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"Anya!" a young man scolded his heavily pregnant wife who was about to hoist the basket of herbs up. "You must tell someone before you do this." The brunette male with matching brown eyes snatched it as she sighed. Her green eyes holding nothing but love and adoration as his own mirrored it, the woman herself was a brunette and was quite stubborn.

"Just give me," she ordered. Snatching her basket back as he laughed, kissing her cheek as he nuzzled her. "Better not let your father see you do this, he already gets onto Niklaus for his soft heart," she spoke softly as he sighed.

"I know, my brother truly is sweet and kind. Father's temper does not seem to have passed to any of us," Kol commented as he guided his wife back to their hut as his younger siblings greeted them.

"Hello, Kol!" Henrik embraced his older brother who softly hugged him back as Rebekah took the herbs from her sister-in-law.

"Ana will you teach me the herbal tea you made Father the other day?" she asked as her expecting sister nodded.

"Of course Rebekah-" she paused suddenly and moaned in pain. Kol was at her side instantly, taking her hand as she breathed confused. "I am sure it is nothing. Just those pains I had gotten a few weeks ago." She waved off their concern as Rebekah looked to Kol.

"I will still feel better if you asked my mother. She has had six pregnancies." Kol has been worried throughout this entire pregnancy as it was his first and his mother has been nothing but helpful. Even Elijah and Niklaus' interest, Tatia, has been a good friend, usually aiding her in retrieving her herbs and other ingredients for her spells or tinctures, but also aiding in preparing her for the birth, her daughter was a sweet tot.

Her name was Anastasia and she was from a small place that shipped over to the New World where she met Kol, his father had welcomed them to join their village as they were a small group of family. She had three older brothers, two older sisters, and a younger brother, her eldest sister had died a few months back during childbirth. So this has made her family a bit nervous, but Esther has reassured them about not only her many pregnancies but Anastasia's mother as well who carried six healthy pregnancies of her own before passing by a fever. Her mother's death had wracked the whole family, Kol stayed glued to her side the entire time bringing her comfort. It was the first time they slept together.

"My Love, I have told you many times-" She froze before breathing out slowly. "Not a word," she winced as Kol cursed softly.

"Go get Mother, Ayana, and Tatia, now!" he ordered as they raced off while he soothed his cringing wife. "Easy, shh," he cooed as she whimpered.

"Gods, my time is less bad than this," she cursed while he chuckled, kissing her temple as he aided her in walking to the furs, he helped her strip before sitting in her nightdress. Softly grabbing the basin of water to aid in wetting her forehead and temple, he was whispering soft words as she focused on feeling her contractions. When his mother, their mentor, and friend arrived, the women almost forced Kol out before his wife latched on and snarled at them when they tried to tell her it wasn't right. But he sat right next to her, he whispered a warming spell against her lower back as it helped ease her. While he did that Tatia wet her brow while Ayana and Esther worked on the child.

"Soon, girl," Ayana praised as Anastasia cried softly. Kol shushed her as Tatia cooed softly, Rebekah soon came back in with herbs and cloths asking to be of help. She was just supporting the young mother who held Kol's hand tightly while Tatia continued her dabbing with a towel.

"Alright, start to push," Esther instructed as Anastasia braced herself while Tatia warned Kol of any foul words towards him, she doesn't mean it. That got a good laugh from the room as Ayana helped readjust the expecting mother. While it felt like hours for the mother was just over the hour as her child came, the wailing girl screamed as her grandmother held her. Kol beamed at seeing a precious girl in his mother's arms before Ayana claimed she still had another to push out. Esther had suspected twins, Anastasia was as big as she was when she carried Finn and Freya, her daughter who died in the Old World, which caused them to come to the New World. But this second one took some more time and seemed to be harder for the new mother to push out. Crying softly as Tatia's cheeks were wet as well, she worried over this one as Kol cooed over his wife softly, praying to their spirits and gods that his wife survived and did not follow her sister. But they seemed to answer him as soon another wail, louder than the girl, came after his wife screamed and pushed with her might. Panting as she reclined against her husband who looked to see a boy in his friend's arms. Tatia was cooing as Rebekah helped wash the newborn off, the only time he witnessed the two get along, was over his son. He quickly turned his full attention to his exhausted wife, she was sweaty, red and tired, very tired and it worried him.

"Be at ease, Kol. She is just tired," Ayana soothed him, softly taking his hand as he kissed his wife's brow while she breathed heavily. Before long her green eyes opened and he beamed, giving her another more intimate kiss as the women presented her children.

"Twins." She beamed as he laughed with his smile. Esther felt her throat constrict as she watched the happy couple coo and pamper their newborn children with love and affection. Unlike Mikael, Kol would not dissuade his son from practicing magic, his daughter though, she knew would follow in her family's footsteps. Only she worried about how.

"What are they called?" Tatia asked eagerly. She knew both had a single name picked for either if they had, had one.

"The girl is called Ingrid," Kol spoke as his mother gave her to him while Tatia gave the boy to his mother. Kol softly swayed with her as her greenish-brown eyes looked to him.

"And the boy will be called Fredrick." Anastasia smiled while her son looked to her, his brown eyes mirror of his father's.

"Wonderful, strong names," Ayana praised as she went to go help let others in so they could see them too. Esther and Tatia put the blankets over her legs and waist as Kol and her switched children. Their family congratulated them on the births, Mikael knew this would ensure the survival of his family as he saw a male in the arms of his son.


The young parents were sleeping peacefully a few days later, the twins sleeping in their basket. Kol, at his wife's request, moved a few things around to where the basket now resided against the wall and their bed was between them and any intruder. She blamed being overprotective but Kol reassured her it was alright and he was willing to do what she needed, he remembered her nesting phase and almost stayed with his family for a long period. Naturally, she laid on her side with him tucked behind her, arm around her waist as both always kept an arm free for quick attacks. Both were facing the twins and seemed to be in a dead sleep. As the village slept as well a blonde woman tried to stop a cloaked figure from entering her son's hut.

"Please, don't do this!" Her tone low and desperate. "Not my son's child, please!"

"You know the price Esther, the firstborn of every child that comes from your line," her dark eyes pierced her sister's as she started to cry softly. "Besides they have another," she offered fluidly as Esther scoffed, watching her go in. She retreated to her hut to await the cries and panic of her son and new daughter, she did not know how they would explain this to the village nor the family.

As the woman quietly made her way through the hut, she frowned. The hut layout was different than her sister described, they must have switched it around before Esther saw it once more. Being ever so careful she walked through the hut and trod lightly over the things on the floor of the hut, scattered magical items or herbs, and stems of plants. It made the woman proud that Esther's son took up her abilities too, it seemed his wife was one as well, which made her desire the child even more. Softly, she came to stand over the basket where the twins laid, she smiled softly at seeing a boy and a girl, just like his mother; Kol had a boy and a girl twin pair. The moment she reached into softly take her great-niece when a power surge came from a crystal hanging over the twins. It was enough to not only repel her but to wake the twins up as they started crying alarming her as their mother and father awoke. A foreign language coming from their mother's lips as the woman was somewhat thrown away but it wasn't enough to hurt her or bring any danger to her. She ran out as Kol bolted from the bed shouting about an intruder as he sent a few of his daggers at her. Their commotion woke the village as the men fled from their huts, weapons in hand, and Mikael was the first to run to his son.

"Someone attempted to take the twins," he snarled as his mother looked stunned before going inside as her eldest sons and mentor followed her. Anastasia was soothing her screaming daughter while Fredrick whimpered before being picked up by Ayana who did a small soothing spell to calm him as Ingrid's screams went into whimpers while Rebekah frowned.

"Why would someone try and take them?" she asked as Kol entered.

"I don't know. But I will find out," he looked to his mother who blanched but nodded in agreement.

"We will Kol," she swore before looking away and out of the hut as he went to his children.


"Alright, you have everything?" Ayana asked as she watched the young parents bundle their children up in their blankets before following the others into the tunnels.

"Yes, Ayana," Anastasia agreed as Elijah came to her instantly asking to take Ingrid, the young mother happily gave her little weight to her brother by law. Elijah had a very strong bond it seemed to Ingrid just like Niklaus, Finn, and Rebekah adored Fredrick just as much. It was obvious that their grandparents preferred; Mikael honed in on his grandson while Esther bonded with her granddaughter. Esther, secretly, has been surprised that her sister hasn't returned, she had questioned how the parents woke up. That was when Anastasia's family claimed they enchanted a small jewel that was more for protection, all of her and her siblings had one when they were babes. It was a stone known as black tourmaline, best for protection. But her father's spell was also a detection spell that sprung a surge of magic, it disturbed the babies which in turn woke the parents.

"Good, first full moon with the twins. We will do everything to ensure their survival," she promised as they walked down while Kol soothed his fearful son, Fredrick seemed to dislike the darkness, Ingrid was not afraid which made her father proud than anything.

"Everyone should be in the tunnels where we belong for our protection," Anastasia carefully stepped down with Finn's help as Rebekah and Elijah played with her before Tatia and her daughter joined and interacted with the four. The only time she's seen Tatia and Rebekah get along was when her children and Tatia's daughter were involved.

"Hello Love," Kol greeted his wife with a kiss on her temple, he softly held her closer and wished to lie with her soon, but he knew better. Despite the healing ointments, tinctures, and spells Anastasia refused to allow her husband to touch her except the occasional ministration with his fingers without penetrating. He struggled but refused to ever cause harm to his beloved wife, but he truly wished he could aid her as she was quite agitated by it.

"Continue to push me dear husband and you will spend a very cold night in your parents' hut," she swore as he glared. Stubborn as she was he knew she was becoming as irritable as he.

"Fine," he hissed before walking away and to his siblings who smiled to him as he greeted his children happily.

"You know your time is up? The babes are nearing two moons soon," Esther commented softly as Anastasia looked down. She has been trying to prolong the intimacy out of fear of him touching her, fearing her body's change, despite the attention he's given her and showered her with. But she was getting fearful before Esther turned her to face the elder witch. "My son loves you, Anastasia, he's come to me asking of all my healing tinctures, for you. Think it over dear," she implored as they looked to see Kol talking with Elijah while he held his son who laid in his arms asleep. "Mikael and I have been meaning to spend some time with our grandchildren when we return to our homes," she suggested as the young witch looked down and then to her husband who continued to play with his son's hand as he continued to sleep.

"I would like that very much Esther," she thanked her mother by law who smiled and nodded. The blonde watched as her daughter approached her son, Kol, who suddenly looked to his wife, the woman softly took his free hand as he regarded her carefully. She leaned up and pressed a kiss to his lips, a seductive smile playing on her lips as she whispered something to him. He glared, eyes light and loving as he smirked, when she left to go see her daughter he looked to his mother and smiled to her before nodding with a happy look. Esther always looked out for her children's happiness and his love was a big thing for her.


"Mother!" Niklaus' frantic voice called out as many were awakening to hear the screams of the young blonde. Mikael and Esther were out first, followed by their children and close friends, Tatia aided in retrieving the twins as her daughter was picked up by her father. Ayana helped her out before bracing her and Frederick as the young mother lost the feeling in her legs at seeing Henrick, dead in Niklaus' arms. Their family mourned as Tatia came closer, helping Ayana comfort the crying mother who clutched her son closer, Ingrid cried out softly, feeling distressed.

Later that night, after they had burned Henrik's body, Kol held his wife close and kept an eye on his twins as the three slept, he remained awake. Too fearful to go to sleep as he thought of his youngest brother, Niklaus had been beyond distraught at the death of a brother. Anastasia's family had stayed with Mikael's to mourn and aid them in any way possible. A few days later her father got a letter about his sister coming down with a fever, he and her siblings prepared to leave the moment they could as Anastasia had stayed for her children. Kol had offered to go with her and her family but his father said no, that they were needed here and travel might bring harm to the babies. But his daughter by law had a bad feeling in her gut, Mikael had refused to meet her eyes. The man has never held back for the young witch's sake, he was blunt and honest with her and always held her eyes when telling her something, especially of importance. But even Esther looked distracted while holding her granddaughter, it did not settle well with her. So she played sick when Kol claimed his parents wanted them for dinner.

"If you don't feel well Love, then I will stay," he promised as she smiled.

"I will just be sleeping Kol," she swore as he frowned. "Please go, your parents will understand. The twins will be fine, I am a light sleeper while sick, you know that." He laughed at that one. "I am sure I will feel better tomorrow," she vowed as he kissed her forehead softly and said goodnight to the twins as they gurgled to him. Anastasia frowned as her husband entered his family's hut, she, was watching them and noticed Esther grabbing some herbs from around the White Oak tree in the center of their village. "What?" she whispered before gasping as Ayana grabbed her.

"Get out girl!" she warned to the younger's confusion.

"What?" Anastasia was horrified by the assumptions that she'd leave Kol.

"Your husband will not be returning to you tonight but a monster will," the woman hissed out as the girl looked back to the hut of the parents before noticing fast movements inside, and for a moment, she thought she heard screams. "You have to go. Now," Ayana warned as she urged the witch inside to pack her things. Grabbing a small pack, she bundled up the twins frantic before a rustle alarmed her. Whirling around she was faced with her mother by law, Esther.

"Esther," she spoke, keeping eyes on her and Mikael as both came in.

"You missed dinner, Kol said you weren't feeling well," Esther spoke with a goblet in her hand. "I made you something to help you sleep," she claimed as Mikael closed the door.

"The twins are still in need of me," she fought as Esther paused, realizing she didn't believe her.

"They will be fine, I once had to feed Henrik on goat milk when it was too painful at the beginning. Same nutrients, then soon they will be old enough to no longer need milk." She thought she was reasoning with her daughter in law but the girl was adamant about making sure she watched both.

"Why are you doing this?" she asked as Esther frowned.

"To keep our family together," the blonde swore before a burst of magic knocked Anastasia right into Mikael's waiting arms as he braced her allowing Esther to pour the liquid into her mouth as she whimpered before her nose and mouth were covered by the Viking who prayed she swallowed. The moment she did, she also lost consciousness, hearing a frantic movement when a blast was the last thing she heard.


Anastasia surged awake when her brother shot away with a wide-eyed expression. "Gods, sister," he cursed softly. "Y-you were dead. I thought the breathing failed." He was relieved at saving his sister from suffocating.

"I was dead?" she asked confused, wincing softly when the light hit her eyes. "That's bright," she whispered as he frowned.

"It is not bright sister, but the morning sun," he frowned as she looked to him alarmed.

"My children! Where are they?!" she asked terrified.

"Here, my daughter," her father called softly. When she turned she saw a mournful looking Ayana and her father, Ambrose.

"Father? What about-"

"She's passed, the sickness took her and her family," he said sadly as she felt like crying but… couldn't. Confused, she started to breathe a bit unevenly. "Calm, Daughter," he instructed as Ayana approached.

"What do you remember Ana?" she asked softly. As the young girl moved to where her brother blocked the sun on her skin, she looked so confused and scared.

"Mikael and Esther attacking me," she spoke softly, fearful of what was going on.

"They turned you," Alesandro started, she looked to him confused before back to Ayana for clarification. And so she did, explaining to her family as well what she was, but it was different than what they did to Kol and his siblings. Anastasia was horrified at the end and driven to tears as she sobbed, Ayana instantly soothed her before the young girl looked up.

"You will need to ingest human blood," Ayana spoke alarming the young woman. "Or you will die for good." Anastasia paled at hearing that before her sister, Penelope, offered a goblet.


"We all gave some." she showed her tied finger as she realized her siblings all had pricks on their fingers. "She said you just need some to change." Once more the goblet was offered as the smell wafted into the girl's nose, it was sweet. Slowly she took it and quickly gulped the liquid, it made her taste buds explode, her sister's gasp of alarm made her open her eyes as her sister's fearful expression but intrigued interest.

"What?" she asked finally.

"Your face, sister," Alec spoke up, approaching with a stunning look, he produced a glass shard so she could see her reflection. It scared her. The girl in the reflection had blood on her lips as she had blood-red eyes with dark veins on around her eyes and fangs were in her mouth.

"What happened?" she asked confused.

"This is what you are," Ayana confirmed but had a curious look. "The spirits say you are different though, you still have a connection to them," she claimed as Anastasia looked to her confused.

"What do you mean?" she asked as the woman frowned.

"They had cut Esther and her family's connection to magic, they are like you but cannot practice anymore," she claimed as Anastasia started to cry.

"Kol," she whimpered wanting her husband.

"You must learn to control yourself, child," Ayana sternly demanded of her student who looked up to her.

"How?" she asked, desperate.

"Go back to your family's home. Learn and then find your husband. He and his family will be protected," she claimed as Anastasia looked down. If Kol and his siblings were turned like her, then she will learn control and understand Ayana's meaning to her connection to the spirits that cut off her husband's family.

"Okay," she agreed as her family smiled to one another, happy that she was going to try.


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