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Heroes and monsters

It's been three months now, Akumi looked through the window of her new home and thought of what Ozpin asked her


"I would like you to join our group as the defenders of the Maidens" said Ozpin with a serious look on his face.


"I know that it seems stupid, but I'm serious about it" added Ozpin.

"I thought that was a fairy tale" said Akumi with a frown.

"But I never said that they don't exist" replied Ozpin before taking a slip from his mug.

"Magic doesn't exist" stated Akumi with a firm tone.

"It does exist" replied Ozpin with a chuckle "Just like the fact that you're standing here"

Akumi stood there in silence.

"I know that it's hard to understand, and I know how you must feel now, but we need you, the world needs you" said Ozpin as he walked toward her "There's more to this world than what you believe"

"But what would you want me to do?" asked Akumi after taking a deep breath "I'm a Kensei who came from an era that finished a long time ago, how can I help?"

"By preparing those who will need the knowledge to survive" answered Ozpin "I read the report that the search team sent, and it seems like you know how to handle yourself in the nature, outside the walls, and I saw how you fight. With all that knowledge you can help the future generation to withstand the danger of both the nature and the creatures of Grimm"

"The way that I fight is meant to kill people" replied Akumi "The way of the Bushido is hard"

"That's why I want you to teach them how to fight" said Ozpin as he walked back to his seat "At first, you'll be helping Glynda with her work. After some years, you'll take over her"

"Would she be okay with it?" asked Akumi "Sore wa watashi o tataeru dakedenaku, kanojo ga shigoto o ushinau koto mo imi shimasu" (As much as it would honor me, it would also mean that she will lose her work)

"You don't have to worry" said the woman in question "I'm still a Huntress, therefore I can do more missions with my free time"

"Huntress?" asked Akumi with confusion.

"Sorry about that" chuckled Ozpin "A Huntsmen and Huntresses are best and brightest warriors of Remnant, ranking higher than Kingdom police and even military, in terms of strength, and skill"

"But I am a Kensei" Pointed Akumi.

"Don't worry about that, I can help you to get a Huntsman License" said Ozpin "Just give me time and two or three things"

"That's gonna be fun to watch" stated Qrow before taking his flask.

"I'll give you some Lien and a place to live" said Ozpin as he looked at Akumi "Of course, I'll work on getting you an ID and the papers necessary for that"

Akumi sighed before saying "I think that I can't say no at this point"

"You do have a choice" stated Ozpin "But we would prefer that you say yes"

"It's not like I have something better to do" said Akumi.

Ozpin smiled and said "That's good to hear"

*Flashback End*

Akumi sighed before taking her Scroll and looked at the ID Ozpin made for her.

"It seems like I have a new life now…" she mumbled before hearing knocks in the door of the apartment given to her and opened it.

"Aunty Akumi!" yelled both Ruby and Yang as they hugged the Kensei.

Akumi smiled as she kneeled down to their level "It's good to see you again Ruby-chan, Yang-chan"

She then looked at Qrow as he was drinking from his flask.

"Do you really need to drink in front of children?" asked Akumi with an annoyed tone.

"I'm supposed to be the cool uncle" replied Qrow.

"I don't see how that helps" stated Akumi with a deadpan.

"They need someone cool to admire" said Qrow, making the Kensei to sigh at him.

"I take that Tai-san is busy" said Akumi as she got up.

"That and the fact that these pipsqueaks didn't stopped bugging him to come see you" replied Qrow.

"And you brought them here because…"

"I told you why" replied Qrow as Akumi glared at him "Fine. I need to go to a mission for Oz"

"And you didn't said it at first because…"

"All what I had to do is dropping them and then get going before that you asks me any question" added Qrow with an annoyed look on his face.

"Really?" asked Akumi as she raised an eyebrow.

"Can I count on you to keep an eye on them?" sighed Qrow.

"Do I look like you?"

"Very funny" replied Qrow before walking away.

"Aunty Akumi!" called Ruby as she hugged her right leg "Can we watch TV?"

"I don't see anything wrong with that" said Akumi as she patted her head.

In Ashfeld, Vhano was assembling provisions, some bombs, a stone to sharp his Poleaxe, and a tantō. He will never forget his lost friend. If he didn't sacrificed himself, Vhano would be in the hands of the Order of Horkos by now. And only God knows what they would have done with him.

"Don't worry, old friend, I'll make sure that they all pay for what they did…" he mumbled as his grip on the tantō tighten.

"Vhano" called a female voice that made the Lawbringer to turn 180 degrees to see a female figure clad in a silver armor with some wing ornaments on the helm and a set of interwoven metal plates over chainmail, topped by a visored barbuta helmet with some sort of gold wings embossed beneath the eye holes. On her back, there was a blue clothing with black and white paintings on it as well as a drawing of a Fleur-de-Lys. Her weapon was made of a silver blade with a gold line going at the center with two little blue jewels at the center of the blade, the hilt was made of gold and the handle was made of gold and a blue material. At the end of the handle, there was a blue jewel.

"Joan… I thought that you were meeting with the Lord Warden to discuss the track of the survival members of the order" stated Vhano.

"There were some of the nobles who disagreed and wanted to focus more on repairing the remaining damages that were done to some of our key commercial locations" replied Joan "I tried to tell them to think more on the defenses of the civilians, but it was like talking to stones"

"There's some things that will never change" stated Vhano with a small chuckle.

"Why are you taking provisions?" asked Joan after noticing the bag that Vhano assembled.

"I'll travel somewhere" replied Vhano before feeling the weight of Joan's hand on his shoulder.

"Still trying to find her?" asked Joan with concern in her voice "It's been a year since we defeated her and the Order of Horkos, don't you think that you should stop this ghost chase?"

"You know that I can't let her escape!" replied Vhano harshly "I won't stop until I get my hands on her and stop her from following that path she set for herself"

"It wasn't your fault" stated Joan as she took her helmet off, revealing a young woman with long blonde hair and silver eyes "You don't have to do this alone"

"You know that you can't stop me" said Vhano as he picked his bag and began to walk out of the house.

"Dalia!" called Joan as an arrow was shot, nearly hitting the Lawbringer in the head "It was on purpose that she missed"

"Are you going to kill me?" asked Vhano, mentally ready to kill the one who showed him the light when he was in the darkness.

"I anticipated that you would do that" stated Joan before putting her helmet back "That's why I asked Dalia to look for a new leader for the legion that I'm leading… or the one that I was leading"

"You don't have to do this" stated Vhano as he turned to her.

"The Azure Legion can survive without me" said Joan as she walked to him "Besides, I told both Dalia and the Lord Warden about this"

"But you will become a wanted criminal for breaking your vow"

"The only vow I made, was to protect the peace no matter where I am" explained Joan "And with the new Legions that will be formed to collect Draconite in Heathmore, they won't have time to deal with me"

"Non te mihi quid sacrificare (You didn't have to sacrifice all what you had for me)" said Vhano.

"Et quod non erat esse te iam praecipitem tamquam (And you didn't had to be as reckless as you are now)" replied Joan before walking in front of him "Venite sumamus vado (Let's get going)"

"Nescio quis ad vera iam praecipitem (I wonder who's the real reckless one now)" mumbled Vhano before walking with the Warden.

Akumi was walking in the streets of Vale with Ruby and Yang. The Kensei was wearing a blue top underneath a green vest. She was also wearing black pants and black shoes. And on her shoulder was her Nodachi

"Aunty Akumi" called Ruby "Can we buy some sweets?"

"Isn't it bad for you teeth?" asked Akumi as Ruby chuckled nervously "Don't worry, I'll give you both some Dangos when we get back"

"Yay!" cheered the girls with joy.

They walked until Yang saw something.

"Aunty Akumi" called Yang after stopping "I think that I saw something here"

"What do you mean?" asked the Kensei as she looked at the direction Yang was looking at.

There was, even for two seconds, a head that peaked.

"Koko de nani ga okotte iru nodesu ka? (What's going on here?)" mumbled Akumi as she began to walk on its direction.

The head peaked again before widening its eye that was peaking and a figure ran away.

"Matte! (Wait!)" yelled Akumi.

The figure ran until it bumped into someone. A tall man wearing a black coat over a white shirt. He had brow hair, black eyes and a wicked grin on his face.

"Well, look at that, the runt that we were searching for" he stated as he eyed the little figure that was a little girl with dark blue hair, and her eyes appeared to in different colors as her right eye was blue and her left one was green. She was wearing some ragged cloths and had something coming out of her back, though, it was hard to see it clearly with her cloths.

"Ruby-chan, Yang-chan" called Akumi with a low voice "Don't move from here"

"What?" was what Ruby said before that Akumi lunged herself to the man, hitting his face with the pommel of her sword before grabbing the little girl before jumping back.

"Stay here" said Akumi with a low voice as the man recovered.

"Damn it! You broke my nose you bitch!" yelled the man as he took a gun out of his pocket "I'll kill you!"

'I can handle one' thought Akumi before seeing two others arriving next to him 'Chikushō (Damn it)'

"What's the matter, Boss?" asked one of them.

"I found the runt, but someone thinks that it's time to play heroes" replied their leader before adding "We need to get her back before that she kills us"

"You got it boss" said the other one.

They were less imposing than their leader; the first was wearing a black cap and had black eyes. He had a red shirt under a black hoodie and wore black pants with black shoes.

The other had red hair and brown eyes. He was wearing some sort of black shirt that was lacking a sleeve on the left side. And like the first one, he wore black pants and black shoes.

"We'll deal with her, then grab the runts behind her" stated their leader before aiming at Akumi "But first, we're going to have some fun with her"

"Anata wa ōkina machigai o okashita, orokamono (You made a big mistake, fools)" said Akumi before dodging the shot of the gun and rushed to the three men. The one with red hair drew a sword and tried to strike Akumi with a vertical strike, but she deflected the attack and grabbed the opponent before hitting his face with her knee and threw him to a wall before hitting his head with the pommel hard enough to crack the wall.

"She's not going to like this…" mumbled the one with the cap.

Not long after, there was a sound that made the other two to run away.

"Freeze!" yelled a man in a blue uniform as he was holding a gun at Akumi.

"What now?" sighed Akumi.

"You're going to come with me" ordered the man before noticing the three little girls "What the hell is going on here?"

"Kore wa nagaku narudeshou... (This is going to be long...)" said Akumi after taking a deep breath.

At the building called Police Station, Akumi sat and watched a rather amusing scene.

"What do you think you were doing?!" yelled the one in charge at the man who brought Akumi.

"I thought that-"

"Don't you remember what our job is?! We are to make sure that the law is respected!" added the one in charge as he was even angrier "Instead of asking what's happening and check her Huntress License, you took her in as she was some sort of criminal!"

"There was an unconscious man and she was standing with a weapon in her hands" pointed the man who brought Akumi.

"Just… just get out of here" said the chief after taking a deep breath "I'll deal with you later"

The other one tried to say something, but immediately retracted himself before leaving.

"I'm sorry for what happened to you, Miss Akumi" apologized the chief as he got to get a cup of water.

"Sore wa daijōbudesu, anata wa sore ni tsuite shinpai suru hitsuyō wa arimasen (It's alright, you don't need to worry about it)" replied Akumi with a nervous smile "Anyone could have done a mistake like that" she then got a more serious face before asking "How about the girl, did you get anything on her?"

"About that…" the Chief went to his desk and brought his Scroll on the table "It seems like she was working on the Dust mines of the Schnee Dust Company" he showed her a burn on her back saying 'SDC-4051'.

"What kind of monster would do that to a child…" mumbled Akumi with anger and disgust as she eyed the marking.

"Unfortunately, money can turn anyone to a monster as it can buy to you the protection you're going to need" sighed the chief before showing her another burn mark "There's another one. But even after searching, we can't make any connection to this one"

"I know this one"

"Where did you saw it?"

"In the ruins of a place" answered Akumi as she eyes the mark; a strange circle with a rose in the center.

"We will try to see if we can find her parents" said the chief before taking his Scroll from the table.

"Would it be okay if she stays with me during that time?" asked Akumi.

"I don't think that's going to be a problem" replied the chief "But are you sure that it will be fine…" he then got closer before whispering "She's a Faunus"

Akumi sighed at it as she understood everything. According to Ozpin, Faunus are humans but with animal traits. There's even some with insect trait and the extinct Dragon Faunus with draconic traits. He also said that due to their difference to normal humans, they are not well treated.

"I only care about the fact that it's a child that was brutalized and abused, and the fact that she's in need of help" replied Akumi with a firm tone.

"I'll see what I can do" said the chief.

Akumi nodded before leaving the office and then walked to the girls who were sitting on a bench.

"Aunty Akumi!" called Ruby and Yang as they ran toward her.

"Did they yelled at you?" asked Ruby with worries.

"They did the opposite" chuckled Akumi.

"Aunty Akumi" called Yang, gaining the attention of the Kensei "What is going to happen to her?"

The Kensei looked at the girl before sighing "For the moment, she will live with me"

"Really?" asked Ruby as she looked at the girl in question "But what's her name?"

The girl saw all the looks turning to her as she began to feel uneasy by it.

"She must be still traumatized by what happened to her" mumbled Akumi "Kawaisōna koto (Poor little thing)"

Akumi knelt in front of the girl and tried to touch her head. She quickly retracted her hand as the girl showed signs of fear.

"Don't worry, I won't hurt you" said Akumi with a low and soft voice, while smiling, as she extended her arm.

The girl looked less afraid and began to approach her slowly before putting her hand on the Kensei's hand.

"See, everything is going to be fine" added Akumi, still smiling.

The girl began to feel comfortable the longer she looked at Akumi's face.

Somewhere in the dark streets of Vale, the two escaping members of the men who were chasing the little girl entered a building with fear. They began to walk and looked to their left and their right, seeing some experiments done on children. They arrived in front of a door and stopped.

"W-What should we do?" asked the non-leader.

"We'll go in and try to come up with a story" answered their leader with a low voice.

"But she'll know"

"We will be far away at that moment"

They pushed the door and entered to see someone sitting on a desk and turning their back to the two men. On the desk, there was a sword and a helm. The sword that looks like vines with thorns, the guard had a rose, and the hilt was red with a rose in the top. The helm was made of a black material and looked like it was designed with a 'Stare of death' feeling, on the top there was a black plume as ornament.

"You're here" said a feminine voice "I take that you found the girl that escaped and came back with her, and that the members of the team are seeing what's making her special"


As he didn't had time to say something, a growl could be heard. The two men turned and saw a massive back wolf with red eyes walking toward them.

"I'm waiting for the answer" said the person, still turned.

"Well… she escaped" said the leader of the two men "She ran really fast"

There was a silence before that the chair turned, showing a silver eyed woman with maroon hair, and a massive burn mark on her face that cover the left half of her face. She was wearing a black armor with some black and white paintings.

"A little girl whose health must be affected by all these experiments escaped you" stated the woman.

"She was really fast…"

The woman looked at them before getting up and walking to the leader.

"Is this the truth?" she asked as she ran the back of her armored nailed hand on the leader's face, who nodded fearfully.

"You don't need to worry, I won't kill you" she assured before thrusting her clawed hand inside digastric muscle the leader and even going further "I'll just show you what happens when someone lies to me"

"I… I…"

"You lied to me, and you know how much I hate it" added the woman before gathering her strength and throwing him to a wall.

"I-I'll tell you the truth!" yelled the surviving man as she turned her sight to him.

"Really, I'm all ears"

"We encountered a strange lady that uses a sword. She's the one who got her"

"What kind of sword?"

"Long and single-edged"

"I see" said the woman before putting a hand on his shoulder "Thank you for your honesty"

"Well I-" He didn't had time to talk as she used her clawed hand to thrust his stomach.

"But you cooperated quickly, too quickly" she said before taking her bloodied hand out "If you were put in front of someone who wants to find us, you won't stand a second. And that's a weakness that I despise"

She let him fall and die before walking back to her seat and took her gauntlet off.

"Lady Ephesos" called a scientist as he entered "From the 1000 new candidates, none could match the results of the prisoner number 4051"

"I see… Astrea isn't going to like it" sighed the woman, Ephesos, before adding "Send someone to clean this mess"

"Right away, ma'am" said the man before exiting the room.

"A Kensei, huh?" mumbled Ephesos before holding her left half "I'm still waiting that you show yourself, Vhano, and I'll make you pay for what you did to me that day"

I'll give you the gears of the Warmonger and the Warden.

Joan (Warden) *Color: Storm*

Helm: Gabrielle's Zenith Helm (Ornament: Daubeny's Shame) (Head: Rose *Embossing only*)

Hands: Executioner Arms (Right Shoulder: Rising Ball / Fleur de Lys) (Left Shoulder: Rising Ball / Fleur de Lys)

Body: Lionheart Chest (Back: Vision of Kaidan 2 / Fleur de Lys) (Standards: Virtue of Ashfeld / Fleur de Lys)

Hilt: Winged Victory Hilt

Guard: Winged Victory Guard

Blade: Winger Victory Blade

Ephesos (Warmonger) *Color: Astrea's Prestige*

Helm: Lethe Helm

Hands: Dysnomia Arms (Ornament: Thorns of Fortitude) (Right Shoulder: Vertical Halves / Astrea's Mystique 3) (Left shoulder: Vertical Halves / Astrea's Mystique 2)

Body: Lethe Chest (Chest: Rising Ball / Astrea's Mystique 1) (Back: Two on Two / Astrea's Mystique 1) (Standards: Diagonal 1 / Rosa Tenedrae)

Hilt: Aegea Hilt

Guard: Gryne Guard

Blade: Gryne Blade