It was a late afternoon at Secret Central High. Susie was wrapping up class when she got a text from Mrs. Simon, she's filling in as head of the Agriculture Club while Mr. Huff is out sick. Susie decided to check it out after school.

At 3 pm, Susie went into a room where the Agriculture Club was going on. Many garden-loving students were there, including Georgia, who was tending to her dead plants, "What is Georgia doing?" "She knows those flowers are dead."

"Of course their dead you mother-" Georgia shouted as Roro blocked her mouth.

"-Baby" Roro whispered, "Serena might hear it from her."

"Ugh, Andrew" Susie said, "You do know that plant is dead"

"All I did is give it grape soda," Andrew replied,

"Experts say that if you like" Serena replied.

Then they started Mrs. Simon feeling a bit down, "We're supposed to do a pumpkin carving fundraiser" Mrs. Simon explained, "Unfortunately, your father spent all our promotion money on Halloween candy, for him to eat."

"Not again" growled Susie "He does this every time he spends promotion money on Halloween candy to eat, we get complaints from parents. I can't let this happen again"

"Maybe we should take some time to think at Pizza Heaven" suggest Serana, "You guys can get ideas there."

"Good idea" replied Susie, "Your always filled with ideas, my little niece."

Later at Pizza Heaven, Sarah, Bryoni and Natasha were serving meals when Susie and Mrs. Simon came in, "Sally, Susie" said Marty, "I'll get you two a table right away."

After they got a table, they started coming up with ideas on how could they promote the agriculture club. They tried pumpkin juggling, newspaper announcements, and fliers, but they didn't have the money for them. Miss. Simon started to panic, "Easy" Susie said, "I think I know a place to come up with promotion ideas to come up with the pumpkin carving."

Later, they arrived at a treehouse in the middle of the forest outside Bronzeleaf, "Hey" recalled Marty, "I remember this treehouse. You guys use to have lots of fun here as kids."

"This is just like one of the Magic Tree House books we read," Marty recalled.

"I've been saving these for an emergency" Susie explained, "Perhaps a little reading lecture would help promote the pumpkin carving fundraiser."

Then Mrs. Simon got the idea that she could do a veggie cook-off duel with her husband and a reading lecture.

When Thursday came, The Have You Heard meeting. They were serving some pumpkin soup with bananas and lemon ice tea. Mrs. Simon came in with the agriculture club, "Hi Mom" shouted Sarah.

"I thought we could take a little field trip to the Have You Heard Club" Mrs. Simon explained, "As you know, the agriculture club is behind in advertisement for the annual pumpkin carving. I am sure that you will come and hear Susie reading Dolphins at Daybreak, and Buffalo Before Breakfast. Plus there's a surprise for Susie."

"Attention students" announced Marty, "This is Marty Meriwether of Pizza Heaven. Principal Singleton gave me permission to announce the annual pumpkin carving this Saturday at 11 am. There ill be a cooking duel between Sally and Sirius Simon, a reading lecture of the Magic Treehouse by Miss. Singleton, and a DJ performance by Brandon Brown. I hope you can come."

"Marty and Susie sitting in a tree" "K-I-S-S-I-N-G" laughed the students.

"Stop laughing or that's extra homework" shouted Susie.

"Sorry" replied the students.

When Saturday came, the pumpkin carving fundraiser came and every one of the school came., "I can't believe that Marty's after school intercom announcement would get all these people to come." Susie said, "And all it took is a little intercom announcement."

Everyone started having a good time. They listened to Brandon's music, cheered for The Simon's cook-off and listened to Susie's reading.

The End.