Chapter 4: As Expected

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If Myles' calculations were correct, the Urn would relieve Balthazar and Horvath at midnight. Why? Well, cause every timed spell broke at midnight.

August had a few movers bring the urn to the library as they were at school and the others were working on making sure if Horvath was the one to come out first then he couldn't get out: bars on the windows, boarding up the fireplace, all antique weapons were put at the other side of the house. August and the others had Myles tell them over and over again the details of that day at Arcana Cabana so they wouldn't have a repeat.

As they came in, Myles stared at the urn for a few minutes not hearing the conversation behind him saying everything was in place. Only when August tapped his shoulder did Myles come out of his ponderings. "Are you sure you want to do this alone?" He asked concerningly but Myles firmly nodded.

"I've seen his magic … at least a sample, i don't want you all caught up in this" he said but Patrick chuckled "bit too late for that" he said making the others chuckle. "We'll be outside anyway" Lance said in a tone that clearly stated 'even if you don't like it' and went out the double doors leaving only August with Myles. The two friends only looked at each other before nodding at the same time and August went to join them.

Hearing the door lock, Myles sat down at one of the brown high chairs that was in the room. In front of it was a round table with a tea set and two chairs diagonally from him on each side with the urn in between then a few feet away. Looking at his wrist watch, he checked the time and saw it was two minutes till midnight so he decided he might as well set the scene and used his telekinesis to set two tea cups with saucers at the table in front of the other two chairs and poured himself a cup.

Before he could bring the cup to his lips, the urn started rocking before the top burst open with a cloud of dust emerging from it and settled town to the left side of the pottery, taking shape into Horvath. He seemed as though he was slightly bored but then looked to the set up and at Myles who set the tea to his right hand and looked at his watch "fifteen seconds past midnight … i was close" Myles said with a slight shrug masking his fear, after all this man was the one who tried to kill him ten years ago.

Horvath raised an eyebrow before opening his mouth making dust emerge "am i the first one out?" He said as Myles nodded "please, sit … ten years you must be thirsty" he said but Horvath shot an energy blast at Myles' cup but Myles was quick using his telekinesis to move his cup, tea and all, to the other side of him making the blast hit the wall and cracked it.

"Oi!" Myles said in a tone much more authoritative than he felt making Horvath hesitate. "No need to be rude … spent ten years waiting and thought this would be nice and here you are blasting away at the good china" he said before turning to the wall seeing the damage before back at Horvath with a slight glare.

Horvath was definitely taken aback. He had expected Myles to be cowering or even forgetting about magic but no, instead what he saw … he saw his old teacher scolding him like a school boy. He didn't have enough time to do anything as another cloud of dust emerged and Horvath turned to it with his cane ready but found it being hoisted in the air pointing away then looked at Myles in shock. For there he was, calmly sitting there, his tea on the table and his ring pointed at Horvath with that glare of his.

Needless to say, Balthazar formed from the second cloud of dust and was shocked to see Horvath holding his cane in the air with a young man in a chair pointing a ring at him. The Dragon Ring! "Myles?!" Balthazar said in surprise as Horvath rolled his eyes "yes i figured that much for myself, thanks" he said making Balthazar seem at a loss for words but then turned to Myles with a smirk "you've been practicing"

"Just the telekinesis thing. And a little trick I experimented on to get rid of hangovers" Myles said with a shrug then waved his hand to the table "tea?" He asked as Balthazar greatly accepted and sat down as Myles let Horvath's cane go. The dark sorcerer glared before finally relented and sat in the other chair "wouldn't have any food around would you?" Balthazar asked, making Myles smirk and got up and knocked on the door relaying the request to the others.

"They behaving?" August asked quietly earning a half shrug from Myles "might need to get a repair guy for the wall just in case" he said. Naturally August gave an annoyed glare but nodded all the same and closed the door. A few minutes later, the door opened again and Myles grabbed two bags filled with ten double burgers each and walked back over to the table, handing the two sorcerers one each "hope you two like everything on your burgers" he said as the two started devouring their food, Balthazar hungrily but Horvath more cautiously as though he figured it was poisoned, he only voiced his suspicions by asking if Myles was going to eat as well.

"I wasn't the one trapped in an urn for ten years" he responded with a smirk which seemed to get Horvath to reluctantly chuckle and start eating in earnest but more politely than Balthazar. After his third burger, Horvath wiped off his hands and reached in his fur coat and pulled out a small stack of papers and handed it to Myles, it was his essay on Napoleon Bonaparte he lost ten years ago.

"I spent ten years with that as the only reading material. Your analysis was obvious and overall it was weak … i figured a B- was generous, though even i would have put my name on it-" he said but Myles started laughing which made Horvath hesitate and Balthazar pay attention. "Sorry just … that's the report i had to make for my bully at the time. He ended up being expelled three weeks later but still. I was going to hand that to him that day but … well, things happened" he said with a shrug and Balthazar was trying his best not to laugh. "But not to worry, my real report was much better, my teacher gave me an … A- i think? Spelling at age nine, no one's perfect"

Horvath scowled slightly and pushed the bag away from him and Myles instantly knew things were about to go down. "Where's the Grimhold? That doll you had" he said as Balthazar instantly froze and readied himself "i don't have it" Myles calmly said "i ran and it fell, i couldn't find it" he said leaning back in his chair "it's probably broken or-" "Myles …" Balthazar said sternly not wanting Horvath to get any clues. "I see …" Horvath said calmly getting up and walked back a few paces before turning around quickly making Balthazar get up as well "WAIT!" Myles said making the two hesitate and looked at him putting the tea set up and carried it over to a desk cabinet and hid it away then turned to the two. "Ok, now" he said, causing the two to start their duel with Balthazar getting in front of Myles.

Balthazar was summoning shield after shield to block the constant energy blasts from Horvath's cane before one ricocheted off and hit the window, making it explode, bars and all. "No!" He cried as the doors swung open with August and the others running through wielding bats, crowbars, and shotgun. Only August was holding a sword but all six of them were ready to attack.

Horvath looked at them with a sneer (though Myles swore he saw a spark of familiarity in his eyes) and turned to Myles "Next time it would seem … till then-" he said before reaching over to a random book, opened it, and slammed it onto the ground causing a large puff of smoke to emerge and Horvath used it to escape. When the smoke cleared however, it wasn't a time to relax, for standing before them were three large trolls facing them.

"What the-" Myles said at a loss for words as Balthazar scoffed "The Hobbit … he used the Shakespeare Quill spell, it brings characters from written works to life" he said rolling out of the way of a swing of one of their arms as the others scattered avoiding getting caught "what? Shakespeare was a sorcerer?!" August asked, making Balthazar finally notice the others then to Myles who figured they would need a chat soon. "Of course he was, he made up over 1,700 words people still use" he said before using his magic to throw a chair at one of them but it shattered to pieces "how do we get rid of these guys?!" Lance said swinging a crowbar at one of their legs while George fired his shotgun at one but it did nothing. "They can only die how they're written" Balthazar said as Leo groaned "daylight, sunrise isn't for another eight hours!"

"no need, shield your eyes" Balthazar said as he exhaled and his eyes glowed golden and raised his hand in the air and a loud crack was heard. As Myles and the others turned away and covered their eyes, they could all make out a bright light from behind their eyelids and the sounds of deep cries of pain. When the light died and they looked to where the trolls were, all that was left was a litter of pages on the floor. "Wow … that was … amazing" Myles said grinning, making Balthazar smirk kindly and waved it off "eh, I've seen others do better" he said but then looked serious "i don't think i need to tell you magic can't be known by non-magic people" he said as the six of them instantly became defensive and shifted towards Myles which, of course, Balthazar noticed.

"We kept his secret for ten years" Eric said sternly "not even my sister knows, and she's dating him" he said pointing to August. Balthazar raised an eyebrow and considered the six of them "loyal friends are hard to come by … you trust them?" Balthazar said turning to Myles who nodded "with my life"

Balthazar remained silent before finally nodding "alright, we'll get the introductions done on the way. We got a doll to find"

/ / / / / / / /

Balthazar drove in a black 1935 Rolls Royce Phantom Coupe through the streets of New York with Myles and August riding with him, the others stayed to clear up the mess. "So this doll … holds a bunch of evil Sorcerers you captured?" August asked after Balthazar explained about the Grimhold "yes and Horvath wants to release them, luckily i have a tracing spell on-" "Chinatown" Myles said having the other two look at him in shock "the doll, Grimhold, had a Chinese looking guy with long nails and i think Mandarin written around it, chances are someone would have sold it there or something so might be a good check if anything" he said then looked over at the two of them who still looked speechless "i had ten years to think about this ok …" he said shrinking in his seat while Balthazar continued driving "I-it's Cantonese actually" he said making Myles look at him like 'seriously?!' as August bowed his head with a grin trying not to laugh "a common mistake" he said then shrugged "i even made that mistake back when i went over there" he said then made a sharp left turn sending the two boys skidding the other way in their seats.

"So you seemed to have mastered telekinesis, and a hangover trick" Balthazar asked before smirking at that last one and glanced at Myles "now that one you'll need to teach me" he said lightly but then became serious and continued "but if we're gonna face Horvath then you'll need more offensive spells, so first up is Sorcery 101: making fire" he said then hit the breaks at a stop light "pop quiz, what causes molecules to heat up?" He asked, making Myles frown in confusion "they vibrate .." he said hesitantly but Balthazar just nodded "everything we see is in a constant state of vibration, it's the illusion of solidity. So how do we make that burst into flames? We just will the molecules to go faster" he said, making Myles even more confused "s-so wait, is Sorcery science or magic?" He asked but Balthazar only shrugged "more like science is a side effect of magic … Sorcerers absorb more information, able to see possibilities more, break boundaries of common thought. Every genius you ever heard of; Einstein, Shakespeare, Stephen Hawking, they all either were Sorcerers or had the potential to become one … i can give you a list later" he said, noticing August about to open his mouth to ask something but then shut it. "so, step one of course: clear your mind, step two: see the molecules-" he said before pointing his ring at a ticket a police officer was putting on a car "step three: will them to shake" he said as the ticket caught on fire.

Both Myles and August let out half chuckles seeing this and turned to Balthazar "will is everything, Myles … magic is only a word if you don't believe you can do it" he said before continuing to drive "do or do not, there is no try?" August asked, earning another shrug from Balthazar "basically, yeah"

/ / / / / / / /

When they arrived in Chinatown, they found it to be right in the middle of Chinese New Year which made it impossible to continue in the car. Waving through the crowd, the three of them stopped at the end of Balthazar's tracing spell and the man himself turned to the two boys "you stay here, keep an eye out for Horvath" he said and started up the stairs "and if he shows up?" Myles asked having Balthazar turn to them slightly. "hide" was all he said and continued up.

Both August and Myles looked at eachother and thought the same thing: no way were they hiding. They both turned to see the festival and a large dragon dance costume that took four men to operate "Myles …." A voice said that made the man himself look worried and looked around "Myles …." It said again then Myles looked down to his ring to see it slightly shining.

August looked over at his friend "Myles?" He asked just as his friend turned to him almost seriously "find a weapon, something very bad is about to happen" he said just as a figure fell from a window and landed in the street in front of them, he had no shirt, a strange metal corset-like belt with a dragon on it and silk baggy robe-like pants and boots. His hair was mostly shaved off and what he had was in a long black ponytail and had long metallic claw-like jewelry over his nails.

Myles knew this man, he had memorized that look over and over again. It was the Sorcerer that was trapped in the Grimhold layer after Horvath's.

Now he was free.

/ / / / / /

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