In her office, Camille was going through the past five years since she took over TSFC. She and her father were on a boating trip on their yacht when she was ten and a terrible storm came about. The only lifeboat had room for one person. Not wanting his only daughter to get hurt, Christian pushed her into the boat and dropped it. Onshore, Camille explained the accident to the police.


Back in reality, Maria and Juan came to remind her that the fashion show is about to start, "Still remembering your father?" asked Juan.

Camille sadly nodded her head, "He would've been proud of you for running the company like a hardworking lady." Maria confessed.


In the dressing rooms, Rodrigo was giving male models advice on how to get girls to like them. After the male models left to strut their stuff, Abril took him, "You must be Rodrigo" she flirted, "I heard so much about you."

"You have" Rodrigo nervously asked, "I mean, Juan never liked to talk about me at Teal Shore because girls would mistake me for him."

"But I wouldn't" Abril flirted as she leaned up against him, "I love a wild man."

Before Abril had a chance to kiss Rodrigo, he took a glass of lemonade and tossed it towards her. "I don't do babes who get into my faces." he growled, "I do it first."

After he left with an annoyed face, Abril got mad about Rodrigo rejecting him, "It's time to summon my babies.," she said angrily.


In the employee lounge, Abril walked to her locker and got out her three pet Chihuahuas, 'Fabiana', 'Naya', and 'Romina'. "Okay girls," ordered Abril as her doggies started to look worried, "For ten years I worked in this dumb dump. I was going to be the star of Teal Shore Fashion Company. Unfortunately, Christian gave the company to his only child instead of me. Why does it always have to be their child instead of their most promising employee? I know I'm not a promising employee, but I had enough of Daddy's Little Girl Camille and Poor Girl Maria. Destroy Camille and Maria or else it's a spanking of a life time."

Not wanting to get hurt, Fabiana, Naya, and Romina decided to do what their owner says.


Meanwhile, Sergio was onstage to present the fashion show, "Welcome everyone" he greeted, "To the 45th annual Teal Shore Fashion Show. As presenter of the show, I wanted to make sure that everyone here has a good time. All the money given will be donated to the Silver Hill Medical Clinic for people who don't have insurance."

During the show, models came up in the latest designs by Camille. "And we like to thank our top marketer, "Juan" thanks to his volunteer work at the hospital. Camille was delighted by Juan's marketing for the show. On his lap, Alvaro brought his pet cat, 'Magdalena' because he didn't want to leave her alone to scratch the curtains again.

By a potted plant, Fabiana, Naya and Romina were about to attack Camille and Maria when they spotted Magdalena. Instead of chasing them, they chased after Magdalena towards the Matthew. "Wild animals" shouted Matthew; "We don't allow pets at a fashion show."

"Matthew" shouted Sergio as he helped him up, "Are you alright?"

"I'm fine" answered Matthew as he leaned his head, "Now that I'm with you."

Sergio looked and blushed, "Why, Matthew" he asked, "Are you in love with me?"

"I am" professed Matthew as he held Sergio, "I've always been since you hired me."

"Oh, Matthew" Sergio smiled, "I love you too."

As they both kissed each other on the lips, everyone cheered.

Fabiana, Naya, Romina, and Magdalena were all delighted by the gay romance. Suddenly, they sensed something awful behind them, "What are you doing you traitors?" growled a sneezing Abril in a black fancy dress, "Your suppose to be going after Camille and Maria!"

"Abril" asked Sergio, "What's going on

"What do you think" asked Abril "It's a homage to anime magical dark girls, which is too old for Tweedle Sunshine and Tweedle Flowers."

"We know we're too old" replied Camille, "But we still love them."

Abril was irritated, "I didn't bring my dogs to destroy you two for nothing." Abril angrily shouted as she took Magdalena by the tail "Now, I'm going to make this little allergy assassin into a puffball by the punch bowl"

Having enough of Abril's cruelty, the three chihuahuas bit Abril and tore her dress apart. Sergio was so mad at Abril for trying to sabotage his top employees' reputation, he fired her. Abril thought he was kidding, but guards grabbed her and kicked her out of the company. Camille and Maria were relieved because they were tired of Abril being rude to everyone.

Onstage, Rodrigo came onstage and did dashing poses that wooed many girls. Finally he got out a pink rose and gave it to Maria. She looked at her new boyfriend and smiled. Sergio was so amazed by Rodrigo's charm, he decided to give him a job at Teal Shore Fashion Company.


At the after party, Camille, Maria and Juan were petting Abril's puppies. Rodrigo came in with two hot female models in his arms and then leaves them to talk to Maria. "So" she flirted, "You seem pretty friendly with the models here."

"Their hot" he confessed, "But not as hot as you, Mi Amore."

Maria blushed at Rodrigo's charm.

On the other hand, Juan decided to take Camille outside the party for a little privacy.

When they got outside, they looked at the beautiful moon in the sky, "Papa always told me" Camille said to her boyfriend, "The moon makes the night a bit more romantic."

"It does" agreed Juan as he looked into her eyes.

After ten seconds of gazing, Juan and Camille kissed.

The End.

In memory of Naya Rivera, (January 12, 1987 – July 8, 2020)