AN: Was inspired by the Arceus event at the Sinjoh Ruins, where he gives you a member of the Creation Trio of your selection, from an egg he hatched, created, somehow…

This will explore the concept of beings of incredible power unaware of their origins and being a mostly normal family… in a supernaturally hostile universe. Yeaaaahhhh.

Welp, enjoy.

Fuyuki City. Ancestral home for the system and ritual for the enactment of the Third Magic: Heaven's Feel or more commonly known, the Holy Grail War.

Famous in the magi community due to the competition between seven Masters who summon incredibly powerful souls, heroes of old, called Servants to be granted the presence of the Grail and have their deepest wishes granted.

Is also infamous for the huge amount of collateral damage, both in account of lives lost and wanton material construction, and the fact that there was. Never. A. Clear. Winner.

And they had four of them. Four! And the last one provoked a fire, born from some unholy cursed abomination by the way, which is ravaging a huge surface of the modern part of the city, killing hundreds by the moment.

One thing very clear about Nasuverse magi is that at worst, they're very ruthless sociopaths hellbent on inhuman experiments in order to reach the source of all knowledge of the universe, while at best, they're manchilds that could provoke the apocalypse by simply touching something very shiny and mystical.

Nasuverse Travel Book 101 for Multiversal Wanderers: don't stir up the attention of the local magical community if you want to be intact in both body, mind and soul.

Let's just continue the story instead of rambling about the stupid "I want to punch/shoot/kill in the face" magi. It won't come up til in an advanced point in the future anyway.

In some place among the burning ruins, a miraculous event was happening. Not in the sense of the Grail granting wishes. Pfft, yeah right. But in the sense that new life was being born.

Somehow, suddenly, time and space, with antimatter inexplicably present, were being distorted by alien primordial forces unknown to the World, to the Universe. Heck, even outside the Root itself, though it's the closest thing to what was happening right now. Three points of reality were being transfomigrified in shapes resembling shining eggs.

One is diamond blue. The second is pearly pink. And the third is metallic platinum with a tinge of red and a golden aura.

The three eggs suddenly morph themselves into what could be only known as dragons. Dragons in this world were already highly powerful Phantasmal Beasts, probably the strongest. But those were different. For one, even if those dragons are obviously supernatural and have powerful souls, they are unable to produce any mana, instead they draw most of their powers from the elements of nature. Second, these dragons have a biology very, very different from the local dragons. While in concept they're still dragons, they're in their most fundamental level a whole new deal of creature, one that in their original world a vast majority of them would live alongside humans, instead of hiding of them. And third, they are gods. But not gods in the concept of abstract mental constructions born from myth and belief, but as primordial forces as old as the universe itself and having a role as fundamental pillars of reality. In fact, in their original universe, creatures of their caliber were the origin of myths and legends, not the other way around. They were gods not because humanity needed to believe in a superior existence, but because they were the closest ones to deities themselves, on planetary and universal levels.

All those contradictory natures, alongside the fact that they're alien existences to the World and a probable danger to it, made them vulnerable to the ever oppressing effects of Gaia's Reality Marble, threatening to be erased from their short existence.

If they were their older and more experienced selves, they wouldn't even acknowledge the planet's portion of reality being aggressive towards them and if molested enough by it, they would appear towards the closest things Gaia and Alaya would have as comprehensible sapient incarnations, politely telling them to fuck off and don't interfere with their business, launch a Roar of Time or a Spatial Rend in their faces just in case and warn (blackmail) them that if they try something funny again, they will be erased from existence, painfully.

Unfortunately, these creatures are newborns and while they're still stronger than most life in the planet, they don't have the strength and ability of their predecessors.

In order to save themselves, they unconsciously use their powers over reality to transform into something the planet would not think of as anomalous. So, in flashes of pink, blue and yellow, three small girls from around 5-6 years old appear in their place.

One of them have pale pink hair that reached her shoulders and a white and pink simple dress; another have mid back length dark blue hair with some lighter parts and a grey and blue dress; and the last one have short messy hair that begins gray but ends up blond and a striped black and red dress. All of them have intense crimson eyes.

Once they finished their transformation, the new human children, as if on autopilot, began to march on search for a safer place, away from the unnatural fire. They ignored everything, from the screams, the corpses and the ruined buildings. Their minds not totally adapted to sapience and filled only with the primal instinct of survival. They couldn't do much than move forward, their powers sealed alongside their true forms.

It's unknown how much time they continued walking. Minutes? Hours?

Though it couldn't be noticed due to their automaton-like postures, there's no way their child bodies will be able to endure too much, what with exhaustion and nocive particles in the air.

Suddenly, they take note of a light. A warm light that holds a promise of safety, refuge. A promise for an utopia where no one gets hurts, sick or hungry. Like moths, they are drawn towards the light, wanting to go to that safe place. When they arrived, the light was gone and in its place was a crying middle aged man holding in his arms what seemed to be an unconscious red haired boy.

As if the banishing of the light was a signal, or simply the fatigue, the three girls passed out, the man and boy being the only things engraved in their memories.


"Where am I?"

She was in a strange pink space. Spherical objects resembling pearls of differing sizes were the only things apart from her existence to be in that dimension.

"Who am I?"

She was a blank slate. Even if newborn beings like herself were as intelligent as young human children, that doesn't mean she still has an identity. Sense of self she may have, but without a name, an ego cannot be properly born into someone's mind.

As if in response, a roar was heard and a shape was already flying towards her field of vision.

Though she herself didn't remember seeing something like that in her short existence, she feels that it was familiar, somehow.

It was a light-purple bipedal dragon with stripes of a darker color. Its most noticeable traits were the pink pearls incrusted on its shoulders.

The dragon observes her intently for a short time, then opens its mouth to-

The girl awakens abruptly, sweat pouring from her forehead "What… was that?"

"Hey, at least you've finally awakened."

The pink haired girl blinked, then moved her head to the direction of the voice. She saw a bedridden girl from around her age, with messy short grey hair that ended up blond and red eyes. Somehow, the face sounds familiar and if she looked at a mirror, she would note that the two of them had similar faces.

"Hi, I'm Giratina! How are you sis?" The messy haired girl presented herself energetically.

"Wait, sis?" The pink haired girl questioned. She wasn't sure if she had a family, in fact, she isn't sure of anything. The only memories she had were the strange dream and some people surrounded by fire. Though, the name and the aspect of the other girl strikes some sense of familiarity…

"So, what's your name? I think I and Dialga know it but I don't trust this memory of mine to remember it." continued Giratina in a sheepish tone.

Oh. Right. Her name. She didn't present herself.

But, what was her name? An image of the dragon from the dream came up and she instantly knew it, the name engraved in her being.

"Palkia." That word, even if unknowing of the power related to it, resonates within her, asserting her self-identity. She is Palkia and Giratina is her sister.

Wait, she said Dialga too. Was there another one?

"Palkia, eh?" Giratina closed her eyes as if in thought, "I think it's legit. What do you think, Dialga?"

The other person that Giratina was talking with was situated in another bed at the other side of Giratina's. She too was a red-eyed girl of their age and similar factions. The difference was that she had long dark blue hair with lighter stripes. She was currently reading a book. Of what kind, Palkia didn't know, though she could see pictures in the pages.

Dialga took off her gaze from her book and towards the other girls "I think so, too." she calmly answered then took on a gentle smile towards Palkia "I am Dialga. Pleasure to meet you again Palkia."

Dialga… Palkia's mind reacted to the vague memory in the same manner as Giratina. She knew they were family, however she doesn't even remember nothing else. Not activities with them, not their friends, not even their parents. Nothing, gosh dang it! Only two people, which she was sure she didn't know, surrounded by an inferno of flames and the fact that she had two sisters!

"It's… a pleasure too to meet again Dialga." Palkia sighed "You... wouldn't remember something else, right?".

Sadly, Dialga shook her head "Unfortunately, the other thing I remember is a fire and two people, a boy and an adult. Giratina's the same."

Palkia was frustrated. The only saving grace was that the three were on the same boat and, remembered somehow, that they were related.

"We could ask him you know." Giratina said, pointing to another bed away from Dialga. In it was the same boy from the fire, who right now was observing them while they conversed.

Dialga and Palkia blinked, turned to each other, then to Giratina and finally to the boy again.

The boy raised an eyebrow to Giratina, who simply shrugged.

"Giratina" Dialga said.

"Yes?" asked Giratina.

"Since when he was awake?"

"A while ago. Before Palkia awoke, I think."

"And couldn't you tell us before?" Dialga's brow twitched.

"Hey. I was busy talking with Palky and you are closer to him!" Giratina defended.

"Palky?" thought the pinkette with a little sweatdrop.

"I was reading! I didn't notice him at all!"

"Then? You were busy, I was busy! I don't see why this is my fault!"

Just as it seemed as the argument was about to escalate, the boy interrupted "Uhm, excuse me, but do we know each other or something?"

That seemed to calm the two down or at least, divert their attention, and now sported embarrassed and sheepish expressions.

"Welllll" began Palkia "We hoped that you knew something about us."

The boy blinked and put an expression of deep thought. Unknown to the girls, the boy had to cast away parts of himself to survive, his memories, his identity. All the people dying at his side, pleading for salvation, filled him with guilt, subconsciously shedding more of his mind in an failed attempt to protect himself from the guilt.

He is completely blanc, like his name. Ironically, it's the only thing he still has for himself. The rest will be borrowed from others, but that is in the future, we're still at the beginning.

"No." the boy answered bluntly "The only things I remember were…" cries of help, hell on Earth, useless "the fire and…" a man who was brought salvation by saving someone, will he smile like that? "and the man who saved me."

"Oh" Palkia understood. He is another amnesiac. He won't be of much help either… "At least you remember your name, right?"

The boy blinked, then meditated about whether to tell his name to an unknown person, even if she was a girl his age. … Not to talk about her other sisters. But in an instant, he decided to tell anyways. Even without memories, someone must always remain polite. And the pinkette seemed a good person.

"Shirou." he said.

"Shirou…" Palkia repeated "Its a very nice name!"

"Oh… ah." Shirou stammered "Thanks, I guess. Though it's not as cool as yours or your sisters'."

"You… you think we are cool?"

"Of course! And I think you're also good people even if you bicker!"

"Hey!" Palkia pouted "I don't bicker, they are!"

""WE DON'T!""The two bickering sisters interrupted their verbal feud (a new one they began during Palkia and Shirou's conversation) as answer to the (very true) insinuations with nearly perfect coordinated reflexes, which made them double take to each other.

Shirou was the first to snort, which was followed with laugh, same with Palkia. At the end, Dialga and Giratina laughed too.

This would mark the beginning of a bond between the future hero of justice and the otherworldly dragons, one which will endure like the most legendary of Swords and cutting anything trying to destroy their faith and pride in their ideals and each other.

F/C: DaS

After some days, which basically consisted of medical tests, especially after Shirou and Palkia have woken up.

Unlike the three sisters, which only got some smoke in their lungs and a light burn or two, Shirou was supposed to be put into intensive care, though his unusual recovery rate, which baffled some of the doctors, meant he got out earlier than expected.

The medics couldn't detect any concussions or hemorrhages in the head from any of them, so they concluded that the quartet's amnesia was due to the mental trauma. Fortunately, the girls and boy didn't have any other loss in capabilities, though it decidedly difficulted the task of identifying their relatives or guardians. Which didn't bore any results. Especially when it seemed Shirou's documentation burned alongside his house and parents and there wasn't even a match for the sealed dragon trio. At least, they proved that Dialga, Palkia and Giratina were related by blood.

In the meantime, Shirou took a liking to the siblings and viceversa. Despite not having any memories speak of, the quartet played and talked with each other, with the occasional argument, especially by Dialga and Giratina.

One morning, a man came by. By those days, parents, relatives and legal guardians arrived to see if their children or charges were okay and, if possible, to pick them up.

Unfortunately, there was a fair share of heartbreaks.

But this one man, one who was apparently on his half-30s, has disheveled beard and grimy clothes and black hair ( heck, even one can see the tiredness in his black eyes), was seemingly looking for the quartet.

It was the same man they remembered from the fire.

And his face was one of relief.

He was silently standing in front of the four bedridden children, as if debating what to do. At the end, he took a breath.

"Hello, my name is Kiritsugu Emiya." he presented himself "I'll… be blunt."

"You can either go to an orphanage or be adopted by a stranger such as myself. Which would you prefer?"

That… was a question that wasn't easy, for obvious reasons. Though someone already had their answer.

"Okay, I'll go with you." Giratina responds "At least we can go out of this depressing hospital and the orphanage sounds like a chore so, why not?" she shrugged.

Dialga sighed "I think the other option would only delay the inevitable, so I'll go too. You'll need help with that delinquent anyways."

"I-I'll come with the others too!" stammered Palkia.

Everyone's gazes turned to Shirou, who also arrived at the same conclusion. Kiritsugu was the one who saved them all, he couldn't be that bad. Besides, Palkia and the others were coming too, so it helped with the decision.

"Okay, I'll come too."

You can imagine the various levels of joy the other four were.

After a change of clothes, filling up the paperwork and exiting the hospital, Kiritsugu turned to the children.

"I have one more thing to tell you." he began, while the cool wind of winter breezes over "I am a magus."

Thus, the Fate of the Sword and the Dragons of Creation are definitely intertwined.

AN: Yes, the Creation Trio and Shirou are officially a family! Like it was explained earlier, the Legendary Pokémon sealed themselves into human forms so they are, biologically and metaphysically, no different than normal humans though their powers will return in time. As for why they're in the Nasuverse it was due to Arceus somehow botching the Sinjoh Ritual, sending the eggs to Fuyuki, and because they were Level 1 when they hatched, obvious they couldn't defend against Gaia.

The comparison between Pokémon and Phantasmal Species, especially Legendaries and Gods was extremely important. While they possess supernatural powers beyond humans, it isn't never explained if Pokémon used magic or not, the denomination "magical beasts" was because there wasn't enough research on them in ancient times. At the very least, the scientists arrived at the conclusion that what fuels their abilities was the elemental Types, typically through specialized organs, while Phantasmal Beasts are obviously magical in composition and powers. Not to say that the Pokémon Multiverse only usual Clap Your Hands If You Believe moments are only through the power of friendship and hope. Dark Matter and the Bittercold are the only known beings created from collective thoughts or powered by them. Gods and any other terrestrial magical being in the Nasuverse are created from Mystery, myths and belief in the supernatural, so Gods there are recognized as such. Legendary Pokémon are simply extremely powerful Pokémon that sometimes are seen as deities, in some times they are, but conceptually speaking, the only one that can be recognized as True God is Arceus, the others are just simply considered as incarnations of forces of nature or concepts. Terminology IS extremely important here. At least in the future.

You'll see.

Anyways, the plan was to have the first part being of the childhood from the quartet with Kiritsugu, then continue till the beginning of the Grail War where things will get serious.

Hope I didn't cause too much headaches. I'll try to continue with the stories though I will be busy with Astral Chain. The battle system is difficult to use but I'm in love with it. I'll complete it first in Easy and retry it again in the Platinum difficulties. Someone has to make a crossover with it! Its setting is too much compatible with other pieces of fiction. I'm even making plans for a cross with Tales of Berseria. Obviously, I'll need to finish Astral Chain and watch a Berseria gameplay. Though a crossover with Puella Magi Madoka Magica doesn't sound too bad either, only have to watch the anime too. *sigh* I think it will be a looooong time if I finish a story.

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