Chapter Seven – The Twins

"Morgan," Sonic said coolly, reaching for Caliburn at his waist.

Shadow had no idea who her counterpart was.

A magenta hedgehog with pink quills that looked almost identical to Sonic. She could pass as a twin sister to him. Then again…

Didn't Sonic say that Morgan and Mordred were related to Arthur? If she's Arthur's sister in this world, then did that mean…?

Any time Shadow had asked whose counterpart they were, Sonic would brush it aside like he had no idea, but acted oddly about it. Did that mean, that Sonic had a brother and sister in their world?

The magenta hedgehog was wearing a revealing purple dress that would make Rouge jealous beyond repair, loose purple bracelets around her wrists, and a black and purple staff in her right hand. She had yellow eyes that seemed to pierce through everything with a simple glance, which were now half-lidded as she regarded the king that took her brother's place.

"Sir Sonic," she drawled, as if even saying his name was revolting to her. She leans forward on her staff, scowling at him. "Still wandering around our world pretending to be something you're not?"

The two knights in front of him held their swords up defensively, ready to guard their king against the witch at any costs. One of Sonic's ears quirked back, a look of irritation falling over his face.

"From what I know, if I didn't have a part in this story I wouldn't be here, right?" the blue hedgehog asks, eyes narrowed. "If my role is to take out all three of you to give this place a happy ending, then I'll do it. I'm already one third of the way there."

Whoa. Shadow can't help but give the hero a surprised look. Sonic's voice was harsh and determined, and he spoke boldly about killing them. What the hell happened to him while he was in this world? Sonic didn't seem like the type to…go to that extent…

The witch smirks and raises a brow. "Ah, and I have to thank you for that. Arthur was always such a pain… Still…it wasn't his fault he became a monster. Doesn't that make you a murder? Killing an innocent man, a king at that?" Sonic glares at her, his grip on his sword tightening as she continues: "You didn't even consider that there could be another way to save him."

"You dishonorable wench," Gawain speaks up, cutting her off. "How dare you talk to him that way?"

"Yet you speak without his permission," she scoffs, waving the echidna away. "Whether or not you agree with me, doesn't mean no one else does." She smirks again, this time her eyes dancing on Lancelot for a split second. "He was my brother, and I loved him no matter how much he irritated me. What caused our rift was that he couldn't see our side. Given time he would have joined us, but because of that pitiful excuse for a knight there," she points her staff at Lancelot, who tensed and narrowed his eyes, "he became a chaotic monster and was killed! It doesn't surprise me that you, Sir Lancelot, would grovel at your new king's feet like you did Arthur's…"

"Shut up!" Sonic yelled before she could finish. Lancelot was fuming, and Sonic stepped in front of him with his sword raised and pointed at her. "You don't know anything about what happened, so mind your own business."

"Arthur was my business!" Morgan yelled back, quills bristling and her yellow eyes narrowed. "How much do you really know, King Sonic? Tell me that."

"I don't need to know, and I don't care to know what happened," he growled. "I'm here to stop you and your brother from destroying this world, that's it. I don't give a damn if there was more to the story. I go by what I see, and what I see are two jerks trying to take over a free world and destroy it. This has nothing to do with Arthur, Lancelot, and what happened before I got here. I'm here now, and I know what I have to do whether or not I want to."

There it was, Shadow thinks. There's the Sonic that he at least knew. This side of Sonic only came out when he was at his limit with patience. It came out when he was pissed and tired of hearing his enemy babble on and try to convince him that he's wrong. It came out when he witnessed the selfishness and evil in a person and became absolutely fed up with it. He seen it while fighting him himself, while fighting alongside him, when he took down Metal Sonic, when he took on Black Doom, any time he's fought Eggman, and now. It was one of the things he actually liked about the hero. Sonic may joke and screw around but he didn't put up with his enemy's bullshit.

"Oh?" the witch glares, venom dripping from her words. "Would you be so eager to kill off your own brother or sister the way you would us?"

Sonic didn't even make a sound when he lunged at her.

Knuckles cursed as he watched the Master Emerald let out another pulse. For the past few weeks it had started to grow upset, letting out pulses of inane Chaos Energy as if the god inside it was infuriated over something. "Tell me what's wrong," he says quietly to it, putting a large hand on its glowing surface. Nothing but silence.

"I thought I was the only crazy person that talked to gems on this whole planet," came the seductive voice of a certain bat behind him, causing the Emerald Guardian to sigh and turn, glaring at her.

"What do you want? I'm busy."

Rouge puts her hands on her hips, raising a brow. "Did you know that Sonic's in another dimension right now?"

"Why does that not surprise me," he mutters, rolling his purple eyes. "He's always getting into trouble."

"It's worse than you think," she says, walking around to peer at him suspiciously. "He's been gone for over three weeks."

"He's what?!" Knuckles exclaims, turning to face her.

His reaction was exactly what she expected. She turns and plays with her nails, maintaining her nonchalant appearance. "We saw him get sucked through a portal on CCTV," she says. "We've had the Resistance on us about finding him, so the Commander sent Shadow on the job."

"Why hasn't anyone told me?" he growls, holding up his fists. To think Sonic, stuck in another dimension for three weeks on his own…

"Oh, we've tried," she smiles softly. "If you were better at picking up our calls you would have known sooner."

Knuckles curses under his breath and looks at the Master Emerald again. Is that what the gem's been trying to tell him? That Sonic was gone? It made sense, he thought. The Chaos Emeralds were bonded to the hero and Chaos took favor in the hedgehog after he saved him. Then again…if Sonic's been there for over three weeks, then…

"We have to get him back!" the echidna exclaimed.

"That's the problem," Rouge huffs, looking away. "The machine that Shadow used to get there didn't send the Chaos Emerald with him, so they have no way back."

"This is bad," Knuckles shakes his head. "Without a source of Chaos Energy they could both go into a coma from loss of energy."

Rouge freezes, turning to look at him with wide eyes. "What?"

"The Master Emerald has been trying to tell me," he says, crossing his arms. "If they don't get back here soon…if Sonic doesn't get back here soon…he can get seriously hurt."

"How can we send the emerald to them, then?" she asks, feeling slightly guilty for not realizing how bad the situation could be. "I came to ask you because I don't want to involve the fox boy over this. He's already freaking out about it."

Knuckles looks at the emerald, frowning. "I can probably try and send the emerald to them through the Master, but traveling through time and space, I don't know how long it could take. It could be too late by the time it gets there…"

"So…what do we do?"

Knuckles looks down, brows furrowed as he thinks. She was right; involving Tails would be a bad idea because the kid would flip. There had to be a better way to do this…

"Where's the machine that caused this?" he asked, not sure about what else to do. Rouge frowns.

"At G.U.N. Headquarters. Did you want to see it?"

He nods. "I don't see any other option, so let's go."

Sonic's outburst surprised them all. Morgan was barely able to get up a shield before Sonic was crashing into it, purple electricity sparking everywhere as he took the blast head on. His eyes were blazing and narrowed, the woman having stroke a nerve no one knew existed inside the hero. His teeth were clenched as he swung hit after hit on the barrier, the witch behind it not so cocky now that she was feeling the brunt of his anger, and Sonic was pissed.

The electric shocks bursting from the hits were preventing the others to get closer, otherwise they would be scorched. They held their hands up over their faces, trying to watch in case Sonic needed them.

At the moment he didn't look as if he needed anyone.

Caliburn was able to strike through the barrier, causing the witch to let out a cry and fly backwards from the resulting explosion, hitting her back on a rocky wall behind her. Sonic walked calmly over, a menacing aura about him as he took his time getting over to her.

The two knights seemed flabbergasted by this show from their king. Shadow couldn't help but be surprised either. He's seen Sonic pissed before, but this was a whole different story.

The magenta hedgehog curses something in another language as she pushes herself up, wincing from pain in her back. She holds up the hand that was supporting it and gapes at the blood there, before turning an icy glare at the hedgehog approaching her.

"I have to admit, I'm impressed with your abilities with a dead sword," she mocks, causing Sonic's blue ears to bend backwards. "Still no word from dear Caliburn? Kill me and you'll never know how to save him."

What the hell did that mean? Caliburn was Sonic's sword…what did she mean by save 'him'?

"We call people like you cowards," Sonic hissed through gritted teeth. It made him sound suddenly very intimidating. She only smirks at him.

"Being smart is different, Your Majesty, and so is stalling for time!"

Sonic jumped back as a purple portal opened and a green flash jumped out of it, the sound of metal clanging loudly as two swords met.

A green hedgehog was entangled with the cobalt hero, grinning like a maniac as he leaned his sword against Caliburn. "Greetings, alternate-brother of mine. Have you missed me?"

"Mordred," Lancelot growls under his breath, both he and Gawain bracing with their swords.

Mordred was a lime-green hedgehog with many large bangs on his forehead spiking out in every direction. He wore black cuffs around his wrist with silver spikes on them, wore black armor with a red cape, and a black crown on his head under the bangs. His eyes were a dark blue, almost the same color as Sonic's fur. He too, looked a lot like both Morgan and Sonic.

Sonic kicks the green hedgehog away and jumps back, standing in between both Gawain and Lancelot with a scowl. Mordred doesn't waste time and darts after him, meeting blades with Lancelot instead. Sonic runs around, right after Morgan.

"Gawain, help Lance! Shadow," he calls, looking back at the other striped hedgehog.

Both nod and do as their told. Shadow only takes a split second to register Sonic's order, and before he knows it, both of them are after Morgan.

His sword clashes with the staff in the witch's hands, and she grins devilishly. "It's a pleasure to meet you, Shadow," she purrs, before jumping out of the way of Sonic's sword.

She backflips over the hero, landing on a rocky wall a little ways from them. Sonic holds his arm out to Shadow, not even looking at him as he says, "Throw me."

The biohog doesn't doubt him, and grabs his counterpart's wrist and spins him around quickly, throwing him hard enough to send him spindashing into Morgan. She's barely ready, and blocks with her staff, but ultimately fails and is sent flying backwards into the ground.

Shadow joins Sonic in circling her, both ready for anything. She gets up, her cockiness gone, replaced by a nasty scowl.

"You...fools…" she sneers, before disappearing in a magenta mist.

Sonic and Shadow's eyes widen, meeting each others in uncertainty, before Morgan reappears behind Sonic.

"Sonic!" Shadow calls, warning him. Sonic turns just in time to catch her staff with his sword, dark magic shooting off of it and nearly blinding him. He growls at her, and she smirks back. A wave of energy travels up her rod into Caliburn, and the hero's eyes widen as it starts traveling up his arms. He was starting to feel sick, faint, as if his strength was just waning away.

"Shadow!" he yells out.

The black and red hedgehog is already behind her, and slashes his sword across her back.

She screams out and drops her staff, collapsing on the ground to her side, dark energy swirling around her. Sonic stumbles backwards, the energy leaving him, but leaving him exhausted. Shadow jumps forward in time to catch him, holding him up with one arm, his other pointing his sword at the fallen witch.

"Th-Thanks," Sonic breathes out.

Shadow's brows furrow. "What was that?"

"Morgan!" Mordred suddenly calls to his sister, seeing her fall from where he stood fighting Lancelot and Gawain.

She glares up at both the King and his shadow. "You will pay for this," she hisses, disappearing in a mist.

Mordred dashes away from Lancelot's sword and spits at him, before jumping into a dark portal behind him.

They were gone.


Sonic was laying on a table covered in soft blankets and herbs Merlina had in her study, while the girl carefully healed him with her powers. At the question asked of him, the blue hero closes his eyes and lets out a tiny sigh. Shadow watched Merlina give him a concerned look, but Sonic opened his eyes and looked up at him where he stood at the side of the table, a small frown on his muzzle.

"They're the counterparts of my brother and sister, Manic and Sonia." he says.

Shadow's ears quirk, his eyes narrowing slightly in thought. "You have siblings?"

"I had."


The heaviness of the situation was now clear. Shadow had no idea Sonic even had a family, let alone a brother and sister. Now he understood why… Sonic wouldn't have told him that he used to have siblings, especially if they were gone.

Sonic's reaction to Morgan's harsh words now made sense. To have to fight evil counterparts of people you've lost… Shadow couldn't imagine having to fight a counterpart of Maria.

"Morgan and Mordred were Arthur's siblings," Merlina says softly. "They were banished when Arthur became king. Now that Sonic is king," she says, looking up at Shadow. "They want to kill him and take the kingdom for themselves."

Shadow looks back at Sonic, and there's an unspoken question shared between them.

"I'll be able to do what I have to," Sonic states firmly. "Don't doubt me."

There's a shakiness to his voice, but Shadow knows better than to call him out on it. "If you can't," he decides to say instead, "I could for you."

The hero winces and looks away. "I...appreciate it, but…"

"Don't," Shadow stops him. "I would expect the same from you if our roles were reversed."

Sonic looks back at him with slightly widened eyes. They stare at each other for another minute, before Sonic smiles gently.

"Thank you, Shadow."

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