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Anastasia sighed as she sat her bag onto her desk as her phone went off. An unknown number has been trying to call her for a few days now, leaving no message and she couldn't trace the number and she's had others try as well with no luck. "Hey Anya, can I talk to you real fast?" Caroline asked as she poked in real fast.

"Sure Sweetie." Anastasia waved her in as she pulled out her folders.

"Tyler activated his curse," she spoke, making the woman drop her tray of pencils.

"Shit," she cursed as the blonde quickly helped pick everything up. "How-"

"Aimee, she's not missing, she's dead at the bottom of a ravine. Her body is being dragged out by Mom's team. Damon made me drop a hint." Caroline though looked down as Anastasia frowned.

"Caroline, what is it? Are you worried because Tyler's bite could kill?" The young blonde's head shot up.

"You know about that?"

"It's why our species was created, to counteract the werewolves, but the problem is their venom is poisonous to us," Anastasia spoke.

"Damon said-"

"Caroline." Her tone made the blonde stop and look at her. "Damon is not your father, brother, husband nor your boss. He may be your sire but that is all he is, you can make your own decisions," Anastasia spoke her tone firm and telling the younger that she could do what she wished Anastasia was never grateful she could understand fast talkers.

"But he's stronger than me," she expressed before Anastasia scoffed.

"He's not stronger than me or my children," the brunette spoke in a dead tone, serious about dealing with Damon if he pushed it. "Despite my daughter's size and physical age, she's stronger than Damon by 10, if he brings it back up, we will take care of it," Anastasia told the blonde vampire who chuckled softly.

"I wanted to be Tyler's friend, tell him there are others like me but Damon-" Caroline stopped and smiled. "You know what? Screw Damon," Anastasia beamed as she laced her fingers together.

"If you wish to be his friend and tell him who is around him then fine, do that. Just make sure he knows the consequences if he bites one of us. You can even bring Frederick with you if you wish, he's always calm and level-minded, might help reason with him," she added as Caroline looked stunned.

"You think I should tell him?" she asked as she snagged a cookie from her when she offered them, they were sugar cookies.

"Of course, it'll help him learn and help him understand what is out there," Anastasia shrugged, Caroline seemed intrigued by what her teacher spoke about and smiled before zooming over and embraced her tightly. It surprised the elder who laughed softly and patted the younger's back, Anastasia felt the warmth grow in her chest before she stopped it.

"Thank you, Anya," Caroline truly was grateful for the hybrid's help and understanding as she's been trying to keep in contact with the other in case something was wrong.

"You're more than welcome Caroline," Anastasia smiled before they broke apart as Caroline sat on the desk, continuing to talk to her.

"Hey, Anya!" Jeremy's frantic voice made the hybrid turn to Jeremy as Caroline got ready to leave. "Elena's missing," he announced, Caroline looked to her horrified as Anastasia sighed.


"Seriously Mum? A scry? I haven't done one in years. Why can't Frederick do it?" Ingrid growled as she got out of her car to see a familiar face. "Nathalie!" she cheered, leaping into the elder's arms as she hugged the former slave, who held her just as tightly.

"Nathalie's there? Put her on please," Anastasia requested as Nathalie took the phone.

"Hello?" she asked her accent clear. She now wore a casual-business attire as she ran her sire's blood business, Nathalie distributed blood to all those who she was paid by.

"Please help Ingrid produce a scrying spell, the Doppelgänger is missing and her brother Jeremy should be there soon," Anastasia spoke as she was looking out carefully for anyone who would overhear her.

"Okay," Nathalie smiled, not mind to do it as she opened the door with the girl groaning before a shriek of tires and Caroline dragged the younger brother with her.

"Your Mom's sending Frederick with Damon and Stefan when they find her," Caroline spoke quickly as Ingrid nodded, understanding the dire situation. They all made it into the house as Ingrid produced a giant map and laid it over the kitchen table, Caroline was told by Nathalie where everything was as she retrieved the right herbs, Jeremy pulled out the almond oil when Ingrid pointed as she pulled out a few bowls.

"What is all this?" Caroline asked, curious as she spied the jar of twigs and leaves.

"A mixture we call Herbes de Provence, it has; basil, fennel, marjoram, parsley, rosemary, tarragon, and thyme. We mix this-" she shook the jar of herbs, "-with any natural oil you have."

"Natural oil?" Caroline asked.

"Almond, olive, or vegetable. Others like lavender and vanilla are extracted oils, so not natural as they've been worked and specified for that," she explained as she took a handful and threw it in the bowl before grabbing the almond oil and poured it into the before grinding it all. "Can you grab me the Olive behind you?" she asked Jeremy who grabbed the bottle of olive oil as she poured it into the second bowl before pouring the mixture into it as she mixed it all around. "Personal item?" she asked as Caroline pulled a necklace out she quickly threw it into the bowl as it sank. While that worked Ingrid pulled out a crystal hanging on a string.

"What's that?" Jeremy asked.

"An azurite crystal pendant, they're used for scrying spells, most witches now use locator spells but there aren't as accurate. Mother's used these since she was young. We let it soak before dipping the crystal and chanting the spell," Ingrid spoke as Caroline's phone rang.

"Oh shoot, I need to take this," she spoke as they nodded.

"Nathalie you can go, I know this spell well," Ingrid spoke as the vampire paused.

"Alright, I'll be in your mother's office," she spoke heading to go work on the numbers from the other locations.

"Usually we can use fire or crystal, but Mum says crystals are easier and less damaging, which is true," Ingrid chuckled as Jeremy smirked. He watched as she took it from the oil and started to swing it over the map, all the while chanting. "Topothesía, topothesía. Dóse mou ton proorismó pou thélo," she repeated it until the crystal slid from her fingers to the map as she opened her eyes while Jeremy looked from her to the spot as he looked down. "Reidsville," she spoke, exhaling a little.

"That's 300 miles away," he pulled his phone out as Ingrid sighed while she quickly retrieved the locket so she could clean it. Settling it in her strainer in the sink she grabbed the bowl mixture and threw it out the door, she came in as Jeremy hung up. "Frederick said he'll keep us updated. He went with Damon and Stefan in case Elena needs to be healed and not to use vampire blood," he spoke as she nodded while washing off the necklace. She coughed softly, feeling the weird tickle in her throat which alarmed her. "Hey, you okay?" Jeremy worried as he came closer as she coughed into her elbow.

"Yeah I think I'm just dealing with a cough, don't worry," she smiled as Jeremy watched her.

"Jeremy, we need a more specific place," Stefan told him from the car as Damon drove.

"Stefan that's where the crystal landed, it just shows wood all around it," Ingrid told them as she dried the pendant and gave it to Jeremy.

"I'll try and google the area, might zero in a spot," he suggested as she nodded.

"Either that or try again, Little Mean Witch," Damon ordered, Ingrid glared, as Frederick tried to sense Elena, ignoring Damon as much as possible, not an easy feat, he learned.

"I found a google picture of place Ingrid found," Jeremy spoke as he sent the message to Stefan's phone as it went off.

"Got it. Thanks, Jeremy, Ingrid," Stefan thanked as he hung up. Ingrid sighed as she got another map of Virginia to try and find the exact location. Calmly she pulled out her notebook to write something as Jeremy turned, hearing the commotion.

"Ingrid, what are you doing?" he asked cautiously as the hybrid lit five white candles in a small cluster. Once she finished the message, she laid it across the middle one as it caught fire as Ingrid, closed her eyes trying to focus on Elena. Picturing the human she was trying to find so she could send the message through to her, only she didn't realize her nose started to bleed before Jeremy called for help as she dropped, barely catching her as he frantically shook her. "Ingrid! Wake up!" he begged as Nathalie ran in alarmed.

"Oh gods," she whispered as she pulled her phone out.


Frederick wished his mother hadn't offered their help, he was sitting behind Damon and Stefan as a sudden pain entered his mind as he grunted. "You okay back there?" Damon asked as Stefan pulled out an odd-looking object.

"Yeah, I'm fine, just a small pain in my temple," he responded as Damon hummed.

"What is that?" Damon asked as Stefan played with the object in question.

"A vervain bomb or a grenade launcher," Frederick looked to the item in interest. "Alaric really likes his weapons."

"Hmm, Ingrid might want to be kept away from him. She's a weapon hoarder, always very eager to make new ones too," Frederick warned as Damon winced.

"No offense, I've been on the receiving end of her powers, and yours," he added looking back briefly with a smile as Frederick smirked. "So no one needs to learn new weapons," he smiled as Stefan laughed before frowning as he turned to see a confused Frederick touch his bloody nose.

"What happened?" Stefan asked as Frederick wiped his nose with his sleeve.

"I don't know. Haven't suffered a nosebleed since I was ten," he frowned as Damon produced a tissue.

"Here," the vampire offered as Frederick took it as it continued. "Any reason why?" the elder brother asked as Frederick shook his head.

"Ingrid. Our powers can draw from each other, she must've used too much magic," he claimed as Stefan hummed as he watched the younger clean his nose.

"I think we still have 80 miles to go," Frederick claimed as his phone went off. It was Caroline, she was asking if he could help her, he knew it was about Tyler. -I'm with Damon and Stefan right now, but I'll help the moment I come back,- he sent as Stefan was thanking Damon before he denied it as the hybrid sighed. -I wish I was there instead. How can you all stand the brothers?- he asked as Caroline binged back.

-Lol, Stefan's fine, Damon is a nightmare,- Caroline sent as he chuckled silently.

"Hey, I have a question why are you coming again?" Damon asked thinking it would've been faster without the witch who watched him.

"Mother wanted me to go in case Elena needs to be healed and no risk of using vampire blood," Frederick spoke. But in fact, he was going to ensure that Elena stayed alive. His mother needed her to keep her human life until it was time, he didn't understand why his mother couldn't just summon one of their coven mates to retrieve the Doppelgänger. "Is it a problem that I came?" he asked as Damon shrugged.

"You've attacked me recently, so that gives me a reason to be a little apprehensive with you being in the car," he grinned as Frederick scoffed.

"Don't attack my family, plain and simple. I won't attack," he spoke as Damon gave a laugh. Understanding as he would be the same way if Stefan got attacked.

"Deal," he claimed as Stefan grinned, thinking they'll get along.


"Hey Mrs. A?" Tyler knocked on his teacher's door as she looked up from writing on her chalkboard as he waved to greet her.

"Tyler," she smiled as she put her chalk down, waving him in, he closed her door. "Is everything alright?" she asked worried, urging him to sit as she sat beside him. He fidgeted in his seat as she frowned, the moment she met him he was cocky, confident, and a non-nervous person. But now with his curse triggered she saw his true self underneath it, he was scared.

"Um, actually no," he spoke as he sighed. "Caroline told me I could talk to you about this. Um, my family has the curse that can be triggered and I…" he trailed off.

"You triggered your werewolf curse," she spoke as he looked to her shocked. "Tyler what did Caroline tell you about me?" she asked as he looked down.

"That you were like her," he shrugged as she chuckled softly.

"Of course, actually Caroline hasn't been a vampire long," she spoke as his eyes widened.

"W-wait, vampire?" he asked as she hesitated.

"Not fully, I'm what is considered a hybrid. A witch-vampire hybrid. I was born a witch but created a vampire, so were my children. A thousand years ago," she winced as he drew back in shock.

"Y-you're a thousand years old?" Tyler asked stunned as she nodded, a small smile on her face as Tyler breathed shocked. A bell cut them off as she smiled.

"How about we finished this later? I can either come to your house or we can meet at the grill," she offered as he thought.

"The grill, is that okay?" he asked as she nodded.

"I can bring the twins if you'd like, I just don't know if Frederick will be back by then. Elena's missing and we're trying to find her without bringing worry to the town," she revealed as Tyler looked alarmed.

"Okay, should we have warned the Sheriff?" he thought as she stopped him.

"Tyler, I'm a thousand years old. I can track her, but another thing you should know is that those on the Founding Council will kill those who are supernatural meaning you, Caroline, and any others who are not human," Anastasia warned the boy who nodded.

"Alright, I understand. Thanks for warning me," he smiled, grateful that someone was telling him the truth.

"I'll see you later Tyler," she smiled. He waved her off as she sighed when he cleared the door, a sadness washed over her as she realized she was too close to these kids. She held worry for Elena's safety, caring for Bonnie, Caroline, and now Tyler's new state. She was investing herself in their personal lives, along with her children, Frederick has already talked to her about his feelings by staying in Mystic Falls, his birthplace, he would have rather stayed at another town while watching over the Mystic Falls group. But Nathalie showing up is alarming as she was unaware of a meeting with her.

"Anya?" Alaric's voice brought her out of her stupor as she looked to him quickly.

"Um, yes?" she asked with a small smile, after shaking her head.

"Are you alright?" he asked as she nodded.

"Yes, I was just talking to Tyler," she smiled as she stood to resume her duties for her next class.

"Okay, I was worried when you didn't answer me call you. So I knocked to see if that would get your attention," he smiled as she waved him in. Offering the plush chair beside her desk as she opened her textbook back up to her lesson.

"Jeremy just called. It appears that Ingrid suffered a severe nosebleed," he spoke as Anastasia looked to him shocked.

"A nosebleed?" she asked worriedly. "She hasn't had a nosebleed since she was small," Anastasia murmured confusedly. Her phone vibrated as Alaric peaked.

"Um, an uh, Nathalie is calling?" he questioned, never hearing the name.

"She's a friend from Greece," Anastasia answered as he hummed while she answered it.

"A friend?" a humored voice asked as she smiled.

"Shush," Anastasia ordered before asking why she called.

"Ingrid passed out," Nathalie claimed as the mother almost slipped. Alaric gave a worried look as she shook her head while cupping her forehead and groaning. "You okay? It's not affecting you too, is it? She knows Frederick suffered a nosebleed," the vampire spoke worried as she tried to keep her voice down.

"No, I am fine. Just… make sure she drinks a lot of fluids, blood loss is dangerous for witches," she covered her meaning as Nathalie agreed.

"Everything alright?" Alaric asked worriedly.

"Yes, it would appear my daughter pushed herself too far and caused herself to pass out," she revealed as Alaric sighed.

"Do you need to go home? I'm sure you can close down your classes for the day," Anastasia waved it off.

"No, she's done it before, she'll be fine. Ingrid's actually bitched at me for worrying so much about her," she smiled as he laughed. "Saying she was strong enough to protect herself," Alaric chuckled.

"Sounds like she wants to show that she's an adult," he suggested as she sighed.

"Oh trust me I know she's an adult, and is capable of protecting herself. Still doesn't stop me from worrying over her every moment of the day," she spoke in an obvious tone as the history teacher grinned, seeing the humor in her. He could tell she was trying to remain separated from the town, she would always be trying to isolate herself when it comes to the school. But he could see the longing to stay somewhere and call her home.

"I've never had kids, so I wouldn't know. But I assume you'll worry over her until the day you die," he smiled, softly gripping her shoulders as he left.


"Do you guys know who took Elena?" Frederick asked as he looked through a grimoire of his mother's. She had dozens of books she created, most though were family spells that were in each grimoire of her family's, Frederick remembered reading his aunt's when he was five. There was one spell that wasn't in his mother's, over his thousand years, it was never in her books, despite his continuous studying over her books.

"Could have been anyone," Damon commented as Stefan sighed.

"More like anyone that went after Katherine and got a mix-up," the younger spoke as Frederick frowned and flipped a few pages through before landing on one that his mother had copied from her mother's last book before it was burned. But he hadn't been able to remember it for the life of him.

"It's a pretty big mix-up," the hybrid commented as Damon agreed.

"Jeremy said there's an access road just after Marker 6," Stefan spoke up as Damon reached back trying to find something. Frederick assumed he was reaching for the cooler that had blood stored in it before he grabbed one and offered it to the vampire who thanked him.

"Oh thanks," Damon hadn't expected the witch kid to grab it for him. Stefan looked and watched him take a few sips. "What you want some? Just ask," he commented as Frederick was about to grab another.

"I want some," Stefan said before Damon said 'nope' which confused Frederick.

"I'm sorry?" Frederick asked as Damon told him to put the bag back.

"Stefan can't handle human blood, goes all 'ripper' on everyone," he said as Frederick looked to Stefan quickly, not in fear or disgust, just interest.

"Is it hard to drink human blood? I know some drink animal blood," Frederick wasn't used vampires drinking from animals, all from his mother's sireline drank human blood.

"No I've been drinking a little at a time, building up my tolerance," Stefan claimed as Damon gave it to him curious. Frederick though became a bit nervous, a possible ripper vampire was dangerous.

"How is Elena taking this?" Damon asked as Frederick truly wished he could deafen himself, whipping out his phone he texted his mother lightning quick as he listened to their bickering about Elena.

-You owe me big! I am going crazy, why can I not just use my magic and vampire side to subdue them and retrieve Elena? I doubt they would notice?-

-They would, I have no doubt. Be patient, my love, soon we will have your father and we will leave. I promise,- her last text made him want to scoff. From the texts from Caroline and to her training the witch, she won't. Not unless she takes Bonnie with them which he highly doubts. Bonnie was loyal and protective of her friends, Elena most of all.

"Hey Pouty," Damon made him look to them, not realizing he trailed off. "You okay with us? Not going to pass out? Do you need vamp blood?" Damon asked before Frederick waved him off.

"No, I'm fine. Just wishing we'd get there soon. I am tired of waiting," he spoke flashing a cheeky grin that made Damon feel a bit uncomfortable. It… looked more predator than it should've on a witch. "You alright Damon?" he asked, a small smirk growing as he knew his trick would work. It was something he learned to do when confronted and he portrayed the 'witch personality' as his grandfather once called it, the easiest way to not be intimidated.


"Ingrid?" Jeremy asked as she moaned softly, feeling her head throb. She needed blood. "Hey," he greeted gently as she slowly sat up.

"Ow," she groaned before sighing. "Hi," she gave a sheepish wave as he glared.

"What the hell was that?" he asked as she sighed.

"Consequence of using spells right after one another, it's when we push nature that it pushes back. We're not invincible Jeremy, we all have our limitations. It's just most prefer others don't know," she commented as he sighed.

"You scared the hell outta me," Jeremy spoke as Ingrid sighed.

"I'm sorry, I just wanted to try and help some more, despite my common usage my body still has it's limitations," she commented as he looked at her.

"Did your mom teach all this to you?" Jeremy asked as she nodded with a small smile.

"Her and her family, my aunt Penelope mostly taught me healing and earth spells, saying they're the ones I needed to learn early on. My uncles and grandfather wanted to teach us magic to see how far our bodies could go," she commented to the bed as Jeremy became alarmed.

"Your own grandfather made you do magic to where you passed out?" he asked as she nodded.

"Yeah, it's not that big of a problem. It was also to see what kind of spells we're better at, I'm good at these ones," she smiled and dug her fingers into the soil of a pot with buds growing, within seconds the buds grew into beautiful lilies.

"Wow," he smiled as she grinned softly, before realizing she completely disregarded her mother's rule. Don't do magic in front of Jeremy unless necessary.

"So what spell did you do to cause a nosebleed?" Jeremy asked as she smiled and opened her mother's book.

"A message spell, it's hard to send it where I can't see it. But I was focusing on Elena, hopefully, it'll go to her," Ingrid hoped as Jeremy nodded.


"We're here," Stefan spoke as Damon pulled up on the side of the road.

"House is just on the other side of those trees. Come on," Damon spoke as Frederick hid the books in his pack before following. "You should stay back Freddie, let the vampires deal with this," the blue-eyed male spoke as Frederick glared as Damon groaned softly. "Okay… nevermind," he groaned as the pain lessened.

"I'm not like my sister and did not come unprepared," he showed a talisman that interested Stefan.

"What is that?" the younger Salvatore asked curiously as he looked at the symbol, it was a circle with a crescent on the top.

"A talisman that will give me the strength to help retrieve Elena. Ancient people called it the Horned God" Frederick spoke as he pocketed it in jeans as Damon perked up.

"How strong?" he questioned as Frederick paused.

"Members of my mother's coven are imbuing it with magic so I can connect to them, channel them, I guess is the better term," he commented softly as he grabbed some knives from his duffle. When Damon grabbed one he yelped as one burned him.

"Let me guess, magically protected?" he asked as the hybrid nodded.

"I spelled them so I can only use them," Frederick revealed as Stefan paused. Many of his weapons looked old, even worn. It brought dozens of questions to the younger Salvatore's mind, many of which revolve around the truth of Frederick Ambrosius. "Come on, do you want to save your girlfriend or not?" he asked as he jogged up to the house silently.

"Kid's got stealth, I'll give him that," Damon spoke as he raced after while Stefan joined, Frederick was looking as he spotted a vampire in a suit and tie getup.

"What the?" he whispered silently before going back and whispering to Damon about the vampire going inside, even hearing something about the moonstone.

"Alright, I got a plan," he said as the two looked to him, waiting.

Frederick exploded a few windows before Stefan grabbed him and whooshed him upstairs as Damon raced around to the other side of the stairs when Elena came out with the two vampires.

"Up here," Stefan called while Frederick pooled the dust around him as Stefan nodded. When the male vampire shot up Damon quickly called back.

"Nope down here," he could hear the smirk as the male shouted to the female about who else was in the house. Stefan disappeared as the vampire holding Elena, disappeared both from sight, knowing they snagged them, he nodded to Damon who looked a little hesitant but nodded as well before yanking the other vampire out as she fought.

"Actually Darling, we're still up here," Frederick called out his tone matching the strange vampire's, now that Stefan listened, same accent and tone. The male vampire shot around in amazement as he stared at the younger male, familiarity danced in the older vampire's face as Frederick smirked. "Ammothýella!" he yelled as the dust swirled all around him, blinding the vampire who hissed as him.

"Alright, we have to go," Stefan mouthed as Elena shook her head, knowing they were going to leave Frederick behind. "This is the plan, Elena," he mouthed as she watched Frederick hold the vampire off. Suddenly the vampire backed off of hybrid who frowned suddenly, not expecting him to do that.

"Excuse me," the vampire called out as Frederick panted softly. "To whom it may concern, you're making a great mistake if you think that you can beat me," he spoke as he turned back to Frederick who inhaled deeply and became level headed once more. "You can't. Do you hear that?" he spoke as the magic-user scoffed, it brought irritation from the older vampire who glared at him. He grabbed the coat hanger and broke it in half. "I will kill this boy, who I am sure has no point in this battle," he suggested as Frederick shrugged.

"Elena's a classmate," he smirked with sass as the other frowned, seeing the familiarity in it once more.

"I want the girl on the count of three. Or heads will roll," he warned as Frederick was pulled to Stefan in the shadows as he paused, Elena was right next to him as he frowned.

"I have an idea," she whispered as he shook his head. "Freder-"

"No," he spoke in a firm tone. His voice hardened and tightened. "You are to go back home, now," he hissed.

"I don't have the patience-"

"Págoma," Frederick chanted as he held a hand up freezing the vampire in his tracks as Damon paused. "Go, I can't keep him like this for long!" He urged as Elena tried to get him to join.

"We can't just leave you," Damon tried to aid in returning the boy to his family.

"Go! I can take care of myself. Now, before he unfreezes!" the hybrid ordered as Elijah's hand started to move. "Now!" he ordered using his other hand to give the boys migraines as they groaned. Stefan pushed/pulled Elena from the house as Damon raced out, looking at the boy who nodded and mouthed something.

"Damon we can't leave him!" Elena cried out as she was forced into the car almost tripping the pack on the floorboard. Confused, she pulled the bag up to see spellbooks inside. Damon though was trying to figure out his message before remembering the forming of his lips. "Marker 6." It made sense now.

"Don't worry Elena, that kid has a trick up his sleeve," Damon smirked, slowly he was starting to like this kid. Frederick was grateful they listened as the vampire attacked within seconds.

"You should have given the girl up," he hissed as Frederick smirked before baring his own fangs stunning the older vampire who reared back in shock at seeing the change. Frederick hissed and sped to the Original and threw him through the wall. Elijah surged up and attacked the younger who growled and kicked his uncle away. "Who are you?" he asked a warning tone in his voice as Frederick smirked.

"Wouldn't you like to know?" Frederick sassed as he smirked before cursing in Greek as Elijah groaned and a coat hanger pierced his chest. "Consider that payback for my father, Uncle," he hissed, anger covering his face as it filled his veins, the greying vampire stared in shock before Frederick sighed and exhaled sharply, he coughed softly and pulled his phone out. Dialing a number he held it up as a voice answered. "Aunt Penny? I think we have a problem," he spoke softly as he stared at his uncle's body before hanging up, he took a picture before sending it to Damon and another to his aunt as he walked to the dust that had settled when he waved his hand over it. Drawing ancient markings into dust as he cleared his mind and started whispering an incantation before he disappeared. Unaware that his uncle would awake in a few hours, hunting him.


"Damon!" Elena shouted as Frederick appeared in the road on the ground as Damon skidded to a halt. He panted as Stefan raced out of the car as he ran to Frederick who hacked and threw up as the spell took its toll on his body.

"Frederick, hey, hey. I'm right here," Stefan soothed, hoping it would help as the boy seized. Damon ran out as well when Stefan remained out there with him.

"Come on," he urged as Stefan glared.

"We can't just move him Damon!" the younger defied as the older brother frowned, wanting to leave.

"If we don't, an angry Mama Witch, who I don't want to be pissed off, is going to be employing her equalling bitchy, no offense if you can hear me kid, daughter. So I would rather not have them on my ass." He carefully picked the boy up as he continued jerking. "It's okay, kid." Damon felt bad for the witch who had used a lot of power to help rescue a girl he truly did not know. Ever so softly he laid Frederick in the back as Elena worryingly touched his forehead as Damon continued to drive home.

"We'll be home soon," Elena swore as she laid a hand against his forehead as he panted, hand falling onto his mother's grimoire as he passed out.


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