"All men are not created equal. I learned that a long time ago."

At a playground, a toddler with green and black unkempt hair was trembling with tears in his eyes. Behind him was a boy with chestnut hair. He was crying and curled up in a ball. "You're being mean to him, Kacchan," the boy said still trembling as he got into a fighting pose. "If you don't stop hurting him… I'LL NEVER FORGIVE YOU!"

In front of him were 3 boys, one had ash-blond hair, another was chubby and the last one had long brown hair. The boys simply smirked as they prepared to gang up on the green-haired boy. "You really wanna try and be a hero?" The ash-blond said with a smirk as he punched his fist into his palm, generating an explosion. Meanwhile, the two kids behind him did extraordinary things as well, the chubby one spawned wings and flew up with the long-haired one extending his fingers to completely abnormal lengths, "As if you could ever be one without a Quirk, Deku."

Later, Izuku was laying down on the ground, beaten up and bruised, looking up into the sky with the boy he was trying to defend earlier looking down at him, tears in his violet eyes. "Are you… okay?"

Izuku only nodded.


That same boy, Midoriya Izuku, was tapping his pencil anxiously as he listened to Urobuchi-sensei droning on and on about the Meiji period. History wasn't Izuku's favorite subject. At least, not ancient history.

The Era of Quirks was far more Izuku's speed. Specifically, when All Might first appeared.

All Might, the Symbol of Peace. Whenever he arrived, the Villain was captured and nobody was hurt. He'd always appear with the widest grin on his face, his booming laughter echoing through the air no matter what kind of danger he plunged into.

Whether it was rescuing people, stopping criminals, or just getting a kitten out of a tree, no job was too large or too small for All Might. Evildoers dreaded his name while the innocent knew that everything was going to be all right when they saw his smile!

A goofy grin spread across Izuku's lips as he sketched a crude drawing of All Might's face into his notebook. He couldn't help it. Thinking about his idol always puts him in a great mood.

'Man, I wish I could see that video of him taking out those bank robbers earlier today. I can't believe it happened just a few blocks from here!'

The bell rang and Izuku began packing his notebooks into his bag. "Not only that, All Might actually teamed up with Ingenium for that! It'll be the first time I've ever seen him be partnered with a speed Quirk user. I can see how Ingenium stacks up against All Might in that depart-!"

"Hey! Deku!"

Izuku winced, turning around to see his childhood friend Bakugo Katsuki sauntering towards him with a fierce scowl on his face.

"Your mumbling bullshit is getting on my nerves! I could hear it all the way from my desk!"

"S-sorry, Kacchan…" Izuku apologized while bowing his head. He had that problem ever since he was a kid and people have complained about it before. "I'm working on it and…"

"And what the hell are you doing obsessing over the speed of All Might and Ingen-whatever?" Bakugo asked with a sneer of contempt.

Izuku could hear his classmates mutter to themselves.

"Ah, geez here they go again…"

"I know Bakugo has an awesome Quirk, but he's way too pig-headed."

"Hey, better he be an ass to Midoriya than to us."

"Heh. True that. At least I've got a Quirk."

"Honestly, Midoriya's just sad…"

Izuku's heart sank as the chorus of insults and pity began. "W-Well, I mean, I just want to gather information and…"

"Dream on, Deku." Bakugo poked Izuku on the forehead hard enough to knock him to the floor. "Your scrawny little ass couldn't even hope to catch up to them. I mean, have you seen yourself in Phys Ed? It's a disgrace you're even competing against me, let alone all these other losers!"

"I-I was just…"

Izuku's gaze drifted to the ground. Everything Bakugo said was true. His physical condition was lacking…

…It was sad, really. Clinging to his dream like this. One would think he would devote his mind and body to training, like one of those comic characters of old…

But that was fiction. This was reality.

Bakugo clicked his tongue in annoyance, "So stop muttering or shouting that bullshit. You're distracting an elite like me from getting what I deserve."

With that, Bakugo sauntered away to meet up with Kohei and Masashi. Most of Izuku's classmates muttered or chuckled with one another but left Izuku alone. Except for one. "Hey, Midoriya-san, are you okay?" a soft voice asked him from behind.

Izuku turned his head around to face the speaker. She was named Milia Takamaki, one of the few girls who didn't appear to think of him in any negative light, and the only girl at the school who even bothered to talk to him. Because of that, she was the only girl he knew he could talk to somewhat comfortably. She was very cute too, having shoulder-length light ocean blue hair tied in a ponytail by a purple ribbon and deep purple eyes along with thick long black eyelashes. Over her eyes were a set of huge circular glasses, which made boys and girls alike view her as a cute meganekko (glasses girl). Her figure was slim and petite and she had a bust size that made most of the girls jealous.

"I-I'm fine, Takamaki-san," Izuku replied, picking himself up off the ground and bitting back the stinging tears building at the corners of his eyes.

"Midoriya, don't let what Bakugo said get to you," Milia said, offering him his bag. "I'm sure when given the chance, you'll become a great hero like All Might."

"…T-thanks, Takamaki-san," he took hold of his bag before the two left the classroom.

'She's right. It doesn't matter what Kacchan says. There's a chance. There's always a chance. There has to be a chance for someone like me to be a Hero!'

Once school ended, Izuku hung his head as he walked home through the streets of Musutafu, a sigh escaping his lips as Bakugo's words ran through his mind.

'Takamaki's right, I can't let what Kacchan says get to me,' Izuku thought to himself with a shake of his head. 'So what if I'm not athletic? Some Heroes rely a lot on their tools. Snipe relies more on his marksmanship than on how fast he can run or how hard he can punch! Yeah! If I just study enough, I can find a path best suited for me and…'

Izuku stopped and stared at his reflection in a puddle on the sidewalk. 'Oh, why am I doing this to myself?'

Izuku had been told all his life that his dream was unrealistic, impossible even. That without a Quirk he could not be a Hero. He didn't want to believe it. He couldn't believe it.

'I still won't believe it!'

But still, he needed to train if he wanted to have a hope of making it through U.A.'s physical tests. But that was six months away! What can he do to prove to himself that his dream wasn't impossible?

'I need to get into U.A. first,' Izuku sighed for what felt like the hundredth time. 'Kacchan will probably throw a fit when he finds out…'

"Look, it's All Might!"

Izuku froze at the announcement. Without warning, Izuku ran ahead. Several other people had done the same, most of them hoping to catch a glimpse of the Symbol of Peace.

"Th-there he is!" Izuku pointed out. Jumping through the air was indeed All Might. He wore his classic blue and red spandex, his cape billowing in the air behind him. Under his arm, there was some overly large and slightly deformed man, most likely due to his Quirk, beaten unconscious. The boisterous laughter of the number one hero echoed through the air.

Izuku was grinning like a kid in a candy store, his glittering green eyes hiding no small amount of his admiration. "S-so cool… I actually got to see him… He looks even cooler in person…"

"Careful now. You'll drool at this rate," someone, a girl based on the voice, next to him pointed out with a small chuckle, glancing at Izuku from the side. "You a fan of his, aren't you?"

"Of course! All Might is amazing in every sense of the word!" Izuku declared without hesitation, still looking to the sky to watch as the hero continued to jump from building to building, his figure slowly shrinking in the distance. "Ever since I was little, I've always wanted to be a Hero just like… just like…" Izuku's grin finally began to disappear, his shoulders and pupils falling as he spoke. Harsh reality quickly evaporated what was left of his energetic stupor.

"Is something wrong?"

Izuku looked at the girl who was talking to him… and immediately froze up. She was a young woman with cyan eyes and very long, flaming red hair, not to mention a voluptuous figure, which included breasts that a lot of girls would kill to have. She also wore the standard U.A. uniform

Izuku's face began to turn the same shade of red as the girl's hair. "Uh,I'mfine!Sorrygottago!BYE!" Izuku then ran off, the redhead continued to watch him with interest.

'I was talking to a girl that wasn't Takamaki! I was talking to a girl that wasn't Takamaki! I was talking to a girl that wasn't Takamaki! I was talking to a girl that wasn't Takamaki! I was talking to a girl that wasn't Takamaki!'

Those nine words ran through his mind for the next half hour as he paced back and forth on a bridge near his apartment.

Eventually, he calmed down. Sighing, Izuku looked up into the sky as the sun began to set. After seeing All Might he lost track of time. 'Takamaki-san is the only person I know who believes in me, but without a Quirk…' Izuku sat on a bench. "All I want is to be a hero. So why… Why is the world so cruel to me?"

"Uh, excuse me?" a voice spoke up.

Izuku broke out of his slump and looked to the side, seeing a raven-haired girl wearing a white, double-breasted blazer with a high collar and a gold trim that reaches halfway down her thighs, its sleeves elbow-length and cut off by wide pale blue cuffs, a large pink bow at her neck, a dark blue long-sleeved shirt with matching dress pants, white gloves and white boots.

Izuku, recognizing the uniform as Seiai Academy's, an all-girl hero school, blushed slightly upon seeing her, "Uh, y-yes?" he asked. 'I'm talking to a girl again! I'm talking to a girl again!'

"I'm sorry, but I overheard you saying you wanted to be a hero, correct?" she asked.

"Y-y-yeah. T-that's all I w-want." Izuku answered, wondering what she wanted.

"Well, my name's Amano Yuuma, and… I think I can help."

Izuku blinked a few times, not sure if he heard that right. "Huh?"

"I know how you can be a hero," the girl clarified. "You just have to do me a few favors is all. Can we meet at Wookiees after school tomorrow?"

"Uh…" 'Just who is this girl? And why do I have a bad feeling about this?' "Sure…" he hesitantly agreed. "W-what's the favor?"

"Go on a date with me."


"Okay, I'll see you tomorrow!" at that the girl turned around and left.

Izuku, for his part, was still in shock that he somehow got a date and a chance to fulfill his dream. In a daze, he went home.

"Midoriya Izuku of Class C-3."

Within a small club building at U.A.'s more open school grounds, there was one room that had a very gothic atmosphere. There were some couches surrounding a small table that held a chess set in the middle and a desk table sitting at the end of the room. Sitting at the desk was the redhead Izuku had met earlier, looking through a folder that contained a profile on him.

"That's right," a blond boy with blue eyes said, standing in front of her. "I got all the info I could. It probably helps I'm in a neighboring class."

"Says here he's Quirkless," she said, closing the folder and setting it down.

"There isn't anyone at the school who doesn't know. His classmates, Bakugo Katsuki in particular, bully and belittle him because of that, the only exception being Takamaki-san. And Bakugo used to be his friend from what I heard."

The girl, for a brief moment, looked angry before calming down. "Even if he's Quirkless, I can feel that there's something oddly special about him. I just can't put my finger on it."

"You mean he has a Sacred Gear?" A petite girl sitting on a couch, eating ice cream, asked.

"Possibly," the redhead answered, folding her arms, "For now we should keep a close eye on him. We don't want to miss our opportunity."

The next day after school, Izuku went to the Kiyashi Ward Shopping Mall as Yuuma asked him to do. He was still a little uneasy about this. A girl from a private all-girls hero school suddenly shows up saying she can help him become a hero. Something about that just didn't sit right with him.

He wanted to tell his mother about it, but she probably would've focused more on the part that a pretty girl just asked him out without warning. As the afternoon weighed on, Izuku waited near the front entrance. "She's sure taking her time," he noted. "Maybe this was a scam after all."

"I probably should've told mom, and called the police about it," he began. "I mean, assuming she even does show up, this will be my first date, but I barely even know her. And we aren't going anywhere fancy like a five-star restaurant or something… Maybe I should've changed out of my school uniform? Oh man, what is Amano-san going to wear? Does she think this is more of a casual thing? Or is she going to show up in a dress…?" as Izuku began one of his muttering sessions, he'd unknowingly begun pacing around a lamppost. "Wait! What if we are going to a fancy restaurant?! Does-that-mean-I'm-underdressed!Did-Amano-san-set-up-a-reservation-or-something?Should-I-have-gotten-her-flowers?!Why-does-dating-have-to-be-so-complicate-"


"OW!" Izuku cried out in pain, rubbing his forehead with a wince. He was so caught up in his thoughts and panic that he didn't realize that he was walking towards the lamppost until it was too late, and now he was paying the price. He just hoped that no one had seen him panicking and hurting himself like an idiot.

"Uh, excuse me, sir? Are you okay?"

'…Why am I not surprised?' Still rubbing his temples, Izuku saw a young woman wearing a vampire-style outfit. "Y-yeah, I'm f-fine," Izuku answered, a slight blush adorned on his face.

The woman smiled before she handed him a flyer. "Take this for good luck." At that, she promptly left.

"Huh?" Izuku looked over the flyer. There was a strange pentagram, the words 'Make Your Wish Come True' at the top. "Okay… Weird."

"Midoriya-kun! Sorry for being late. Were you waiting long?" Came Yuuma's voice.

Izuku, hearing her, looked over and saw Yuuma wearing purple dress shoes, jeans, and a pink shirt. Izuku blushed at how she looked in her clothes, putting the flyer he'd received in his pocket. "I-It's f-fine."

"Good," she said as she wrapped her arm around his, "So, shall we go?"

Izuku screamed internally due to feeling Yuuma's breast pressed up against his arm. He nodded as his face turned red, and the two headed out.

Throughout the whole afternoon, Izuku and Yuuma spent time around the mall, trying on clothes, listening to CDs, and just having a good time. Soon they were at a cafe sharing a meal. As they each took a sip from their respective drinks, Izuku thought, 'So far this hasn't been that bad. I haven't fainted at least. But still, I wonder why she's doing this. And how will this help me become a hero?'

As the day was coming to a close, the two were walking through a nearby park close together. Yuuma smiled as she took Izuku's hand into hers, making the boy sweat as his face turned red for the umpteenth time that day. 'She's holding my hand! A girl is holding my hand! A GIRL IS HOLDING MY HAND!'

They stopped before the park fountain, as Yuuma spoke, "I had a wonderful time today, Midoriya-kun."

"I-I d-d-did too, A-A-Amano-san." Izuku muttered.

"Just one thing left to do before we make you a hero." She then promptly let go of his hand and stood in front of Izuku, kneeling down. "This will be the last favor."

Izuku began to sweat even more now. 'Please tell me she doesn't want a kiss! I've barely handled the hand-holding!' "Wha-What is it?"

Smiling, she leaned into him and whispered into his ear, "Would you die for me?"

"Uh, what?" Izuku began to back away. "I-I'm n-not s-sure I heard that r-right," he muttered nervously.

Yuuma's smile then turned into a wicked grin, her violet eyes darkening. "I want you… to die for me." A pair of large, black bird-like wings jutted out from her back.

Izuku, in shock, staggered back. 'WINGS?! Where did those come from!? Are they her Quirk? They make her look like a demon!'

"I will admit, I had fun today," she said in a more mature, sinister voice. "Considering how young and naive you were, things could've been far worse. But unfortunately, all good things must come to an end." She held out her hand as a red light began to glow from her palm, forming a spear. "Time to die!"

"Ah! Amano-san! Wait!" Izuku pleaded, but his pleas fell on deaf ears.


A jolt ran through Izuku's brain as he felt a burning sensation rush through his gut. Looking down, a spear of light stuck through his torso. Blood spilled out of his wound, his shirt was stained red.

"You must be having a good time handling that rod like that. Are you into rods? Is that it?" she smiled. "Maybe I should pull it out for you." She gripped her spear and swiftly tore it out from his body, causing Izuku to scream out from the pain. "I'm sorry," she lied as the spear of light disappeared. "But the fact is you posed far too great a risk to us. If you want someone to blame, then blame Him. He's the reason you have the Sacred Gear."

'What is she talking about?' Izuku thought as he fell to the ground.

"My name is Raynare, boy. Remember that in Hell. Oh, and thanks again for the date. It was fun~!" She laughed before flying off.

Tears began to stream down Izuku's face. 'Am I gonna die here… why? Why has the world been so cruel?!' With the little strength he had, he lifted his now bloody hand. 'Mom… Dad… I'm sorry… Please forgive me…' He then noticed the blood on his hand. 'Red… Same as that girl's hair… Why am I thinking of her now?' Unknown to him, the flyer he'd received earlier began to glow. 'I just wish… I was given a chance to become a hero…'

Suddenly, the flyer flew out of his pocket and become a large, red magic circle. From it emerged the redheaded girl. She gasped in shock upon seeing Izuku. "Oh no!" She raced to him, looking over his wound. "Looks like the work of a fallen angel. I can't believe I let one slip into my territory."

She then smiled. "Don't worry," she said in a reassuring way as she fiddled with a red chess piece in her hand. "I won't let you die. From now on, you'll live for my sake."

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