Throughout my life I have always had to disguise who and what I really am. My name is Brian O'Conner. I was the youngest child to the Barstow pack alpha, but worst of all, I am a rare male omega. My father was constantly trying to marry me off to other pack alphas all throughout my childhood, but they always declined because of how young I was. That all changed when I turned sixteen, so I ran.

I kept running until I ran into a man named Harry. Though he was human, he took me in and let me live in the spare room at his shop, The Racers Edge. He gave me a job working in the stock room, which meant no contact with customers. He also took me to see a doctor, who put me on suppressants to hide my omega scent. When my first heat cycle hit, Harry drove me to this place he heard customers talking about, a heat center. When I turned twenty-one, Harry came to talk to me, which is where this story begins.

"O'Conner," Harry says, walking over to where I am organizing the shelves of spare parts.

"What's up, boss?" I ask, climbing off the ladder.

"Jim called in. He's sick and can't take a load of new parts to a customer. Can you do it?" Harry asks.

"Is it safe for me to? You know I'm getting close to my next heat cycle," I say.

"I wouldn't send you out if it wasn't. You still have a week to go, right?"

"Yeah. I just have to drop off the part, right?"

"Yeah. Here's the address and list of parts."

I sigh as Harry walks back to the front of the store. After loading up the truck Harry gave me when I turned eighteen, I head to the address listed on the order. I can smell the two alphas as soon as I pull up to the address, a garage called DTs Garage.

Damn you Harry, I think to myself as I climb out of the truck to greet this tall, bald, muscular alpha walking my way.

"You're new," the alpha says in a deep voice.

"New to delivery, but I've worked for Harry for going on five years now," I say as I hand him the order form to sign, making sure not to touch him.

"I've never seen you there," the alpha says.

"I work the stock room," I say. I flinch when a sudden gravely yell of shit sounds from the garage.

"Dom, when are those new parts going to get here?" the same voice yells as a big hulk of a man walks out. I instantly pick up that he is the other alpha I smelt.

"They are already here, idiot. Now stop screaming and start unloading," the first alpha says.

"Make the buster there do it," the second alpha snarls, glaring at me, which instantly makes me take a step back. Both alphas watch as I step back, the second stepping towards me and the first one stepping between us.

"They're your parts, Vince. Unload them and go work on your car. When Vince goes to step towards me again, the first one lets out a growl.

"Whatever Dom," Vince finally grounds out, turning to leave. I can feel panic building at what just happened when I suddenly felt someone grab a hold of me and a jolt goes through me.

"I better get back to work," I quickly say, pulling away from Dom to get into the truck.

"Wait," I hear Dom yell, but I quickly shut the door and drive off.