"Vince, get back to the pack. If I'm not back in half an hour, leave Letty with Mia and Jess and come looking for me with Leon," I say to my right hand as we hear a howl of pain while making patrols around our home.

"I don't think that's a good idea, Dom. It could be hunters that caused that," Vince says, trying to stop me from going.

"That's more reason to go see, Vince. I cannot leave someone in the hands of hunters. You know very well what will happen to that poor wolf," I say, looking at Vince's tattoo covered arm.

"Be careful, Dom," Vince says before heading back to the house.

I watch him disappear before taking off in the direction the howl came from. As I get closer to where the howl came from, I can hear whimpering and smell blood. I instantly pick up the scent of an omega, which makes my alpha wolf wanted out, but I force it down and stay in human form so as to not startle the injured wolf. I come into the clearing the howl came from and find a beautiful golden wolf laying on the other side of the clearing. When the wolf spots me, it stands up and tries to back away, which reveals the wolf's front right paw that is trapped in a bear trap.

"Whoa," I say, moving closer, which causes the wolf to try and back away again, but the trap stops it. When the trap bites harder on the wolf's paw from it moving, the wolf lets out a whimper.

"I'm not going to hurt you. I want to help you," I say before shifting to wolf form to show the wolf it can trust me. The wolf seems to relax after that, so I quickly pad over to it and nudge its cheek lightly with my nose. After the wolf nudges back, I change back to human form and take a closer look at the trap. It looks to be the same as the ones I have dealt with before, so I quickly work on getting it open.

"When I pull it open, get free and mover back quickly. I can't hold it open for long," I say, watching the wolf closely to see nod slightly. I quickly but carefully pull the trap open. As soon as the wolf has its paw cleared and away from the trap, I let it go snap close. I quickly move over to where the wolf is now laying with its injured paw close to it.

"Let me see," I say, reaching out towards the paw, which causes the wolf to flinch though it didn't try and move away as I look at the wound. I wish I had something clean to tie off his wound, but my clothes are covered in dirt and car grease from working in the garage earlier. I quickly change to wolf for and lick the wound to clean it some before laying down in front of the wolf, nudging his cheek with my nose again. I quickly get up and move in closer to him when I hear movements coming from the trees. The wolf nudges me, which makes me look into his beautiful blue eyes. I can tell he want me to leave and save myself, but I shake my head no before moving to lay around him, resting my head on his back as his eyes tear up, silently telling him that I'm not leaving him. The sound of movement gets closer and the wolf whimpers, moving closer to me, but I relax as I pick up the scent of Vince and Leon, who comes running out of the woods in wolf form.

"Dom," Vince yells once he shifts back to human from his black wolf. Leon also shifts back to human from his tan wolf form. I nudge the golden wolf's cheek before changing back to human from my dark brown wolf form. I watch as the golden wolf transforms to his human form before collapsing onto his side, his face hidden by his golden curly hair.

"Hey, are you ok?" I say, brushing his curls from his face to see those bright blue eyes staring up at me.

"Hurts," he gets out before passing out. I quickly feel for a pulse and sigh when I find a strong one.

"What happened?" Vince asks, kneeling next to me as I pull the beautiful man to rest against me.

"The hunters are back. He was trapped in that one there. Be careful, Leon, there could be more," I say as Leon moves to look at the trap.

"What are we going to do with him?" Vince asks, watching me closely.

"We're taking him back to the house. He is staying until his wound heals," I say, running my knuckles down the side of his face.

"What will happen when he's all healed?" Leon asks, walking back over with the trap in his hand.

"He can stay if he wants or leave if he wants," I say, picking up his small and fragile frame, which weighs way too little.

"He looks starved," Leon says, frowning.

"He looks like he's been running," I say, thinking back to when Leon and Jesse had shown up at my door. "Let's get him home and take care of his wound."

"Are you sure it's safe. We don't know him," Vince says, looking uneasily at the man.

"I didn't know you when I took you in, or Leon and Jesse, I say.

"I know. I'm just worried. Mia is in a very delicate state right now," Vince says.

"I know she is, Vince. It'll be fine," I say as we start walking back to the house. We are greeted with a very worried Letty as soon as the house came into view.

"Dom," Letty says, rushing forward, but Leon stops her halfway to me.

"He's not injured, Let, but the man in his arms is," Leon says, kissing Letty's temple.

"Do we know him?" Jesse asks as he and Mia meet us at the door.

"No, we don't know him, Jesse. He seems to be someone running," I say, laying him down carefully onto the couch.

"He's pretty," Jesse says, looking over the back of the couch at him.

"What happened to him?" Mia asks as Vince makes her sit down in the armchair by the couch.

"He got trapped in this," Leon says, holding up the trap.

"Oh, my god," Mia says as I kneel next to the man with the first aid kit.

"I need a bowl of warm but not hot water and some rags," I say as I take the man's pulse.

"I'll get them," Jesse says, quickly moving off to get what I need as I push up the man's shirt to make sure he doesn't have any other bad wounds.

"Oh, my god," I hear someone gasp as there is a sound of glass shattering, which startles the man awake. He instantly shifts back to his golden wolf and tries to bolt, but Leon blocks the front door, and Vince blocks the only other door in the room, which leads to the kitchen.

"Hey. It's ok. You're safe here. No one is going to hurt you," I say, trying to get the wolf to calm down. The wolf looks around before suddenly bolting towards Jesse, who yelped and dropped to the floor. The wolf is about to jump towards Jesse mid stride when Vince, in wolf form, tackles him. The wolf lets out a loud yelp as he lands in the glass from the bowl, but Vince follows after him and tries to bite the wolf.

"Vince," I growl out before shifting into my dark brown wolf form and shoving Vince off of the wolf. Vince tries to lunge at the wolf again, but I let out a deep growl, which backs him off. Mia walks over and carefully kneels next to the wolf as it whimpers in pain, which causes me to ignore Vince and focus on him.

"We need to get him off the glass before more gets embedded in him," Mia says, reaching towards the wolf, who whimpers and tries to move away.

"Stay still," I say after changing back to human form. "Let's remove the glass from around him, and then we can roll him off the glass and be able to treat his wounds."

"We should lay a towel down for him before we roll him," Mia says as we carefully clean up the glass.

"We need to get rid of him," Vince says after changing back to human form. I look up to see Letty holding Jesse, who's shaking, and Leon walking over with a towel.

"He just got startled, V," Leon says, handing me the towel before kneeling next to Mia.

"He's really scared," Mia says, carefully petting the wolf's head as he watches Vince.

"Vince, go wait outside," I say, laying my hand on the wolf's shoulder.

"I'm not leaving with Mia in here where she could get hurt. I told you we shouldn't have brought him here," Vince growls out.

"Whoa, no, no, don't shift. You'll only hurt yourself more," I say as the wolf starts to shift, but he doesn't listen and does anyway.

"You shouldn't move," Mia says as the man starts to stand up but stumbles and lands on his hands and knees.

"I won't stay here and be a burden to you. I didn't mean to scare anyone. I just want to know how to get out of here, and I'll be gone," the man says, managing to stand, which causes the glass in him to shift and his wounds to start bleeding badly.

"You need to stop moving. With how you're injured, you won't make it very far," Leon says, reaching out to touch the man, which causes him to flinch away and bump into Mia, who stumbles and falls onto her butt.

"Mia," Vince says, rushing to her side while I do as well.

"No, no, no," the man says as he starts to back away.

"I'm fine, guys," Mia says as the man bolts out the front door.

"You sure you're ok?" I ask, laying my hand on her swollen stomach.

"I'm fine, Dom. You need to go after him. He won't make it out there hurt like he is," Mia says as Vince and I help her stand.

"Dom, please go find him," Jesse says.

"He tried to attack you, Jesse," Vince says, helping Mia sit down.

"No, he didn't, Vince. He was startled when I dropped the bowl. He needs help if those scars he has been anything to go off of," Jesse says, curling into Leon and Letty as they wrap their arms around him.

"You should hurry, Dom," Letty says, moving Jesse over to the couch to sit down.

"I'm going with you, Dom. He ran off in the direction of Tran's territory," Leon says.