Leon walked through the empty land.

The world was empty now, all that was left were Gears- robots that were designed to develop a soul over time- and him, the last human alive.

Oh and L-24, his 'dad', though by the name you could tell he was no human.

"Hmmm, looks like the soil has gotten better with time, the Ph amount has risen by 20%." The robot was plump, with a body made of hard plastic instead of metal or steel, and a round head with two round black eyes. Honestly he looked like the most huggable thing.

"The time has come for Leon's exploration journey!" Leon made a pose and pouted, thinking it was cool. That made sense, he was ten after all.

L-24 looked at his 'son'. "What is that pose?" he asked, a bit confused.

"I saw it in a picture book." he shrugged, "I'm going to look around. I will be back before sundown."

"Wait, could you try these apples?" Leon nodded and tasted the ripe red apple.

"It's sweet- SOUR." he said, his face almost falling in on itself.

"Understood. Be careful now."

Leon waved as he left, running to nowhere.

L-24 sighed, looking on as the boy ran away. He remembered the the day they had first- well to be exact, he'd found him in a pod that fell from the sky, but it was still one of the best day of his life.


Leon walked through the forest, and in the middle of it he found a- power plant?

He walked toward it and saw that it wasn't a power plant, but rather, was more like a laboratory. He walked closer to the cylinders there, and stood in front of the largest one, which was 11 feet or 3 meters.

"I wonder what you were made for?" he asked before placing his hand on it. But just as he did so, a fog omitted from it.

"Aaah!" Leon screamed.


L-24 looked at his adoptive son and a walking cylinder with arms and legs. It only had one eye, which meant it didn't have spacial awareness.

"So this is how it feels when you meet your sons girlfriend."

"Huh?" Leon looked confused at his father, since he'd never heard of a girlfriend before.

"Or better said, a stray puppy."

"Hmm, it seems to have no prime directive." L-24 said, looking at the cylinder as he scanned it.

"What's a prime directive?"

L-24 looked at his son.

"I guess there is no better time to tell you. A prime directive is a goal that we have to reach. My prime directive is to research and observe. This is why I feel so happy when I take care of you."

"I don't know how to feel about that..."

"These directives can only be given by a human and are the bases of our existence. However. it's a curse for some, and it basically means-" he paused.

"This Gear doesn't have a soul."

This hit Leon like a laser blast. "Whaaaaaa-"

L-24 waited for him to finish, while the cylinder didn't know what was happening.

"-aat?! That's horrible! Is there a way to help it?"

L-24 looked at the cylinder. "You have to pick your own directive and ask Leon to finalize it. Yes I think that's the best idea. Until then, how about you stay with us?"

The cylinder look at L-24 and spoke.

"Yes," it said simply, which amazed Leon. L-24 only nodded.

The cylinder then fell over.

"Need bio fuel."

Leon ran and got the basket of apples. A tube opened on the cylinder, and he placed them in it.

"Thank you. A few more and I can reboot."


It was nice being with Leon and taking care of plants. L-24 thought me things. Learning how to read was the best part. Leon showed me his collection of picture books. It was nice. One day I jumped into a lake chasing after Leon's shirt that had flown off and then I jumped on him, which he found hilarious, and to be honest it was humorous.

I think that should be my directive. To protect them. But L-24 said it can be a curse, so I will keep thinking about it. Sadly, I can't go into the house because of my size, since I would break the ceiling of the little shed L-24 had built.

"Hey!" Leon said. Cylinder looked at him. "We're going to a friend's house. Keep watch over the house, ok?" he asked, cheerful as ever.

The cylinder gave him a thumbs up as they left, and her decision was final.

Once they came back her prime directive would be to protect them.

She just wondered when they would come back.


Leon and L-24 were walking through the forest, with Leon walking ahead, until they saw a dead bear.

"That hole isn't natural." he said, looking at the corpse.

"G ilmu ylb G fmnc wms slbcpqrylb rfyr yjj mpeylgaq ypc rm zc bcqrpmwcb jgic rfyr jgrrjc zcyqr lcvr rm wms." A voice said to L-24. It sounded like a Gear that had most likely gone insane. It was a combat Gear that wore a gas mask, helmet and a trench coat. It shot at L-24 with its right arm, which doubled as a cannon. L-24's arm flew off. "Qrcn yuyw dpmk rfc fskyl lmu ylb G ugjj qnypc wms."

L-24 stepped in front of Leon.

"Leon, I want you to run as fast as you can, got it?" he nodded and ran as quickly as his legs would allow. L24 ran at the large combat Gear stopping him from moving.

"Please be safe." he said before he felt a hand grab his head.

Then everything went dark.


Linka was raking the leaves and saw Leon coming toward her, crying his eyes out.

"Cylinder!" he screamed, and hugged her. "L-24- a crazy Gear attack- and we need to run!" Leon pulled her forward, almost falling in the process, but then the weird Gear stepped out of the forest.

It threw L-24's head to the ground and caused Leon to freeze in fear.

Cylinder stepped in front of the scared boy and spoke. "Leon, I want my prime directive to be protecting you."

"Wha-?" A shot went through Cylinder's top part and she fell to the ground.

"Cylinder!" he yelled as the crazy Gear stepped closer.

"Wms ucpc jgic rfyr mrfcp dmmj! lm kyrrcp G ugjj dglgqf wms mdd lmu." the insane Gear spoke, preparing to kill Leon with its own hand.

"No." a voice came from Cylinder, and a hand ripped through the metal.

"You won't" she said, standing in front of Leon, protecting him as a blast hit her. She had pure white hair and wore black armor- or it was her own body? It was hard to tell, but she looked to be 20, and was not bad on the eyes.

"Leon, please accept."

Leon remembered what Cylinder asked and so he screamed his answer, fear still running through him.


This caused all of her locked features to be activated, and she ran at the Gear, who couldn't see her until she was right in front of him. It tried to punch this new combat Gear, but instead she grabbed his arm and ripped it off!

After this it pointed its cannon arm at her, which she easily blocked with the hole with her hand. And since the plasma couldn't escape, it expanded inside of the gun and caused the combat gear to explode.

The only thing left was Cylinder.

"Are you ok?" she asked in a monotone voice and Leon nodded, amazed at how easily she beat the monster that seemed to be indestructible a moment ago.

A few hours later.

Leon was holding L-24's head, grieving the loss of his adoptive father.

But then Cylinder suddenly took the head and ripped it apart.

"WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!" he asked, shocked at what he was seeing.

Until she showed him a square box inside the head.

"This is his core. We could use this to revive him." Leon's eyes widened. He knew where to go, but before they left Cylinder made a gravestone for L-24, and even though she didn't understand why, Leon placed a few flowers next to it.

"I think you Need a new Name." Leon said looking at the female gear-

"Linka" She said with a smile before Hand was grabbed by leon, so they left to meet some friends that could help them.

Author's Note: Each chapter will be a different AU idea. I might expand on a chapter at some point.

Finished watching Korra for the first time. Season 1 was great, and two was great until the civil war arc was forgotten for a stupid spirit world Dragon Ball dark Avatar fight and the rest was boring, and Korra was Katara with all the positive traits sucked out.

So yeah, I hope you had fun reading this, because it was the only positive part of my week.

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