It's Susie's third year at Secret Central. She has now got a second job as a songwriter for a local college band, Far Out Frolics, with their help on stardom.

New members

Mildred Meriwether- Madison's younger sister.

Aaron Aubin- Andrew's younger punk-rock brother.

Robert Everly- Earl's younger brother.

Tamika Tolbert- The younger sister of the famous popstar Sweetie Tyrene.


Have You Heard About The First Fundraiser- It's the first fundraiser of the year and the faculty needs ideas.

Have You Heard About the Agriculture Club- Susie is visiting the agriculture club, who is planning to a pumpkin carving fundraiser for the fall, but needs a way to promote it.

Have You Heard About The Rock Band- Susie and Marty discover a new rock group known as The Far Out Frolics who come to Secret Central for a talk on bands

Have You Heard About The Video contest- Roro and The Teenage Fairytales has entered a contest and now they must do their best to win to go to Rockerfest in Vegas.

Have You Heard About The Blog- Aaron has been coming across a secret blog known as The Smash Secret and needs to figure out who the blogger is.

Have You Heard About The Rival- Pizza Heaven gets a new rival, "Pepperoni Devil" and now a restaurant war is going on?

Have You Heard About The Blackout- A blackout goes around during the sleepover at the community center, now the students must go through

Have You Heard About the Medieval Fair- Susie substitutes for a Medieval fair when Mildred gets mistaken for a beauty pageant contestant.

Have You Heard About the missing hacky sack- Susie has lost her favorite hacky sack. Principal Singleton decided to help his daughter, but can he do it without acting like a five-year-old like he always does.

Have You Heard About Dia De Los Muertos- The Rodriquez's are celebrating Day of The Dead at their home, now Susie must go through the origin of her mother.

Have You Heard About the Band Origins- Members of Far Out Frolics tell the origin story of how they became a band.

Have You Heard About Michael's Parents- After the unexpected death of Bryoni's grandfather, Michael finally reveals the origin of his parents.

Have You Heard About Sherlock Holmes- Susie dreams that she's Sherlock Holmes and Serena is Watson, now they must solve the mystery of The Sheepdogs of Weavers BLVD.

Have You Heard About The Battle of The Bands- Its the Christmas Battle of The Bands between The Far Out Frolics and Roro and The Teenage Fairytales.

Have You Heard About The Internship- Bryoni has begun an internship at a magazine company in Charleston, but is it what she thinks she is?

Have You Heard About the blind girl- Tamika befriends an elementary student who is blind, and figure that her mother could help her overcome her blindness?

Have You Heard About the closeted gay- Jeffery has dropped out of college because he was teased for a little something.

Have You Heard About the Dress Store- Madison's cousin Manfred comes to visit Bronzeleaf to promote the anniversary party of his dress shop, unaware that it's also the anniversary of his marriage.

Have You Heard About Cool Earl- Earl accidentally drank a chemical that makes him cool, now Jeff is lonely and wants his old best friend back.

Have You Heard About the Japanese Culture Club- After receiving a little care package from Headmaster Hamadate, she decided to establish a Japanese Culture Club. Will she lead a new one, or will she stay with her old Have You Heard Club.

Have You Heard About The Soccer Game- It's the biggest soccer game at Secret Central Time, now she must do her best without her relative embarrassing her.

Have You Heard About The Junior Prom- Susie is throwing her junior prom at the same place she had hers, Marty, on the other hand, has something important to handle.

Have You Heard About the Highland Shake- An old 80s dance from Scotland hits big at Secret Central High and won't get out of Magenta's head. Now Monique begs Barbara's help to get Magenta to snap out of the dance craze.

Have You Heard About The Parents- Big Daddy and Mama Meriwether came to visit, revealing that they were old friends of Far Out Frolics lead singer's father.

Have You Heard About the Wrestling Match- Samuel's old wrestling rival has returned and is substituting the SC High wrestling team, now Samuel wants to wrestle too.

Have You Heard About The Barbecue- The Last Day of School Barbecue is going on. Marty is planning an upcoming wedding, who is it for.