Chapter 4

Accessing File: Project YoRHa

Project YoRHa was proposed by Russian scientist Zinnia of the Clovis Bray corporation as a secret military project that would create androids tasked with the purpose of protecting mankind from threats such as Grimm and terrorists. The androids would be stronger than the average person and their lack of Aura would be made up for with advance weapon training, skills that ordinary people are unable to perform, and possess state-of-the-art virus protection to protect them from anyone who would try to corrupt their systems and gain control. Unfortunately the project required more materials and devices than what Clovis Bray and the Soviet Union military had to make the androids superior to the Frame units and use of A.I. was forbidden by Clovis Bray I who believed that it would be inhuman to send an expendable soldier with a mind based on a human, Faunus, or Mobian out to die.

But as luck would have it the Soviet Union would be dissolved and the Cold War would end allowing Clovis Bray to able to reach out to other countries for aid. In the process they gained the attention of shadowy organizations that seek to protect the world at any cost and threw in their support to Project YoRHa. Groups that are known to support YoRHa include Outer Haven Academy, Skyfall Academy, governments such as Russia and the United Kingdom, a few members of the French government who wish to take back the land they lost to the kingdom of Rodigan, the U.S. military Black Ops group of Area 49-B who were ordered by President George H.W. Bush to assist the project, P.O.I.N.T., and the Grey People.

Area 49-B supplied some key materials YoRHa needed such as schematics of alien weaponry like the Neurometer, blueprints of the engines of UFOs that they captured, and information of alien power sources that Area 49-B has managed to reverse engineer. But perhaps their biggest contribution was the cores of an unidentified machine life form. The machine was inactive when it was found, it stood at least 8 feet tall, possessed a black chassis, and had green symbols on it. Because it was deemed inhumane to use traditional A.I. for the creation of the androids the machine core was studied and copies were made for the android units. The core became known as the "Black Box," it is a small cube shaped object that serves as a combination of a power cell and memory module.

In 1998 the first thirty androids were created and ready for deployment. Unexpectedly the androids acted like human beings displaying emotions such as fear, love, hatred, kindness, etc. and even the want for a family of their own. While initially concerned Clovis Bray and their backers for Project YoRHa but it was quickly seen as a blessing. If they could think like humans than they would have a need for survival in combat. Over time Clovis Bray worked on finding away to back up the androids data so they wouldn't need to constantly make more should a large number be destroyed.

Though YoRHa is managed by it's backers, Clovis Bray still owns it and relays the orders to the androids.

Accessing File: The Bunker

The Bunker is an underground complex serving as the HQ for YoRHa located in the Vostochny Cosmodrome acting as a HQ for Project YoRHa. Operator units and the android commander of YoRHa White, receive orders from Clovis Bray and give orders to their field operatives.

In 2000 Clovis Bray was able to design a way for YoRHa units to back up their data so destroyed units can continue fighting. The Bunker is installed with servers that YoRHa units back up their data to. Once killed the unit's back up data will be sent to a new body allowing them to continue fighting. It is advised that unit regularly backup their data because any memory they make after backing up their data will be lost.

The Bunker possesses advanced virus protection software and A.I. units that protects it from outside hacking and viruses. It is believed that some information on the A.I. units was discovered by the public which led to the rumors of Clovis Bray creating a military A.I. to direct the Russian military and operating supposed war satellites.

Accessing File: YoRHa Units

YoRHa units serve the purpose of going on missions to face dangerous Grimm, terrorists such as Satyra, and recon missions into countries led by tyrants such as Rodigan were they evaluate their threat level to see if they should intervene. Originally YoRHa units were classified as the A (Attacker), G (Gunner), and S (Scanner) units. The A and G prototypes were phased out in the year 2000 though a four surviving prototypes from these lines remain active and have been upgraded, unit White serves as the commander of YoRHa she also lacks a normal unit designation despite being part of the A-type seies. Units are stronger and faster than most humans, and their combat skills show that they are on par with class 3-4 Hunters, and a few units skills have been shown to be on par with a class 5 Hunter.

YoRHa androids have a variety of hair colors, including tones not common in humans such as white and red. They typically have dark eyes and wear black uniforms or armor. The only unit in YoRHa who does not follow this clothing code is the Commander White, who wears white. Due to their heavily reinforced combat frames, a YoRHa android is about two and a half times the weight of a healthy human of equivalent size. Combat androids are supposed to have a personality defined by their unit class (B being neutral, S inquisitive, etc) but in practice YoRHa models display a range of personality types similar to their human creators. Units with the same number all share a common base personality construct, though their experiences can radically alter this in practice. Each YoRHa unit is referred to by their number and assigned designation. For the prototypes it's their designation followed by their production number for current models it's their production number followed by their assigned designation. While their use to be an even number of male and female androids, despite the males greater physical strength they were declared a failure due to their inability to work cooperatively.

YoRHa units can perform most actions a human could, including sleeping, eating and drinking, though these are not required and performed only as and when the unit feels like it. Their body structure does mean that certain foods, particularly oily fish, will seriously compromise their functionality. The combat chassis is largely self-cleaning with only occasional replacement of filters needed to maintain peak performance, although some units prefer to bathe regularly as they enjoy how it feels. They cannot naturally reproduce and are not fitted with any kind of genitals.

Accessing File: YoRHa unit designations

YoRHa's androids are divided into specific models for defined roles. Over time, models were phased out, updated, or added onto face ongoing threats. Known models include:

§ A - Attacker: specialized in close-ranged combat, with exceptional dash abilities and an experimental "berserk mode" ("B mode") only used in this variant. Obsolete, but known to have been one of the three original YoRHa android prototypes.

§ B - Battler: all-purpose combat unit, a hybrid of the A and G prototype models. This type was developed by utilizing the battle data on surviving A and G units.

§ D - Defender: focused on defensive tactics such as the use of barriers that are installed in them without the use of a Pod, and heavily reinforced against viruses.

§ E - Executioner: combat model specifically designed for anti-android operations. E-models are often covertly deployed and given another type designation, charged with monitoring and, if need be, eliminating androids who have violated YoRHa's policies in some way, including those at risk of or in the process of deserting, and those in unauthorized possession of classified information. E-models seem to be functionally similar to B-models regardless of their designation. Traitor YoRHa units have their back-up data reset to believing that they were just made. Only Clovis Bray, YoRHa's backers, and a few androids in command such as Commander White know about the E-types existence.

§ G - Gunner: specialized in long-range combat. Obsolete, but known to have been one of the original YoRHa android prototypes. In 2009 data on the G-models were uploaded to the Frames to improve their combat effectiveness.

§ H - Healer: specialized repair unit, with additional tools both for repairing physical damage and dealing with data corruption and electronic warfare. H-models were at one point also responsible for uploading squad Black Box data to the Bunker along with S-models.

§ O - Operator: logistical model, provides intel and missions for units in the field as well as collecting and compiling command-level data for operations in The Bunker. One Operator is assigned to each combat unit in the field. The O series are not designed for combat, and are not permitted to leave The bunker.

§ S - Scanner: scout unit with additional sensor capabilities and a comprehensive hacking suite for gathering data. Alongside the H-models they were charged with uploading the personality data of themselves and their companions to servers in the Bunker. S-models are especially unique being the only current-production male YoRHa androids, due to testing finding that male combat-focused models were stronger but poor at cooperation. In the early stages of project YoRHa their use to be female Scanner models, but all female prototypes were destroyed before android data could be backed up.

YoRHa androids are able to switch roles at their own request, presumably by having their data uploaded to a body of another model type.

Accessing File: YoRHa equipment

The equipment used by the androids of Project YoRHa was made from and/or based off of equipment given to them from the military Black Ops group of Area 49-B. YoRHa combat models typically use high-tech bladed weapons capable of creating shockwaves that can hit enemies from a distance in their missions, though the manipulator system used by combat units (called the near-field combat system, NFCS) to control their weaponry can in practice interface with virtually any object, from a purpose-built weapon to a discarded iron pipe. The manipulator fields produced by NFCS take the form of a series of glowing translucent golden halo-like rings along the length of whatever the field is holding, and allow movement in ways that would be impossible if the android handled weapons with only their hands. YoRHa weapons can copy memories of it's users and install them onto a different user.

Combat models usually wear clothing in a Gothic Lolita style, though they can be issued heavy body armor for more dangerous missions. They typically wear a black visor resembling a blindfold that is equipped with a variety of sensors, though their eyes are perfectly functional without it. Operator models do not wear such a visor, instead wearing a veil that covers their mouth.

Insertion of troops and heavier combat is handled by single-seat SSTO aircraft referred to as "Flight Units," which can shift form from a powerful fighter craft to a bipedal mech for all-aspect combat: the unit also uses the legs of the bipedal mode as landing gear. Squads can also be deployed by shuttles that move at fast speeds. The shuttles and flight units have been tested to be capable of breaking through the atmosphere.

For fire support in ground missions, YoRHa units can be assigned a small AI companion referred to as a Pod. These hovering devices are primarily used to carry ranged weapons, but also serve as an additional assistant to the YoRHa unit, dealing with trivial mission-related issues and general questions to save contacting Operators. Pods are also equipped with special weapon programs based on some of the equipment from Area 49-B. Pods may offer advice against an android's current course of action, but ultimately must obey all direct orders from the unit they were originally assigned to, even those that go against YoRHa command's directives. They are also equipped with a series of manipulator limbs for handling delicate objects or performing repairs, a variety of medical supplies such as staunching gel and a powerful searchlight to assist their android companion in navigating dark areas visually. The firing interface for the Pod is provided by the android's far-field combat system (FFCS).

Though Clovis Bray technically owns the equipment they made for YoRHa they are forbidden from selling it to the public by their backers.


Unknown island, located 500 miles east of Andromeda City.

9S was your basic YoRHa scanner unit. He was inquisitive and he normally expressed emotions like most YoRHa units even though others try to remind them not show emotion (even though the sticklers end up expressing their emotions as well). He received orders and followed them, whether it was to scout out a location, recover data, and of course kill enemies. But from time-to-time he'd think of them as something like...

"Man this job can be a real drag." that.

After Doctor Robotnik's robots raided the last SIVA warehouse and acquired most of the nanites it Clovis Bray ordered YoRHa to attack the good doctor. Thanks to 9S hacking Robotnik's machines he was able to learn about Robotnik's plan to use SIVA to turn Andromeda City into an impenetrable fortress. The data showed that he was having his robot army come with him as part of the expedition, though considering he was bringing an army and his plans it looks more like an invasion, and the island he's based on is the staging ground for it. Thanks to the recovered data they have a map that has the complete layout of the island and it's facility.

His part in the mission was to disable a turret node. With the data he recovered command learned Robotnik's location and that he set up defense turrets around the island each section controlled by a node. 9S and few other scanner models were sent inside of disarmed torpedoes to reach the island undetected and without the turrets being alerted.


And now he's receiving a message from his assigned operator. In front of him his black Pod Unit 153 displayed a holographic screen that had his Operator's face on it. Like all YoRHa units her eyes are a shade of blue but like most O-units she had blonde hair that had a black hair band in it, and like other O-units she wore a veil instead of the black visor like blindfold that other YoRHa units wore. Operator 21O is level-headed, cold, and impersonal. She shuns 9S's attempts at casual conversation and does not pay heed to his compliments of her.

"Operator 21O to 9S, come in 9S," 21O said.

"This is 9S, go ahead operator," 9S responded.

"Command and Clovis Bray has assigned all Operators assigned to the S-models in the operation to review their objectives," 21O said. "Shall we begin with your review?"

"Yeah, yeah," 9S said. He found the idea of going over something he already knows as pointless.

"One affirmation will suffice 9S," 21O said.

"Right. My mission is to disable the nearby turret control node disabling the turrets on one side of the island allowing YoRHa to send in flight units and shuttles carrying troops unharmed," 9S said. "Once my objective is complete I'm to rendezvous with 2B's squad and assist them in the battle. All YORHa units are to destroy every enemy machine insight, kill or capture Dr. Robotnik, and to retrieve or destroy the stolen SIVA nanomachines."

"Very good 9S," 21O said. "Proceed with the mission and be careful."

Before 9S could respond she hung up leaving him alone with his pod unit.

"She could've at least let me say goodbye," 9S said.

He looked around the area to give himself a good understanding of where he currently is. He could see several turrets near him pointing out towards the sea and sky prepared to shoot anything that isn't part of Robotnik's forces. He sprint past the turrets at a pace that normal humans couldn't run at but stopped alongside the wall of a building to get a good look of what was ahead. It was a clearing between him and the next cluster of buildings but their robots patrolling it in squads.

"Pod 153 how close am I to the turret control node?" 9S asked.

"Analysis: map data shows that the node is in the first building of the next cluster of structures," Pod 153 answered with a feminine. "Hypothesis: enemy security will be higher. Fighting through the enemy combatants inside is a high probability."

But before he can make it he'll have to get past the patrols hopefully without a fight. If he'll want that to happen 9S will have to wait for the right moment. The patrol groups past each other and after a few seconds to make sure they can't spot him he sprints past them making it to the next cluster of buildings and enters the turret control node. Once inside he saw that he was now in a hallway.

"Pod where do I go from here?" 9S asked.

"Analyzing map data. ... ... location found marking on map," Pod 153 said.

9S follows the direction that his marker is pointed to and runs down the hall. He stops whenever he comes across a corridor to see if their are any enemy patrols. As his luck would have it he comes face to face with three of Robotnik's robots. 9S pulls out his katana and destroys one of them while the other two use their thrusters to back out and start shooting him.

"Pod provide fire support."


Pod 153 begins shooting the robots with it's equipped auto gun, firing energy projectiles at the attacking robots. Once the robots are destroyed 9S continues with his mission to find the turret node control room. Once he reaches the entrance for the room he begins receiving transmissions from the other deployed Scanner models.

"This is 4S I have deactivated turret control node 1."

"This is 31S I have deactivated turret control node 3."

"Turret control node 2 is the only one still active," Pod 153 said. "Analysis: Unit 9S should deactivate turret control node 2 before Doctor Ivo Robotnik realizes the truth."

"You don't need to tell me twice," 9S responded.

He enters the turret control room to find six more robots inside. They turn their attention to 9S and five of them each fires a rocket at 9S.

"Pod activate shield program."

Pod 153 complies with his request and creates a shield around 9S. The rockets explode on impact but the shield was already running out of energy. As soon as the shield fell 9S dashes forward and swings his sword at one of the robots sending a shock wave "sword arc" at it. The shock wave slices the robot in half leaving five bots left. One of the robots then charges at 9S while firing it's gun. A couple of bullets manage to hit 9S but once he was close to it he cuts off it's left arm and then slices off it's head. Three of the remaining robots circle around 9S and fire at him but he manages to dash out of their line of fire and two of the robots end up taking each other out. 9S has Pod 153 shoot it's auto gun on the robot that was destroyed by friendly fire. The remaining robot then approaches 9S, it fires a missile at 9S but he manages to avoid it and he charges at the robot. When he got close enough to the robot it tries to smash him with its missile launcher. It missed but the shockwave sends 9S back to the wall.

"Pod 153 activate laser mode," 9S ordered as he got up and ran around the robot.


The box on top of Pod 153 split apart and went sideways charging up energy until it fired a powerful laser beam that destroyed the last robot.

"All targets eliminated," Pod 153 said. "Analysis: Unit 9S should hack into the system and disable the turret control node."

"Right," 9S said.

He places his hand over the control panel and a ring appears around it. 9S's conscious enters some sort of cyberspace that resembles a library. He looks around until he sees a light emitting from a bookshelf and he goes to it. Once he goes to it he grabs the light and pulls it out, and then he appears back in the real world.

"Hacking successful. All turret control nodes are offline," Pod 153 said. "Sending intel to command to begin attack. Intercepting transmission."

"What's going!? Why are my turrets deactivating!? Someone get them back online NOW!" said a very angry voice.

"Was that Dr. Robotnik?" 9S asked.

"Affirmative. Command has ordered that turret node control rooms be destroyed to prevent turrets from being reactivated."

"Don't need to tell me twice," 9S said. He swung his sword a few times to send out shockwaves to destroy the panels keeping the turrets from being reactivated. After that he left the room to rendezvous with 2B and her squad.



Above the clouds several shuttles are flying to the island Doctor Robotnik has based himself on. And leading the shuttles are YoRHa flight units, crafts capable of operating as powerful aircrafts and can transform into bipedal mechs for all-aspect combat. The infiltration units sent to disable Dr. Robotnik's anti-air turrets may have succeeded in their mission but they had to be prepared for any machines capable of attacking flyers. One squad of six YoRHa units is seen, the unit in the back has a white flight unit in contrast to the other five black ones, the white colored one signified that the pilot is the captain of the squad. The squad is currently receiving a call.

"This is YoRHa command. Alpha squad, come in," said an unidentified Operator

"2B here. All units are prepared for aerial combat with Dr. Robotnik's machines. Autopilot systems are green across the board."

The operator receives information that all six YoRHa units in the squad are present. 7B, 12H, 2B, 11B, 4B, and 1D (the captain).

"This is Operator 6O. All units confirmed," said the now identified Operator 6O. "Alpha squad once you reach the island's airspace, proceed to manual attack formation. Then once your clear land and regroup with Scanner model 9S and complete the mission by any means necessary."

"Understood," said 2B.

Suddenly a missile hits one of the flight units causing it to fly off course. The pilot manages to scream before static cuts her off and her flight unit explodes with her in it.

"12H down," said 1D. "All units initiate manual mode and rely on visuals to evade. You have permission to engage any enemy unit you come across."

"Already engaged. Free movement unlocked," said 2B's pod unit 042.

"Origin point of missile confirmed. Dr. Robotnik has flyers in the air," 1D said. "All squads are being notified."

Once the squad gets through the clouds they see the island as well as a squad of flying robots. The robots looked like they could operate at both high speed flight and as a hovering attack robot. By the time Alpha squad sighted them a second missile was launched and hit another flight unit destroying it.

"11B down," 1D said. "Our Ho229 cancellers are ineffective."

"Operator 6O to all flight unit squads. You have to protect the transport shuttles at all costs."

Alpha squad immediately engages the oncoming enemy flyers. The enemy was equipped with machine guns and missiles. But the flight units possessed strong maneuverability, had stronger weapons such as neurometer blasters, and evasion tech to help avoid missile locks. The first wave was down, but a second wave had approached Alpha squad and destroyed another flight unit.

"7B down," 1D said this time with a hint of worry in her voice since now half her squad was just destroyed.

Once more Alpha squad engaged in aerial combat with the enemy. The squad was outnumbered but they remained vigilant and were prepared to fight in such conditions. If a flight unit got close to an enemy air unit they activated the heavy attack mode on the flight unit causing the engines to flare and spin around destroying anything close to it. While 2B and 4B were fighting some of the enemies 1D was engaging two other enemy flyers. She fired a missile at one destroying it but the other managed to hit her flight unit with a missile damaging one of the engines. 1D was loosing control of the flight unit but she managed to turn it around and fire one of her own missiles at the enemy flyer before her flight unit exploded.

"1D down. Assuming captain's duties," 2B said.

2B's flight unit used an electronic paint to turn her flight unit from to white showing that she is now the captain of what remained of Alpha squad. 2B and 4B noticed that more enemy air units were beginning to surround them.

"Multiple surrounding enemy air units confirmed. Requesting permission to assume mobile configuration," 2B said 6O.

"Permission granted," replied 6O.

The remaining two flight units transformed into bipedal mechs. They immediately engaed the enemy. A few missiles were fired at 2B but she used the flight units plasma blade to destroy them and fired neurometer blasts at the enemy. When more enemy flight units began came to surround 2B and 4B they activated their flight units salvo fire. In aircaft mode the flight units sand out a swarm of missles but in biped mode they fire a circle of missiles destroying most of their targets. A few stranglers remained but 2B and 4B used their flight units plasma blades to destroy them.

"Captain, I think-," 4B said before she was destroyed by a missile.

"...4B down," 2B said.

2B saw that it came from another enemy flyer that was coming to Alpha squads position. 'That robot must have been chased off by one of the other squads.' 2B thought to herself.

The robot fired it's weapons at 2B but she was quicker to evade any bullets and missiles and shot the robot out of the sky.

"2B to Operator 6O. All allied nits down. Awaiting further orders."

"O-Operator to 2B. All flight unit squads have finished mopping up the remaining enemy air units. The shuttles are landing. We need you to rendezvous with unit 9S and regroup with Omega squad and carry out the mission."


2B's flight unit transformed to flight mode and flew to the island. She reached an area where a few shuttles and flight units had begun to land. She transformed her flight unit back into biped mode in order to land. A metal covering in front of the flight unit parted ways revealing 2B and she stepped out of the flight unit. Instead of the black gothic lolita like outfit 2B was wearing YoRHa issued heavy body armor instead. It was black with a gold trimming, a tube connected from the back to below the chest, instead of high-heeled shoes it had metallic boots, a half-circle blade was on each elbow, and she wore a WW2 styled German helmet with a mask that had two green eyepieces and possessed a mouth design. The body armor was mostly designed for intimidation purposes in addition to the protection it brings.

As she looked around she saw a few shuttles and flight units land in her area. Among the androids entering the area she saw one that entered the area from around the corner of a building. It was 9S as well as his pod Unit 153.

"You made it 2B," 9S said as he greeted 2B. "I heard about what happened to your squad and I'm sorry."

"Their data was backed up before the operation started," 2B said. "They didn't die for good."

"Yeah but still they died as the them that existed after their data was backed up," 9S said. "They lost their current selves that existed. It may have been brief but they still lost a piece of their own memories."

"That's...actually an interesting idea their 9S," 2B said letting her emotionless guise slip.

"Wait-wait-wait, did I just blow your mind," 9S said in a shocked manner.

"Emotions are prohibited," 2B said in her normal emotionless speech pattern.


"Come on we have a mission to do let's meet up with Omega squad."

"R-right 2B."

They made their way to one of the shuttles were five YoRHa androids and a single Pod Unit were stepping off of. Four of the androids were not wearing helmets. One had short silvery-white hair long 2B and 9S, another had short bright red hair, the third had grey hair that was shorter then her companions giving her a boyish look, and the fourth had short brown hair. The fifth android was programming the Pod unit and stopped when she nudged the white haired android.

"8B over their," she said to the android.

"Thanks for alerting me 10H," 8B said as she turned her attention to 9S and 2B who took off her helmet. "Where's the rest of Alpha Squad?"

"They were killed before we landed," 2B said.

"," the brown haired android whispered.

"Captain our orders was that we were to work with all of Alpha squad and their assigned scanner unit," the red haired android said. "Do you think the seven of us will be enough?"

"We can make it work 22B," 8B said then turned to 2B and 9S. "Remember we all need to watch each others back on this mission so be ready for anything."



"10H you're Pod Unit is our guide so have him led us to our coordinates," 8B said.

"Right. 006," 10H said.

"Marking location on map. Sharing coordinates and map data with Pod Units 042 and 142," Pod 006 said.

"Let's go people," 8B said as the group moved out and 2B put her helmet back on.

8B stopped the brown haired android and said to her, "16D I know hearing about your combat mentor 11B getting taken out of the operation is rough, but I need you to keep your head in the game."

"Understood captain."

The group followed the directions for their objective. The data that was recovered by 9S showed that Dr. Robotnik had placed supplies of SIVA in five different locations on the island. The objective of the Alpha and Omega squads was to secure one of these caches. As they approached the building their objective is in they came across a few robots but made quick work of them.

"Hey 2B," 9S said. "Most people who know me well enough call me Nines. When do you think you'll call me that?"

"9S works just fine," 2B responded.

"Yeah but Nines is shorter," 9S said.

"Cut the chatter we've arrived at our objective," 2B said as the group arrived at a building that was marked on their map.

"Everyone be ready for anything," 8B said and turned to the grey haired android. "64B try not to rush in. Always remember to keep a cool head in combat."

"Understood captain," 64B responded.

The group entered the building and encountered enemy robots. Among the robots were the usual white colored ones was another that was the same model but was red and black and the missile launcher was replaced with a different style cannon. Their was also another model that was bigger and had much larger arms that look like they can spin. Some canisters containing the SIVA nanites were being transported on a conveyer system to an unknown location underground.

"Here they come show them what you can do," 8B said.

The group charges in and engages the robots. 22B and 64B fought using a sword and braces that had pincers surging with energy, respectively. 8B slashed multiple robots with a spear and switched to a spear when one of the bigger robots charged at her. When it hot close she sidestepped it and then stabbed it in the back. 10H and 16D fought as well but they mainly provided supported to the group. One of the red robots fired a missile aimed at 16D she dodged it but unlike the missiles fired from the white robots it was a tracking missile instead. She immediately activated a barrier around her and the missile detonated on impact. 9S and 2B were fighting a group of robots together but when 2B wasn't looking one of the larger robots punched her sending her across the room and knocking her helmet off. The robot stepped on her helmet but was destroyed by 9S and 10H.

10H and her Pod approached 2B and began to scan her. "Let me check for any damage."

"I'm fine 10H," 2B said as she put on her visor blindfold.

"Just remember to keep a sharper eye out."

The battle ended and the group deactivated the conveyer system that was transporting the SIVA canisters. 2B called Operator 6O to report what they found. Her Pod unit activated a holographic screen that displayed Operator 6O, she looked just like the other Operator units but her blond hair was longer and tied in two braids.

"2B to Operator 6O we've recovered the SIVA nanites. But some of it was transported onto a conveyers system that goes underneath the island. Have any of the other squads encountered anything like this?"

"Let me see. Delta and Nova squad secured a building containing SIVA but they didn't find a conveyer system. Command wants you and Omega squad to follow the conveyer system and find the rest of the SIVA nanites. Good luck to you 2B."



In order to get to their objective 2B, 9S, and Omega squad decided to ride down the cranes of the conveyer system. They moved in a downward sloping direction until they reached a flat surface underground. As they got off the cranes they found a door that led to a wide open room and one of the SIVA canisters was in it.


Unknown to the group they were being watched by Dr. Robotnik.

"These androids ruined my plans I don't have enough SIVA to turn Andromeda into my new impenetrable fortress now. They're just as annoying as that meddlesome Sonic." Robotnik said as he looked at a few other screens showing androids fighting his robots and recovering SIVA. "Luckily I have enough on hand to take anger out on this group."

He turned toward a panel and pressed a few buttons on it.

"Through experimentation I discovered something about this nanomachine that not even Clovis Bray knew about."


Omega squad approached the canister and then it opened unleashed a moving red cloud of SIVA nanites. It touched the members of Omega squad and Pod 002. The nanites entered their bodies causing red and grey veins to appear on their bodies. The infected androids screamed in pain and fell to the ground. 2B and 9S were spared because 9S had Pod 153 encase them in a barrier but they cloud remained. outside.

"We can't let that thing touch us 2B," 9S said.


"Analysis: Unit 2B should have this pod unit use program A080: Wave to destroy the SIVA swarm," Pod 042 said.

"Got it," 2B said. "9S drop the barrier on my mark...mark!"

"On it!"

As soon as 9S dropped the barrier the SIVA swarm rushed at them but they got out of the way. 2B jumped into the air and had Pod 042 shoot a ball of energy at the swarm that destroyed some of them and sent out a wave that destroyed the rest. With the SIVA swarm gone the androids approached the bodies of Omega squad.

"Are they dead?" 2B asked.

"Black Box signatures detected within Omega squad members," Pod 153 said.

The Omega squad androids got up, drew their weapons, and started laughing like maniacs.

"What the heck?" 9S said.

9S and 2B then saw 10H and noticed that the eye pieces of her helmet weren't glowing green anymore then they flashed red.

"What happened to them!?" 2B said as she blocked a sword strike from 16D.

"Hypothesis: the SIVA nanites are now controlling the androids of Omega squad," Pod 042 said as it used its energy gun to destroy an infected Pod 002. "Recommendation: destroy the members of Omega squad."

"Wait!? WHAT!?" 9S said as he blocked an attacked from 64B. "We can't just kill them their still our fellow androids."

"We don't have a choice 9S it's either us or them," 2B said. 16D charged at her but when she swung her sword 2B managed to dodge it and countered by cutting 16D in half.

9S looked at 16D's corpse and at his sword. he then tightens his grip at the handle and looks at 64B. He then charges at her and when she tried to punch him he sidestepped and sliced both her arms off and then stabbed her through the head. 22B then approaches him holding two swords as she gave a creepy smile to the Scanner unit. She swings both swords at him but 9S manages to block a couple of swings and gets stuck in a sword lock with the infected android. He manages to push her back and stab his katana through 22B's chest killing her.

"G-glory to man-k-k-kind," 8B said as she and 10H surrounded 2B. 8B charges at 2B but she blocks 8B and pushes her back, giving her the time to cut down a charging 10H. Once 10H was dead 2B switched to her large katana and managed to keep 8B on the defensive, once 2B had an opening she grabbed her regular katana and slashed 8B with it. With her defeated all of the infected androids were dead.

"We...just killed fellow androids," 9S said as he looked around.

"Hypothesis: the SIVA nanomachines possessed abilities that not even Clovis Bray was aware of," Pod 042 said. "Analysis: YoRHa command should be aware of SIVA's other affects."

"Agreed. Pod send all combat data to command and have them tell the other squads. Need them to be more careful with these SIVA nanites." 2B said.

"And if I were you I'd be more worried myself right now!"