Be warned, this is not a story I will be working on, but a it an idea I like to share and spill to all the readers.


Have you ever thought of what would it look like if someone like Darth Vader would have wound up in Avatar the last Airbender? No? I have and its quite radical.

Picture this!

Darth Vader landing on a foreign planet filled with humanoid species with backwater technology it's laughable. The only thing that has the planet going for it is the inhabitants of the planets ability to manipulate the elements, and each nations are based on such elements.

Not only is it that Darth Vader gets to be on a planet filled with such people, but the one and only Obi-Wan is, too! Imagine the sheer awesomeness as both the representatives of both light and dark clash blades on the planet using either the destructive or healing powers of the Force at their whim.

Let's not forget Avatar and his friends who are all mixed up into this as well. How will they react? Can they make friends with either of the Force-wielding strangers or will they be forced to fight them?

Side-notes (The section of this page will be dealt with giving out either funny or important details for the story to go off on):

-Darth Vader crash landed on the world of Avatar in search of Obi-Wan

-Darth Vader loses his Lightsaber.

-Obi-Wan initially meets up with Aang and the gang, but will not reveal his powers. He tags along (Or not, it works either way as long as they all still meet up)

-Darth Vader wreaks havoc through villages when tracking down Obi-Wan, also out of self-defense when Fire-Nation soldiers tried to arrest him.

-Darth Vader displays the Dark side of the Force just to fend off attackers, gaining a renown from everyone that has heard of the dark-clad warrior as the Dark Avatar. (Oooooooh~)

-Obi-Wans gives advises to Aang a lot (this is only if he has tagged along, or he keeps meeting up with the gang, or because he follows them out of curiosity when it comes to Aang being the Avatar) concerning since both of them come from the same monk-like backgrounds.

-Aang would point out that Obi-Wan isn't bald, nor is he an airbender. (but Mace Windu is. OOOOOOOOOOOOH!)

-Obi-Wan would always help out the kids out of tough situations using mind-trick abilities.

-Darth Vader would side with Azula.

-Obi-Wan and Darth Vader meets up. They would clash along with the gang against Azula.

-The shorter version of it is a lot of cool things are going down! I want see something like this written down. The idea of it just send thrills down my spine. It's a cool idea and I would like to know if you all agree, too?