It was a peacefull day. At least for the most people outside but not for a special brunett, who tried to calm down as soon as he saw that paper staple that the gray haried person brought into the room.
"Hayato! I told you already to try to minimize the damage... Even if it's dificult to manage...please..." The brunett also known as Tsunayoshi Sawada, Decimo of Vongola, told him desperately.
His right hand , Hayato Gokudera, bowed in a perfect 90° angle and shouted " I'm very sorry Tsuna-sama. I will try my best!" then he left in hurry to tell it the other guardians.
Tsuna was surpised when he saw the paper. It wasn't about the damages his guardians have done. The papers were about a transfer into another school. The Kunugigaoka middle school.
Curious as he was he took his laptop out and searched for it. Within some minutes he found some they were comments.
"The best School as long you aren't in the E class XD."
" The E class should die."
Tsuna frowned and read more comments. With every comment he got angier and angrier. He knew the pain and the trouble the E class was put into. But he knew that he got his family now.
He calmed down and looked at the papers. Why this school? and why him?
The Door was slammed open and made Tsuna go into his fighting position. The person that came in chuckled and Tsuna relaxed when he indentified the person.
Reborn. His old mentor who turned into a father figure and supported him always. Even if it didn't seem like that. Since Tsuna didn't act shy anymore and learned everything he could reborn stepped back of being his tutor.
Tsuna reputation as warm and open sky was known in the underworld. "Ciao reborn. What's the reason for visiting me in the office today?" he asked with a tired smile. "Dame Tsuna...You pulled an all nighter again right?" Tsuna laughed gently. "I'm fine. But it seems to be important."
Tsuna sat in his chair and Reborn began. " I have a new mission for you."
Tsuna grit his teeth. He didn't like missions. Especially if he needed to be go to a place where he couldn't see his family anymore. Reborn continued. "It's just a school you need to visit. The government asked us for help." He grinned. " In addition you're able to protect your family." Reborn wanted to talk further but Tsuna stopped him. "I'll do it but...make sure that they don't destroy anything while I'm gone. And if they's your fault." Reborn shrugged and smiled his typical sadistic smile. "I'll come with you." Tsuna eyes widened at the new information. "What?!" He realised the hidden meaning behind Reborns words. "I thought you aren't my tutor anymore"
Tsuna sighed in defeat and stood up. "I'll tell Kyoya..." When he was at the door he stopped and turned around. "Neee~ Reborn. Why now? The government avoided us always. Why now?" He frowned again and was in his thoughts. " A monster wants to destroy the earth. Just kill the monster and we can live normally again. The government will ignore us after that again."
Reborn talked in a calm tone so that Tsunas next sentence sounded hysterically. "How can you tell me something like that later on?!" He stormed out the room and left Reborn in the room.
"Be careful Tsuna. If you're acting like that I need to tutor you again."

Tsuna Pov.
Damn it! Why now? I thought I would have my peace now. I finally began to gain self confidence but nooooo. A new mission had to destroy it again probably. If I would fail Reborn would be my tutor again and I needed to avoid this.
The only thing that was fishy was the government. No matter how dangerous it was...they never asked for help. NEVER. Also...They didn't know about me. About Decimo. Why would they ask someone for help they didn't know. I mean...They would be surprised if they would find out that I was 16...
Only the high tier personally knew about Vongola and the underworld but no more. After some fights in the past they ignored us pretty much. I decided that I would have a talk with Shoichi. He would be able to hack into their site. But for now I needed to talk with Kyoya.
Without knocking I entered his room. Kyoya already looks up and seemed to expect something.
But when I wanted to talk something he interrupted me. " I know everything. The baby told me already." I sighed and scratch my head. " Sorry for the work." I apologized. "For how long are you gone?" I thought about it. "hmmm...I think less than a year." Kyoya stood up and walked towards me. " Uhmmm Kyoya?" He looked me in the eyes. "So I'm not going to see you for 1 year?" He ask quietly. I nodded embarrased and looked in another direction to avoid his gaze.
Then he burried his head against my shoulder. "Uahh...Kyoya..The door is open!" I practically shouted. "Just for a little bit. I won't be able to see you for 1 year." I smile sadly and patted his head. " I will come back in the holidays. I promise." I stepped back so that Kyoya would look me into the eyes. I giggled when i saw his face. It was a expression I didn't see often. " Don't worry about me. I'll be careful." When I wanted to go he took my hand and stopped me from going. He pulled me back and gave me a light kiss on the forhead. I could feel my head burning. "I-I should go now." then I ran out.

Back in my room I oacked everything i would need. They were all clothes since I would have a own apartment from the Vongola company. When I was finished I went into the office of Hayato and gave him some duties as righthand man. Mukuro, Chrome and Takeshi were sent on a long run mission and oni-san was on a journey to train. Lambo and the other kids were at home were they went to school.
At last I went to my mother and explained her that I would participate on the exchange and that Reborn would take care of me.

After every preparation was finished I went to the railroad station. I just hoped that I could get some sleep in the train.

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