Summary -

When Sonic suddenly goes missing, Shadow is tasked with the mission of finding him. It doesn't seem to be too hard, until he finds himself in the world of Camelot, where the faker is king, the people look like their friends, a war is raging, and the Knight of the Round Table known as Lancelot, wants his head on a platter. Sonadow vs. Soncelot (Sonic x Lancelot). Black Knight AU.


My Faker, My King, My Rival, My Master

Written by Anonymoux-Sonic
Beta'd by Shadow

Chapter One – Detective Shadow

The white bat looked up with a smirk. "What took you so long, sunshine?" she asks sarcastically. Oh, she knew exactly what had taken him so long, but it was just too fun to tease him.

The scarlet blush that graced his tan muzzle seemed to bring out his deep red eyes, which narrowed sharply under black lids.

"I'll kill you and you know it," he growled, snatching the communicator out of her hands. "Don't test me."

Her smirk grows, and she blinked her dark eyelashes at him, playfully pushing him away. "Oh, what~? Did I catch you at a bad time~?"

His face was so red, she was just waiting for his nose to bleed. Taking a menacing step closer to her, he leans over her, his sharp white teeth bared in warning. "Drop it. Now."

"You are not scary at all," she coos, reaching up to pinch his cheeks. "You're just so cute!"

He jumps back, getting her hands off his face, before he grabs her by the wrists and pins her against the wall. "I will end you, bat. You're two seconds away from—"

"Oh~! You're nose is bleeding~!" she suddenly exclaims, her eyes practically twinkling. His own eyes widen, and he pulls back, reaching up to the said appendage to feel the coppery substance dripping onto his finger tips.

He pulls his hand back and stares at the red liquid in horror. "What the hell?!"

Rouge grins, poking his nose gleefully. "So damn cute, you are, you know that?" Stepping closer to him, she giggles quietly and holds his muzzle in both of her hands. "Don't worry, sweetheart," she says softly, "I won't tell anyone what I caught you doing…"

He glared all of hell at her, shoving her away harshly. "Get off of me, and leave me alone!"

With that, he turns from her, storming in the door behind them, slamming it angrily shut with a bang.

Rouge giggles, putting a hand to her mouth with a grin.

"Too bad he doesn't know I caught him on camera."

Commander Towers had jumped when his door had slammed shut, looking up slightly surprised as a red-faced, nose-bleeding Shadow stomped in.

Deciding not to ask, mostly for his own well-being, the human holds out the folder he picked up off the top of his brown desk. "Agent Shadow, your mission."

The black and red hedgehog huffs, taking the folder with a scowl adorning his face. He flips it open as Towers explains it to him.

"This was a request from the Resistance's Freedom Fighters. Apparently Sonic went missing three weeks ago and hasn't been seen since. Mr. Prower reported that Sonic was supposed to be meeting with Ms. Rose to discuss personal matters, while she claims he never showed up." He sits back in his chair as Shadow looks up at him, not looking angry, but completely unreadable.

"You're having me look for him?" he questions, even his tone indescribable.

The grey haired human nods. "Yes. Rouge has already gotten you all the information you may need, and it's all in that folder. You're the only one that can move the closest to the speeds Sonic can, and if Dr. Eggman has him, or something similar, you're the only one that can handle it. Plus, you have Chaotic Abilities that can help track him. You've done it before, haven't you?"

Shadow huffs and looks back at the folder. "Of course I have. I'll find the idiot," he agrees. At least it'll give him something to do.

Towers nods, content. "Perfect. I had some new gear made for you for convenience, as well as fixed your bike. You can pick those up in the armory. Topaz also has a Chaos Emerald for you."

Shadow looks up faster than he can blink. "An emerald? Why so generous?" This did seem a bit shady…

The Commander puts some papers on his desk in a drawer on his left. "This is kind of a big problem. If Dr. Eggman realizes that Sonic is gone, or makes a move to attack, we don't have our biggest defense. It isn't like you or G.U.N. can't handle that madman, it's that Sonic can control him. Sonic knows him better than any of us, and with him gone, that leaves us defenseless."

Towers always spoke highly of Sonic. The man could hate an innocent mobian child, but when it came to Sonic, all his respect was thrown to him. Personally Shadow thought it was because the man was afraid of the faker, but then again, the human really wanted Sonic to join G.U.N. Kiss-ass.

"Very well," Shadow mutters, looking back at the folder. The papers inside had too many notes to take in all at once, but just skimming them he could tell they were written by Rouge. "I'll find him."

Towers nods approvingly. "Good to hear. Report anything unusual you find. I've had multiple Resistance members on my ass about finding him as soon as possible. Good luck, Shadow."

The Ultimate Lifeform nods, turning away as soon as he was dismissed.

Stepping outside the office, he's greeted by a still-smirking Rouge. His eyes narrow at her, before he stomps passed her. She follows, her hands folded behind her back.

"The communicator I gave you is the upgraded one. No matter how far you are, you should be able to receive and transmit calls from wherever you are. You can even send transmissions using your Chaos Energy," she explains, watching him close the folder and tuck it under his arm.

"Like hell if I'm using my energy on a G.U.N. device," he glowers. "It's just another way for Towers to try and get a hold of it."

Rouge giggles. "You really can never put the past behind you, can you? He really does care for you, Shadow. He understands the pain you went through, and he's gone through it too. Why do you think he became G.U.N. Commander?"

"Power is corrupt," Shadow states simply. "I know evil when I see it."

She rolls her eyes. "It wasn't even G.U.N. that raided the ARK, you know. There was a secret organization working underneath everyone that were the true cause of it all, no matter what your faded memories tell you."

Shadow stops, turning to glare at her. "You've told me so before, and I have yet to see this information. Why tell me something and not prove your words?"

The ivory female pouts slightly. "Are my words not trustworthy enough, darling? I thought we've moved passed that…"

He pushes open the door to the armory, scoffing slightly. "You do what you want and say what you do to benefit yourself in the end. Don't think I don't remember you using me when I had amnesia."

Rouge feels a guilty frown pull her lips downwards. "Shadow, we couldn't risk losing you—"

"Bullshit. We're not discussing this anymore," he cuts, walking over to the tall, dirty blond female standing by his motorcycle, the Dark Rider.

Topaz looks up at the sound of Shadow's voice. "You're here," she states obviously. "Good. Here's some things for you to check out and see if you like, and, of course, the Chaos Emerald."

She hands him a decently sized silver suit case, light, but filled with everything she had promised.

"I'll leave the bike here for now," he says, opening the case. The gadgets inside were actually impressive, and there was even a new gun for him in there. He takes the emerald for now, closing the case and holding the cobalt blue gem up.

He doesn't even say goodbye, or wait for anyone to talk to him, before he mutters the words, 'Chaos Control' and disappears in a blue flash.

Topaz blinks and gives her best friend a suspicious look. "Grumpier than usual?"

Rouge grins, putting a hand on her curvy hip. "I caught him playing around this morning in the shower."

The human's eyes widen. "Why would you go in there if he was showering?"

The sultry female shrugs as if it wasn't a big deal. "I've done it before. I might have my eyes on a someone else right now, but damn is he one hell of a hedgehog."

The taller girl sighs and shakes her head, looking away. "Rouge, you're terrible. How mad was he?"

The white bat laughs lightly. "So pissed. You know it's almost mating season, so this time of year his Chaos Energy spikes big time. Fastest way to drain his energy is to mess around. A bit early than normal this year."

"Oh, leave him alone," Topaz huffs, crossing her arms. "I'm sure you've done the same thing before countless times."

Rouge raises a suggestive brow. "Wouldn't you like to know~?" When her friend's face reddens, she adds: "Plus that's just me. This is Shadow, the Ultimate Grouch and emotionless brood. You have no idea how cute it was to see him like that. Something about powerful guys getting all down like that is just too cute to handle."

Topaz could only sigh. "As I said…Rouge…you're terrible."

"You're just jealous it wasn't you in that shower. Hell, I probably would have joined you."

"Rouge!" Topaz's face was redder than Shadow's had been.

The albino only grins, her own face reddening some. "What? I've never tossed around with a human before. A part of me can't help but be curious."

"Rouge, shut up!"

The best way to start tracking Sonic's Chaos Signature, was to go to the place he had left, the place he was supposed to be, and the path in between. He started by knocking on the door to the workshop and house of Miles Tails Prower, the same house Sonic had been in before he disappeared.

A few seconds passed before the fox himself opened the door to greet the biohog.

"Shadow?" Tails starts with a blink, obviously taken aback. "Did G.U.N. send you?"

The onyx hedgehog nods, crossing his arms. "Yes. I just need to know where he was headed when he left."

The golden kitsune nods, turning around real quick. "You can come in. I have to message Amy real quick and see where she said they were supposed to meet up. I don't think he ever really told me."

Shadow steps in the house, finding himself cringing slightly as he shut the front door. The house was a disaster of a mess. Tools and inventions strewn around almost everywhere, while the place stunk of oil and grease. There were so many black charred stains in the use-to-be beige carpet, Shadow considered ripping it out himself.

Not a very nice place for someone with an obsessive compulsive disorder.

Tails had run into a room in the back, the one that connected to his workshop, and ran back out, strapping a communicator to his wrist. After pressing a few buttons on the little device, he types out his message and sends it. Looking up, he notices Shadow's uncomfortable expression, and blushes slightly in embarrassment.

"Yeah…the place is a mess. Sonic's going to be so mad when he gets back… I've just been so busy trying to work and find him at the same time, I haven't kept up with keeping clean."

Shadow turns and looks at the kid, feeling a bit of sympathy for him. Kids were his weakness, and Tails had his respect. He was smart, did a lot of things better than Eggman could ever wish, and yet he was only eight years of age. "Why would Sonic be mad?" he asked both curiously and to make conversation.

Tails smiles brightly. "He's super, super, super ADHD, and that makes him OCD too. He can't stand a mess, no matter how small it is. He really does good with containing himself, but I know he'd probably never forgive me if he saw the place like this."

That…was interesting information. So Sonic was a neat-freak? He would have thought the opposite, although when Tails explained it, it made sense. "Does he not live here?"

The fox shakes his head. "No. We built this place together kind of hidden so Eggman wouldn't find it and ambush it. He stays the night sometimes, but he's got multiple reasons of why we don't live together anymore."

Shadow raises a brow. "What reasons are those?"

The kitsune shrugs. "Well, for one he's still paranoid about the whole Chaos Tracking thing. After Eggman did that, he's been a bit jumpier than usual. He doesn't want Eggman to track him and then hurt me, too."

Shadow nods, crossing his arms as he leaned against the nearby wall. He listens to Tails continue. "I also think he has a hidden home of his own somewhere, where he keeps all his valuable stuff hidden. Sonic loves his privacy. He doesn't like crowded areas, too many people, and he likes to be alone a lot of the time. When he gets bored, he seeks adventure. He visits me a lot, but he also wants me to grow a little more responsible on my own, and not rely on him in case something happens."

He forgets that Sonic raised Tails from a cub. Rouge mentions it from time and time again, how Sonic would be an awesome father, and even Knuckles mentioned something about it once, but he's never seen that stern, strict, serious, parent like figure from the blue hero. All he's ever seen was a blue, childish idiot that likes to get himself into trouble because he's either insane or a masochist. Probably both.

A beep from Tails's com-link makes them both perk up, crashing his train of thought. The fox smiles at the message. "Apparently they were supposed to meet up at the Station Square Super Center."

Shadow nods, standing away from the wall. "Then I'll head there and see if I can feel around for his energy."

Tails nods, giving him a relieved smile. "Thank you for doing this for us, Shadow. I'm really worried about him."

The striped hedgehog raises a brow. "Why didn't you report this sooner?"

The fox chuckles nervously, turning the screen of his communicator off. "Well…about that… Sonic was going to meet up with Amy, because he wanted to talk to her about her…obsession problem. He wanted to tell her that they were just friends, nothing more, never will be anything more, and to try and move on happily. She thought he bailed on their 'date', and I thought he was just too scared to go through with it."

Shadow sighs, pinching the skin between his eyes. "So you waited it out to see if he would show."

"Yeah," Tails nods. "But I've tried calling him so many times already. He wouldn't just run off and ignore me like that. He promised he would be back to tell me what happened that night, but…"

The hedgehog nods. "Alright. I'll tell you personally what I find."

The fox smiles again. "Thank you so much, Shadow. This means a lot to me."

He nods, turning away and heading out.

For some reason he felt like he just had to make sure Sonic got back safely. He and Tails were family, and family…

…well, family meant more than anything in the world.

Sonic's Energy Signature just…stopped.

Just stopped right in the middle of nowhere.

It was such an abrupt stop, too. He was in the suburbs of Station Square, skating around and asking if anyone had seen the Blue Blur lately. Not too long after he talked to a dog at a chili dog stand, which stated Sonic had stopped by and grabbed two that day, he found himself at a dead end. The shopping center was just ahead of this park, the one the trail ended at. Right at the edge of the park lot, it was as if Sonic had fallen through a hole in the ground.

"The hell…?" he grumbled, trying to figure it out. The only way this could have happened, was if Sonic used Chaos Control here, but usually when someone preforms Chaos Control, you can feel it in their energy signature. It was a strong radiation that lasted sometimes nearly a month, and you could find it easily if you were searching for it, right in the spot it occurred. Here, however, was nothing. Sonic's energy just stopped here. It didn't go up or down or anywhere. It just…stopped.

That was impossible.

Even if Sonic died, there would still be energy lingering around. There was no way, no logical explanation for why his energy just vanished into thin air.

He sighs, looking around. This was harder than he thought it was going to be. He takes a look around the park, his ruby red eyes scanning for anything and everything that might aid him.


There were cameras on top of the light posts and signs all around the park.


"There he is," Topaz points at the screen, where the blue hedgehog was walking with two chili dogs in hand. He was looking around, probably for Amy, and they could see he was somewhat nervous. Then again, Amy could get downright scary. Even Shadow found her a dangerous opponent at times. She had a heart of gold, but she was still considerably selfish about things that she wanted.

Sonic didn't stand there long before something bizarre happened. He went to take a step forward, when suddenly a strange, purple light lit up the ground, opening up…

"A portal?" Rouge exclaims.

They watch him yelp and fall through, the portal closing behind him.

Shadow had to blink, replaying the image in his head about three times. "He fell…through a portal…"

"That's the most random thing I've seen, ever," Topaz says, sounding a bit dumbfounded. "It just opened up out of nowhere."

"At least I know why his energy just disappeared without a trace," Shadow grumbles, pulling away from the screen, crossing his arms. How the hell do you track that?

"You know," Topaz starts thoughtfully. "It isn't finished, but we've been working on a transporter that can get you to places based on you Chaos Energy."

Shadow glares at her. "Is everything going to be run on my energy, now?"

She holds up her hands, innocently. "It's mainly for you, Shadow, but… If we put Sonic's Energy Signature in there, you could use the transporter to Chaos Control you to his location."

"You said it's not finished," Rouge frowns. "What if it goes wrong?"

Topaz smiles. "We've already thought about all the different scenarios. The machine requires a Chaos Emerald to run by, and it's transported with him. The thing about Chaos Emeralds, is that they can be used to store specific information, like the transporter. If he used the Chaos Emerald to leave that dimension, or wherever he ends up, the emerald will automatically send him back here." She turns and pulls up a screen on her monitor. "I could go into the science of how it all works, but it's stable enough for him to at least use it."

"I suppose it's better than nothing," Shadow huffs.

Topaz nods. "Alright, then we'll do it. It's the only shot we have at anything, so we might as well take it."

Shadow couldn't help but wonder if this would really work. After setting everything up, he now stood in the transporter, holding the blue emerald tightly in his hand.

"You ready to go?" the engineer standing next to Topaz asked, and he nods.

"Alright! Here it goes!"

"Be safe, Shadow!"

With a flip of a switch, the machine lit up, and a white flash overtook him.