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( - )

(Last Time)

Nezu nodded, a slight smile on his face as he looked back at the boy, even as he continued to dedicatedly punch his punching bag. The kid had a huge amount of potential.

"Truly he'll be the next All Might!" Nakamura muttered under his breath, his lips curling into a proud smile at the thought of his kid, the kid he had practically raised, becoming the next Number One Hero.

Toshinori however frowned worriedly as he saw the intense expression on Midoriya's face, his mind flashing back to ten years ago and the fury and destruction that this very same boy had reaped back then. Even now he could hear he screams of the dying, the burning heat that radiated off of Midoriya in his Titan form, and the boy's bellow of fury.

Was it truly a good idea to let the Titan, a walking catastrophe, come to U.A.

( - )

Chapter 2

( - )

(10 years ago)

"Mum get off me!" He shouted, writhing in the older woman's grasp as she tried in vain to use the damp cloth in her hand to wipe the muck and dirt off of his face.

"Just hold still!" His mother replied, her tone filed with amused irritation as she finally managed to pin her misbehaving offspring down. "If you hadn't gone out and gotten so dirty and messy, then we wouldn't be having this problem in the first place! I mean, just what did you do, fall in a river or something!?"

"Come on mum, stop it!" He replied, trying to fight off her motherly attentions, even as he deliberately didn't admit to her that that was exactly what he had done. It wasn't like it was his fault that the log he was walking on was slippery, or that he had fallen off of it when he was crossing the river.

"Oh just stop being a pain!" His mother shot back, her attitude just as fierce as his own.

It was why they clashed and argued so much, the two of them were just too similar.

He opened his mouth to retort, however before he could a loud bellow of fury tore through the otherwise calm evening.

Just the sound of it made his heart skip a beat, even as his mum released him in surprise, her red eyes shifting to the window just in time to hear another loud, deafening roar, followed by the sound of people screaming, and the sound of buildings collapsing.

"M-mum, w-what's going on?" He asked shakily, his heart thundering in his narrow chest, and his eyes starting to water as he felt, for the first time in his life; true, unrelenting terror.

"Kat-" His mother replied, turning to face him, the scowl no longer on her face, with it instead being replaced by fear. But not fear for herself, no, fear for her loved ones; him and her husband.

"Mum!" He cried at the same time as his mum turned to look at him, her mouth opening as she started to call out, his father bursting into the room from behind her, a fearful look on his face as he started dashing towards him and his mother.

It was the last time he would see either of his parents alive, as moments later the far wall of the room exploded, as with a single vicious swipe of its colossal, muscled arm, a monster wiped his mother and father from the face of the earth.

"Mum! Dad!" He screamed, staggering backwards even as the far wall of the apartment collapsed, and parts of the floor in front of him began to give way. The sound of screaming and shouts of despair and terror sounding out all around him, even as the sound of alarms and sirens in the distance began to ring out.

He ignored all this though, instead all he could do was stare in mind numbing terror at the colossal, titanic being that he could now see through the destroyed wall of his family's apartment.

It was huge, standing far taller than many of the surrounding city blocks, on top of which it looked to be crafted out of nothing but pure muscle. But it wasn't just its height and stature that terrified him though, it was the billowing hot steam that flowed off of its powerful form, and the look of absolute fury in its shadowed, glowing green eyes.

Looking up at that moment, he knew only terror, dread and absolute helplessness.

This was it, he was about to die, just like his parents had just moments ago.

This thing, this monster, it was going to kill him!

Those were the last thoughts he had as he fell to the ground and pushed himself back against the far wall of the apartment, his heart still thundering in his chest, and tears still flowing from his eyes, blurring his vision as he saw the monster overhead open its giant maw, and let loose another, deafening, bone shaking scream.

( - )

With a loud yell he almost fell off of his bed due to how fast he had sat up. His strong, muscular body gleaming with sweat, and his heart beating rapidly in his broad chest, just like it had all those years ago, back on that night, the night when his life had changed forever.

"Gah!" Katsuki Bakugo gasped out, his hands clenching and fists scrunching up the sweat soaked blankets that had previously been covering him.

It had happened again, that same recurring nightmare. His memory of the night the Titan had attacked.

Still breathing heavily he forced himself up out of his bed and onto his feet, his body still shaking, even as sweat continued to bead on his forehead and drip down, soaking his spikey blonde hair.

Taking slow and deep breathes, Bakugo, slowly but surely began to calm down.

That night had been ten years ago now.

It was in the past.

Taking another deep breath, the spiky blonde headed for the door to his room, wearing nothing other than a pair of boxers, as he then threw the door open and headed over to the communal bathroom.

Upon entering the room, he walked straight over to one of the sinks, ran a tap, and then splashed water onto his face.

A few minutes passed as he leant against the sink, his heartbeat slowly calming, even as the sweat and water dripped off of his face and into the porcelain sink below.

It had been ten years and still that night haunted him.

The night his parents had been taking from him.

The night he, like so many others, had been made homeless.

Ten years might have passed, but he had not forgotten, nor had he fully recovered. The chill that ran up his spine every time he walked through the area his family had once lived, and the recurring nightmares that assailed him most nights told him that much.

Taking one last deep breath, Katsuki, stood up straight and looked into the bathroom mirror. His red eyes locking with his reflections, even as he grit his teeth and attempted to smile.

He didn't succeed.

Currently Katsuki was living in a foster home, a dumping ground for unwanted kids. With his parents dead, and his home destroyed, he had had nowhere else to go. Not with his grandparents, on both side, having been killed years prior in villain attacks, and his parents having no siblings.

He was the last of his family, and although his parents had been successful and had left a sizeable estate for him in their Will, he was not able to access it until he was of age.

Until then though he was living as a ward of the state. An orphan.

It was humiliating, but still, he wasn't about to complain.

The foster home gave him bed and board, it gave him a place to sleep. This in turn allowed him to attend the local middle school, even if that school was in an entire different district than the one he likely would have attended were it not for that night.

But no, that didn't matter either. The teachers at his old junior school had been a joke. They had praised him and made claims about him being destined for greatness, all when he hadn't even done anything yet, save of course for possessing a powerful Quirk.

Meaningless platitudes.

A school like that would have only weakened him.

No, he was content where he was. His current school was a place where he could not only work himself ragged to get the best results he could, but a place that encouraged him to and, so long as he was willing to put the work in, went out of their way to help him achieve the best results he could.

It also handily enough had a large gym facility, one in which he spent several hours every day after school working out and training. Pushing his body to the absolute limits as he prepared himself for moving on up to his dream school, U.A. Academy.

The best Hero Academy in Japan, and probably one of the best in the world. It was one of the most prestigious schools in the world, one that had birthed some of the greatest heroes of their time, including All Might and Endeavour.

Katsuki grit his teeth again at that, his grimace turning into a fierce smile now.

After all soon it would boast one more alumni, its greatest yet.

Katsuki Bakugo.

Today was the day of the U.A. Entrance Exam, and he was going to completely crush it. He would destroy the previous record and tell the teacher's that he was fucking here!

He would rise to be the best in his year, and the best in the school, and then, once he graduated, he would work his way up until he was a Pro Hero, the greatest of all time!

The Avenging Hero: Nemesis!

He had already decided on what his hero name would be. It would represent the kind of hero he endeavoured to be, the kind that fought the strongest of foes, taking down the villains before they could hurt the innocent, and crushing them if he failed, and they did hurt the innocent.

He wouldn't be a sword of justice, or a shield of righteousness.

He would be the fucking nuclear warhead of retribution!

Katsuki's grin turned almost feral at that thought, even as he remembered the look of fear on his mother's face one more time.

Yes, today was the day.

It was the day he had spent the last ten years working towards.

It was the day his heroic journey would begin, a day that would go down in fucking history!

( - )

(Later that same day, at U.A.)

"Well, here I am." Izuku Midoriya muttered to himself as he came to a stop in front of a massive set of gates, dozens of other people around his own age filtering passed him, even as he paused for a moment just so he could take in the grandeur of the sight in front of him.

Honestly, he had never thought he would be here, and certainly not to take the Entrance Exam.

Sure he had trained for years, giving everything he had; blood, sweat and tears, as he drove himself day after day, training his body, honing his mind and practicing his Quirk, all for this chance. But deep down, he had dreaded that he might never get the opportunity.

For ten years, ever since that night, he had pushed himself forward relentlessly, almost obsessively. Not only so he could gain absolute control over his Quirk, but also so he could apply to U.A. and become a hero, a proper hero!

Not the one he had dreamed of back when he had been a child. After all his dream of being a hero back then had been a vain, ego driven dream. A dream of an immature child, one who just wanted to be special, and to be seen.

Izuku was no longer that child. The weight of his actions all those years ago, and the depth of his remorse had forced him to grow up far faster than a child ever should.

No longer did he want to be a hero for personal reasons. Though admittedly he would be lying it he didn't admit that the perks of being a hero, including; the fame, respect, recognition and honour, those things that came with working in the profession, wouldn't be appreciated.

But no, mainly he wanted to become a hero as penance, penance for his past sins.

Yes, he had been told many times, and knew very well himself now, that it had not been his fault. He had been five years old, an immature child who awakened a Quirk that was far too powerful and far too uncontrollable for him to manage. Incidents like what happened to him, did happen.

Still, despite knowing this, he was not deterred from his self-appointed duty.

He would become a Pro Hero no matter what, and then he would throw himself in the thickest of fighting and the most brutal of situations.

Three hundred and sixty four people, that was how many he had killed during his rampage, and that was at least how many people he would need save in order to balance his karmic ledger. After which he would then continue to dedicate himself to saving even more people, all in the name of those who had fallen.

That said though, his reasoning for become a Hero was not just his own self enforced penitence. It was also because, with the Quirk he had both been blessed and cursed with, being a Hero was the profession he could the most good in.

Smiling to himself at that though, Izuku clenched his hands into fists. Doctor Nakamura and all the other doctors back at Asphodel had all believed in him. Not only had they helped raised him, but they had provided him the opportunity to not only push himself to his limits, but to also then break through them.

Sure he knew they had had selfish personal reasons for doing so. They were doctors and scholars after all, and had wanted to experiment on him and his Quirk, he was not naive enough to think that they were entirely altruistic. But still they had helped him, often going above and beyond, not only to help him gain control of his powerful Quirk, but to develop it and learn how to fight and save lives with it.

The staff back at Asphodel had been good to him, and he would always be eternally grateful to them for that, and for the support they had shown him back when he had first been institutionalised and said that he wanted to be a hero.

Back then, despite his rampage and the deaths he had caused still being very fresh, they had not laughed at him, or told him that he couldn't. Instead they had encouraged his desire, and provided him with the tools and support he needed to succeed.

A slight smile continued to slowly spread across his face at that thought, even as he looked up, his green eyes gleaming with anticipation and resolve as he beheld the grand entrance and the huge buildings that made up the main campus of the Academy he was hoping to attend.

He was finally here after years of training and preparing he had made it to U.A., one of the premier Hero Academies in the world, on a par with its North American and European counterparts.

U.A., one of the institutes that middle school students from all most every country and nation in the world wanted to attend. With the Academy being well known and well respected throughout the world. Its sterling reputation attracting students from both Great Britain, North America and beyond.

Tens of thousands of teens from all over Japan and beyond applied to attend U.A. Academy, and this year, Izuku was one of the ones to be accepted an offered a chance to take the entrance exams!

Thinking on it as he stood in front of the gates, the sheer amount of competition for the school was not all that surprising.

In a world like the one Izuku lived, where eighty percent of the population had superpowers or 'Quirks', becoming a Pro Hero was the standard dream that almost every kid had growing up.

Gone were the days before Quirks, when superpowers were only a fantasy and heroes only appeared in films and comic books.

Back then the world idolized and looked up to actors, athletes, singers and musicians. Now though, Pro Heroes were true the rock stars and celebrities of the modern world. With even the low level heroes being given respect and influence, as people the world over admired them for their selflessness and courage

Due to this there were thousands of Hero Academies the world over, and hundreds in Japan alone, all of which, every year, churned out more and more teens, all of whom were looking to become Pro Heroes.

Of those, a large proportion would succeed, even if not all of them would become super famous, or well-known. After all every country in the world had hundreds if not thousands of Hero Agencies dotted around them. In every town and city. With these offices being set up by either individual or groups of heroes as bases where they could work from to protect the people. As well as places where those heroes could pass on their wisdom and experience to the next generation.

Izuku smiled fiercely at that, his anxiety over how he would be received by the other candidates fading away, as he instead focused on his goal to the exclusion of all else, his gleaming green eyes locking onto the large entrance overhead.

This was going to be the start of Izuku's journey; as he fought and worked to become the greatest hero the world would ever see!

( - )

(Sometime later)

"It's almost time," Izuku muttered to himself his hands clenching into fists at his side, even as he walked through the milling crowds of similarly aged students around him.

There were a lot of other applicants here. Most of whom were waiting around patiently for the exam hall's doors to open. Some of them however were noticeably talking to other candidates, no doubt friends that they had already had, or people that they had already known, before the exam had started.

Others meanwhile, like Izuku, were silent and watchful, some of them scoping out the competition, whilst others just stood still, no doubt trying to remaining calm, or trying to psyche themselves up for the events to come.

Standing calmly just slightly outside of the main mass of students, Izuku noticed a few people looking curiously over at him. Some of them eyeing him up, as if looking to see whether or he would be troublesome competition going forwards. Whilst others just glanced at him, and then away, dismissing him entirely.

It appeared none of them knew who he was. Or at least not yet.

Then again that wasn't that surprising. The event he had been involved in had been ten years ago, and with villains attacks or disruption occurring on an almost weekly basis, the public had a very short attention span.

On top of which Izuku's picture had never been shared with News companies, even if his name had leaked out.

So yes although no one here seemed to recognise him, a part of him suspected that some of the people here will have at least heard of him, even in passing.

Mainly those who were affected directly. Though there would be some who would remember the Night of Great Loss, after all it had shook the country at the time, and had been headline news for months afterwards. Even to this day it had been noted down as one of the most destructive and deadly Quirk related incidents in the last decade.

Notably, the events of that night were officially referred to as a 'Quirk related incident', and not a Villain attack or incident. Though that was because, as a five year old at the time and a minor, he was not considered a villain, on top of which his actions were not deemed as malicious or deliberate.

As he was thinking about this, his gaze still panning around the crowd of students, a sudden ringing sound pulled Izuku from his thoughts, even as the double doors to the large building in front of them opened up.

Following the crowd, Izuku headed inside, mentally preparing himself for the trials to come as he did so. After all, thousands of people applied to get onto U.A.'s Hero Course each year, and of those thousands many of them were rejected.

In fact, only the cream of the crop being allowed to attend the U.A. Hero Course, with the course itself only having forty places on it each year. Which of course meant that the competition for a place was always stiff.

Still, it was for this reason that they had the exams. With the first of them being a written exam, testing not only a candidates academic knowledge, but also their situational awareness, their morality, and how they would analyse and then adapt to a hypothetical situation.

It was to this written test that Izuku was heading, following the rest of the crowd as he entered the predesignated building he was supposed to be taking his exam in.

With Izuku having been given a registration card alongside his letter of invitation, one that included his examinee number, the building he was to take his written exam in and which arena his practical test would be taken in, back when the Principal had visited Asphodel a month ago.

Thinking back on that, Izuku bit his lip slightly. He hadn't actually gotten the chance to speak to the Principal back then, despite him thinking that that was the reason for the man's visit.

Instead the man had just talked to the Doctors, gone through his private file, including his psychological profile, and then left.

Apparently the Principal didn't want to be accused of special treatment by the media, or by parents of rejected students, which would almost certainly be the case if it became known that the Principal of U.A. had met with and spoken to one of the candidates before he took the test.

Or at least that was the excuse the Doctor Nakamura had passed onto him.

Shaking his head again, and digging his clipped fingernails into his palm, Izuku focused on the matter at hand. He couldn't let himself be distracted, not now of all times.

( - )

(Four hours later)

"Ah finally, it's over." Izuku muttered to himself, massaging his temples as four hours later, he walked down U.A's main plaza completely oblivious to anyone else as he tried to wind down after finishing the demanding written portion of the test.

The set of exams he had just taken were far harder than he had thought they would be. But still he had managed to answer them.

Say what you will about growing up in a government facility, but the doctors and staff there had certainly provided him with the best in terms of education.

Even so though, the exam he had just taken had still been trying, even for Izuku, who although not as intelligent as some, those who had intelligence based Quirks, was still academically gifted.

After taking a moments to think about it though, he quickly realised that he should have known that this would be the case.

Approximately two and half thousand candidates were said to be taking the entrance exams this year. With those groups being separated into twenty four different groups of around one hundred, with the exams stretching over the course of three days, with eight groups taking part each day.

Of these two thousand five hundred candidates only forty would be able to join the Hero Course, Izuku already knew it was going to be competitive getting in, but having just taken the written tests he now understood just how hard it was going to be.

Still he was ready and he had prepared. He had not spent the last ten years training and working himself to exhaustion just to fail at the first hurdle.

The written exam, though difficult, had gone well.

Next up was the practical.

Izuku nodded to himself at that, his unrelenting confidence and determination once again renewed, and the fire within him burning hotter than ever as he pushed his thoughts of the written exam to one side, and instead focused on the next part of the exam.

"It's fucking time!" Izuku growled to himself, the skin over his hands shifting a silvery blue colour, even as he loudly slammed them together in front of him. It was time to get himself pumped up!

Grinning to himself at that, Izuku headed towards the large auditorium within which the briefing for the physical part of the test would take place.

Unfortunately though before he could he was interrupted by someone stepping in front of him, a stern look on their face.

"Excuse me!" A loud, unyielding voice suddenly snapped.

The voice interrupting Izuku from his, by this point standard introspection, as he instead looked up at the speaker, his expression firming and his jaw tightening as he prepared himself for a confrontation.

Only for his hard, green eyes to lock onto a young, bespectacled teen, with a powerful build, short black hair and a stern expression etched onto his face. The boy in question standing right in front of him, blocking his way.

"Can you please stop swearing, and also the use of Quirk's outside of designated areas is prohibited, I saw what you just did. As a prospective U.A. student you should know that such behaviour is both distracting and not at all appropriate!" The glasses wearing teen rattled off, his oddly shaped eyebrows furrowed, as he unexpectedly lectured him about the rules of all things.

Izuku cocked his head to the side as took in the boy's lecture. A part of him not at all sure what to think or do as the taller boy got up in his face, waving a finger under Izuku's nose as he attempted to scold him like a parent would an unruly child.

Now, growing up in a juvenile detention facility, Izuku, was not the most social adept of people.

Sure he had met and been educated alongside other kid back in the facility, both those that were like him and had had no control over their Quirks, and those that had control over their Quirks but had been caught abusing them on more than one occasion. Not the violent offenders though, they were kept separate from the rest.

But still he was sociable enough when in a controlled area. He had conversed, laughed with and even befriended, sort of, girls and boys both older and younger than him.

But this wasn't a controlled area, and this was a teen that he doubted he had anything in common with, save of course for the fact that they both wanted to be heroes.

So honestly, he was feeling a bit out of his element here. Still knew he couldn't just ignore the other teen. So instead, he would just do what he did best. He would be blunt and speak his mind.

"Sorry, I won't do it again." Izuku began, deciding to be diplomatic to begin with. "So can you get out of my face now, you're being very rude and distracting…?"

The other boy blinked in surprise, looking shocked for a second as he heard Izuku's response, his eyes widening almost comically before an affronted expression crossed his face. "What's your name, I am going to be reporting you to the nearest teacher for your behaviour!?"

One again Izuku looked surprised, this guy was kind of an arsehole. He had said he was sorry, so what was this guy's problem. "Who are you?"

The boy in front of him scowled as Izuku didn't answer the question, but just asked his own question in response. Puffing up a bit at that and glaring down his nose at Izuku, the boy then spoke again. "My name is Tenya Iida, from Soumei Private School. Now…!"

"Ok, well I suppose it's nice to meet you, Tenya Iida, from Soumei Private School. Now can you please go away and bother someone else? I've got to get to the candidate briefing and you're in my way." Izuku once again replied bluntly.

He didn't want to be rude to this guy, after all he could be a future classmate, but still, his attitude was starting to irk him, and Izuku didn't like being irked, nor did he like, or accept, being pushed around or browbeaten.

"You've still not told me who you are! Did you're mother teach you no manner?!" The now named Iida replied hotly, clearly beginning to get annoyed by Izuku's attitude.

"My mother's dead…" Izuku replied bluntly, his tone now stone cold as he frowned slightly at Iida, his hands unconscious balling into fists, even as the same silvery blue sheen as before covered them.

"Oh, well I…" Iida trailed off, his face going a bit pale, and his mouth slack as he floundered about, unsure how to respond to Izuku's abrupt statement of fact. "I mean, well, I mean I'm sorry, and…."

"Ok cool, well I'll see you later Iida." Izuku quickly replied, being deliberately glib now even as he side stepped the taller boy. His brow furrowing, even as he kept his hands clenched into fists. The abrasive teen had annoyed him, but he wasn't going to make a scene.

"Hey wait!" Iida shouted after Izuku, twisting around so as to follow the other teen and no doubt continue his lecture, only for his eyes to widen as he realised that he also needed to get to the briefing for the physical portion of the exam too.

( - )

(A few minutes later)

After quickly escaping that abrasive Iida kid, Izuku headed for the school's auditorium, following the rest of the candidates heading in that direction. As he did so he couldn't help but look around at some of the other U.A. hopefuls that he passed. Some of whom just looked completely ordinary with normal coloured hair, eyes and body shapes. Whilst others looked distinctly unique, with one of the students he passed having rock like skin, whilst another had bright pink skin and horns, and yet another had the head of a bird and yet the body of a human.

Looking around at the students as he merged with the crowd, Izuku's analytical mind was a whir of motion. He had always loved examining, breaking down and analysing both heroes and villains, and their Quirks. It was something of a hobby of his, and already back at the small yet comfortable flat he had been set up in, thanks to the government, he had a large stack of notebooks filled to the brim with notes he had written on hundreds of heroes and villains.

The unusual appearances of some of those he passed, he knew, were down to two reasons:

The first of which, being that person's Quirk, after all some Quirks mutated a person's appearance because of the way they worked, requiring physical changes for it to operate.

The second possible reason meanwhile was that they could have inherited their appearances from their parents, who themselves gained the unusual features from their Quirks or through inheriting traits from their parents. Meaning that their inhuman looks in no way related to what their own Quirk did, but was what they were born like.

Izuku knew that he himself looked like a normal human, well a very fit and healthy human, but a normal human all the same, just like his parents had. Though that said he did have dark green hair, which he knew wasn't entirely normal, but nor was it a mutation as extreme as some of the U.A. candidates he passed.

Not that appearances mattered at all in the grand scheme of thing. No, in this superhuman society that they lived in, all that truly mattered was a person's Quirk. Those that had a powerful one would succeed, and for the most part have an easy life. Those with a weak one would struggle, and have to work twice as hard to succeed.

It wasn't fair, but nor was life.

Joining the crowd of other candidates all shuffling into the building, Izuku, soon entered as well, letting out a slight whistle as he did so and looked around and saw just how big the room inside was.

It was a massive room, with rows upon rows of seats going in a big circle all the way around, the seats all being tiered so as to allow everyone to have a good view of the main stage.

Walking up the steps, Izuku quickly took his seat. Sitting next to the girl he had seen before outside the auditorium.

It was a girl that looked to be around the same age as Izuku himself, only unlike him she had bright pink skin and unusual eyes which had black sclera and yellow irises. The girl also had unruly, short pink hair quite similar to Izuku's own when he occasionally grew it out, except her own hair was pink, oh and it had a pair of sharp golden coloured horns protruding out of it.

Overall though the girl cut a striking figure. One that Izuku knew would make her a popular hero if she graduated. After all the more striking the hero, and the flashier their Quirk the more popular they would be, and thus the more famous and financially successful.

On the other side of Izuku's seat there was another… girl, he suspected based off of the baggy, pink and white tracksuit and the build. That said he couldn't be entirely sure; not when, other than her clothes and shoes, the girl was completely invisible.

Izuku frowned at that curiously. Was that because she was already using her Quirk? Or maybe it was because she was one of those few who always had their Quirk active, no matter what?

Shaking that thought out of his head, Izuku took his seat, the horned girl next to him glancing over at him, a large smile spreading across her face as she looked him up and down.

As for the other girl, well her tracksuit shifted, but he wasn't sure whether that meant she had turned to look at him, or had just moved slightly in his seat. It wasn't quite clear.

"Hey there, I'm Mina Ashido!" The girl said brightly, even as she thrust her hand out to Izuku, her grin widening as he took it and gave it a brief shake.

Looking down at it, Izuku, took a deep breath and decided that it was time. He would have to do it sooner or later, and this girl seemed nice enough, far more so than that Iida kid from before.

"Hey, I'm Izuku, Izuku Midoriya." Izuku replied uncomfortably, reaching out for the girl's hand, but not quite taking it.

"Hmm, Midoriya?" Mina hummed, taking his hand and shaking it cheerfully, after which she released it and tilted her head to the side a cute, thoughtful look on her face. "I feel like I've heard that name before?"

Izuku suppressed a wince at that.

"Wait I know!" The invisible girl next to him chirped up, catching Izuku's attention as he twisted and looked to the girl. "I remember seeing a documentary a few years back, it was about the Night of Great Loss."

Again Izuku had to hold back a wince.

"Oh of course, you were that five year old kid who lost control and went mental weren't you?" Mina said, her smile dimming slightly as she spoke. "Wow, that must have been rough, I heard a lot of people died back then."

"Yeah it was all over the news! I remember learning about it in school!" The invisible girl nodded, before she paused, no doubt seeing the tense expression on Izuku's face. "Oh sorry, I didn't mean to call you out or anything. I know it like wasn't your fault, I mean you were five. I just, well I just remembered hearing your name before, that's all..."

"It's fine." Izuku said after few moments, his tone a bit stiff. "It's just not something I like to think back on."

"Yeah I imagine not." Mina muttered, a look of sadness now on her face. "Still, it's in the past right, and you must have full control over your Quirk now if U.A. let you try out, right!?"

"Erm right, yeah." Izuku nodded a bit nonplussed, as he saw the pink haired girl not only not shirk away from him, but regain a bit of her previous spark.

"Well that's all that matters isn't it. It was horrible, but it was an accident, right? There is no undoing what's in the past, but you can't let it dominate your present!" The invisible girl said, and Izuku felt a soft, invisible hand patting his hand as she spoke. "Oh and I'm Toru Hagakure by the way!"

"Nice to meet you." Izuku nodded, a slight smile on his face now. This wasn't the reaction he was expecting.

"Yeah nice to meet you, Hagakure!" Mina chirped, once again on high note as she nonchalantly reached across Izuku, uncaring of the awkward positon she put him in as she pressed her mature body against his, her hand extended and a bright smile on her face as she went to greet the invisible girl.

"Yeah you too!" Hagakure replied equally cheerfully.

"So anyway, that other stuff aside, how did you two do on the written exam? I did terrible, I only hope I am able to make up my points in the physical test!" Mina suddenly said in a bubbly tone. Not batting an eye, or at all embarrassed, as she admitted that she hadn't done well in the written tests.

"Oh, I didn't do too badly! It was really hard, but I think that I at least got better than half marks." Hagakure chipped in cheerfully, her bright, optimistic personality matching well with Mina's. "What about you Midoriya?"

"Me? Well I don't think I did too badly." Izuku muttered in reply, shifting slightly as he felt the gazes of both girl's on him. So was that just it? They weren't going to mention the incident again? "But like you say, Ashido, this test should hopefully be easier!"

"Yeah, hopefully!" Mina nodded with a grin, raising her hand and clenching it into a fist as she did so. "I wonder what it'll be though. With my Quirk I think I should be able to do pretty well!"

"Oh really, what is your Quirk? If you don't mind me asking?" Hagakure jumped back into the conversation, a tone of curiousity in her voice as she, like Izuku, pondered whether it had something to do with Mina's striking appearance. "I mean mine is pretty obvious, I'm invisible!"

"Yeah, I can see that! It looks awesome! As for me, well I can create acid and secrete it from my skin and stuff. It's pretty cool as I can change how corrosive it is and how thick it is and things like that!" Mina replied, her cheerfulness not diminishing in the slightest.

"They both sound like really good Quirks!" Izuku spoke up, beginning to regain his bearings now he was fully confident that neither of the two were going to snap at him, or be afraid. With Mina beaming at him in delight at his compliment.

"What abo…" Hagakure spoke up, a note of interest in her voice as he clothing shifted turned to face him.

However, before anymore could be said, she was interrupted by the lights in the auditorium noticeably dimming and a hush falling over the waiting students.

"Oh, wait a sec I think the briefing is about to start." Hagakure then continued, completely changing tact now, even as both Izuku and Mina looked down at the main stage.

"Right." Mina replied with a nod, turning in her seat like Izuku as they both looked down at the stage in the centre of the auditorium. The tension and anticipation in the room noticeably building as the many U.A. hopefuls waited for the briefing on the last part of the entrance exam to start.

( - )

(Moments Later)

As the room fell silent and the main lights in the room dimmed, the feeling of anticipation began to grow amongst the waiting U.A. candidates.

As the seconds stretched on the anticipation continued to build, with muttering starting to break out, until it, suddenly, it stopped when the stage was abruptly lit up.

The spotlights now on the stage revealing someone patiently waiting in the centre.

It was a man, one who had excessively spiky and wild blonde hair that extended over a foot above his head, a pair of orange tinted glasses, and some kind of contraption around his neck. Something that looked like a big speaker, only with it being in the shape of a collar.

Despite his unique appearance though, pretty much everyone in the auditorium recognised who this man was in an instant.

This was the Pro Hero known as Present Mic, a well-known hero who taught here at U.A., plus a well-known radio DJ too.

"Welcome everyone to my live show!" Present Mic shouted the moment the lights turned on, a large smile on his face as he thrust both hands out to either side of him, jabbing his fingers at the waiting crowd of candidates, his voice sounding out loud and overly enthusiastic. "Everybody say HEY!"

In response there was only stunned silence, as the building tension and anticipation was well and truly shattered by the eccentric hero's actions.

Seeing the response Present Mic put one of his hands against his ear, undeterred as he used his other hand to wave at the crowd of students. "Come on! One more time, everybody say HEY!"

Again there was silence.

"Oooo, tough crowd!" Present Mic said, his grin not faltering for an instant as he instead began to address the crowd, getting on with what he was really here for. "Whatever! Now I'm going to give you all the run-down on how the practical exam is going to go down! ARE YOU ALL READY?!"

This time some of the students reacted, a couple of them shouting, "yeah!", the majority however remained silent, either due to them being nervous over the exam to come, or because they didn't want to draw attention to themselves, or because they just lacked a sense of humour.

"Haha, good now I want you all to pay attention, as I'm only going to be saying this once!" Present Mic shouted in response, his voice amplified by the speakers around his neck as he struck yet another dramatic pose before continuing on with his speech. "Now the physical part of the exams will be testing whether you have the skills to be a hero! After this briefing you will be going to one of U.A.'s replica-city districts! You can take whatever equipment you want, just gather at your designated meeting area after my presentation?!"

Hearing that Izuku looked down at the registration card he had been given along with his invitation to take the exams, the card showing the letter E. Seeing this Izuku then glanced over at Mina's card, noticing as he did that she was checking his card out too. "You got arena E too?"

"Yep, it looks like we'll be in the same arena!" Mina replied with a smile, bumping Izuku's shoulder with her own as she did so.

"Aw, I'm in arena A," Hagakure said from beside them.

"Ah that's not that bad, I'm sure you'll still crush it!" Mina cheered, once again leaning over the bemused Izuku as she spoke to the invisible girl, her pink hand clenched into a fist as she cheered the invisible girl on.

"Yeah, you two too!" Hagakure shot back.

"Thanks." Izuku nodded, a light smile on his face.

Things were going better than he thought they would go.

With that thought in mind he tuned back into what, Present Mic, was saying as the blonde haired Pro Hero forged on with his explanation of the practical exam.

"Now listen up all of you kids. There'll be loads of faux-villains spread all over the battlefields and each one will be rated as either a One, Two, or Three pointer, depending on what type it is! Your job is to use your Quirk to take out as many of them as you can and rack up a high score! But there are rules, you can't attack other competitors directly! That's nasty anti-hero stuff and will see any student doing it, disqualified!" Present Mic shouted out again, outlining the rules even as several large overhead screens powered up at his words, showing the dark outlines of three different robots, each of which had a number from one to three posted next to it.

Excited whispers began to fill the hall as the waiting students listened in on Present Mic's explanation.

Before the man could continue however a stern, and to Izuku familiar, voice suddenly spoke out, stopping Present Mic from continuing and drawing all the attention in the room to the speaker.

Seeing who it was that was speaking, Izuku couldn't help but roll his eyes.

"Excuse me!" Tenya Iida said loudly, the well-built, bespectacled boy standing up a stern expression on his face as he looked down at Present Mic. "On the handout we received, there are clearly four types of villains listed! If this is an error, then it's a huge embarrassment for a top-tier international academy of U.A's calibre! What is the meaning of this?"

"We were given a handout?" Izuku muttered to Mina, getting a shrug from the girl in response.

"Now, now no need to worry!" Present Mic spoke up, pointing dramatically at the teen with the glasses. "Though you do make a good point young man, so let me explain! The fourth type of villain is called the Zero Pointer! It's a big gimmicky thing that goes wild in tight places! If I were you, I'd do my best to avoid that sucker!"

"I see! Forgive my interruption!" Iida replied, giving a half bow to the amused looking Pro Hero before primly sitting down.

Seeing this, Izuku, could already see an issue arising in the future. If that Iida guy ended up being in the same class as him, he suspected the two of them might not get along all that well, not with that he had seen of the other teen's attitude thus far.

"Well I think that's enough from me!" Present Mic continued, even as he grinned around at the waiting candidates. "I think I'll leave you with a quote that my academy prides itself on! Go beyond! Plus Ultra! Now get out there you crazy kids, and have a great time!"

Izuku grinned as he heard that, his hands clenching into fists as he readied himself for the task ahead. Go beyond, he liked the sound of that, and it was exactly what he was going to do. He would take this opportunity and prove to all the teachers of U.A. that he had what it took to be a hero!

( - )

On the front row of the stands, some fifty metres from where Izuku was sat, Katsuki Bakugo grinned fiercely. His red eyes gleaming with anticipation as he readied himself for the challenge ahead.

It was time, time for him to show the teachers of U.A. what he was made of!

( - )

AN: And so there we go, the U.A. exam has started, and both Bakugo and Midoriya have both been reintroduced, 10 years later and very different that the boy's they might have been had things happened in canon.

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