Susie and Marty were out on a date to at the roller rink. They were skating to Peaches and Herb's Shake Your Groove Thing when they saw a hippie styled band coming in. One had a paisley guitar, one had a flower bass, one had a rainbow keyboard, and one had drums with peace symbols and was blind. As they started to play, everyone left, except for Marty and Susie, "Would you look at that Susie" Marty said, "Haven't seen a hippie band in ages."

"Me neither" replied Susie, "And by the looks of their youth, their college kids."

"I'm Holding Hunt," said the guitarist, "The dude on drums is Blindman, the chick on bass is Lyn, and the hottie on keys is Summer Flower

"We're The Far Out Frolics" Summer Flower continued, "And it looks like you and your boyfriend are the only ones who like, love our music."

"Groovy" replied Susie, "Takes me back to my old days as a hippie."

Marty quickly looked them up on his Facetube account and saw that their Far Out Frolics page only had 50 subscribers, including their relatives from north of South Carolina. By the looks of their faces, Marty could see that their music careers weren't going anywhere. Then he got an idea, "You should make a music video" suggested Marty

"We would," Blindman said, "But none of us have any talent in the world of video graphics.

During gym class, Jeff saw that Earl wasn't there. He knew that something was up.

In the boy's locker room, Earl was going through a Facetube video of the Far Out Frolics last performance before the roller rink, which only had 400 viewers.

"I had to skip dodgeball" Earl explained, "Because I heard rumors that Miss. Singleton just met those Jimi Hendrix wannabes The Far Out Frolics and are going to make a music video after school"

"The Far Our Frolics" Jeff said, "Never heard of them."

"Exactly" Earl replied, "I have a really good suggestion that we should ruin their little video production."

At the Have You Heard Club, Brandon and Michael were getting their cameras ready, Madison, Mildred, Natasha, and Sarah were getting the Far Out Frolics in better costumes, Cathy, Emma, Dean, and Jenny were adding decor for the video, Lucy and Tamika choreographed the moves, Bryoni and Robert were going over the song, and Robert, Aaron, Rico, and Ria were supervising Principal Singleton, just so he won't act so childish during the shoot. "Ready for the music video shoot?" asked Susie.

"Should I strip naked" asked Principal Singleton"

"No Dad" Susie answered angrily "That's illegal."

"We only had 12 gigs over the past 6 months" explained Summer Flower"And unfortunately, we're not going anywhere big.

"Please put your hands together for The Far Out Frolics" shouted Susie Singleton.

"Here's our newest song" "Groovin Tunes"

Over the next two hours, they made the video based on their new song. After a little editing and special effects, they watched the videos.

Dropping the piano, don't lose the affection.

So La To Do, you're going to have great perfection.

"La! La! La! La!"

Groovin Tunes, no one will be a maroon.

"La! La! La! La!"

Groovin Tunes, from the shine of the moon.

After the video, they celebrated with little vegetarian meals, "I always enjoy some apples and tea" Blindman said, "Perfect vegetarian stories."

"I use to work at an all-vegetarian restaurant" Lyn replied, "But then I decided to pursue music after working five years."

At the DeMarco Hair Salon, Magenta, Tonya, and Dena were getting their hair done when they saw the new video, much to their annoyance.

The next day at their apartment building, everyone was rooting for them for their success.

The End.