Chapter 3

Accessing File: SIVA

The SIVA nanites were envisioned by Dr. Escher Zhang of the Clovis Bray in 2003 to be the next step in mankind's place in the world. The project was started to make building permanent settlements faster in order to prevent Grimm attacks on settlements still being constructed.

A few years later when the current head of Clovis Bray, Clovis Bray II the son of the founder Clovis Bray I, began to see it a new light. He had heard that a scientist working for Scrooge McDuck had invented a spaceship that move across the solar system, beyond the speed of normal rocket-ships, for the purpose of making a colony on a new world.

Despite hearing that it was a failure when the pilot was lost in cosmic storm he realized that colonization of worlds beyond Earth was approaching faster than what was expected. In order to create a colony settlements are needed and SIVA could create the settlements for the colonists before they arrive to their new world. He believed that SIVA could be used for it and decided to hire several top scientists to work on it and have it completed as soon as possible.

After the Frames on his space station finished alpha testing of the nanomachines and deemed it ready, it was to begin beta testing on the planet. After Satyra tried to steal it from the Bray facilities in Russia Clovis Bray had to nanites transported to warehouses in Japan owned by several of his shelf companies to house the naites once they've determined that Satyra was not going after it anymore.

The scientists working on the development of SIVA were too confident that the machines wouldn't be stolen that they neglected to put in any safety features, such as a kill switch.


"What do you mean you don't want us to protect your warehouse from an attack!?" Kaine yelled.

The Hunters and mercenary were in a car driven by Nier to Ichiawa and Cayde's phone received a call from Clovis Bray II. The phone was put on speaker and Kaine was not liking the news they were getting from Mr. Bray.

"It is precisely as I said," Bray responded. "Thanks to you we now understand what must be done to stop Doctor Robotnik."

"What hire more Hunstmen and mercenaries?" Cayde asked. "Cause having us around to help out whoever you're brining in sounds like the smart thing to do."

"The situation is becoming too out of control to have the three of you risk your lives," Bray said. "But rest assured I have had your payment delivered to your bank accounts."

Bray then hung up leaving the three alone in silence.

"Okay I'm calling bull**** here," Kaine said. "He's hiding something from us."

"If theirs anything I've learned from working for Clovis Bray is that they're always up to something shady," Cayde said. "They're just good at convincing everyone not affiliated with them that they're good Samaritans."

Kaine then looks at her husband, "Nier?"

"I'm not the kind of person who would just take their payment and run," Nier said. "I want to see this until the end."

"Good, according to the information Cayde got off the terminal the warehouse holding the SIVA cache is actually an abandoned factory," Kaine explained. "Robotnik will need to send a lot more of his robots to raid the facility."

"Then we fight a hundred and ten percent harder," Nier said. "We've faced far worse and come to far to just walk away."

"This is great guys, anyone want hug when we get out?" Cayde asked but was met with zero response. "No? No hugs."


"Operator all squads have entered the factory."

"Copy that, be advised we've detected a large force of robots on their way, so be careful."

"Understood operator will do."


The Hunters and mercenary find the factory outside of town. Around it are a few storage warehouses and it appears that the area has just been damaged.

"Well that's not suspicious at all," Nier said as he got out of the car.

"Did we get here late?" Cayde asked. "Cause it looks like they started the party without us."

Nier looked around and found something by the wall of the factory it looked like a teenage girl and she appeared to be in a pool of her own blood!

"Over their," he said to the others.

They ran to the girl and saw that she was slumped to the wall and appeared lifeless. She appeared to be 5ft and 6 inches tall, had bright red hair, a black blindfold over her eyes, and was wearing what appeared to be black lolita style clothing. Next to her was a discarded sword.

"Who would do this?" Kaine said with a look of shock.

Cayde looked at the body closely but noticed something odd. "Uh guys what's with her left arm?"

The trio takes a look at the corpse's left arm and noticed circuitry poking out of the skin. This was not something they were expecting.

"What the heck," Kaine said. "Is she a robot or something?"




"Worry about it later theirs still a fight going on!" Nier said as he rushed into the factory with Kaine and Cayde and what they found was something they were not expecting. Not only were the Frames protecting the factory from hordes of Robotniks machines but what appeared to be teenagers, dressed like the corpse outside, were fighting the machines as well.

They appeared to be mostly female with only a males among them. They were all armed with melee weapons of varying designs. The weapons resembled swords, spears, and some sort of large combat bracers. A few of the teenagers had some sort of floating pods hovering next them that fired energy rounds, missiles, powerful laser beams, generated shields, etc.

"Clovis bray had something to do with this but is this!?" Cayde said.

Suffice to say Nier and Kaine were just as confused as Cayde but they agreed with him about Clovis Bray. The current head of the exoscience and robotics company personally called them to abandon the mission and new they see why.

'These teenagers are some sort of robots,' Nier thought. 'That has to be the reason why the dead girl had circuitry poking out of her arm.'

"Guys down there," Cayde said as he pointed to something on the lower level. They saw two of the robot teenagers surrounded by robots. They both had white hair and each had a pod floating next to them. One was a girl that was 5ft 6in tall and carried two white katanas, one was normal length and was held in her hand and the second was floating in front of her back with some sort of golden halo around it. She had a small mole on her chin and wore a black hair band. The second was a boy that was 5 ft 3 in tall and had a dark katana that seemed to be the same design as the shorter katana the girl was using.

"They may be robots but they definitely need our help," Cayde said. He jumped down and activated his Semblance but instead of channeling the fire into his gun he created six knives . He threw them and each one hit a machine and exploded.

Another line of robots charged at Cayde and the human like robots but were impaled by dark spears that appeared from the ground. This was Nier's Dark Execution spell.

Another group approaches but Kaine jumps in front of them, they point their guns at her but she activates her Semblance. Her body turns black and has glowing yellow lines appearing on it and even her eyes turned yellow. She charges at the machines at a fast speed and slices many of them and throws her swords at two of them. She then uses her fist and as it turns out has become stronger as evidence by the fact that she just destroyed a robot head with just one punch. She grabs her swords and charges at the last one just as her body returns to normal and destroys it.

"Where the heck did you three come from!?" exclaimed the male robot.

"It doesn't matter 9S our orders are to protect the factory from Dr. Robotnik's attacking machines and to prevent them from taking the SIVA prototype," said neutral sounding female robot.

"But these people just came out of nowhere 2B," said the now identified 9S. "And I thought they were ordered to not operate here?"

"Clovis Bray anticipated that they would come here," said 2B. "And it does not hinder the mission."

"Right" Understood," said 9S.

The five rejoin the fight against the attacking machines and though they held their own alongside the defenders their just too many attackers. Frames and other humanoid robots were killed and the SIVA nanomachines were being stolen. With the number of attackers the factory's defenders just couldn't be everywhere all at once. Nier made use of his Semblance Gestalt sending out his shadow double to aid in the fight but he could only make one and even that wasn't enough. Soon the battle was over and it could hardly be called a victory for the defenders.

"Pod 042 can you get a read out on the amount of SIVA that was stolen?" 2B asked.

"Affirmative," the light colored pod spoke in a male voice. "Approximately 90 % of all SIVA nanites was stolen."

"Blast," said 2B.

"Hey you're welcome for us saving your butts back their," Cayde said.

"Oh sorry, thanks for helping us back their," 9S said politely. "Though their wasn't really any need 2B and I have faced far worse."

"Don't worry about it champ," Cayde said as he patted 9S on the shoulder. "Same thing happens with me a lot on my missions."

"Can we get back on track here!" Kaine demanded. "Like what the heck are you!?"

"Well, we're androids ma'am," 9S answered.

"Well why are you here?" Nier asked

"I'm sure I can answer that," said a familiar voice.

The Hunters and mercenary look up to see a middle-age man with dirty blonde hair and blue eyes enter the factory, this was Clovis Bray II. Everyone leaves the factory and sees several airships, the living androids enter the ships with the remaining SIVA and the dead androids. Nier, Kaine, and Cayde approach the middle-age Russian man for their answers.

"Well what the f### is going on here Bray!? Kaine demanded.

"If you must know Project YoRHa was a group of created for the betterment of mankind, Human, Faunus, and Mobian," Bray said. "They were created by secretive Black Ops groups and governments to protect the world by working outside of the law, my father's company was the one who proposed their creation."

"So you created mindless androids to do your bidding!?" Nier said.

"They are hardly mindless Nier," Bray said. "You've seen it yourself they have their own emotions and personalities, despite trying to create androids that lacked emotions they gained emotions and act like humans giving them a survival instinct and seek to succeed alive."

"That doesn't excuse the fact that made them to fight and die," Kaine said. "Lookat them! They're like kids in a Hunstmen Academy!"

"Not necessarily, according to their combat data they're skills are on par with Hunstsmen class III-IV with a few even on par with Class V's," Bray. "Besides their not dead permanently they are capable of saving their data and it's sent to a new body should their current one be destroyed."

"Okay, while we're on the subject," Cayde interjected. "Why are you telling us this?"

"Because even if you tell someone they won't believe you," Bray said. "And like I said several governments support Project YoRHa it's not something you can just get ride of. Now if you don't mind I have more pressing matters to attend to and I expect you to not interfere."

Bray walks away from the group and enters one of the airships leaving the Hunters and mercenary alone.

"That god**** self-righteous pompous ***hole," Kaine shouted which briefly activated her Semblance for a couple of seconds before returning to normal.

Nier went o the car and selected a number and turned it back on to speaker. Once it was done ringing Cayde and Kaine approached him.

"Hello," said the voice of Master Splinter.

"Master Splinter it's use," Nier said. "We have a question to ask you."

"What is it?" Splinter asked.

"What do you know about Project YoRHa?" Kaine asked in a calm tone.

After brief period of silence Splinter responded. "Did Bray tell you?"

"He did, right after we met his androids," Cayde said.

"It was a project proposed by a Russian scientist named Zinnia after the Cold War ended," Splinter said. "He received resources and funding from Black Ops groups under the orders of their governments, a few secret organization, and even groups that secretly break the law."

"Why make it?" Nier asked.

"Zinnia knew that conflict would always arise whether from Grimm or mankind's own petty squabbles so he decided to create the project with the help of Clovis Bray I to create a group that could be allowed to work outside the law," Splinter said. "They have the backings of the Russian and British government, P.O.I.N.T., Outer Haven Academy, and a few other groups you shouldn't need to know about."

"We can't get ride of them can we?" Nier asked solemnly.

"Several government organizations want them to exist and hav given them their backing, I'm afraid their is nothing we can do," Splinter said.

Nier gave no response as he merely hung up and walked a few feet away from the car. He looked up at the night sky and screamed out in frustration. He summoned five Dark Hand's and smashed them into the concrete ground before falling to his news.

Kaine approaches him and places her hand on his soldier. "Come on," she said to her husband in a gentle tone. "Let's just go home."

"Yeah," Nier said solemnly. "Let's just do that."

Name: Kaine

Species: Human

Aura: Black

Semblance: Berserker

Description: Her skin turns black and gains yellow glowing lines, while her eyes start to glow yellow. This semblance allows her to move faster and makes her stronger. It also pumps up her aggression but can only stay active on it's own for 45 seconds. Capabl of being turned off willingly.

Weapon-Serrated swords: A Two curved serrated swords.