The Stormtroopers bought Bob Solo to the enormous carbonite-freezing machine. The rest of the gang tried to get past the Stormtroopers, but it was of no avail. Just as Bob was about to be frozen, Leia strained and strained, until...

"I love you!" Said Leia.

"I know." Said Bob.

With his last breath, Bob was frozen in the carbonite. Leia and the gang watched in horror and sadness as their old friend was carried onto Boba Fett's ship, and sent away to Tatooine.

"Wonderful." Said Verdura. "That Hutt's gonna be stoked when he

sees this."

"Indeed, my Lord." Said an Imperial officer.

While Verdura and the officer chatted, Leia, Lando and Chewie slowly crept to the Falcon. Leia started the ignition and the Falcon zoomed into space before Verdura and his men could even look.

Meanwhile, Cuke Skywalker still

hung from the bottom of Cloud

City. While he was there, he pondered many strange things, such as the difference between living and life, or sleeping or dreaming.

"I guess the...VinaIgrETte will know..." Said Cuke, delirious.

Just then, Cuke saw something coming at him.

"I'm seeing things..." He thought.


What was coming closer to him was not a figment of his imagination. It was the Millenium Falcon! Chewie growled and beeped the horn. The hatch opened, and Cuke was greeted by Leia.


Cuke removed his metaphorical fingers from the ledge he was holding onto, and let himself fall into

the Falcon's hatch. Lando and Chewie grabbed Cuke and placed him on a couch. Leia grabbed the

Falcon's first-aid kit and started to treat Cuke's injuries while Chewie continued to repair Archie-p0.

"You just sit back and relax, little buddy." Said Lando. "We'll get you back in no time."

Cuke sat down on one of the Falcon's chairs. In front of him, there was a TV. He picked up a

remote lying on the space checkers table and turned it on.

"I love this show..."

Said Cuke.


Cuke had been dropped off on Dagobah with his X-wing in order to finish his training. Yoga handed him

something long, wrapped in fabric. Cuke opened it.

"A lightsaber?" He said, activating it, and watching the green flame.

"Your father's lightsaber, that is." Said Yoga.

Cuke stared at the lightsaber, and through the Lite Vinaigrette saw a vision of the past. It was his father, fighting for the Galaxy in the Clone Wars. He closed the lightsaber, and smiled, proudly. Cuke knew his destiny now.

With Bob Solo captured, the Rebellion was in the non-existent hands of Leia, Chewie, Cuke, R2 and Arch now. They would have to think of something fast, or watch everything and everyone die.

End...for now.