Every inch of Tori's body was in pain. She convulsed as waves and waves of pain ran over her. It felt like she was being skinned alive. At this point she couldn't even say anything or even scream. Jacob just sat there, looking at her with a smug look on his face. She wanted to smack him, but at best she could flail her arm at him. He continued to look at her, his face becoming pensive, occasionally nodding like he knew what was happening to Tori. She wondered if the same thing that was happening to her was also happening to Jade. Normally she'd like to think of Jade being in pain, but she wouldn't want to wish this sensation on anyone. Hopefully, the doctors had given Jade enough sedative so that she slept through this.

Another jolt of pain ran through Tori's body. This one was worse than anything she'd experienced before. Blue spots filled her field of vision. She turned over, which only caused more pain for her. Tears began to run down her face. At this point, Jacob stood up and walked around the room. Judging by his face, he had grown bored of watching Tori writhe in pain. He looked out the window, watching the night sky. His back was entirely turned. Tori could kill him right now. She just needed to grab something sharp and stab him through the chest. From the floor, Tori could see a sharp metal rod beneath the bed. She assumed it must've fallen from the bed. Now the only problem with her plan was getting up. She was in so much pain, Tori could barely stand. However, the pain was getting less intense. This caused Tori's heart to skip a beat. If the pain was dying down, whatever was happening to her was about to end. She would be transformed into whatever Jacob was. Tori didn't have long to think about the implications of this. She heard the sound of glass breaking. It came from another room, and Tori tried to look to see where it was coming from. Jacob seemed surprised too, turning to the source of the noise. He marched across the room and peered out into the hallway. His back was turned to Tori. She could strike him right now, but she didn't have the strength. She was in too much pain right now.

Jade smashed through the window of the hotel room, causing glass to be flung through the air. A few hit her, but none were able to cut her skin. She looked around the room. It was completely empty. She wondered why she was being called here. This was the place she was being called to before that nagging sensation disappeared, right? Maybe not. Well, she was being called to this hotel. Maybe not this room specifically, but she was in the right area. She went over to the door and peered out into the hotel hallway. The paint on the walls was starting to crack and peel away. The doors to several rooms were open. One was completely off its hinges, laying on the ground. She stepped out to explore. She would check every room if she had to. Without that feeling guiding her, this would be like finding a needle in a haystack, but it was the only option she had. Besides, with her newfound sense of strength and energy, the task wouldn't be too daunting for her. She headed towards the nearest hotel room, but she heard the sound of someone clearing their throat. Jade turned around to see a man standing behind her. He wore biker leathers and smiled at him. For some reason, he looked familiar to her. She raised an eyebrow as she tried to remember who he was. Then it hit her. "It's you."

"Yes," said the man. "I see your transformation is complete."

Jacob was gone now, having gone out into the hall to check out the source of the noise. Tori was still in pain, though not as much as she was in before. She knew what this meant, even if she had no idea what this transformation would entail. She tried to stand up by using the bed to brace herself. It hurt, but it was manageable. She reached beneath the bed and grabbed the metal rod, positioning it so it was in easy reach. She made sure it was hidden behind her. She didn't want to give away what she was planning. Once Jacob returned, she would take it and ram it in his chest. It worked in the movies and it might work in real life. The vampire legends had to come from somewhere. That stuff about being weak to garlic and steaks through the heart was probably true.

Tori didn't have to wait long for Jacob to return. He soon came trouncing in the room, followed by Jade, who was still wearing her hospital gown. Tori's mouth dropped. "Hello Tori. It looks like your friend has transformed faster than you."

"I'm not her friend," said Jade. "So does that mean I'm super special or something. Like is there a vampire chosen one or something?"

"Not necessarily," said Jacob. "The speed of transformation varies from person to person. And besides, there is no vampire chosen one."

"But I transformed faster than Tori," said Jade. "That's got to count for something?"

"If you want it to, then sure," said Jacob.

"Great," said Jade.

Jacob turned back to Tori. "Anyways, it won't matter in a moment. I can tell that you're almost done. The pain's started to abate and soon you'll be one of us. Just give it a few more minutes."

"Oh joy," said Tori.

"You hate it now," said Jacob. "But once it's over, you won't know how you lived before."

"I'm sure I will," said Tori. "Having to go around drinking blood. Let me guess, I'll get used to the taste."

"If what I heard about what happened with you and your friend is true," said Jacob. "You already love it."

"Again, I'm not her friend," said Jade. "And how cares if she transforms? You've got me."

"I can show you many things," said Jacob. "I can show you how to hunt, how to pick your prey, how to do it so no one notices."

"Like you did with me?" said Tori.

"I'll admit I slipped up this time," said Jacob.

"You don't need Tori," said Jade. "I can do anything she can do, but better."

"But I'm allowed the occasional slip-up after several centuries," said Jacob. "And I've learned from my mistake. If you just let me show you what I know, we could do great things."

Jade slapped Jacob. "You don't need Tori! I can give you everything you want."

Tori took her chance. She grabbed the metal rod and flung it through the air. It hit Jacob square in his chest, causing him to reel backwards. The rod impaled him, pinning him to the wall of the hotel room. He looked down at the rod, still stuck in his chest, a shocked look on his face. He then turned back to Tori and smiled. "An admirable attempt, but you've seen too many horror movies."

Jacob pulled the rod out of his chest and tossed it aside. Jade smirked. "What'd that accomplish?"

"You're really starting to interest me," said Jacob. "You've been able to remain yourself despite the transformation and my attempts to enter your mind."

"You think she's interesting?" said Jade. "Come on. She's the most boring person I know. You've got me. Leave-"

Jacob grabbed Jade by the neck and tossed her across the room, causing her to smash through the window. "God she's so annoying. You should've thought twice before turning her."

Tori shivered as she looked at Jacob, who was advancing on her. "Stay...stay back."

"Or what?" said Jacob with a smug smile on his face. "You'll stab me in the chest again? You know that won't work."

"I'll...I'll..." Tori backed up against the bed, causing her to trip backwards and land on the mattress. She kicked in the air, desperately trying to stop Jacob's advance. A few kicks hit him, but he just absorbed the blows. He leaped on her, pinning her down on the bed. She screamed.

"Scream all you want," said Jacob. "It won't do anything."

Tori slapped him, each blow doing nothing. If anything, he seemed to enjoy it. The closest she got to inflicting pain was when her nails accidentally cut his forehead. He winced as she did this. "Get off me!"

"Or what?" said Jacob. "You'll scratch me some more?"

"I told you she was useless." Jade flew across the room and struck Jacob. This blow knocked him backwards, freeing up Tori. Jade wrapped her arms around Jacob and tried to wrestle him to the ground. She seemed to catch him off guard at first, but he soon regained his balance. He pried the girl off him and smacked her in the face a few times. Jade slumped, her face bruised. Her eyes flickered briefly as she passed out. Jacob dropped her senseless body to the ground. He turned to Tori, who by now had gotten off the bed. He stared at her, causing a chill to run down her spin. She charged at Jacob. This was the only instinct she had right now. She would have to fight Jacob sooner or later, and there was no hiding from Jacob in the hotel.

She flew through the air, much to Tori's amazement. The experience lasted only a few seconds, but it sent a rush of energy through Tori's body. She felt unstoppable. This feeling ended when she hit Jacob, barely even causing him to flinch. He grabbed her by the arm and tossed her to the floor. This sent a jolt through her body. Tori saw stars for a moment. Before she had a chance to recover, Jacob jumped on her. She squirmed under him and flailed her hands at him, hoping to get a blow in. Her fingers caught his leather jacket. Her nails were able to scratch it a bit, but it was too tough for her to cut his body. However, when she pulled her hand away from him, she could see some blood on one of her fingers. She looked back at Jacob and could see a small cut on his neck. The cut wasn't visible for long, as Tori could see it start to heal up.

Jacob grabbed Tori and lifted her up from the floor, tossing her across the room. Tori's heart fluttered as she hit the wall. It didn't hurt as much as when she landed on the floor. Maybe because she was expecting the pain this time. She was still sore though, collapsing to the ground as she fell from the wall. Jacob was standing above Tori. He still smiled smugly, though his frustration was starting to show on his face. "This has been fun and all, but it's starting to get tiresome. It'll be a lot easier if you just give up and let me show you what you can do. I mean, what are you hoping to accomplish with this? Make me angry for awhile?"

"I'm hoping to kill you," said Tori.

"Good luck with that," said Jacob. "How do you think you're going to do that?"

"I'll rip your head off." Jade flew through the air and grabbed Jacob by his neck. Tori could see there were some bruises on Jade's face, but they were already starting to fade. Jade's fingers tore into Jacob's neck, causing blood to ooze out of his skin. However, as Jade tore into him, his wounds started to heal on her. Her fingers got stuck in his neck as the cuts she inflicted on him closed up. A look of horror came over Jade's face as it happened. Jacob shot up in the air, smashing Jade against the ceiling of the room. She was stunned, and slumped down. However, her fingers were still stuck in Jacob's neck. This kept her from falling to the floor.

Tori, no longer feeling sore, flew through the air again. She shot towards Jacob, her fingers pointing ahead. This time, instead of charging towards his general direction and hoping to land a blow on him, she aimed for a specific target. Her right index finger punctured Jacob's left eye. A stream of fluid squirted out of Jacob's eye, hitting Tori. Jacob screamed as Tori's finger pierced his eye. He reeled backwards, his body jerking in pain. However, Tori made sure to kept her finger in his eye. She could feel it start to heal around her. Her finger probed the area. She could feel the wet, gooey, eye tissue around her finger. Soon, she felt something hard, likely his skull. As she did this, Jacob hands violently shot up and grabbed Tori's arm. His fingernails dug into her skin. Instinctively, Tori shoved her finger deeper into Jacob. She could feel the hard part of his skull start to crack and eventually break. As soon as she did this, Jacob froze. His arms feel and his body slumped. He was dead.

Tori pulled his finger from Jacob's skull. She could see some of his brain matter on her finger. This caused her to vomit. She grabbed the hotel sheets from a nearby bed and wiped her hands clean. She turned back to Jacob's body. It was starting to decay. In the few seconds Tori had turned away from him, his body had aged horribly. His skin wrinkled and hair began to fall out. The wounds on his neck began to open up again. Jade's fingers, which were still stuck in his neck, were now freed. Soon, Jacob's flesh began turning into a grey mush, which fell off his bones. Jade began to stir. Initially, she looked stunned, but was jolted awake when she realized she was covered in Jacob's melting flesh. She stood up. "What did you do?"

"What did I do?" said Tori. "I saved us from that monster."

"You did this?" said Jade, raising an eyebrow. "Please. You needed me to save your ass. You couldn't beat him."

"Please," said Tori. "He wiped the floor with you. You were unconscious when I beat him."

"No, I probably was the one who killed him," said Jade. "It just took a while to kick in. That's why it looks like you killed him."

Tori sighed. "Are you okay?"

"Yeah," said Jade. "I've just got a nasty headache, but I'll live. How about you?"

"I'm fine. Just some cut." Tori looked down at her hands. She noticed that the cuts were still there. Given how fast Jacob's wounds had healed, Tori's cuts should've been gone by now. Maybe she didn't heal as fast as he did. Or maybe she had lost her powers now that Jacob was dead. If that was true, she was surprised at how easy her powers were gone. The transformation had been an immensely painful process. It was weird to think it could be done so easily. Then Tori felt a strange sensation. "Oh no."

"What's wrong?" Jade looked at Tori with a confused look on his face. Then she started to convulse. So did Tori. The two fell to the floor, both convulsing. The room around Tori spun and in no time, she passed out. After what felt like hours, the two girls woke up. Jade was the first to speak. She rubbed her forehead. "What happened."

Tori groaned. Her head was sore. She looked around the room. The evidence of their battle was still there. The broken glass, holes in the wall, and Jacob's skeleton could be seen around them. Tori turned to Jade. "I think we're normal now."

"Oh great," said Jade. "How are we going to get home now?"

"Let's check Jacob's pocket's," said Tori. "I hope he's got enough money for the taxi fare."

Robbie, Cat, Andre, and Trina stood in front of the hospital. After hours, Robbie had finally managed to convince Andre to leave the hospital. He insisted on staying for the longest time, convinced Tori would return eventually. However, Robbie was able to persuade him that it wouldn't hurt to leave and do something fun in the mean time. He agreed, but was still despondent. While they left the hospital, Andre was noticeably crestfallen. Robbie turned to him. "So, what do you want to do?"

"I don't know," said Andre. "You guys pick something. I'm sure I'll enjoy it."

"You guys wanted to see that movie the other night," said Trina. "Why don't we go see it?"

"We kind of missed it," said Cat.

"Sure, but I'm sure there's going to be another showing," said Trina.

"Yeah," said Robbie. "Let's check to see if there's a matinee."

"Okay," said Andre. "We can do that."

"I'll check on my phone," said Trina. "What was it called?"

"You don't know what it's called?" said Robbie.

"Well I wasn't the one who wanted to go to it," said Trina. "You guys invited me."

"Do you guys mind if we join you?" The four of them looked up to see Tori and Jade standing there in front of a taxi cab.

"Tori!" Andre jumped forward and hugged Tori.

"Hey Andre," said Tori. "Nice to see you again, but you're...you're hugging me too tightly."

Jade rolled her eyes and walked up to the rest of the gang. "Anything interesting happen while I was gone?"

"I should be asking that to you," said Robbie. "What happened?"

"It's a long story," said Jade.

Dr. Anderson looked at his notes, his head in his hands. What was he supposed to put down? Everything that had happened during the Tori Vega incident defied scientific explanation. Her behavior, the arrival of Jacob Vega, and Jade sudden behavior. All of which were confirmed by security footage and numerous eyewitness reports. The police were equally confused. They chalked everything up to kidnapping. Jacob had wanted to kidnap the Vega and West girls to hold them for ransom. Everything else was unimportant. Jacob's ability to fly was just an illusion. He was able to smash through the glass and walls because he had brass knuckles. The footage of Jade West tearing through the hospital and tossing aside security was simply inaccurate. The girls' story about fighting him off was simply a hallucination due to the drugs they had been given in the hospital. Jacob had simply left to get supplies and they'd snuck off when he was gone.

Maybe the police could write the story off as a simple kidnapping, but Dr. Anderson couldn't. There were just too many pieces of the puzzle that didn't make sense. He thought about Dr. Hartman's theory that Tori had been bitten by a vampire. He laughed. By far, that was the most plausible explanation of what happened. In the end, what did it matter? Tori and Jade were back home, safe and sound, with their friends looking after them. That was what was important after all. Dr. Anderson closed his notebook and left his office. After everything he'd seen, he needed a coffee.