Once we make sure Letty and Brian are ok, we all head inside to talk and relax. Brian stays close to me as he realizes how many people are there. I smile at him and offer my hand to him when we sit down. I laugh when Brian ponders for a second before he moves his chair closer to mine and leans against me. I move my arm so it is wrapped around his shoulders, and he's resting his head on my chest.

"I know you called us here for more than just to meet your mate," Hector says, smiling at me.

"I called you here to ask for your help," I say, rubbing the back of Brian's neck as he fusses with his left arm.

"What kind of help do you need?" Edwin asks, frowning.

"Brian ran away from his pack," Jesse says, which causes me to frown.

"He escaped from an abusive situation that his father was causing," I say, rubbing Brian's arm when he curls into me more.

"They always seem to find you," Edwin says, which earns him another slap to his head.

"What does he mean?" Brian asks, looking up at me.

"We all come from troubled pasts," Vince says, smiling at him.

"When do you expect there will be problems?" Hector asks, frowning.

"We have no idea. There may never be a problem. We would just like your help id there is one," I say, laying my cheek on top of Brian's head.

"You know my pack will always help you," Hector says, laying a closed fist over his heart and slightly bowing.

"Same for my pack," Edwin says, following Hectors lead.

"Thank you both," I say, returning the gesture though not as good since Brian is still leaning on me. We all talk about an up and coming race for a while until Edwin and Hector has to leave.

"Thanks again," I say as I walk out with them.

"Just let us know," Hector says.

"I will," I say, waving as they head out.

"Dom," I hear from behind me. I turn to see Brian standing by the door.

"Come here," I say, opening my arms. I smile as I enfold Brian in my arms. I lay my cheek against his temple when I feel him lay his forehead against my neck.

"I hope he never comes after me," Brian says softly.

"So do I. Why don't we check the internet to see if he's looking for you?" I ask, rubbing his back.

"Can we do that?" he asks, tightening his hold on me.

"Of course we can," I say, leading him inside and towards my office. I sit in my computer chair and pull him into my lap as I turn on my computer.

"Barstow," he says when I pull up a search engine. I pull up the local newspaper for Barstow and start to quickly scroll through it to get to the missing people section.

"Wait, go back," Brian says suddenly. I slowly start going back until Brian grabs my arm.

"What is it, Bri?" I ask as he starts shaking. I look up when I hear someone enter the office to see Vince and everyone else at the door to the office.

"Oh my god," Brian sobs suddenly.

"Bri, what's wrong?" I ask, turning him in my lap so he is facing me a little more. When all he does is point at an article, I pulled him against me and turn him, so I can read the article. I wave Vince over and have him read the article as I rub Brian's back.

"Is that your dad?" Vince asks, kneeling next to us and grabbing Brian's hand. Brian nods as he continues to cry.

"His dad is dead," I say to everyone else.

"Oh my god," Mia says, walking over and running her fingers through Brian's hair.

"Isn't that good?" Jesse asks, looking confused. I'm surprised to hear Brian laugh at that.

"It is, but he was still Brian's last living parent," Leon says, looking surprised as well.

"Well, I guess we should call Hector and Edwin and tell them it was a false alarm," Letty said, which gets another laugh from Brian.

"We'll invite them to a cookout and tell them," I say, taking out my phone and sending a text to both,

"When?" Brian asks softly, still laying against me.

"We'll get it done tonight," I say, kissing his forehead.

"We've got some shopping to do then," Mia says, already planning the food in her head.

"You will be going home and getting things ready," I say, standing up while having Brian stand. Vince hands Brian some tissues as he stands.

"Do you want me to come with you to the store?" Vince asks, handing Mia paper and a pen.

"Yeah, that would be helpful," I say, taking the complete list from Mia.

"Can't you get it all here?" Brian asks, wiping his eyes.

"We sell some basic things but not the kind of food needed for a cookout. Do you want to come with us? We can get you some clothes while we are there," I say, folding the list and putting it in my pocket. Brian nods so we head out to the store. We quickly get everything needed for the cookout and some basic clothes for Brian, but we don't stay long because the crowd starts getting to Brian. When we get home, I sent Brian to change while I help get the food ready. The cookout goes very well, and Hector and Edwin are very happy about the news. I pull Brian onto my lap as I look around at all of my family.

"I love you," I say, holding him close.

"Love you too," he says, leaning against me.