled at him removing his gloves. "When am i?" He said in a slightly bored tone. He had an English accent, like him.

"W-when? Uh … it's the year 2000 … why, how long were you-" Myles asked but the man only rolled his eyes "I'm sorry" the man said breaking Myles' thoughts before slowly pointing his glowing cane at him. Though he didn't sound 'sorry' at all. "But you're going to have to die now"

Before he could do anything, the man flew backwards into the glass roof with his cane barely out of reach. Looking around frantically, Myles saw Balthazar come in holding a ridiculously large tome in one hand and his other hand was high above his head directed at the man on the ceiling before his attention returned to Myles. "I thought I said not to touch anything" Balthazar said in a calm yet slightly annoyed tone.

"Not my fault! I couldn't even move my hand without that thing knocking against the wall" Myles said defensively but was interrupted when the other man chuckled from above them. "Not very sporting of you, Balthazar" he said making the man himself scowl up at him "quiet, Horvath!" He said making Horvath give a scowling smirk.

"It's not you" Balthazar said suddenly to Myles before jerking his head to Horvath "he's been like this for over a thousand years" he said making Myles confused and looked back up at the man in question "well that explains his fashion sense" he said running his hands through his hair and scratched it to try and ease his anxiousness. Unknowingly to him, both elder sorcerers saw this and smiled fondly.

"Myles, where's the doll?" Balthazar suddenly said making the child jerk his head up at him and looked around "I-It fell-" he said but unfortunately for the two sorcerers on the ground, Horvath reached his cane and shot a pulse of energy from it to break Balthazar's concentration and fell back down to the ground. "Myles, get the doll!" Balthazar said as Horvath got up and levitated a nearby sword from a barrel of them.

"I'll have that doll" Horvath said making the sword lunge at Balthazar who dodged it and snapped the horn off a skull of some strange creature and blocked each slash and jab. "You've gotten rusty, Balthazar" Horvath said with a smirk. Meanwhile, Myles was crawling through the tables searching for the nesting doll.

When he finally found it, Myles shot up "I got it!" He said making Horvath glance at the boy while still dueling Balthazar and shot an energy blast at him. Myles quickly ducked and glanced around quickly and spotted a large statue of a dog propped up against a shield next to a Jack-in-the-box and wondered if he could do the same thing he did with the doll with it.

He had no idea what he was doing but simply extended his fingers out and felt a small tug in his gut as his eyes glowed golden and quickly stood up to see Horvath and Balthazar still dueling "HEY, SCARFACE!" Myles shouted making Horvath turn to glare at him in annoyance. Without a second's hesitation he threw his hand and the object he had grabbed mystically through past him towards Horvath who ducked and the object became stuck between two chairs. Myles was crestfallen when he saw what he had thrown.

The Jack-in-the-box.

"Oh … that's not fair." he said before sinking down. Horvath only scoffed before turning back to Balthazar but the box was in front of the Sorcerer which suddenly opened jumping at him. It was enough to startle him and for Balthazar to shoot a plasma bolt at him which hit and sent Horvath flying backwards.

"Impressive" Balthazar said breathing and looked to Myles who looked up "did you actually mean to do that?" He asked but Myles shook his head "I was aiming for the statue" he said as Balthazar looked at the statue in question and winced "you need to work on your aim." he said but their conversation was cut short when Horvath got up and lit his fingers on fire and shot a stream at Balthazar and causing the back of the store to go up in flames.

"No!" Myles cried then saw Horvath turn to him and walked slowly to the boy with the tip of his staff glowing. Myles tried to back away quickly still holding onto the nesting doll feeling his heart beating hard in fear. "You were always a coward" Horvath growled and fired a blast of energy at the boy just as Myles closed his eyes and held up his hands hoping it would be quick at least.

However, the pain never came. Opening his eyes, Myles saw around him some sort of energy dome and one of the ceiling supporters had a hole in it obviously from the ricocheted attack. Looking back at Horvath, Myles could see he was livid as he kept firing blast after blast at the dome trying to destroy it but it only kept bouncing off. Horvath then raised his cane, wanting to reduce to brute force but then was knocked over by Balthazar who had leapt through the flame wall with his jacket slightly singed and smoking.

"Myles, run!" Balthazar commanded as the boy grabbed the nesting doll and tried to run but Horvath grabbed his backpack keeping him in place. Turning around, Myles saw Balthazar opened the urn that he almost tipped over and a suction of air started to slowly drag the two elder sorcerers towards it. In one last tug, Myles broke free but broke the zipper on his backpack causing his homework to get sucked into the urn. "Run Myles!" Balthazar said before he grabbed Horvath and put both of their hands in the urn making both of their bodies turn to ash and got sucked in, but Myles didn't see this as he ran out the door and fell down the stairs causing the nesting doll to fall and roll into the street.

At this time, Myles' class showed up "Myles!" His teacher, Miss Johnson, exclaimed after seeing he was alright "there you are, what happened-" "THERE'S A FIRE! A-AND TWO GUYS WERE USING MAGIC-" Myles shouted in fear but his teacher opened the door revealing the shop empty, no fire or any sign of a fight. "There's nothing in there, Myles" she said before closing the door.

"B-but-" "oh shut up, freak" Kyle said cutting him off as Miss Johnson glared at him "Kyle that's enough, you're already in trouble for bullying Myles" she said making the bully in question scoff "he's a weakling, not bullying i was just toughening him up" he said as Miss Johnson snapped at him again and went to lead the group back to the bus but Kyle grabbed Myles to hold him back.

"You think you're safe because you ran off? Oh no, I'm gonna make sure next time you'll be a bloody pulp!" Kyle said through gritted teeth as Myles struggled to get away "let me go!" He said and tried to shove him back but then Kyle noticed the ring and smirked "nice bling, I think I'll take that as payment for getting detention because of you." he said and started to pull it off but it wouldn't budge which caused Myles to yell in pain and caused the group to turn to see them.

"MR. ORSON!" the teacher shouted as August and a group of five other kids ran to help but as soon as they got close enough, they saw something they couldn't explain. Myles' irises were glowing golden and slowly turned to Kyle still in pain and let out what could only be described as a roar, but that was not what was so unbelievable. Kyle ended up being blasted back by and unseen force and hit the side of a car denting it and knocked Kyle out.

Everyone was speechless, but none more so than Myles who stood there shaking in fear and looked towards August and his friends with tears in his eyes but they surrounded him and tried to make sure he was okay, much to the boy's confusion. "Myles … What was that?" August asked after they were certain he wasn't hurt but Myles looked pale and obviously still afraid. "I …. I didn't … it hurt" he said in a whimper holding onto his hand over his finger.

"Myles … let me see" August said softly as the boy in question looked up at him and held out his hand which was shaking, his dragon ring still firmly placed on his finger which was slightly red. At the sight of it, the other five looked stunned and one of them even whistled in approval while Miss Johnson checked on Kyle before turning on Myles. Almost instinctively, August and his friends got in front of Myles to protect him.

"Myles, what have you done?" She said in a hushed voice of shock as Myles tearfully looked at Kyle who was bleeding at the side of his head. An ambulance came later and assured he was going to be fine but Myles could only think of one thing: He hurt someone. He used magic to hurt someone.

He was a monster.

/ / / / / / / / / / /

Thankfully August was friends with Myles or his father, Ulysses Prince, would have done everything he could to get Myles expelled from school and even filed criminal charges. Though he thought he deserved worse because of how he reacted. He wanted to take the ring off his finger and throw it into the sewer, but it held tightly onto him. After about three days he gave up on it.

His five friends: Lance, George, Patrick, Eric and Leo actually started hanging out more with Myles and practically adopted him as their little brother in a way. This also meant not only did they reassure the school he was ok and kept the bullies away, but surprisingly they actually believed him about what happened at the Arcana Cabana. Didn't even mock him or anything.

"So …" Lance said after he told them how he got his ring while they were hanging out at Myles' house "you're a wizard?" He asked making Myles glare at him "Do I look like I should be going to Hogwarts?" He asked but August shrugged "well with the accent-" he said making them all laugh.

"But … no he said sorcerer. Only problem is that the only thing I can do is move objects without touching them, and even that i can barely do" Myles said looking at his ring then sat on his bed sighing "Balthazar just disappeared with that Horvath guy and the fire … and i tried to find that doll but it just … vanished" he said looking out the window frowning. "Some powerful sorcerer I'm ending up as"

"You said they vanished" August said making Myles look at him "but didn't you say there was something in that shop that would trap someone?" He asked making Myles nod in realization "yeah he said there was an urn, I almost knocked it over." he said before August smiled and got up making Myles and the other follow suit "where are you going?!" Myles asked but August didn't answer. The others followed him to the street just in time for a black limo to roll up stunning all of them but August just got in like it was nothing.

"C'mon" was all he said before the other five awkwardly got inside. As the vehicle took off, Myles decided to address the elephant in the room. "So …. You're rich?" He asked but August shrugged in a nod "My dad is the CEO of an oil company, I asked to be put in public school cause …. Well the kids in private schools aren't any fun" he said before looking out the window. Everyone was silent until Myles just shrugged "your still a pain in the arse" Myles said causing a smirk to creep on August's face, obviously glad this didn't change anything.

When they finally arrived at the Arcana Cabana, Myles reached for the door only for it to open on it's own "did you … you know" George asked and wiggled his fingers obviously meaning 'using magic'. "If i did, i didn't mean to, I don't think it was locked anyway." he said before slowly going in and the others followed. The place was still as eerie as before, even new dust had settled over some stuff. Keeping his eyes open, Myles glanced back at his friends "don't touch anything, just look" he simply said before each walked off in different directions looking through the inventory.

"You know, if the business here is good i could suggest my father to buy it" August said making Myles look at him "but Balthazar-" "I'm sure he'd understand" August said interrupting him but Myles pursed his lips tightly glaring at him "I doubt your dad will buy this place and keep it open, the cobwebs and dust kinda says this place doesn't get many visitors." he said before glancing over at George who was holding up an old oil lamp with a smirk "George …" August said slightly stern making the boy set it back down with a frown then narrowed his eyes at something.

"Guys, over here!" George shouted as everyone gathered to what he was looking at. Myles's eyes widen looking at the vase. All along down it were paintings of different people and on the bottom were two men "are those-" Lance started to ask but Myles nodded answering his unfinished question "yeah … that's them …. Balthazar and Horvath"