A couple of notes -

This fanfic is set after the Giant War BUT Leo doesn't die and Caleo isn't a thing (even though it's my OTP lol). This isn't because I don't like the ending - just that I'm too lazy to write all that since my story doesn't follow Trials Of Apollo at ALL. Basically it's just the Seven and Leo is still ultimate 7th wheel. Also I am not an expert on American geography - I'm Australian.

Onto the story!

The Giant War had ended, and the demigods, both Greek and Roman, were exhausted. After a few days of recharging and an unforgettable game of Capture the Flag, the Romans (except Hazel, Frank + Jason) headed back to Camp Jupiter.

The Seven themselves were relieved, and decided to spend the summer at Camp Half-Blood. They were excited to spend time together, without any world destruction scheduled in the near future by angry primordials.

The road trip was Piper's idea.

"We can go all the way from Camp Half-Blood to Camp Jupiter," she said. "Demigods on a road trip - for FUN this time."

Slowly, they agreed. The Seven, especially Hazel and Frank, wanted to visit the other demigod camp and see their Roman friends.

So that's how the Seven demigods found themselves driving away from Camp, in a van labeled 'Delphi's Strawberry Service', headed on a trip that, for once, wasn't a quest to save the world... but would turn out to be something similar.

Annabeth was going to scream.

They had been on the road for weeks. There had been highs, like when they visited the Grand Canyon, and Piper jumped off for old time's sake, but there had also been lows, like the time Leo hacked the radio to play 'Old Town Road' for the entire drive through Illinois. And like RIGHT NOW, where if Percy and Jason sang one more Disney Princess Parody, she would kill them. ALL of them.

Luckily, she was saved by Hazel and Piper needing to go to the bathroom.

They parked the car on the side of the road next to a rest stop and the demigods got out and stretched their legs.

"Are we nearly there?" Percy groaned.

"No, Seaweed Brain," Annabeth replied. "We only just crossed the California border. We're about to pass through a town called Arcadia."


Just then Piper and Hazel came running back from the bathroom.

"H-Hellhound," gasped Hazel. (AN: She's not scared, just out of breath)

"Frick," said Frank.

"F***," said Leo, earning himself a glare from Annabeth.

"Okay guys," said Annabeth. "Let's kill this stupid Hellhound."

Half an hour later, they were back on the road. Leo was singing Christmas carols and Jason and Percy joined in, until FINALLY Piper stopped them with her charmspeak. Annabeth was getting sick of driving, so she let Frank take over while she went and sat in the front seat with a map.

As night fell, the Seven neared the town of Arcadia. The sun was setting, and everyone looked in wonder at the pink and orange sky, astounding beautiful.

Which is why Frank wasn't looking at the road… or the massive truck they crashed into, blacking out.

I was going to make this chapter longer but I really wanted to post something. Next chapter will be out soon.

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