Chapter 1

"Morning Sam. Morning Freddie." Cat said.

"Good morning Cat." Freddie said.

"Morning." Sam said.

"How'd you sleep?" Cat said.

"Good." Sam said.

"Buena." Freddie said.

"Hey guys." Dice said.

"Hey Dice." Sam said.

"Hi Dice." Cat said.

"Hola Dice." Freddie said.

"Oh hey Freddie. How are you?" Dice said.

"Fantastico." Freddie said.

"That's good." Dice said.

(Doorbell Rings)

"Ding dong." Cat said.

"I'll get it." Dice said as he opens the door and on the other side were Gwen and Ruby.

(Cheer Applause)

"You?!" Dice said.

"What the fuck are you two doing here?" Sam said.

"We came to visit." Gwen said.

"Who are they?" Freddie said.

"Gwen and Ruby. They're the con brats I told you about." Sam said.

"Oh." Freddie said.

"Whoa you're Freddie from ." Gwen said.

"You watch iCarly?" Freddie said.

"Yeah." Gwen said.

"We loved iCarly." Ruby said.

"You know I'm from iCarly right." Sam said.

"Oh yeah. I remember you guys saying 'I'm Carly, I'm Sam, and this is iCarly.'" Gwen said.

"Yeah the show was fun." Freddie said.

Chapter 2

"Okay so why are you two here?" Cat said.

"We want to apologize for what we did." Gwen said.

"Bullshit. The last time you said that, you tried turning me and Cat against each other." Cat said.

"How can we trust you?" Dice said.

"We can hook them up to my lie detector." Freddie said.

"You build a lie detector?" Sam said.

"Yeah. I'll get it out of my car." Freddie said.

"Is he your boyfriend, Sam?" Ruby said.

"Yes." Sam said.

"Okay I got my lie detector." Freddie said as he hooks Gwen and Ruby up.

"Are you two sorry for what you did?" Sam said.

"Yes." Gwen and Ruby said.

(Buzzer dings yes)

"They're telling the truth." Freddie said.

"Okay." Cat said.

"Sam, we got you, Cat and Dice treats." Gwen said.

"For Sam we got you a load of Fat Cakes." Ruby said.

"Cat we got you a membership card at the Bibble store." Gwen said.

"Thanks but I'm banned from the Bibble store since I have an addiction to it." Cat said.

"True. Which is why we got you a membership card to the Bibble store in San Diego." Gwen said.

"Oh. I didn't know there was a Bibble store in San Diego." Cat said.

"Dice here's a hat from England." Gwen said.

"Cool. Thanks." Dice said.

Chapter 3

"Did you guys do something to our presents?" Sam said.

"No." Gwen said.

(Sam glares at them as Freddie hooks Gwen and Ruby back to the lie detector.)

"Did you do something to these?" Sam said.

"No." Gwen and Ruby said.

(Buzzer dings yes)

"They're not lying." Freddie said.

"Come along Ruby we need to get back to England." Gwen said.

"Coming Gwen." Ruby said.

"Thanks for the presents." Sam said as Gwen and Ruby leave.

"Well that was weird, but at least they weren't lying." Dice said.

"Yeah. I'm going to the Bibble store in San Diego." Cat said.

"Do you want me to drive you there, Cat?" Freddie said.

"Sure. Sam, Dice you want to come?" Cat said.

"I can't. I have to go home." Dice said.

"Well see ya tomorrow." Cat said.

"See ya." Dice said.

"Sam you wanna come?" Freddie said.

"Sure." Sam said.

(After the ride to San Diego)

"Thanks for the ride, Freddie." Cat said.

"You're welcome. I should get back to Seattle now. Bye Sam. Bye Cat." Freddie said as he kisses Sam.

"Bye baby." Sam said.

"Bye Freddie. See ya next time." Cat said.

"See ya." Freddie said as he leaves to go back to Seattle.

"Cat don't eat up all your Bibble. You don't want to get addicted to it again and get banned from the store in San Diego." Sam said.

"I'll try Sam." Cat said.

"I still don't trust Gwen and Ruby." Sam said.

"Me either." Cat said.

"Well enjoy your Bibble." Sam said.

"Thanks. Enjoy your Fat Cakes." Cat said.

"I will." Sam said.