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And what's worse is that two great people passed away recently. First, it's anime voice actor Billy Kametz, who passed away at 35 due to colon cancer. He was a great voice actor, most known for playing Naofumi Iwatani from "The Rising of the Shield Hero", Josuke Higashikata from "JoJo's Bizarre Adventure", Takuto Maruki from "Persona 5 Royal", and many others. Second is the creator of "Yu-Gi-Oh!" Kazuki Takahashi, who died in a snorkeling-related incident. May they both rest in peace.

A couple of hours have passed since the attempted museum heist. Despite his best efforts, the words the knight had kept repeating in his head. It didn't help that he was somehow unaffected by the pseudo 80% Smash. Izuku had raked his brain on how that was possible but was stopped by Milia, saying that it can wait until tomorrow. So to get his mind off it, Izuku asked Ryukyu if they could do some late-night training. As such, Izuku and Ryukyu were currently standing in the gym in their gym wear.

Izuku was in Dragon Force, staring down at a partially transformed Ryukyu, who was only displaying her wings, claws, and tail.

Izuku led with a punch, but Ryukyu blocked it with her arm before slashing at Izuku with her other arm. Izuku hissed as Ryukyu's claws slashed his clothes, but they didn't cut his skin thanks to his scales. Undeterred, Izuku attempted to kick her, but she was fast enough to jump back to avoid his attack.

Ryukyu's tail suddenly grabbed hold of Izuku's leg, throwing him off balance and allowing the Ninth Ranked Hero to kick Izuku, sending him flying across the training room. Before Izuku could register what happened, Ryukyu was above him, pinning him to the ground.

"I win. Having a tail is a lot handier than you might think," Ryukyu smirked.

"Y-Yeah," Izuku nodded a slight blush on his face since Ryukyu was right on top of him. Her face was just inches from his while her incredibly soft chest was pressed against his.

The Dragoon Hero seemed to realize this, given how her face was flushing also, and stood up, her dragon features receded. "I think that's good for now."

Izuku silently agreed, turning his appearance back to normal, trying to ignore how amazing Ryukyu's scent was at such close range.

"You've improved a lot this past week, Midoriya, but you still have some issues. You tend to over-rely on your right side," Ryukyu added. "An enemy sees that, they could easily get you surprised with an attack on the left. Still, you truly are something special. I can see why Tannin likes you."

Izuku did a double take. "You know Tannin?"

"He and my mother are friends, and he's acted like an uncle to me," Ryukyu explained, with the mention of her mother making Ddraig shiver in fear.

Right, Tannin was a Dragon King like Tiamat before he became a devil.

"I'm not surprised that you know who my mother is, Midoriya," Ryukyu smiled.

"Jack damnit!" Izuku muttered.

Ryukyu giggled, honestly finding him cute when he was like this. "Before we call it a night, there's one technique I should teach you."

Izuku had trouble sleeping. And no, it wasn't because Milia, Fuyuko, and Nejire had snuck into his bed again. His thoughts were still about the knight and what he had said. 'Who was that? How did he know about me?'

[What did I say, boy? Don't let what that renaissance fair reject get to you.]

'I know, but… what he said still stung,' Izuku sighed. That knight had called him useless, how he had never trained at all to achieve his dream before meeting Rias, just like how Bakugo used to call him as such. A useless Deku.

"That's not true at all, Izuku, you're not useless."

Izuku looked to the side to see an awake Milia, concern in her eyes. "Was I…?"

"You were muttering," Milia nodded. "And don't let that knight get to you."

"But…" Milia placed her fingers over Izuku's mouth.

"No buts. I didn't fall for you because you doubted yourself," Milia said. "You remember that day last year, where you asked if I was okay after I broke down?"

"Yeah," Izuku nodded.

"After my parents died, I nearly lost all will to live. Kudelia and the others helped a little, but I just wasn't able to move on. Then you helped me. You saved me," Milia smiled as she looked Izuku in the eye. "You're my hero, Izuku." Milia leaned forward and kissed Izuku, making sure this was short and sweet, before pulling back.

Izuku flushed a little, suddenly feeling a little amorous because of Milia's kiss, but managed to keep it in check.

"You're my hero, too," Fuyuko added.

"Oh, did we wake you?" Milia asked.

"No, I'm just a light sleeper," Fuyuko replied. "But I am curious. Did you really not train at all before meeting this Rias girl?"

"…Sorta," Izuku replied. "I guess I was training mentally using my notebooks, but when I tried to train physically… the gyms I went to either were too expensive or turned me down because I was Quirkless."

"What?" Fuyuko growled.

"I eventually tried to train on my own, but I wasn't able to… really get into it," Izuku continued. "It didn't help that Bakugo found me training once. He didn't like that and there were a lot of explosions involved. After that, I just… stopped."

Milia's eyes narrowed. "I'm going to neuter that little Pomeranian."

Izuku smiled. "As much as I'd like to see that happen, please don't. I don't want to see you get expelled and possibly arrested."

"That won't happen if it's a 'training accident'," Milia countered. "And we do need to tell Rias at some point."

"Best case scenario is that she disintegrates him, then," Izuku joked.

"Should we be worried about you two talking about potentially killing someone?" Nejire spoke up.

"Probably," Izuku and Milia smiled.

"…Okay," Nejire let out a yawn. "Let's go back to sleep, cute kouhais," her grip on Izuku tighten. "You're soo~ cuddly, Izuku! Like a teddy bear," Nejire replied, tightening her grip on Izuku.

"He really is," Fuyuko agreed.

"Yeah," Milia nodded.

"Plus you have great muscles."

Izuku squeaked and blushed as Nejire traced her fingers over his chiseled body.

"You could grate cheese on those abs," Milia agreed, Izuku's blush deepening at that.

Morning finally came and with it the end of internships. Milia and Izuku had already packed their things the previous night. Nejire and Fuyuko were also going to accompany them, the two needing to go to U.A. also.

Even though it was Sunday, they wore their school uniforms, if only out of convenience, except for Fuyuko, opting to instead wear a white shirt with dark sleeves, a short dark blue skirt, and purple stripes leggings.

"I see you're all almost ready to go," Ryukyu noted. "Where is Midoriya?"

"Oh, he's in the shower," Nejire answered. "He should be out soon."

"That bathroom?" Ryukyu pointed toward the aforementioned bathroom nearby, where Izuku's scent was coming from. "Is there any particular reason why you're waiting out here?"

"Uh…" Milia hesitated to answer, as did Fuyuko.

Nejire, though, didn't. "We want to see him wet and shirtless."

"Senpai!" Milia exclaimed.

Before Ryukyu could say anything in response, the door to the bathroom opened, revealing Izuku clad in nothing but a towel, his chiseled body coated in a shine from the water. Milia, Fuyuko, and Nejire stared unashamedly at the green-haired pawn, admiring his toned body.

"Umm…" Izuku blushed at the hungry stares he was receiving from Milia, Fuyuko, Nejire, and, oddly enough, Ryukyu.

Ryukyu was the first to snap out of it, shaking her head to fight off her blush. "Midoriya, after you've dressed, meet me in my office. There's something I want to discuss."

"R-right. I'll go get dressed now…" He muttered and made a beeline for his room, cursing himself for forgetting to bring a change of clothes with him.

Milia, Fuyuko, and Nejire all slumped in disappointment at the fact that the Izuku show was over, even Ryukyu was disappointed. Izuku was far more developed than she had imagined. Give him a year or so and he would be an ideal m-

Ryukyu shook her head. 'Stupid dragon instincts! Of course, they act up now,' she silently cursed. She shouldn't focus on Izuku's chiseled body and inviting scent right now, even if she really wanted to. She had an important meeting soon.

Not long after, a fully dressed Izuku walked into Ryukyu's office, his face still a little bit red from earlier. The Dragoon Hero was sitting at her desk scrolling down a web page on her computer.

"Uh, you needed me for something?" Izuku asked, still embarked about earlier.

"Yes," Ryukyu said, stepping away from her computer. "There's something I needed to discuss with you… Red Dragon Emperor."

Izuku's jaw dropped, and he could practically hear Ddraig blanch. "You knew? The whole time!? Why didn't you say before?!"

"I wanted it to be a surprise," Ryukyu smirked. "Also, I want to say in advance that I'm sorry."

"Sorry? For what?" Izuku asked.

Before Ryukyu could say, a door to an adjacent room opened. "Long time no see, Ddraig," a serene voice called out.

Both Ddraig and Izuku suddenly felt a chill run down their spines as the atmosphere of the office turned cold.

[Oh, no…] Ddraig shuddered. He knew that voice anywhere.

Izuku slowly turns his head, seeing a beautiful woman walk into the office. Her long hair was a beautiful pale blue color and her eyes were a dark blue. She wore a navy blue skirt that reached past her knees, a white blouse with dark blue streaks, and pale blue shoes. Her body was seductive and curvaceous, even more so than Rias'. Her most striking feature, though, was the pair of pale blue curved horns on her head.

The Boosted Gear gauntlet appeared on Izuku's left arm by itself, the jewel glowing. [T-Tia.] Ddraig tried to greet. [It h-has been a l-long time.] Ddraig made an audible gulp.

The blue-haired woman, Tiamat, stroked her long hair as she sighed and said, "Yes. We would've met much sooner had you never run like a coward. After you became like this, you've always asked your host to run away as soon as you detect my presence."


"Unfortunately for you, you're unable to run away this time. After all, I've already mastered a method to suppress my presence so that you won't notice. What a wonder it is to live for so long."

[…S-So that's why I failed to notice you until now…]

Izuku gulped, feeling the tension brought about by Tiamat's presence.

"Mother, please," Ryukyu spoke up. "I didn't invite you to terrify Ddraig and Midoriya."

"You're the one who told me Ddraig would be here, Ryuko."

Izuku swiftly turned to Ryukyu in shock, who only gave him an apologetic look. "Yes, I did, as soon as you arrived. I apologize, Midoriya, but the main reason why I sent you an offer is because I wanted to put an end to this silly dispute between Ddraig and my mother."

"Dispute?" Tiamat repeated. "I guess, from a certain point of view, it can be considered as such. But you should know, my daughter, how protective we dragons are of our hoards. So, Ddraig, I demand you return my treasures, now."

"Y-You know that Ddraig can't return them!" Izuku said without thinking. He flinched at Tiamat's glare.

"True, he is physically incapable of returning them," Tiamat nodded, but then she suddenly sported a bewitching and mischievous smile. "But you, his current host, aren't. You can either help in locating my lost treasures and/or pay me back for them."


[Partner, I'm sorry…] Ddraig regretfully said.

"Ddraig!" Izuku exclaimed at his left arm before he turned his attention back to the strongest of the Dragon Kings. "I get you're angry because Ddraig couldn't return what he borrowed, but can't you just replace what was lost?"

"I've asked that several times," Ryukyu sighed.

"I could, and I have with some of it, but a replacement is nothing like the original. Though, there is another option."

"And what's that?" Izuku asked hesitantly. He did not want to be in debt to the Chaos Karma Dragon for who knows how long. And while he was sure Rias would be willing to help, he didn't want to burden her with a problem Ddraig caused. He just hope that Tiamat's other option was far more reasonable in comparison.

The Chaos Karma Dragon kneeled down and whispered into his ear. "She won't admit it, especially in front of me, but I know that my daughter has begun to look for a mate. I may consider dropping the debt altogether and forgiving Ddraig… if you become her mate, Midoriya Izuku."

Izuku's face burned crimson as he jumped back in shock. "What?!"

[You can't be serious, Tiamat!]

"Be quiet Ddraig."

[Eep! Y-Yes, ma'am!] Ddraig squeaked.

Behind them, Ryukyu grew very nervous. She wasn't able to hear what her mother had told Izuku, but she had a very good idea.

"Either option is open to you," Tiamat continued. "Of course, if you try to back out of either, I will burn you to death."

[She can do it, too.] Ddraig added.

"…Right. I'll… think them over. Bye," Izuku dumbly nodded before bolting out of the office.

Once she was sure Izuku was out of hearing range, Ryukyu looked to her mother. "…Mother, what was the second option?!" She demanded.

Tiamat gave her daughter a playful smirk. "I'm sure you're aware that time of year is approaching, right?" She asked, which made Ryukyu's face turn crimson. "He's likely the most suitable mate in Japan for you right now."


"He's better company than that rabbit friend of yours, too."

"Mother, Rumi isn't… Okay, she is somewhat insufferable."

Izuku managed to fight back the blush on his face as he made his way to the agency's ground floor. 'Was Tiamat serious about that, Ddraig?'

[I'm afraid she was.] Ddraig sighed. [I honestly don't know what's worst, her continuing to hound us because of my actions, or you becoming the mate of her daughter.]

Izuku's blush returned. He wasn't at all conformable with becoming Ryukyu's mate, even if she was really pretty, had an incredible figure, had such an amazing scent, and- "Gah! Stop it!" He smacked his head in an attempt to get those thoughts out.

Ddraig sighed, his host's thoughts reminding him of his own days as a young dragon. [Still, we got off a lot easier than I was expecting. Tiamat is the strongest of the Five Dragon Kings. Even if I still had my original body she would not be easy to defeat.]

'You're not filling me with confidence,' Izuku mentally retorted. 'By the way, I've been reading up on different mythologies, and when I looked up Tiamat I found out that was the name of a Mesopotamian sea goddess. Is… that true?'

[Yes and no. Tiamat may not be an actual god, but she was raised by the Sumerian Elder Gods, Apsu and Nammu, and worshiped as one.]

'I'm not going to have to worry about them, am I?!'

[No. Most of the early Mesopotamian mythologies are either missing or long deceased. Tiamat is likely the only active remnant left.]

'Oh…' Izuku now felt bad for Tiamat.

Once he reached the lobby, Izuku was assaulted by a periwinkle missile. "Izuku-kun, what did Ryukyu want to talk about? Did she offer for you to become her sidekick when you graduate? Why is Ryukyu's mom here? Why-?"

"Senpai, please give Izuku some breathing room," Milia said, her and Fuyuko sitting on a couch.

"Oh, sorry," Nejire took a couple of steps back.

"It's okay," Izuku replied. "Ryukyu just wanted to talk and it involved her mother. And no, she didn't offer for me to become her sidekick yet."

"Aww," Nejire sighed.

"Are we ready to go?" Fuyuko asked.

"You coming with us, Fuyuko?" Izuku asked.

"Yeah," she nodded. "I need to meet with U.A.'s principal to get the final details of my transfer sorted out. After that, I guess I'll need to look around the city, and see if there are any available apartments near the school."

"You can just stay with me," Izuku blurted out without thinking.

"Huh?" Fuyuko blinked, while Milia stared at Izuku in total shock.

"I mean, my house has plenty of room," Izuku quickly added. "And I need to run it by mom and Buchou first, but…"

"Well, if you're offering," Fuyuko smiled. "I guess I'll think about it."

Milia looked on and quietly decided to ask Kudelia if it was okay for her to move in with Izuku and Rias.

"It's gonna be quiet without you kids," one of Ryukyu's sidekicks said. "Nejire, especially."

"Don't worry, I'll be back soon!" Nejire beamed.

"Uh oh," one of the sidekicks, standing near the front entrance, exclaimed. "We got an incoming Code R!"

"Oh, not again," another sidekick groaned in annoyance as they cleared away from the front entrance, with Nejire pushing the confused Izuku, Milia, and Fuyuko away from the entrance.

Before they could ask what was happening, a woman burst into the room, blowing the door off its hinges. "Hey, Lizardbreath! I'm in the area beating on some trash and I need to use your…" She paused upon noticing Izuku, Milia, Nejire, and Fuyuko. She was a muscular woman with tan skin, red eyes, and long white hair, wearing a white leotard. Her most eye-catching feature, though, was the enormous rabbit ears above her head, which made her appear much taller than she was, being a little shorter than Nejire.

"Mirko is here?!" Izuku squeaked out in surprise.

"Uh, why is she looking at you like that?" Milia asked. Sure enough, the moment Mirko took notice of them, her eyes zeroed in on Izuku. The smirk on her face reminded them far too much of Bakugo's.

"You," the habit hero posted at Izuku. "We're gonna fight. Now!"

"W-What?!" Izuku said, shocked.

"Good grief," one of the sidekicks sighed.

Ryukyu, drawn by the commotion Mirko caused, took one glance at her fellow hero and scowled. "Rumi, no."

The rabbit hero turned to glare at Ryukyu. "I told you not to call me that in these outfits, Ryukyu. You know I don't like other people hearing my actual name."

"And I don't like it when you barge in here and demand to fight one of my interns," Ryukyu countered. "At least you used the front door this time."

"I was feeling generous," Mirko shrugged. "So can we use your gym and-?"

"No," Ryukyu quickly shot down Mirko's request. "He needs to return to U.A. soon, and I doubt you want Recovery Girl angry at the sorry state I'm sure you'll leave him in."

"Oh, come on. I wouldn't have challenged him if I knew he couldn't take it."

Izuku, Milia, and Fuyuko watched the back and forth between the two heroines, blinking in slight awe and confusion as they saw them bicker with no real heat between them.

"Yep," Nejire spoke up, gaining the three's attention. "This is normal for them."

"Honestly, you two," Tiamat groan as she stepped into the room.

Mirko paused her bickering with Ryukyu upon seeing the Dragon King. "Oh, hey Mrs. T," Mirko greeted.

"Is there some business you need to take care of?" Tiamat asked.

"Huh? Oh, right!" Mirko turned to her fellow pro heroine. "I just dealt with some punks and-"

"You need to use my office to file your reports," Ryukyu guessed. "All right. Come on. And please don't-"

"I'm challenging your mom."

"You'll just lose again," Ryukyu groaned as the two heroes headed to Ryukyu's office.

Mirko glanced over at Tiamat with a smile. "Meet at the gym later?"

"…I suppose," Tiamat sighed.

"And you…" Mirko pinned to Izuku, making the boy flinch. "You got lucky today. But we will have that match!" The Rabbit Hero declared before she followed Ryukyu.

Izuku, Milia, and Fuyuko turned to Nejire for an answer. "Mirko always challenges Ryukyu's mom whenever she can, no matter how many times she loses in less than five-seconds. I honestly can't tell if she's insane or trying to improve herself," Nejire giggled.

Izuku gulped, looking back at the Chaos Karma Dragon in human form as she headed for the agency's gym. Not long after, Ryukyu walked back into the lobby alone, Mirko likely either still working on whatever paperwork she needed to do or heading to the gym.

"So, are you all ready to go?"

"Yeah," Milia nodded. "Thank you for having us, Ryukyu," Milia bowed, along with Izuku.

"We better get going," Izuku added.

The Dragoon Hero smirked. "You take care of yourselves all right?" Ryukyu advised.

"We will," Fuyuko nodded with a grateful smile before the four headed off towards the station.

It didn't take long for the four to get to the station, meeting up with Setsuna there before they boarded their train. Liana and Cynthia weren't with her as their home was nearby. The train to Musutafu would take a little over an hour and a half, so they spent their time talking, mostly answering any questions that Nejire had.

"Nejire-senpai, you say you're part of the big three right? Who's the other two?" Milia asked curiously.

"Oh there's these two guys that I've been friends with since our first years, believe it or not, all three of us were quite the troublemakers in our first years. We were pretty much at the bottom of the totem pole." She giggled to herself.

"Really?" Izuku blinked. "I suppose that makes sense. You mentioned your Quirk requires you to have a lot of stamina."

"Yep. It took a long time for me to use it properly. My other two friends have slightly different problems though. Tamaki needed to be more confident in himself since his Quirk is awesome to see! Mirio had the same problem as me as his Quirk is always problematic with its side effects."

"Yeah, it was a real pain to properly use it," a voice laughed. Startled, everyone turned to see a muscular young man, one a head taller than him, with blonde hair spiked upward and simple blue eyes, wearing a U.A. school uniform and carrying a U.A. case, walking into the train car.

"Mirio!" Nejire beamed.

"Heya, Nejire!" Togata greeted as he took a seat.

'He looks familiar,' Izuku thought before it clicked. "Oh, you're Togata Mirio! The third-year Sports Festival's winner!"

"That's right, fellow champ!" Togata said proudly.

"Oh yeah, didn't you also lose your clothes during the Sports Festival two years ago?" Setsuna asked.

Togata just laughed, "Yeah, that's my legacy, it seems!"

"So how was interning with Kouen? Did you learn how her Quirk works? Is she better than Nighteye? I hope she is. How hot is her fire? Hawks mentioned she had to deal with family issues, do you know what that means?" The periwinkle-haired girl began rapidly firing questions as she usually did, with Togata answering them as best he can.

But something she had said caught Izuku's attention. "Nighteye? You used to work with Sir Nighteye, All Might's former sidekick!?"

Togata's smile faltered for a moment. "Yep. Nighteye helped me take my finicky Quirk and used it to become a top hero student! But then, well, let's just say we had a difference of opinion and leave it at that."

Izuku tilted his head, wondering what that meant. Eventually, they arrived at their stop in Musutafu at Tatooin station. Once they disembarked, the students went their separate ways, either heading to their homes in the city or getting on another train.

It didn't take long for them to reach the Midoriya mansion (something Fuyuko was shocked by when she saw it). Izuku invited Milia and Fuyuko to come in, given there was still time until Fuyuko needed to meet with Nezu.

Izuku opened the door, leading the two into his home, where they saw Rias sitting on the couch in the living area, doing homework. "I'm home," Izuku called out, getting Rias's attention.

"Izuku!" She cried as she leaped out off the couch and rushed over to him, embracing him tightly as though she hadn't seen him for months when it's only been a week.

"B-Buchou," Izuku stuttered.

Rias moaned contently as she buried her face into his neck and took a deep breath. "That good old Izuku smell is the best. I've missed it so much, but not nearly as much as I've missed you."

"It's good to see you too," he chuckled as he answered Rias' embrace with his own, wrapping his arms around her waist. He also took time to breathe in Rias' scent, something he missed. After a brief moment of silence as the two of them enjoyed each other's warmth, they slowly broke their embrace. "Am I the first one back?"

"No. Ochako and Ibara got home about an hour ago. They're taking a bath now. Should we join them?" She asked, causing Izuku to blush.

"Um, Rias-buchou," Milia muttered with slight jealousy.

Rias blinked upon noticing Milia. "Takamaki? Why are you here? And…" Rias trailed off when she noticed Fuyuko. "Izuku, who's this?"

"Hello. I'm Yukimura Fuyuko, a Yuki-onna," Fuyuko answered, to Rias's surprise.

"A Yuki-onna?" Rias repeated as she looked the snow girl over. She was defiantly the same age as her, not to mention she had a presence reminiscent of most youkai, not to mention the temperature seems to drop near her, and yet… "I'm not sure I buy it. Don't Yuki-onna turn into gorillas when they mature?"

Izuku and Milia stared wide-eyed at Rias before they looked at Fuyuko.

Fuyuko's eyes narrowed. "That is the case… most of the time. I'm not sure why, but if a Yuki-onna has a Quirk, like me, then we maintain our human appearance."

"Really?" Rias was skeptical. This was the first time she ever heard of such a thing. "Why are you here?"

"Oh, uh, Fuyuko is transferring to U.A. soon," Izuku answered. "She doesn't have anywhere to stay in the city, so I invited her to live here."

"…Only you, Izu," Rias shook her head. "What happened?"

Izuku and Milia then explained how they meet Fuyuko, along with what she went through and why she was transferring to U.A.'s general studies course. Rias warmed up to Fuyuko a little upon learning of what she's been through, and when Inko eventually learned she had absolutely no issue with Fuyuko staying. Ibara and Ochako, while upset at the new resident, quickly warmed up to Fuyuko also.

Soon, though, the time came for Fuyuko to meet with Nezu. Inko had offered to take the snow girl to U.A. and was already outside waiting.

"I'm still not sure you're a Yuki-onna," Rias said, she, the other girls, and Izuku standing by the entrance.

"What will it take to convince you? This?" Fuyuko turned her hand into ice claws.

"That doesn't exactly prove anything," Rias countered. "I know someone at school who can confirm it, though. She's a Beast Tamer."

"Beast Tamer?" Ochako repeated. "What's that?"

"They're humans who have the supernatural ability to tame many different Youkai, monsters, and other creatures, like harpies or kamaitachi," Rias explained. "I need to go to her anyway to do my devil club activity report."

"Devil club activity report? What's that?" Ibara asked.

Rias sighed before she explained. "As a pure-blooded high-class devil, I'm actually required to attend a school in the Underworld for high-class devils. The reason me, Sona, and Kudelia can study in Japan is because we're special privileged students. If we don't attain the credits needed for the devil school at U.A. High, then we will be forced to return to the Underworld, meaning all of you have to come with us. In my case, I can gain credits by either making contracts with humans, or other means such as researching about the types of monsters and youkai in Japan."

"Is that why you formed the Occult Research Club?" Izuku asked.

"That's right," Rias nodded. "I need to send in a report soon about the current state of monsters and Youkai living in Musutafu. Normally I would ask a local rapping kappa, but he recently had to return to his homeland."

"I'm sorry, but rapping kappa?" Izuku blinked. 'A kappa, as in the youkai that has a 'plate' on its head, loves cucumbers, lives around the water, and rips the souls of their victims out their anus? Those kappas? And one is a rapper?!'

"Koneko was such a big fan of his, too," Rias said dejectedly.

"Koneko-chan likes rapping?" Ochako asked.

"I've never met a Beast Tamer. What's she like?" Fuyuko asked.

"Well, she has a deep love of sports, tennis especially. She actually runs the school's tennis club. Her club usually does practice during lunch, so we'll meet her then."

"I'm still not over the rapping kappa thing," Izuku said. "That's almost as surprising as Tiamat asking me to become Ryukyu's mate-" Izuku shaped his hands over this mouth, realizing too late what he was saying.

"…Tiamat asking you to become Ryukyu's what?" Rias repeated, she, Milia, and Fuyuko all stared at Izuku with blank looks.

"Care to explain, Izuku-san?"

Izuku turned around, finding Ochako and Ibara standing there, their faces blank as well.

"Yes, Izuku-kun," Ochako said in a calm tone. "What was this about you and Ryukyu?"

"…It's Ddraig's fault."

It took a bit of time explaining to the girls about Ddraig's past with Tiamat and her reasons for hunting down the Red Dragon Emperors. After explaining the reasons for Tiamat visiting him at Ryukyu's agency and the possible alternatives to the Chaos Karma Dragon's demands, they were all understanding this the situation was indeed Ddraig's fault. It helps that Izuku promised Rias, Ibara, and Ochako to spend an entire day with them separately and kissing Milia and Fuyuko on the cheeks for the girls to calm down.

Fuyuko's meeting with Nezu went surprisingly well, the rat being very welcoming of her. It didn't take long for her to be set to attend classes the following day. "Yura-san?!" Izuku gasped upon seeing the Sitri Rook. Tsubasa's dark blue hair was now made of glass, though the roots were her original color. Patches of her skin were also either covered in various substances.

"Hey, Green," Tsubasa greeted.

"What happened to you?" Ochako asked.

"Me and Yaoyorozu fought some drug dealers, and I got injected by Trigger by accident," Tsubasa explained. "Finally starting to wear off, so I should be back to normal by tonight."

"Wow! You even got to fight villains? I'm so jealous!" Mina whined.

"I just helped people evacuate and did logistical support. Never came anywhere close to the actual fighting," Kyoka replied, twirling one of her jacks with her hand.

"You still did things! Mine was so boring!"

"All I did was train and go on patrols, too. Though, we ended up catching a couple of smugglers," Tsuyu added.

"You went to Selkie, right?" Momo asked. "Yura and I helped Fat Gum deal with their clients."

"What did you do?" Sero asked Kaminari.

"Got fawned over for a little, couple of patrols, not too much," the electric blond answered.

"'Got fawned over a little'?" Hyde grinned. "I'm not sure your mom fretting over you 24/7 counts as 'a little'."


"Wait, his mom?" Mineta asked.

"Yep," Hyde nodded. "We ended up interning with Thundershock, his mom."

"Your mom's a hero, Kaminari?" Ochako asked in surprise. "How come you've never mentioned it?"

"Well, I didn't see the point in bringing it up. I don't want all that pressure you know?"

"More like he wants to avoid being embarrassed by her," Hyde chucked. "You should hear about the time she caught him kissing his pillow."

"SHE TOLD YOU?!" Kaminari exclaimed as most of the class laughed. Wishing to change the subject, Kaminari looks drover to Izuku, Iida, Todoroki, and Liana. "Speaking of our internships, you guys got the most intense one."

"Oh yeah, the Hero Killer!"

"The news has been saying that he's connected to the League. Imagine if he or someone like him had been at the USJ," Hagakure said, and those in hearing got the chills up their spine.

"I don't think so," everyone turned to Izuku. "He didn't look like a person that works well in groups, and his mindset does not fit with the League. He actually killed one of the Nomu. And… well, I think he admires All Might in some weird way, he wouldn't work with them."

"I agree," Liana added. "It's entirely possible that the League was using Stain when all that happened. At the very least he was an associate of the League that didn't know what they tried to do to All Might."

"But did you guys all see the video of him!? He was super scary!" Mina exclaimed.

"Video? You mean the video of the Hero Killer that's been going around?" Sero asked.

"Yeah. Stain's a pretty evil villain, but, like, super tenacious. He's almost kinda cool, dontcha guys think?" Kaminari was suddenly attacked by one of Kyoka's earphone jacks.

"Idiot!" Kyoka growled. "Iida's right there!"

Despite being just stabbed in the head, Kaminari weakly pulled himself back up on a desk as he held the spot he was punctured. "Ow… Oh!" Kaminari covered his mouth with his hand when his eyes fell upon Iida. "Dude, I-!"

"No, it's okay. You're fine," Iida told him as he looked down at his left arm. "It is true that he's quite a tenacious villain. I understand why people might think he was cool. But Stain is a fanatic. Obsessed with the concept of a 'true Hero', and slaughtering or crippling anyone who fails to live up to those standards. No matter his motives, killing cannot be condoned. If I came after him looking for vengeance as I intended, he would have killed me and Native both." The class fell quiet.

"That said, I will not falter. I will use this experience to ensure both myself, and my friends will become the best heroes possible!" He proclaimed to the rest of the class. "It's time for class to begin! Everyone, please take your seats!"

"And he's back to normal," Hyde said jokingly

"A Yuki-onna?" Sona repeated.

"Yeah," Rias nodded. She and Sona were in their classroom, Rias telling her about Fuyuko. "Apparently she still has a human appearance because of her Quirk."

"Strange. I've never heard of such a thing before," Sona cupped her chin in thought.

"Neither have I. This is why I'll be meeting with our resident monster expert later. I need help with my devil club activity report anyway," Rias muttered.

"You're normally so punctual about it," Sona had a slightly mischievous glint in her eye. "You better hope Kudelia doesn't find out. She'll never let you live it down."

"I'm praying to Satan she doesn't."

"All right, students. To your seats," the devil's conversation was put on hold as their teacher entered the classroom. Unlike the Hero department, Class 2-D's instructor was the usual civilian rather than a Pro Hero. "Now before we begin today's lesson we have some new students joining us. Please make them feel welcome class."

Rias blinked in surprise. 'Wait, Fuyuko is going to be our new classmate? And she isn't the only one?'

"You two can come in now," the teacher called out. From the doorway, two students walked in and stood at the front of the class, both wearing U.A. uniforms. Fuyuko walked in first, followed by a girl Rias didn't recognize. "Now then, please introduce yourselves to your new classmates," the teacher said while taking a seat at her desk.

Fuyuko was the first to step forward. "Hello, nice to meet you all. My name is Yukimura Fuyuko. I hope we all get along," she said.

As she stepped back, the other girl then stepped forward. "Uh, hello," she greeted with a shy smile on her face. This girl had soft caramel-orange eyes. Her face was heart-shaped with a soft, kind smile. She had long back-length violet-periwinkle hair with a large cowlick at the front. She also wore a black choker with a star-shaped blue gem. "My name Ingvild Levathia. I just transfers from Europe, so my Japanese not that good yet. I look forward to our time together."

Sona eyed Ingvild curiously. 'Levathia?'

The lunch period eventually arrived. "Where are they?" Izuku asked himself. He was currently standing in the middle of one of the sides of the tennis court. It was only him there, no one else in sight. "Rias told me to go to the tennis court and wait for her and Momo, but I don't see anyone."

"Hey! You there!" A girl's voice shouted at him from the right, causing Izuku to jump a little. When he turned towards the voice, he was met with the sight of a beautiful busty young woman with long, brown hair done in multiple drill-like curls that were done elegantly standing in front of several girls and a few boys, all holding tennis rackets. Instead of the usual U.A. school uniform, they all wore the school's Tennis Club uniform, which consisted of a gray polo and either a short green shirk that went down to the thighs or green shorts. "What do you think you're doing here?" She demanded with a scowl. "We're using this court for practice."

"Hold on," one of the boys spoke up. "That's Midoriya Izuku, the winner of the first-year Sports Festival!"

"Oh yeah, that is him!"

"He's a lot cuter in person."

"What's a Hero Course student like you doing here?"

Izuku gulped nervously before answering. "Uh, I'm looking for Abe Kiyome, the captain of the Tennis Club. Is she here?"

"That's me," the brown-haired girl, Kiyome, crossed her arms under her chest, making them push up a bit. "Is there something I can help you with?"

"Not me, exactly. I'm with the Occult Research Club and Buchou was supposed to be here to ask you for help with a project."

As the captain stared blankly, some of the girls started whispering and gossiping with one another. Kiyome closed her eyes before looking over her right shoulder at them. "You all get started," she said. "I'll handle this." She then nodded at Izuku to follow her.

As the tennis club started practicing, with four members volunteering to start with a two-on-two match, Izuku and Kiyome walked out of the high fence surrounding the court. Once they stepped out, they both heard running footsteps to their left. Looking in that direction, the two saw Rias and Fuyuko jogging toward them.

"Sorry we're late," Rias said, panting lightly from their run. "I had to pull Fuyuko away from our classmates."

"It's all right," Izuku said with a raised hand.

"Is she the beast tamer?" Fuyuko asked.

Kiyome turned her body towards the other two and placed her hand on her hip. "So, your Pawn here told me that you Devils need my help for something."

"Yes," Rias nodded. "First, I want you to confirm that Fuyuko here is a Yuki-onna," Rias gestured to said girl.

Kiyome looked at Fuyuko in surprise before getting a closer look. "Uh…" Fuyuko wasn't sure what to do in this situation.

Kiyome stepped back. "Yep, she's a Yuki-onna. Do you have a Quirk?" She asked.

"Yes, I have one," Fuyuko nodded.

"That's why she still looks human. Did you really need my help to figure that out, Rias?"

"I just wanted to be sure," Rias replied. "Anyway, I was also hoping you could help me with my activity report."

"Now hold on," Kiyome spoke up. "Why should I help you? Making a deal with you, a devil, could make things troubling and scary for me. I see it like a bomb, and I'm the person whose job it is to defuse it. Dealing with you means to be done carefully or else I might have my soul taken away, correct?"

Rias, Izuku, and Fuyuko all looked in shock at Kiyome.

"That is a horribly outdated stereotype!" Rias exclaimed. "A devil hasn't taken a human soul ever since the end of the Devil Civil War! But… I see your concern. So what do you want in equal trade?"

Kiyome thought for a second. She then looked to her left at Izuku. "Midoriya, you're part dragon, right? And the current Red Dragon Emperor?"

"Uh, yes, I am," Izuku answered. He saw a glint appear in Kiyome's dark-orange eyes as they stared into his green ones, before a lecherous smile formed on her lips. 'Uh-oh.' He gulped.

"I have decided," Kiyome told Rias. "I'll help you with your report, if can I borrow Midoriya-kun for a little while?"

"Not a chance," both Rias and Fuyuko rejected immediately with threatening stares.

"Okay," Izuku nodded.

"Izuku?!" Rias and Fuyuko gasped.

"Just like that?" Kiyome blinked.

"It's only going to be for a little while, right? And Buchou needs to do her report, so I don't see any problem with this."

"Izuku…" Rias wanted to argue, saying that she would not allow anyone to touch her Izuku. But she did need to finish her report soon and knowing the Old Devils they might use this as an excuse to force her and maybe Sona and Kudelia back to the Underworld. "…Fine…" Rias said with a reluctant sigh. "But only for a little while!" She warned the Beast Tamer. "How long is a 'little while' anyway?"

"A week at most," Kiyome answered. "Oh relax, will you? It's not like he's going to leave your side forever. And I don't need to borrow him right away. Anyway, I need to get back to practice. We'll talk about the report later. My club doesn't have practice tomorrow, so we can get started on it then. Does that sound good?"

"…Yeah, that's fine," Rias nodded.

Kiyome returned the nod before turning around and walking back to the court.

"Sorry," Izuku muttered.

"It's fine," Rias said. "We better get to the cafeteria before class resume."

"Yeah, I could go for some spicy curry," Fuyuko added, earning odd looks from Izuku and Rias. "What?"

"…You like spicy food?" Rias asked.

"Is that a problem?"

"No, it's just surprising," Izuku said. "I would've thought you liked cold food since you're, well…"

Fuyuko giggled. "It's fine. And I do enjoy snow cones."

For 1-A's first post-internship Heroics class, All Might had brought the entire class to Training Field Gamma, into an area that looked like a huge set of factories interconnected with pipes and cables.

"Welcome back, ya newbies! I hope you've all gained valuable experience at your internships!" said All Might as his students met him at the gate. "Then we'll put that experience to the test today! It's basic hero training once again! So for today, we'll be having a rescue training race."

Iida, the only one not in their hero costume due to it still being repaired, instead wearing his gym uniform, raised an arm. "If it's rescue training, then shouldn't we be at the USJ instead?"

"That area is training for natural disasters! Do you remember what I said? I said this will be a race. Behind me is Ground Gamma! A dense area filled to the brim with all sorts of obstacles forming a labyrinth, so good luck finding your way around," All Might explained. "You'll be competing in groups of five. Each person starts from a different location on the outskirts of the model city. I'll send a distress signal, and you do what you must to rescue. Whoever finds me first wins. Of course, you have to keep damage to buildings to a minimum. And you can't sabotage or attack your peers either," as he said that, he slowly pointed over to Bakugo.

"Why're you pointing at me?" Bakugo asked, his voice bordering on a bark.

"Do you really want us to answer that?" Hyde jokingly asked.

"You wanna die, Clownfish!?"

"All right, the groups are on the board here. First group, get in place!" All Might shouted. As he said this, a holographic screen projection showed the list of students in the class. Izuku saw that he was part of the first group, along with Mina, Sero, Iida, and Tsubasa. It took him a few minutes to get to his assigned starting point for the race.

The rest of the class were around the large holographic screen and discussing who they believed would be the one to win the race among the first group of students.

"Iida hasn't completely recovered yet, right? Shouldn't he just watch?" Kaminari asked.

"He told me he'd be fine," Todoroki answered.

"This group has plenty of people with good mobility in the class." Kirishima smiled. "I'm betting on either Midoriya or Sero."

"Yeah, I was thinking Midoriya, too," Hyde nodded. "He is the only one of them who can fly."

"In that case, I say that either Sero or Iida could place second," Liana added. "Sero has the advantage in maneuverability thanks to his Quirk, while Iida has the speed advantage, at least on the ground."

"You guys are crazy. I think it'll be Ashido! She's really athletic!" Mineta declared, looking dumbly at her costume hugging around her figure.

"What about Yura?" Kaminari asked. "She's pretty athletic too."

"He only said that because Ashido's the only busty girl in the group…" Hyde deadpanned.


Bakugo didn't say anything. He wanted Izuku to lose but knew he wasn't coming in dead last.

"Is everyone ready?" All Might called out to the group that was racing with a remote in his hand. He then pressed the button on the remote, activating an air horn. "BEGIN!"

"And the winner is Young Midoriya!" All Might declared as, to the surprise of no one, Izuku reached All Might first.

"Thank you, sensei," Izuku said, folding his dragon wings before they disappeared.

Sero landed behind Izuku, looking somewhat annoyed. "Aw, man… I was sure I'd have it!"

"You nearly did, young Sero, but we have a winner!" All Might said, handing Izuku a small banner that read, 'Thank you for saving me.' "And now we wait for the rest of the group before going over the results!"

After a few more minutes, the rest of the racing students came in, from Iida, then Mina, and finally Tsubasa. Mina used her Quirk to climb up by melting the steel to create places to grip, while Tsubasa had changed her steel-coated fingers into long claws to climb up.

Once she climbed up, Mina immediately rushed to Izuku with a large smile and open arms. "Midori! You did it!"

"Wha-AH!" Izuku caught Mina as she flung herself at him, the girl wrapping herself around him and pressing her body against him, being especially sure to press her breasts against his chest.

Izuku blushed at what Mina was doing, but he didn't really mind. 'Did Milia kissing me make me used to the girls' affections or something?' He silently wondered. Considering Milia is a succubus it's certainly possible.

"Are you done, Ashido?" Tsubasa asked as she finished climbing up, still coated in steel armor with clawed fingers.

"Nope," Mina replied.

Izuku then noticed Tsubasa's claws. "Wait, Tsubasa, what happened to your hands?"

"Oh, this?" Tsubasa's hands return to normal as her steel armor receded. By now her skin was largely back to normal while her hair was now only glass halfway. "After I got hit by Trigger, I found out I could shapeshift my limbs a bit when I absorbed something. It takes a lot of concentration just to sharpen my fingers now, but I'm hoping soon I can turn my hands into spiked maces and hammers."

"Whoa!" Mina gasped, letting Izuku go.

"That's so cool!" Izuku guessed, already writing something down in Tsubasa's entry in his notebook.

"Young Midoriya came in first, but compared to the beginning of the year, you've all improved considerably at using your Quirks!" All Might told the first group of students with a proud smile. "Keep working and preparing for your upcoming final exams!"


"Group 1, leave the field. You're up, Group 2." As the others started to leave, a smiling Izuku started following them. However, before he could get far, he felt All Might tap his shoulder, prompting him to turn around. "You did well today, Young Midoriya. I want you to see me after class. We'll meet in your little clubroom. I'd say now's the best time to learn about One for All. There's…" All Might's grin slightly faltered, but he tried keeping it up, "…a lot we need to talk about."

Izuku could sense that All Might referred to something serious, already having an idea and nodding to him. "Yes, sir…"

Later after the class had finished, everyone walked back to the changing rooms, having finished their training for the day.

"It's so frustrating that I'm not that fast," Ochako bemoaned, unhappy with her time, unbuttoning her costume, "I don't know how you do it, Liana!"

"I just take whatever advantage I can get," Liana replied, removing her cape. "If you want to improve your mobility, I would suggest learning parkour. You usually make yourself light so that you can jump far, but you end up making yourself sick. Instead, you could probably lighten yourself a little and keep a constant speed in an urban environment like Gamma field."

"Oh, I've seen parkour videos online," Ochako nodded. "It looks fun!"

"I wonder how long it will take for Todoroki to join us?" Mina muttered. Todoroki was the only girl in the class that wasn't in the locker room. Instead, she was waiting outside like she usually did.

"Guess she's still not comfortable undressing with other girls," said Tsubasa, undoing her gi.

"Everyone shut up for a second," all eyes turned to Kyoka. "Do you hear that?" The girls fell silent. Faintly, they did hear what sounded like talking. It didn't take long for Kyoka to find the source: a small hole in the wall.

All the girls walked over to it, "Do you think this is Mineta's doing, kero?"

"I don't think so. It looks like this hole has been here for a while," said Liana. "It could have been done by an upperclassman."

"Some boys are just the worst," Mina groaned.

Toru touched her chin, though since her gloves were off, no one could tell, "To be fair, someone from this side could have made the hole." Toru noticed some of her classmates looking in her general direction, "Hey, it's not like there aren't girl perverts out there that wouldn't love to take a peek at a good-looking guy. I can think of one, in particular, all of us would like to see shirtless."

All of the girls present blushed at the idea of a shirtless Izuku. Liana shook off her blush first. "Do any of the boys know about this?"

Kyoka plugged an ear jack into the wall and listened in, and scowled. "Oh great, Mineta found it."

"Psst, hey, guys." Mineta grinned beside Izuku. "Look at this!" Mineta whispered as he motioned them to a slightly peeled-back poster that exposed a hole behind it.

"A hole?"

"It's probably here thanks to the efforts of those who came before us!" Mineta said with steam coming from him in excitement. "Next door is, you know…" He nudged Izuku's leg with a smug grin. "The girl's locker room!"

The guys all had their eyes changed. Some in wonder, others in fluster, and some in disgust to Mineta himself.

Izuku's brain in particular decided to take this moment to betray him, filling his head with images of all the girls changing and inviting him to- 'NO!'

"Stop this, Mineta! Peeping is a criminal act!" Iida shouted to him with karate-chopping motions.

"My little Mineta is already a criminal act!" Mineta shouted.

"Emphasis on 'little'," Kaminari smugly grinned.

Mineta ignored this and turned to the hole while breathing heavily.

"Mineta, you can't do this!" Izuku spoke up, thinking of all his female friends.

"Shut up! You already have a harem! At least let me enjoy this!" Mineta snapped at him with fury in his eyes.

Izuku's face turned crimson red, and his mouth turned agape. But that shock was soon replaced by anger. Anger at the little pervert for daring to take a glance at what was his! "Mineta, I'm only going to say this one more time: Don't. Do it. The girls, Momo and Liana, in particular, have all had it with you. And so have I for that matter."

Mineta shook his head, "Are you crazy? This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity! This kind of thing only happens in porn and hentai, and you want to throw it away?!"

"Okay dude, don't be gross."

"Yeah, that's going too far, man."

"Fools! I will not be denied any longer! Yaoyorozu's bouncing breasts! Kozuki's perfect figure! Ashido's great ass! Uraraka's juicy thighs-!"


Mineta's rant halted when Izuku, who had gone Dragon Force and was absolutely pissed, punched the grape-haired boy away from the hole, Mineta hitting the opposing wall. All of the boys looked on in shock, collectively deciding to stay quiet as Izuku glared hatefully at Mineta.

Mineta, somehow still conscious and trying to ignore the wetness in his pants, whispered, "…Just a peek?"

That only seemed to make Izuku angrier. "Wow… Now I understand how Bakugo feels."

"…What do you mean?" Iida hesitantly asked.

"I mean now I know what it feels like to want to kill someone."

Mineta flinched. "W-what?"

Over in the girls' locker room, Kyoka had plugged her other jack into it, allowing the other girls to hear what was happening. All they could hear was screaming, banging, shouting, and sobbing from Mineta, indicating that Izuku was doing something painful to the class pervert.

"PLEASE DON'T! SOMEBODY HELP ME!" Was the last thing they heard from Mineta before everything turned quiet.

"Well…" Kyoka yanked out her jacks. "Mineta's dead."

'That was kinda hot,' all of the girls thought.

While all of the girls were understandably a little terrified at what had just happened, they were also extremely flattered and happy that Izuku did something about Mineta. And while they highly doubted Izuku killed the pervert, whatever Izuku did Mineta deserved it.

"So what do you think Green did to Mineta?" Tsubasa asked.

"I get the feeling we'll find out tomorrow," Ochako said.

"Whatever he did, we should thank Izi somehow," said Hagakure, still naked and only wearing her gloves. "Any ideas?"

"I have a few," Mina grinned mischievously. "But first shouldn't we cover this hole up now?"

"Let's inform the teachers first," said Liana.

A couple of hours later, the ORC was in their clubroom, except for Hyde. "What's this important meeting about, Izuku?" Rias asked.

"It's… kinda important," Izuku said. "We still need to wait for someone."

"Who?" Yuuto asked.

The door to the clubroom then opened, and All Might in his skinny form walked in. "Sorry for barging in," he apologized.

Momo and Kyoka's eyes widened, both quickly realizing what this was about.

"Who're you?" Ravel asked.

"My name is Yagi Toshinori, though you may know me by a different name."

"And that would be?" Rias asked.


"HAHAHA! It is I, All Might!" The unmistakable voice of All Might echoed throughout the ORC room. Rias, Yuuto, Xenovia, Ravel, Ochako, and even the normally stoic Koneko all stared in disbelief with white eyes. The skinny, almost skeletal man who had entered their clubroom had, in a puff of smoke, turned into the Number 1 Hero before their eyes.

"Huh… Was my face like theirs?" Izuku asked.

"Pretty much," Kyoka smirked, enjoying the shocked faces of their club mates.

"WHAT!?" Rias exclaimed.

"How…?!" Ravel sputtered.

"HAHA! Worry not, I am here to- GHA!" All Might suddenly coughed up blood, reverting back to the skeletal appearance in a puff of smoke.

"Are you okay?!" Ibara ran up to All Might, ready to use Twilight Healing.

"I'm fine, Young Shiozaki," the Number 1 Hero replied. "No need for your concern."

"Izuku, Momo, Kyoka, what's going on?" Rias asked the three.

"Uh," Izuku fidgeted a bit. "How to start?"

"How about with why All Might turned into a skeleton?!" Ravel demanded.

"That's as good a place as any, I suppose," All Might grabbed the hem of his shirt and began to pull it up. Ibara gasped and threw a hand over her mouth in shock as she gazed at what was under that shirt. Rias' eyes went wide and her mouth fell a little bit open. Xenovia and Ravel cringed and looked away not wanting to see it anymore. Yuuto stumbled back in horror. Ochako felt queasy.

"…That's gross," Koneko muttered.

That horrible hole in the side of All Might's body was grotesque, to say the least. Izuku, Momo, and Kyoka just turned away not wanting to look at it.

"This was an injury I got in a very tough fight about six years ago," All Might started. "I did all I could to heal afterward. But after all the surgeries needed to fix me up, I was left losing my entire stomach, and my respiratory system is damaged beyond repair."

As everyone seated took that in, All Might let go of his shirt and let it fall covering his disfigured torso again. "From that moment on, my power has been in a constant state of decline. Right now, it's at the point where I can only afford to stay in my hero form and work as All Might for about an hour and a half per day. The rest of the time, this form you see before you, this is me."

"…Okay," Ravel muttered, still queasy from seeing All Might's injury. "But what does this have to do with Izuku?"

"Because, not long after the USJ, I offered him to become my successor," All Might answered.

"YOUR SUCCESSOR!?" Ravel screamed.

"Not so loud!" Kyoka grunted, covering her ears.

"Sorry," Ravel gave Kyoka an apologetic look. "But what do you mean Izuku's your successor?"

"Basically, All Might gave Izuku his Quirk," Momo answered.

"Come again?"

"It's as Young Yaoyorozu said," All Might explained. "I've been looking for a successor for a while, I even offered it to Young Yaoyorozu and Young Jiro, though they turned it down."

"You mean One for All?" Rias asked.

"Hold on, Buchou, you knew about this?" Yuuto asked.

"Ehehehe… just that All Might gave Izuku his Quirk," Rias muttered.

"Why am I not surprised?" All Might gave a knowing smile. "Though I figured most of you would've noticed something by now. I'm kinda disappointed."

"Ahem!" Xenovia coughed. "So your Quirk can be given to other people?"

"That's right. It's a power that's been passed down through generations, growing stronger over time. It's with this power that I became the Symbol of Peace."

"So, can anyone inherit it?" Yuuto asked.

"One for All can only be given to another person if the bearer intends to pass it along. It's not something that can just be taken by force. Although it can be transferred by force. Kind of like… a girl trying to give you chocolate on Valentine's Day, even though you don't want it."

"…That's a stupid example," Koneko deadpanned.

"Toshinori, just what exactly are you telling these kids?" The door softly opened. Gran Torino, carrying a plate of taiyaki, walked in.

"I was just trying to make it easier to understand," said All Might.

"Gran Torino?" Yuuto blinked. "You know about this, too?"

"Yeah, I did pretty devil boy," Gran Torino replied as he sat down next to All Might.

All of the devils paled.

"You knew…?" Rias began.

"Right from the start. I just wanted to mess with ya! Hahaha!" The old pro laughed.

'Again, I hope he and Kudelia NEVER meet!' Rias thought in dread.

"Okay, but why is it so important for me to hear all this?" Ravel asked.

"Because we know of the identity of the Nomu that appeared at the USJ," Gran Torino revealed.

All Might pulled out a file from his coat pocket. "This is technically a leak. Your family will be notified sometime tomorrow, but it's best for you to see this now," All Might handed the file to Ravel.

Ravel took the file from All Might's hand and opened it to see its contents. Her eyes widened in shock at what she saw. "This… this is…"

Rias leaned over to see, and her eyes widened in shock. The files had a picture of a young man, a little older than them, with hair the same color as Ravel's. It was the missing son of the Phenex family, Rivalz.

"The Nomu is Rivalz Phenex!?" Rias uttered in shock, to the other devil's shock.

"…Who?" Ravel growled, holding back tears as she stared at All Might. "Who did this?"

"We believe the one responsible is a man who goes by the name of his Quirk, All for One," All Might answered.

"All for One?" Izuku blinked. "Wait… is this connected to One for All!?"

"Unfortunately, yeah," Gran Torino nodded. "Time for a history lesson, kids."

"This man's Quirk is an odd and old power," All Might continued. "It allows its user to take Quirks from others. Then the user could keep the Quirks for himself or give them to someone else."

"What? You mean… he could steal their Quirks?" Izuku gasped. As much as he wanted to say that was impossible, his time as a devil taught him that he shouldn't discount anything, no matter how outlandish it may seem.

The other ORC members could barely believe it themselves, but Rias and Ravel both took a glance at each other. This sounded disturbingly familiar.

"This was back when Quirks were just starting to show up. Before society had figured out how to deal with the newly powered among them. When Quirks first appeared, suddenly, it was impossible to say what it meant to be a 'normal' person. Laws and human rights were hotly debated and even fought about these new 'Metahumans' or 'Mutants' as they used to call them. Civilization's progress stalled. Society decayed. And I assume something similar happened with the supernatural, correct?"

"Yeah," Rias nodded. "When Quirks began appearing, the religions of the world that weren't compatible with Quirks either had to adapt, or died out, which caused a couple of mythological factions to collapse entirely. My brother even told me once that, during the Dark Age of Quirks, he and the other Satans had considered revealing the existence of devils as part of a plan to alleviate the chaos, but decided against it in fear of making things worse."

Rias also recalled how the three great Abrahamic religions lost significant power and influence when Quirks began appearing. Before Quirks, the Abrahamic religions had a total of around 4 billion followers altogether. Now, the number was less than one billion.

All Might nodded and continued. "During that chaotic period of change, there was one person who managed to rally many people together, All for One. He stole Quirks from others. And then, with his overwhelming abilities, he spread his influence across the country. He manipulated people to serve his purposes, offering them Quirks in exchange, and committed evil acts with little resistance. In the blink of an eye, he became the leader of villains and ruled over Japan."

"How come we don't know more about this?" Yuuto asked.

"Yeah," Izuku added. He's seen plenty of rumors about this thing online, sure, but he thought it was made up to scare people. "Shouldn't this be something in our textbooks?"

"Because, like the atrocities Japan committed in World War II, it's the kind of shameful history people would rather ignore." All Might explained. "Anyway, when a person gains true power, they enjoy showing it off to others."

"So, how does this all tie into One for All?" Ravel asked.

"As I said, All for One could give Quirks to others. He made people trust him or submit to his will by altering their abilities. But apparently, many poor souls couldn't bear the burden of the Quirks they were given. They became mindless living dolls, incapable of speaking. Just like the Nomu."

The ORC currently preset all gasped in shock and horror, especially Ravel.

"Meanwhile, some Quirks evolved as they were passed on. Some even combined with other power sets. This evil man had a Quirkless younger brother. He was small and sickly, but he had a strong sense of justice. They couldn't have been more different. It pained the younger brother to see All for One's deeds, so he kept resisting him. And then, All for One transferred a Quirk to his sibling, one that would allow him to stockpile power. We don't know if it was a gift he was giving his brother, or if he just wanted to force him to submit."

The color drained from Izuku's face. "Don't tell me-"

"Yes," All Might nodded. "Even though everyone thought he was Quirkless, turns out the brother did have a Quirk. Though even he hadn't realized this to be the case. He had a useless power that allowed him to pass on Quirks." All Might threw his arms out, nearly hitting Gran Torino. "And so, the stockpiling ability merged with the younger brother's power, and that is how One for All came to be."

The entire ORC stared at All Might, speechless. When All Might finished, Izuku let out a breath of air and leaned back to look up at the ceiling.

"I always found it ironic that justice so often spawns from evil," All Might said with a short sigh.

"But this man was still human, right?" Xenovia asked. "He should be long dead by-"

"He's still alive, and turned my brother into a Nomu," Ravel muttered in horror, cutting Xenovia off.

"Yes," Gran Torino nodded. "The bastard can steal Quirks, so he technically doesn't have a limit on what he can do. He likely stole Quirks that halt or slow down his aging."

All Might drew in a sharp breath before continuing with his story. "With the state of the world at the time and the huge difference in their combat abilities, the younger brother decided to entrust this new Quirk to future generations. Even though he couldn't defeat All for One, he hoped One for All would continue to grow in power, until it was strong enough to stop his older brother. Eventually, it was my turn, and I managed to defeat All for One! …At least that's what we thought."

All Might scowled. "I'm such an idiot. We never checked to make sure he truly was dead!"

"To be fair, you did turn the bastard's face into jam after he ripped your guts out," Gran Torino said. "We were more concerned about keeping you alive than making sure the bastard was dead."

"…All for One is the real leader of the League of Villains, isn't he?" Izuku asked.

"Yes," All Might just stared out the window. "So, now you know. The entire purpose of One for All is to defeat All for One. As its holder, you may one day have to fight against this great evil yourself. Because I failed."

Silence fell in the clubroom. This was quite a bit for the teens to take. "This is… not what I was expecting," Rias muttered. First, she had to worry about Izuku fighting the Vanishing Dragon, and now this?

"I know," All Might sighed. "What's worse is that All for One probably already knows about all of you."

"What do you mean?" Rias asked.

"The Nomu at the USJ was Young Phenex's brother," All Might pointed out. "At the very least All for One had to have known he wasn't a normal human when he first took him. This is a man who's been alive since the Dawn of Quirks. It would be shocking if he didn't stumble upon the supernatural during the time since."

"Not to mention he must've encountered people with powers he couldn't take," Gran Torino added. "He'd be stupid not to have noticed. I wouldn't be surprised if he had agents in the Underworld."

That sent a chill down Rias and Ravel's spines.

Xenovia, though, was deep in thought. A man that was capable of besting Quirks upon others, one who likely was aware of the supernatural. Her eyes then widened in realization. "Lailah…"

Izuku's eyes also widened.

"Who's that?" Gran Torino asked.

"She's a monster in the guise of an angel," Xenovia answered. "She has a spider Quirk, even though angels shouldn't have them."

"And she was there at Hosu, and later seen with Shigaraki," Izuku added.

All Might's face darkened. "I feared as such. I doubt she's the only one in his clutches. I know this is a lot to take in, but-"

"I'll do it," everyone looked to see Izuku standing up with his fists clenched and a look of determination on his face. "I'm not gonna back down now! I'll finish what was started all those years ago and defeat All for One!" Izuku exclaimed with righteous determination.

"Izuku, you shouldn't be shouldering all this on your own," Rias lightly reminded. "You're my servant, so I'm obligated to help you. Even if you weren't my servant, I'll still help."

"I'll help as well," Yuuto nodded. "You helped me, so it's my turn to help you."

"Indeed," Xenovia added. "I'll help you slay this monster also."

"Same./Yeah./Yes," Koneko, Ochako, and Ibara all nodded.

"We got your back, Izuku," Kyoka added.

"All of us are in this together," Momo finished.

Izuku smiled, on the verge of tears. "Everyone…"

All Might couldn't help but smile at their solidarity. They'll need it.

"You certainly found a good one, huh, Toshinori?" Gran Torino chuckled. "Nana would be proud of you."

All Might smiled at that before standing up. "Well, I suppose we better take our leave."

"Uh, before you go…" Ibara spoke up. "I can help with your injury."

"How so?"

Ibara summoned her Sacred Gear. "My Sacred Gear allows me to heal people. It can heal your injury."

"Very well, but please don't get your hopes up," All Might lifted this shirt again, to the group's disgust. Ibara, though, remained calm and used the power of her Twilight Healing, its green light bathing All Might's old wound.

Everyone stayed silent as Ibara attempted to heal All Might. But after a minute, they began to notice that the wound wasn't healing. "What…?" Ibara was at a loss that her Twilight Healing didn't seem to be working. "I… I don't… why…?"

All Might sighed in acceptance, having somewhat expected this. "It's okay, Young Shiozaki," the number one hero lowered his shirt.

"I… I don't understand…" Ibara muttered. "Why is it not…"

"Ibara…" Izuku walked up.

"I better get going now," the number one hero placed a hand on the girl's shoulder. "You did your best. That's all I ask for."

Ibara just weakly nodded.

"She gonna be okay?" Gran Tornio asked.

"We'll take care of her," said Rias. "Let's go home, Ibara."

"…Okay…" At that, the ORC returned home in silence.

As All Might and Gran Torino watch them leave the campus, the old pro spoke up, "You didn't tell them about Nana, or about Nighteye's vision."

"You didn't either," All Might retorted. "And I… just couldn't bring myself to. Young Midoriya already has much to deal with, I didn't want to burden him any more than necessary."

"…Yeah," Gran Torino nodded. "At least, when he does face All for One eventually, he'll have his girlfriends with him."

All Might nodded.

Unknown to the two pros, Ingvild was hiding nearby and heard everything.

AN: And done. The rest of the ORC (except for Hyde) now know about One for All and All Might's secret. But they also know about All for One and that he knows about them.

The estimates about the number of followers of the Abrahamic religions (Judaism, Christianity, and Islam) had is accurate currently (June/July of 2022). Worldwide, Judaism has 14 million followers, Christianity has more than 2 billion, and Islam has about 1.8 billion followers. Altogether that's about 3.841 billion people who believe in the Abrahamic God.

Now, before any of you start asking why Twilight Healing wasn't working on All Might's injury, there are a few things you need to remember. First off, Twilight Healing can only heal injuries, it can't restore lost limbs and organs. Second, technically All Might's injury is gone, just replaced by the gross scar wound in his stomach. And third, the injury happened YEARS ago. As far as I'm aware, Asia in DxD canon has only used her Twilight Healing on injuries that just happened, so there's no guarantee that it'll work on old wounds without outside help.

Also, for those of you who keep up with the DxD light novels, you should know who Ingvild is.

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