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The armor I'm using is the Uchiwa Armor, full set.

As for the weapon I'm using the Sakura Hilt, Masamune Guard, Mukade's Eye Blade.

Even though the beginning will look like the Mission in the Viking Campaign, it's different.

Well... Enjoy!

The Battle Of Kaiyo Kabe

Kaiyo Kabe, a massive fortress in the coast of the Myre and also the only way for an enemy fleet to attack. 50 years after its construction, the fort was tested during the first raids of the Vikings. At the command of the fort was Akumi Ishida, a Kensei who was respected by her men for her strategies and fighting. Being a member of a family of farmers, she had to teach herself to fight with a sword, even if it means going against her family's wish for her to stay away from any battlefield. At the age of 15, she joined the army as they began invading Ashfeld as a common soldier, after surviving three years, she has been promoted to officer in the defense of Kaiyo Kabe, and it was there where she met a Kensei named Raiko, a superior officer within the fortress. They both grew close to each other as he was her superior officer at that moment, and then the Vikings did a dangerous gamble. Instead of coasting in Kaiyo Kabe, they went to one of the very few places to coast in the Myre, which are very dangerous due to the poisonous plants and unstable landscapes that killed many Vikings. Commanding a small force, Raiko and Akumi advanced toward the Vikings as they heard wild screams, they just fell in an ambush of the Vikings, yet, the Myre was still favorable to the Samurais as they used their agility and flexibility with the advantage the terrain was giving them to fight against the invaders, after a hard battle, Raiko got fatally injured by the enemy's leader and got escorted back to Kaiyo Kabe, leaving Akumi to lead the charge against the enemy. It didn't take long for the Imperial Court to nominate Akumi general, and gave her the sword of the former general. Even if it was very rare, the Vikings attack from time to time, they never succeeded in breaching the first gate, it was like that for 4 years, and after those years, Akumi was given the command of the fort. Three months after, the Vikings decided to launch another attack.

"Again" said Akumi with annoyance as she glanced from the balcony that gazed toward the ocean "They will never learn"

"What are the orders, Taishō (commander)?" asked Yukiro, an Orochi and the right arm of Akumi.

"Signal the archers to get ready and the Shugokis to raise the spikes" ordered Akumi as she took another glance at the enemy's fleet 'This is too easy, yet I have a bad feeling'

"Hai Taishō!" replied the Orochi as she bowed to her superior.

Not even five minutes after the order was given, all the personnel was at his post.

"Yumi-tai… hanate! (archers… fire!)" ordered Akumi as Yukiro signaled to everyone to fire.

For the enemy, they saw a rain of arrows and catapult shots coming to them like a rain of chaos.

Only half of the fleet was destroy due to the first defense layer, which meant that the Viking would coast at any moment.

"Order to the forces to prepare for battle!" ordered Akumi before glancing at the left side, where she saw that one group of soldiers wasn't acting like they should be "Who is stationed in the left?"

"Mōshiwakearimasen (I'm sorry) Taishō, but I don't remember seeing them" replied Yukiro as she also glanced at the mentioned soldiers.

"Is that so" said Akumi before walking toward the soldiers.

The said soldiers looked toward Akumi before lining in a horizontal position.

"What are you doing here?" asked their general as she stopped in front of them.

"We were stationed here, as we were ordered" replied one of the soldiers.

Akumi sighed and said "Just make sure that they won't climb the wall"

Another soldier laughed and said "Sono yōna mono ga fuzoku suru kanōsei wa arimasen (There's no reason to fear those barbarians) Taishō"

"Son'nani baka ni naranaide (Don't be stupid)!" snapped the Kensei startling them "Underestimating them is the last thing we should do!"

"Taishō!" called a soldier as he rushed to Akumi and Yukiro "Knights… there's Knights coming from the south!"

"What?!" said Akumi with shock "They couldn't… no, there's no chance that it would be the case…"

"Taishō?" called Yukiro with worry.

"Prepare the troops!" ordered Akumi "Order the retreat of the soldiers outside! This is only a diversion!"

"H-Hai!" replied Yukiro before rushing to give the orders.

"Stay here and make sure that those barbarian stays there!" yelled Akumi before walking away "I knew that something was off. I should have noticed…"

Five minutes later, Akumi was waiting for the Knights to come. She had prepared some soldiers to ambush any knight that may come nearby.

"This shouldn't be possible…" mumbled Akumi as her grip on her weapon became tighter "Knights and Vikings working together… There's something that we missed"

Not too soon, a single figure appeared. All the soldiers froze at its sight, some even began to shake. The figure was a masked woman that was holding a battle axe in her left hand and the decapitated head of a Knight in the right one.

"The Shinigami… Sakura" whispered one of the soldiers in fear.

"Are we next?" asked another one in a low voice.

Sakura simply pointed Akumi with her axe before throwing the head toward the Kensei.

"T-Taishō… What are you going to do?" asked Yukiro with fear.

"Return to Kaiyo Kabe" ordered Akumi "It's very probable that the Knights are dead, so you must make sure that the Vikings don't pass, and if I don't come back… stay there and make sure that the fort don't fall"

"W-Wait Taishō, what about you?!" asked the Orochi.

"I'll go meet my fate as I should" replied Akumi before following Sakura.

"Hai!" replied Yukiro while bowing before turning to the soldiers "Men! Let's go back to the fort!"

Akumi followed Sakura as she began to venture into a dense fog. Not much later, she began to feel some nausea before losing conscious.

"Nice catch" said a distorted voice "All what we need now is to send her there. Sakura, Stay there and make sure that she don't die quickly, I like my fun to be entertaining to the end" which the masked woman only nodded.

Akumi awoke in a green forest as she glanced left and right and didn't recognized where she was. Maybe she's in Ashfield, yet she never saw that forest before. The Kensei sighed before getting up, she wasn't going to learn anything by staying down. Thankfully, her sword is still intact and still sharp.

"Now, let's explore this place" she mumbled before beginning to walk away from her emplacement.

After three hours, she leaned over a tree to rest a little. She didn't know why, but that forest was getting on her nerves, it was like being in a tavern filled with Vikings. That aside, she still didn't recognized anything. Conclusion; She isn't in Ashfield, Valkenheim is too cold to have a forest like this one, and she already knows the Myre and it can't be it, this place isn't filled with poisonous plants. Where on earth did she landed?

"I need to focus, the Vikings can attack Kaiyo Kabe at any moment" she mumbled before beginning to move after resting "If the fort isn't well defended, it would open a path for those barbarians, but still, there's the density of the swamp and without the knowledge, they will be dead before even knowing what happened to them…"

Her thoughts were brought back to her actual place by a scream, it was the scream of a little girl. No matter if she's Samurai, Knight or Viking, Akumi had to save her. The Samurai rushed with hast to the source of the scream. When she arrived, she saw two girl one with blonde hair holding a stick in her hands and a crimson haired one that looks like she's unconscious, and in front of them was a black bear like creature.

"Oh no…" mumbled Akumi before readying herself to fight the monstrosity "Hey! Why you don't face someone who can defend himself!"

The creature turned toward Akumi and growled before charging.

Akumi dodged by the left before slashing the monster horizontally she then slashed it again on the other way while yelling "Shi-ne (Die)!"

The creature was staggered by the two attack, it then raised its left paw and was about to hit Akumi's head horizontally, but the Kensei dodged by the left and did like the last time as she connected the first hit, but this time, the bear like creature raised its right paw to block the other hit.

"Not bad…" commented Akumi as she regained her guard.

"So cool…" gleamed the blond haired girl as she witnessed how Akumi was fighting.

The creature raised both of its paws and was about to flat Akumi, but the Kensei took a step back to evade the attack and hit the creature with the pommel, stunning it, before thrusting the blade into the head, cracking the boned part, she finally held her sword above while spinning in order to give the strike more momentum while yelling "Korede shimaida (This will be the end)!"

The creature tried to stand up, but it was late, as the blade cut the beast in half.

"That was so cool!" said the blonde girl as she ran to Akumi "Are you a huntress?"

Akumi looked at the girl, confused before responding with "No, I am a Kensei. Do you know where we are?"

"This is Patch Island in Vale" replied the blonde girl before seeing a look of confusion in Akumi's face "Is everything alright?"

"Yes" answered Akumi as she removed her helmet, letting her long black hair floating with the wind and a better view to her silver eyes "Do you know a way to the Myre?"

"What's that?" asked the girl as she tilted her head.

Akumi thought for a moment before kneeling to the girl and said while smiling "Don't worry, let's just forget what I asked. How about you enlighten me why two cute little girls like you are in the forest"

"Oh right, Ruby!" yelled the blonde girl as she ran toward the unconscious one named Ruby.

Akumi watched as the blonde girl tried to wake the other girl.

"Yang…?" called Ruby as she opened her eyes "Where are my cookies…"

The blonde girl, who's named Yang, chuckled and said "Sorry rubes, but I don't think that we can find cookies randomly in a forest"

"Forest?" asked Ruby as she got up "Why are we in a forest…?"

"You forgot what just happened?" asked Yang with a little disbelief.

"Did something bad happened?" asked Ruby with worry.

"Well… yeah" replied Yang "A grimm was about to kill us"

Ruby widened her eyes as she remembered and hugged Yang while shaking "Get it away! Get it away! Get it away!"

"Don't worry Rubes" said Yang as she patted Ruby's head "This super lady saved us"

Ruby turned and glanced at Akumi before rushing toward her with stars in her eyes "You look so cool! Are you a super huntress?!"

"I already asked her that question, and she said that she's a kan… kin…" said Yang before stopping to think of the term used by Akumi.

"I'm a Kensei" said Akumi as she knelled to Ruby "You can call me Akumi"

"I'm Ruby" said Ruby as she ran to bring Yang with her "And this is Yang, my sister"

"And what were you doing here?" asked Akumi as she patted Ruby's head.

"We're trying to find a treasure" replied Ruby as was bouncing with joy "How about you?"

Still smiling, Akumi replied "You can say that I'm a bit lost"

"How about coming back home with us?" suggested Ruby as she jumped at the Kensei's neck.

"I don't think that would be a good idea" replied Akumi as she took Ruby in her arms "Beside, I'll be nothing more than an outsider, it will be better if I just drop you and go, trying to find some answers about this place"

Ruby looked at her and gave her the cutest and the purest puppy eyes that she pleaded again "please…"

'K-Kawai!' thought Akumi as she looked at Ruby before looking away while sighing "Fine, you won"

"Yay!" yelled Ruby with joy.

As the three of them were walking toward Ruby and Yang's house, Ruby and Yang were gleaming at Akumi's helmet. At the beginning, they wanted to see the sword, but she refused to let them hold the weapon, only for their own safety. Thankfully, holding the helmet seems enough for them. When they arrived, Akumi saw a blond man sleeping in a wooden chair in the front with a bottle in his hand.

"Who's that?" asked The Kensei as she took gently her mask from the two girls.

"That's daddy!" replied Ruby as she rushed toward the man

Akumi narrowed her eyes as she began to smell alcohol "I wonder if those two are treated well?"

The man awoke by the call of Ruby and looked at the said girl before saying "Ruby… I told you to stop screaming early in the morning… you're not a rooster"

"But it's time for lunch!" complained Ruby before rushing back toward Akumi "Help me! I'm hungry!"

Their father followed Ruby before stopping while he looked at Akumi. He was completely frozen as he muttered "Raven? Is that you?" As the Kensei walked closer to him he got up and dragged himself toward her "Where were you all this years?"

"Sir" called Akumi "Please, you need to sober yourself… or we are going to have a problem"

After hearing her voice the man rubbed his eyes before noticing his error "S-Sorry about that" mumbled the man with embarrassment "It's just that… you look like my ex-wife"

Akumi sighed then said "It's okay, there was no harm done, beside, I'm more concern about those two" she then looked at both Yang and Ruby, who are standing behind her.

"Sorry if they caused you any troubles" said the man with some hint of shame in his voice "The truth is… things aren't well, especially with the death of Summer"

Akumi's expression soften a little as she now had an idea of the reason behind the man's drinking "I'm sorry to hear that" she said while bowing to him.

"T-There's no need to be like that" replied the man embarrassed "The name's Taiyang Xiao Long, but everyone calls me Tai"

"Akumi Ishida" said the Kensei as she nodded, as a greeting to the man named Taiyang.

"Are you from Mistral?" asked Tai as he took a better look at her attire.

"No, I'm not" answered Akumi "I'm a Samurai from the Myre"

"The Myre?"asked Taiyang with confusion "Where's that?"

"I'm afraid that I don't know myself" replied Akumi with a sigh "One moment I was in Kaiyo Kabe, the other, I awoke in this forest"

The two young girls shared a worried look as they thought of something.

"Can that rain of yesterday and golden light be her?" whispered Ruby to Yang.

"Dunno, but we'd better keep this between us" whispered Yang back to her sister.

"As for you!" snapped Taiyang at the two girl, startling them "I hope that you didn't do a ruckus to this lady!"

Akumi giggled and said "Don't worry Tai-san, they were just like cute little angels"

"You do talk like those Mistral peoples" said Taiyang with a smile "I bet that this place of yours is in Mistral"

"Maybe…" mumbled Akumi "But standing here won't help. I'm sorry if I bothered you Tai-san, I'll be on my way"

"Where to" asked Taiyang.

"I don't know" replied Akumi "But the answered won't come to me if I do nothing"

Taiyang sighed and said "Just stay for a bit, I'll contact someone who may help"

"Sorry Tai-san, but I can't abuse your hospitality" replied Akumi "I'm sure that you ca-" but before being able to continue she was interrupted by both Ruby and Yang.

"Please…" they both begged while making cute faces.

"F-Fine" said Akumi with defeat "But just for one night"

"Yay!" cheered both girls with happiness.

As soon as she entered she saw the home not as a home where children lives but rather as the home of a group of Vikings who drinks every day. Tai looked a bit embarrassed as Akumi was shocked to her core.

"I won't talk" said Akumi sternly "Its look like I have a lot of things to do"

"You're in a lot of troubles" said Yang to her father.

"I know" sighed Tai.

As Akumi was making the place cleaner, Taiyang had contacted a silver haired man.

"What do you think Oz" asked Tai to the man.

"Very strange indeed, but not out of my power to see if I can find something. Though, I must have a word with her" he replied before taking a slip from a mug.

"Maybe you'll have the chance" said Tai with a grin "She's here at the moment"

"Interesting" said Oz as he took another slip "I think that I may visit some of my ancient students"

"You're welcome at any time" said Tai "It's not every day that the headmaster of Beacon, the great Ozpin, visits you"

Ozpin chuckled and said "I'll try to find an opening during this week"

"We'll be waiting for ya" replied Tai before hanging up with the headmaster. He then heard a crash and the clash of swords. Rushing outside, he found a familiar black haired man fighting Akumi, without her armor "Qrow?! What the hell is happening here?"

"It's just a bitch who believes that she can make me have some manners" said the man dizzy with drunkenness "Don't worry though, she will be down on her knees with a broom to support her"

"Kono yarō!" snapped Akumi as she wagged her sword as an orange light appeared briefly "Not only that you dare insult me, but you also trashed my honor into nothingness! You shall suffer!"

Qrow smirked as he drank from a bottle of alcohol before throwing it within the house "Why don't you go clean?"

Before being able to blink, Qrow saw the blade only few centimeters away from his face as he lifted his sword at the last minute, just to block the sword. But even so, he had to tilt his head because his opponent's sword couldn't be stopped. Thankfully, his Aura protected him from getting his arm cut.

'Not a single scratch' thought Akumi as she had her eyes widen 'Could it be that he can use Dauntless?'

'Strange' thought Qrow while narrowing 'It would seems like trying to guard can't be of great use, but it would seems like my Aura surprised her for some reason, maybe I can use that to my advantage'

"Qrow!" called Tai angrily "Stop this now!"

"Don't ya worry buddy" replied Qrow "I won't lose"

Akumi sighed and lowered her sword and turned to Tai before bowing "Gomen'nasai Tai-san, I shouldn't have lost my calm. If needed, I'll take my armor, and I'll leave immediately"

"There's no need to do that" sighed Taiyang "Beside, the girls would hate me if I didn't stop you from leaving"

"Wait a damn second…" said Qrow as he took a flask from his shirt "Are you saying that you're okay with her staying here?!"

"She did saved Ruby and Yang" replied Taiyang "And they did take a liking to her"

"Whatever" said Qrow before drinking from his flask.

"I'll go finish the cleaning of the house" said Akumi as she rested her blade above her shoulder "That if I can clean"

With that she entered the house.

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