Donna was in her room binge-watching, La Passion De La Passion. Their at episode 50 Season 10, where they see Camille believing that her boyfriend, "Juan" was cheating on her with her best friend, "Maria" and the maid, when really it was his twin brother, "Rodrigo" and then he proposes to Camille.

Her phone rang and she decided to pick it up, "Hey Don" said Nick on the phone, "They're playing Havana, featuring Camila Cabello. It's about a younger girl in the mid-60s Los Angeles trying to achieve her dreams of becoming a performer."

"I'm in" Donna replied, "It is Discount Day at the movies. You buy the tickets and I'll pay for snacks."

"I already bought the tickets for us." Nick replied, "I was going to ask one of the others, but Si and Bram are having a date at the roller rink, Red is visiting her grandma, Abby has a cold and Nora promised her dad to repaint his room."

"Everyone is busy now these days." replied Donna, "But you have me."

As she hung up, she saw Rocket coming down hearing Donna. "Are you going to make Michael crootaken jealous?" smiled Rocket.

"No, Rocket" answered Donna, "Michael and I are just friends. Plus I want to be like Karla in Camila Cabello's video, living my own life."

"I Am Groot(That's the spirit, Donna"

"Whatever, Kiddo" replied Rocket, "I'm going to learn those Camilla Whatchyamacolot dance moves. Ben says I have to learn some dancing skills."

Later at the movies, she met up with Nick. Nick was stoked about seeing the movie version of Havana, he was wondering what would he do in the movie, "Maybe you can be either the bassist or the rapper like Young Thug." Donna suggested.

"Your right" replied Nick, "And you would be the leading lady."

"Thank you, Nick" Donna smiled.

As they sat down, the movie started and there, it played Havana.

Camila Cabello as Camilla

Young Thug as Tyrone

Noah Centineo as Noah

In her mind, Donna imagined herself as Camilla, Noah as Tyrone, and Michael as Noah.