Summary -

When a terrible storm traps the members of the Resistance inside the Mobian Castle, boredom is unavoidable. To pass the time and maybe have some fun, Sonia pulls out an old board game their mother left behind: Truth or Dare. The game starts out innocently enough, until Sonic pulls a dare card and refuses to do what it says. Unfortunately, they don't have a choice. AU. Sonadow/Other

Warnings -

This story is Rated M for dark themes, such as horror, gore, and violence. If you are sensitive to these themes, avoid reading. We are not responsible if you do end up reading despite our warnings. Complaints will be ignored, because we will assume you did not read this warning. Thank you.


Dare the Truth

Written by Anonymoux-Sonic

Beta'd by Shadow


The Prince of Mobius let out a long, irritated sigh, watching the lightning flash in the distance, followed by the booming sound of thunder only a few minutes after. The night sky was hidden away behind the dark, ominous clouds, and all you could see passed the window pane was large, heavy drops of rain relentlessly tearing down on the thick glass.

He had called a meeting earlier this morning, with the other members of the Resistance, bringing them all together to discuss their current biggest problem; Dr. Eggman.

According to a report from Team Chaotix, the madman was working on the most dangerous scheme known to Mobius so far: nuclear weaponry. Apparently, he wasn't in possession of the dangerous chemicals needed to make the bombs, but he was building robots and a whole base dedicated to the project.

This had rang an alarm through the Prince's head, and he immediately got to work calling in everyone he could.

A little past dinner time is when everyone showed up.

Princess Sally Acorn from the Kingdom of Knothole, while Prince Rob O' the Hedge from the Kingdom of Soumerca, sent his cousin and Freedom Fighter Amy Rose in his stead. The Guardian Unit of Nations sent their best two agents: Rouge the Bat and Shadow the Hedgehog, while the Kingdom of Soleanna sent Princess Blaze the Cat. Espio and Mighty from Team Chaotix were present, while the twins, and Sonic's younger brother and sister, Sonia and Manic were present as well. Of course, Tails was there, along with the Guardian of the Master Emerald and Sonic's best friend, Knuckles himself joined them all from Angel Island.

The total of twelve had sat around a large table, discussing what they were going to do, how they were going to do it, and when they would do it. Of course, once the meeting was over, before everyone had a chance to leave to their respected areas, the storm thundered out of nowhere, trapping them all there.

Sonic turns around, watching the group of friends bicker back and forth around the brown table, centered in the large office that had been his mother's, and was now his.

He still refused to take her crown.

He takes in a deep breath and wipes his eyes. He was exhausted, more so than usual. Ever since Eggman went into hiding, he had been on complete edge, always jumping from here to there, running this way and that, trying to get everything done and locate the doctor at the same time. He needed a break, and yet now he had to deal with nuclear weaponry. Seriously, was a moment of rest too much to ask?

Then again… He looks out the window, sighing. Maybe Mother Nature decided he needed a break as well, and so she caused this storm to trap him in place. His mother use to tell him that if he didn't settle down and stop for a moment, something or someone else was going to make him.

"You okay, Sonic?"

The blue hero turns away from the window, down to the yellow fox that was slowly starting to grow some height. A smile curves the hedgehog's lips, and he chuckles. "Yeah, I'm good, just bored."

Tails smiles brightly, his namesakes swishing behind him. "Sonia and Amy should be back soon with something."

As if on cue, the doors to the large office swing open, reveling said pair. Sonia had a large, thin box in her hands, a devilish grin curving her lips. "We're back!"

Everyone looks up with frowns, and Sonic could feel the sweat drop down his head. "Is that a board game?"

"Absolutely not," Knuckles interrupts, sounding agitated. "Last board game we ever played ended up over someone's head."

Ignoring the snickering from Sonic, Tails, and Manic, Sonia smiles. "I promise this one will work out." She steps over to the table, setting the box down for everyone to see.

"'Truth or Dare'?" Rouge reads aloud, frowning. "How does this work?"

Sonia opens the box, while Sonic and Tails walk up to satisfy their curiosity. The magenta hedgehog explains as she opens up a large, folded board. "The game," she lays out the board, and they all stare. It was decorated in tiles that spiraled around, almost like a path of sorts. Sonia points to a spot on the edge of the board that says "START" and smiles, "starts here. After we get our player pieces set up, we will put them here. Then," she holds up a small die in between her index finger and thumb. "We roll a die, and whatever number comes up, is the number of spots you move your piece."

"I get it," Mighty speaks up. "Whatever we land on is what we gotta do."

The female hog nods, holding up two stacks of cards. Ones that said, "TRUTH" on them were green, while ones that said "DARE" were in orange. "You can either land on a truth, a dare, or a free space," she points to the white free space on the board. "The goal is to get to the center of the board in the middle of the spiral." Putting four different sets of truth and dare cards around the large board, she continues. "If you refuse to do a truth or dare, you have to pass. If you pass, you have to move back to where you were before. The first person to get to the center, wins."

"Sounds stupid," Shadow muttered, earning himself a glare from both Rouge and Sonia.

Sonic chuckles. "Don't be a sour puss."

While the black and red hedgehog glared at his blue rival, Amy finally speaks up. "It won't be so bad! This could be fun!"

Rouge shrugs. "I'm down for it."

Knuckles frowns a the bored. "How many players are there supposed to be? That's a lot of cards, and it's a big board…"

Sonia shrugs. "The more the merrier I guess. We're all playing, by the way," she looks to a certain streaked hedgehog, who turns his glare from Sonic to her. "Including you, Mr. Dark and Brooding."

Manic chuckles and Rouge smiles, patting the Ultimate Lifeform on the back. "Oh, come on! You're not afraid of anything, are you?"

Shadow crosses his arms, leaning back in his chair. "You're an idiot."

Espio finally gives his approval. "I'll play."

Sonia looks over to Sally and Blaze, who had been quiet the whole time. "You two good?"

Sally, who looked a bit uneasy with it, shrugged. "I suppose it can't hurt anything."

Blaze nods quietly; she had been tired the whole meeting.

They all look to Sonic now, who blinked multiple times. After realizing they, for some odd reason, wanted his approval, he smiles. "Sure, let's do it!"

Shadow sighs. He guessed he had no choice in the matter now.

After getting the table set up, Sonia passes out the player pieces. They were all small, round stones of multiples of color, translucent and smooth. They all put their pieces on the "START" spot, all frowning in union.

"Who's first?"

Manic had to be the one to ask the question. Everyone exchanges odd looks, before Knuckles grins. "How 'bout our fearless leader?"

Sonic glares at him. "Why me?"

The echidna shrugs. "Well, you are the one who called this meeting, Your Majesty."

Before Sonic could murder the ruby mobian next to him for calling him such a thing, Mighty speaks up. "All for Knuckles going first?"

Shadow snorts and everyone raises their hands.

"What?!" the guardian exclaims. "Why me?!"

"You're first, darling," Rouge teases. "Or are you scared?"

With a face redder than his fur, the echidna mutters a few curses under his breath. "Whatever. I'll go since you guys are all babies."

Sonic grins, rubbing his forehead in exasperation.

The echidna picks up the small die, before rolling it across the board. Three, little, black dots showed up, and he frowned. "This is gonna be a long night."

A few murmurs and chuckles of agreement followed, as he picked up his play piece and moved it three spots. "Truth? Really?"

"You sound disappointed," Sally commented, raising a brow at him. She certainly wouldn't want a dare…

The echidna shrugs and takes a random Truth Card, reading it over with a frown.

Everyone watched him in anticipation, wondering what he could have gotten.

He blinks several times, before frowning. "What the hell?"

"What's it say?" Sonic asks, speaking the question everyone was thinking.

The echidna holds it up and reads it aloud. "It says, 'You have to give up one of two thing: Your most prized possession, or your most dear friend. Which one will you give up?'"

"So," Rouge grins. "Who's your dearest friend?"

The echidna looked oddly uncomfortable with this. "I guess I would give up my most prized possession…"

"Isn't that the Master Emerald?" Tails asks.

Sonia raises a brow. "Whoever your dearest friend is must be really important to you…"

The guardian leans back in his seat. "I wouldn't ever choose the Master Emerald over anyone. That isn't right." He seems to glance over to his right, where Sonic was watching him with an unreadable look on his face. "I can rebuild the Master Emerald, I can't bring people back to life."

"That's gotta be the most meaningful thing I've ever heard you say," Mighty says with a grin. "Funny, though…" he drawls slowly. "I feel like I've heard someone else say that before…" His eyes danced to a certain blue hedgehog, who was grinning, but quiet. Was that a blush he saw?

Knuckles gives him a glare so menacing, it even impressed Shadow. Sonic started laughing quietly, while Tails smiled.

Both Rouge and Sonia seemed to be very interested in the situation now. It was obvious at this point who Knuckles's dearest friend was, but never had they seen Sonic blush so darkly. They could tell he was trying to hide it, but was failing miserably at it. They both inwardly decided to interrogate the hedgehog later…

"How are we going to decide who's next?" Amy asked, oblivious to the situation. They all exchange looks, before Espio speaks up.

"We can go around the table," he offers.

"Yeah, but which way?" Rouge asks.

Sonia smiles. "I think since we forced Knuckles to go first, we'll let him decide."

The echidna smirks, and they all saw the evil twinkle in his eye. On his left was Sally, but on his right…

Sonic let out a defeated sigh. "Alright, alright, I'll go."

Grabbing the die, he rolls it, an irritated look on his face. There was still a hint of a blush there, but it was mostly gone now.

A six rolls up, and he shoots a cocky smirk to the echidna who glowered at him in return. He wasn't sure how fortunate he was to land on a Truth spot, however.

Taking a green card, his smirk fades completely, and he only glares at the card.

"What's wrong?" Manic asks, not sure if he wanted to know by the look on his brother's face. The hero seemed disturbed.

Looking up, Sonic shoots Sonia a suspicious look. "You didn't rig this, did you?"

The girl blinks in surprise. "What?"

Knuckles seems to realize something then. "Yeah, it was kind of odd how my question pertained to me, exactly."

The princess huffs. "Are you kidding me? With how many players, and how random it is, how on Mobius would I rig this?"

Sonic doesn't seem convinced, but he looks at his card anyway. "Whatever you say, sis."

Before he could even consider his answer to the card, Knuckles snatches it out of his hand. "Hey!"

The echidna grins a mile wide. "Oh, now I see why you're skeptical."

Sonic glares the depths of hell at his friend, his green eyes practically flames of destruction.

Knuckles holds it up, clearing his voice as if he were about to make a speech. "It says, 'You have to pick one of your worst fears, and face it. Which one will you pick?'"

Sonic slumped in his seat, tapping his fingers on the table irritably. "I'm already facing it," he mutters dryly.

"So," Manic knew his death was just around the corner, "swimming lessons?"

It took everyone's will power to hold in their laughs as a Chaos Spear shot across the table, just nearly missing a yelping green hedgehog.

Sonic waves the smoke from his hand, scowling. "No. I'm not afraid of water, I just don't like it."

"Then what is your worst fear, hmm?" Sonia coos, smirking.

"Admitting what his worse fear is," Knuckles stated, watching Sonic's ears pin back.

Everyone seemed to agree to that, and Sonic muttered a few curses under his breath in multiple different languages. "Are you kidding me? Why would I be stupid enough to tell you, especially," he points at Knuckles, "my fears?"

"Tails, what's his worst fear?" Mighty asks, watching Sonic turn to glare at him. This was fun…

The yellow fox sweatdrops. "The only thing I know he doesn't like is water and spiders."

Sonic's eyes widen and Knuckles burst out into laughter.

"Spiders?!" The echidna laughs. "Do you have Tails kill them every time you find one?"

Sonic wanted to die. Giving Tails a warning look that spoke of many threats, he throws the die to his right. "Moving on!"

"But you didn't answer!" Rouge interrupts. Sonia holds up her hand before her older brother could become a murderer. "I think we've tortured him enough. Tails, it's your turn."

The fox had a bad feeling about this. Ignoring the chuckling echidna and a now angsty Sonic, he grabs the die and rolls it…

"Another Truth?" Amy says, blinking in surprise.

The fox moved his pieces three times, wondering if he should be happy with this or not.

Hesitantly grabbing the iconic green card, he holds it up and reads it to himself. A look of horror spread over his face, and Sonic blinked, all threats thrown out the window, 'big brother mode' on.

"What's up, bud?" he asks, as Tails hands him the card.

Sonic frowns, reading it aloud. "'What would you rather do: See the person you love the most die, or have them disappear and not know what happened to them?'" He glares at the card. "Wow, that's dark. Seriously, what the heck?"

He drops the card in the 'used' pile and looks at Sonia. "Who made this game again?"

The girl frowns, shrugging. "I have no idea. It was with mother's stuff, so Chaos knows where she got it from."

Sonic frowns, not saying a word.

Tails was, in the meantime, trying to figure out the deep question.

Sonic. Would he want to see him die? Of course not, but, would he want him to disappear and not know what happened to him?

"I think," Tails said quietly, bringing back everyone's attention. "I think I would rather have that person disappear, because even though they might not be here with me, they could still be alive out there…"

Sonic's eyes widen at that, and the girls of the group couldn't help the small smiles that curved their lips.

"You can tell who raised him," Rouge says softly, and the kitsune smiles proudly. Sonic doesn't say a word, just leans back in his chair and crosses his legs over the other. His face, as always, was unreadable.

Manic lets out a weak breath of air, grabbing the die. "I guess I'm next, huh?"

"Good luck," Knuckles mutters. Tails got an easy one.

The green hedgehog tosses the die, watching the number with a skeptical frown. "Okay, why don't we all just do Truth?"

He scored a six, right next to his brother, and with a huff of slight frustration, he pulls his card.

His ears pull back. "Okay, this is just mean."

They all watched him, not sure about this anymore.

"What's wrong?" Sonia asks, and the younger of the two twins reads out his card.

"'If you could bring someone back that you have lost, but have to give up someone else you love in return, would you, and who would you give up?'" he drops the card. "Does money count?"

Sonia sighs. "That is kind of a mean question." She looked sad, and Manic couldn't help but look at his older brother, who decided to keep his emotions to himself, and keep a blank face.

The green hedgehog sighs. "I guess it would be nice to bring mother back, but, I don't think it's right to give up someone else in her place. I mean, if someone brought me back for someone else, I'd feel guilty as hell…"

Sonia gives him a soft smile. Sonic was still, by all definition, a brick wall.

Rouge frowns. "Is anyone else seriously creeped out that you've all gotten Truth in a row?"

"Let's see what you get," Knuckles says with a grin.

Rouge groans, grabbing the die and rolling it. "Oh, how sweet," she says slowly, sarcasm dripping from her voice, "I get to be stuck on the same one as Knuckles."

"This game should be called 'Truth or Truth,'" Mighty mutters.

The ivory bat grabs her green card, a bit nervous considering everyone else's truths had been a bit…odd. Reading it, she frowns.

"'If both you and your dearest friend wanted the same thing, but only one of you could have it, would you give it to them to save your friendship, or keep it for yourself and ruin it forever?'" She looks up with a sideways smirk. "I take it this doesn't include Chaos Emeralds and a grumpy hedgehog?"

Shadow rolled his eyes, and Sonic finally chuckled. Knuckles leans back in his seat, raising a brow. "You'd keep it for yourself, wouldn't you?"

She scoffs. "Oh, please. You act like I haven't already given up anything already for someone."

He glares at her. "Master Emeralds don't count. You had to give that up without choice."

"He's right you know," Manic chuckles, causing Rouge to pout.

The bat sighs, dropping the card on the used pile. What would this even refer to then? If both she and her friend wanted something, but only one of them could have it…

Her brows furrow as she thinks.

"I guess I would save my friendship, maybe...depending on what it is we're fighting over."

Sonic holds a hand up to his mouth, grinning. "Cough-cough-Knuckles-cough…"

The echidna's eyes widen, and Rouge looks up in surprise. "What?!"

Sonic waved them away. "What? I didn't say anything."

Tails and Manic were giggling to themselves, as Sonia glared her brother down.

Mighty decided to throw his two cents in. "That's a fight I'd like to see…"

Both Rouge and Sonia whipped around to glare at him, and he flinched. Knuckles sunk down in his chair, not wanting anything to do with this. Sonic was wheezing, trying not to laugh, as Manic wiped away his tears of laughter.

Rouge and Sonia were good friends, and hung out nearly all the time, but when it came to Knuckles, things could get cold…

Sonic seems to realize something, and a devious grin curves his lips. "Guess who gets to go next?"

Shadow was already scowling at him. It was if he had been prepared for Sonic to say something, but it still ticked him off, nonetheless.

Rouge perks up then, her rage completely forgotten. "Oh, here!" she hands him the die. She needed to see this.

Shadow sighs, taking the die, sitting up from his slouched position in his chair. Dropping the die lightly on the table, they watch as a six rolls up.

Next to Sonic and Manic, everyone could only groan. At this point, they had a feeling no one was going to get a dare.

The dark hedgehog takes a card, pondering why the hell he was even doing this. With a frown, he reads it to himself, as Rouge leans over and tilts her head. The female reaches over, snatching the card from her friend, earning herself a glare. "It says," she started with a curious frown. "'If you were the last person on Mobius, and got to choose one other person to stay with you, who would you pick?'"

She tosses the card away with a huff. "That one's easy…"

He raises a brow. "Why would I pick you?"

She turns to face him, startled. "I didn't mean me. I was thinking of a certain someone in this room who I won't name."

Everyone perked up. Who? Everyone was more than curious to know who Shadow would pick, and why he would pick them…

Shadow looked peeved at the bat, his eyes narrowing. "How in the world would you know?"

She smiles, almost too sweetly. "Darling, there isn't much you can hide from me. I find out whether you want me to or not."

He shakes his head, muttering something about bats under his breath.

"I'm passing on this one," he finally answers.

Rouge mock-pouts. "Aw, how come?"

Sonic looked a bit disappointed as well. "Yeah, I wanted to know."

"Well too bad," Shadow stated, ignoring the two's annoying whining. He supposed he was stuck on 'START,' but it was better than the alternative.

Espio was next in the circle, and he didn't look amused by it at all. With a sigh, he takes the die and rolls it.

"This game is rigged," Sonic said, now truly convinced. "I mean, is next round only going to be dares?"

"But that's impossible," Tails frowns. "There are six different spots you could land on right now: One, Three, and Six are all Truths. Two and Four are Dares, and Five is a free space, so it's completely random."

"There's a half chance you'll get Truth compared to a free space or Dare, so the fact that everyone so far has gotten nothing but Truth is kinda creepy," Blaze, who had been quiet the whole time, finally speaks up.

Tails looked down at the board with a thoughtful frown. "But it can't be rigged…unless you can rig a die."

"I think it would be pretty obvious if it were rigged," Sally said. "The sides would be the same."

Espio had already grabbed his card, and began reading it to himself, while everyone else discussed the possibly rigged board.

He was also convinced the game was rigged. All the Truth questions somehow pertained to each of them. Mighty nudges the chameleon next to him and raises a brow. "What's it say?"

The purple reptile frowns. "It says, 'Would you rather reveal your deepest secret, or have nobody notice you for the rest of your life?'"

"That's creepy," Manic said, his ears falling back.

Espio frowned, putting his card down on the pile neatly. "People can get over secrets, so I suppose I would rather reveal it than become a ghost."

Mighty grins, taking the die. "That's really humble coming from someone who can turn invisible whenever he wants."

"It's not invisible," the chameleon mutters, sounding offended.

Knuckles and Sonic couldn't help but chuckle, while Mighty rolled a three. Glaring at the die that may or may not be rigged, he grabs another green card and wonders what hell it has to ask him.

"Aw, this one's sad," he says, frowning, and before anyone could ask him what it said, he read aloud: "'If you had to decide, would you: Always have friends by you, but you're are always sad or angry, or always be happy, and never have even one friend?'"

"Oh," Sonia chirps up. "Why don't you ask Shadow?"

The dark hedgehog glares at her, as Manic adds; "Or Sonic on one of his bad days?"

Sonic grits his teeth, turning to look at his younger brother with a raised eyebrow and narrowed eyes. "Dude, what is your deal today?"

The green hero shrugs. "I'm being honest."

Mighty chuckles, before looking at his card. "I don't know, really. I wouldn't want my friends to be around me if I was always mean and bitter, but I wouldn't want to be alone if I were happy…"

They were all quiet, wondering what they would pick. After a minute, Mighty shakes his head. "I can't choose, so I'll pass."

He tosses the card to the used pile, before handing the die over to Sonia on his right. The girl gives a weak smile, not sure if she really wanted to play. Another Truth is rolled, and with a sigh, she reaches over and grabs her card.

"'If two of the people you love were both in danger, and you had a choice to save one of them, who would you choose?'" She scowls. "Well, this brings back some memories."

Sonic and Manic exchange the same, uncomfortable looks. Being trapped in roboticizers, forcing Sonia to really think about what she would do. She had rescued Sonic first, so he could go get to Manic before the robotization started. Sonic chuckles. "I have a feeling it isn't talking about that…"

"About what?" Knuckles asks, curious. Sonic waves him away, not wanting to talk about it. Sonia sighs, knowing her brother was right. "I have to pass on this question. It was hard enough for me then, I never want to do that again."

Both brothers seemed relieved, as the die was passed to…a sleeping Blaze.

Sonic starts laughing, and Sonia sweatdrops. "Poor girl," she murmurs. She looks up at Sonic, nodding towards her. "You wanna take her?"

He nods, grinning, standing up. Walking over, he carefully scoops her up, gently, as if she were a treasure. Knuckles grins, watching Sonic walk out of the office.

Sonia waves at the echidna, putting a finger to her lips. "Leave him alone, Knuckles."

The echidna raises a brow. "What? I didn't say anything."

"You were thinking it," the female huffs.

Manic chuckles, and Rouge raises a brow. "What's so funny?"

Knuckles nods to the door. "Sonic has a thing for Blaze."

Amy and Sally both looked up, looking a bit startled. Mighty perked up, while Shadow sank low into his chair. Rouge tilted her head. "He does? Since when?"

"Since they met," Tails answers. "He's always liked her. I think he grew interested in her when he saw how she fought, and how she can keep up with him."

If Tails said it, it was true.

Knuckles folds his hands behind his head, smirking. "I caught them in a moment around when we first met her."

"A moment?" Mighty asks. "What kind of moment?"

"Guys, shut up and leave Sonic alone," Sonia huffs, sitting back. "He finally found someone he wants to give a chance, and I don't want it ruined."

Rouge frowns, looking over to her right. Shadow looked over at her with a scowl and a raised brow. Knuckles holds up his hands innocently. "What? I never said I would ruin it…"

"Just don't talk about it," Manic finally said. "Sonia's right. He has a hard time trusting people, so this is kind of a big thing."

Sally looked guilty, while Amy crossed her arms defiantly. Mighty leaned forward on his hand, his elbow propped up on the table. "So, if Blaze can't play, does that mean Amy's next?"

The pink girl suddenly looked up, her eyes wide. "I'm not, really sure I should…"

Sonia raises a brow. "Why? You were all over it when we found it."

Amy gives her a half lidded glare. "Yeah, that was before it got creepy. These questions are dark, we're all getting Truth…" she trails off, and the group got her meaning.

Sonia shrugs. "Yeah, but this is only our first round. I'm sure it'll get better."

Amy sighs, taking the die. "Oh, alright." With a flick of her wrist, she rolls the die. They all watch the number one come up.

"Oh, how'd I know?" she mutters sarcastically, grabbing the green card. She holds it up, reading it out loud.

"'What makes a person, by definition, 'bad'? Do you think you are a bad person?'"

She frowns, putting the card down. "No, I don't think I'm a bad person."

"What do you think makes a person bad?" Tails asks, and she frowns, running a hand through her bangs.

"Well, they have to be mean. Oh, and selfish. They will do anything to get what they want, even if it means hurting others. They hurt people for fun, and tear apart anything they don't like just because they want to." She looked at the table. "Just like Eggman."

They all seemed to agree with her.

"Sounds about right," Sonic chirped as he walked through the door, plopping down in his chair. He earns himself a bright smile from the pink hedgehog, who was more than happy he agreed with her.

"Is she okay?" Tails asks quietly, slightly concerned for their feline friend. Sonic winks at him. "She's just exhausted, bud. That whole Mephiles thing still has her down."

Amy turns to Sally, holding out the die. The chipmunk sighs, taking the die. Honestly, she was considering bed herself. With a yawn, she rolls the small die, and everyone watches the three roll up. She shakes her head, reaching for the famous green card.

"'You get two choices: You can go back in time and fix a past mistake, or you can see into the future of your life with those mistakes.'" She frowns. That was an iffy one.

Sonic laughs lightly. "Let's call Silver for advice."

Everyone groans. Manic holds his hands up over his ears. "Oh, please don't. I mean, he's a good kid and all, but Chaos is he a mess."

"Don't be mean," Sally says weakly, although she agreed with him inside.

"You know," Sonia says. "He does kind of have a world on his shoulders…"

"You mean time?" Knuckles corrects.

She shakes her head, rubbing her eyes. "Why do I even bother?" she mutters.

Knuckles looks to Sally on his left, ignoring the magenta hedgehog. "So, what?"

Sally had to think about it. Time was an iffy thing. Sonic always told everyone everything happens for a reason, but… To start over, to fix what she did wrong. She knew she was the reason Sonic was so untrusting and paranoid about other people, and if she could just fix that for him, and what they had as a couple…

She sighs. "I suppose I would want to fix my past mistakes."

"Don't we all," Manic mutters, but truthfully. "When I first met Sonic, I made the mistake of having a chili dog eating contest with him…"

Sonic couldn't stop the laughs that broke his lips, as Manic leans his head on the table. "My poor stomach…"

Sonia had to giggle, along with Amy and Tails. "Well, I guess that's our first round. Knuckles, it's your turn again."

The echidna rolls his eyes, taking the die from Sally. "Why?" He rolls the die. "I'm just gonna get another…truth?"

A four came up, and, after moving his player piece four spaces, he landed on a white spot.

"A free space? Really?" He grins. "This is sad, but…I feel really victorious right now."

Sonic groans as the die was thrown in his direction. "That isn't fair…"

Everyone else was a bit startled by this change, and all watched with curious eyes as Sonic rolled a five.

As his piece landed on a orange spot, he didn't know whether to cringe or feel relieved. He supposed he would leave that up to the card, as he reaches over and grabs the one labeled "DARE".

They watch him read it, his expression going from irritated, to horrified. He looks up, turning to Sonia with narrowed eyes. "Okay, yeah it was funny, haha, but seriously, this game is rigged."

Sonia frowns. "I told you, it's not. Why? What's wrong?"

He stares at her, a bit bewildered. Everyone was watching him now in slight worry. He looks down at the card, before shaking his head. "It's rigged. There's no way."

He holds the card over to Sonia, who reaches over and grabs it quickly. When she reads it, her eyes widen. "N-No, that's not fair…" She looks up and points to the other dare cards. "Grab another one. A random one."

He frowns at her, before reaching over to the pile of cards. He lifts it up, grabs one from almost the bottom, and holds it up, reading it. He drops it as if it had burned him.

"What? That can't be right…" He turns the cards around in his hands, looking through all of them, reading all of them.

His face pales.

"Sonia…where did you get this game from, exactly?"

Rouge sits up first, followed by everyone else. Manic reaches over and grabs a stack of cards, reading them for himself. Sonia shakes her head frantically. "I…I got it from mother's old closet. It was underneath one of the bigger chests in there. The one that has the gap underneath."

Sonic looks at her, his eyes wide. "It was under there, like you mean it was hidden or something?"

She drops the card in her hands, grabbing the box the game had come in. Manic jumps up, his eyes wide. "Dude, this is terrifying!"

Rouge couldn't help it, as well as some of the others. She grabs the stack of cards in front of her, reading some of them.

"'…see how long you can hold your breath under water….find the smallest space where you are…" She looks up, startled. "These are all…"

"…Sonic's fears…" Knuckles finishes, looking up from his own cards. "And they repeat, like no matter what card he picks, it'll be one of them."

"How is that possible?" Sally asks. "How does that just happen?"

Espio leans forward, grabbing a few Truth cards. "The cards we picked the first round all pertained to us somehow. Sonic's fears. Knuckles's emerald. Sonia's decision. Shadow's immortality."

They all exchanged the same looks. Sonia looks up from the box. "I-It says that it was made by the Majics…"

"What is Majics?" Knuckles asks. Tails answers shakily.

"The…the Majics were black magic users from ancient Mobius, who experimented on different creatures to see what brings out the darkness in them."

Sonic drops the cards. "They're told about in a lot of horror stories and urban legends…" He looks over at Sonia. "Mom had a board made by the Majics… I bet you she was forced to play it and took it from the wrong hands when she had the chance."

Sonia swallows. "Why wouldn't she keep it somewhere safer? Or at least tell us about it? This thing can be dangerous."

"So…" Rouge starts slowly. "This thing is like, a Ouija board, or a pentagram or something?"

Sonia nods. "Yes, exactly. That's what the Majics made. They made many different things like this: games, food, clothing, books… ordinary objects that seem harmless, but will eventually tear a person apart."

"These Truth cards are all blank," Espio said, holding them up. They all stare at them, watching the chameleon drop down a set of blank cards.

"They change, depending on whose turn it is," Shadow said, with narrowed eyes. "That's why we all got Truth the first round."

"Then why did Knuckles get a free pass?" Mighty questions. "And why does Sonic have this…thing?"

"Oh my gosh…" Sonia breathes. "Knuckles answered his Truth…"

"Sonic didn't…" Manic finishes slowly.

"Wait," Knuckles sits up. "That means that, whoever passed on their Truth, will get a Dare like this one…pertaining to that Truth…"

"Oh, no…" Sonia sits back down, rubbing her forehead. "Oh, mother why'd you have to leave this here?"

Sonic sighs, shaking his head. "Well, we're not playing this anymore." He reaches over and goes to pick up the player pieces. "We'll just put it away and…huh?"

He tried to pick up his player piece, and it wouldn't move.

It wouldn't budge, as if it were glued to the board.

"The hell?" he questions, trying to then pick up the board.

It was stuck, glued to the table, as if it were part of the wooden surface.

Knuckles stands up, as well as Manic, all three trying to move the dark board.

"It's…it's stuck to the table!" Knuckles exclaims.

This freaked them all out. Almost everyone was on their feet, trying to pick up the game board.

"Aw, forget it!" Sonic exclaims, throwing his hands up. "Let's just…leave it here for now. We'll deal with this in the morning or something." Everyone steps back as he turns away. "If we can't get rid of it, we'll just have Blaze burn it up."

Sonia lets out a tired sigh. Knuckles gives the blue hero a nervous look. "We won't be like, cursed or anything from this, right?"

Sonic frowns, looking at the board with skepticism. It was possible…

"There's a book here," Sonia says softly, holding it up. "I'll read over it and see what we can do. In the meantime, we should all get some rest or something."

Rouge sighs. "We go from our biggest enemy being Eggman, to a board game. How nice."

Mighty couldn't help but chuckle. "It could be worse. I mean, like you said, Ouija boards are bad. We could be up against an evil banana or something weird."

Sonic was heard laughing as he left the office, and Knuckles sweatdrops.

"A banana? Really?"

Mighty grins. "That's what I'm saying."

Sonic sighed, closing his eyes, letting the hot shower water pour down his head, through his quills, enjoying the heat and comfort. He might hate water, but showers were to die for.

He needed a moment to relax, clearing his shaky mind from everything that had happened within the past few days. First nuclear bombs, then a evil board game…

He shakes his head, wiping his eyes.

It was times like this he really missed her. His mother was the only one he could just sit down with, in her lap, and let everything out. She was the only one that he could rant to, cry to, go to just when he needed someone to be with. She gave him advice, she gave him strength, she gave him the parental love he had missed so much of growing up on his own. With her being gone, he had so much more on his shoulders. Mobius was waiting on him to take the crown, become the King and such, but he just couldn't bring himself to do it… It just didn't feel right to him.

The water temperature started to weaken, going from hot to warm. He sighs, turning around, knowing he had been in the shower for far too long. Reaching for the nozzle to turn off the water, he makes a mental note to have Tails invent something that would keep the water hot no matter how long he stayed in there. Then, he stopped.

He was trying to turn the nozzle, but it wouldn't turn.

Frowning, he turns it again, the thing not even moving an inch. It was as if it were a model, not even real, fixed to the shower wall like a display…

"What in the world…?" He murmurs.

Turning, he goes to open the shower door…

It wouldn't move either.

Blinking, he looks up… Since when did the shower doors go all the way up to the ceiling?!

"What the hell?!"

He steps back, eyes wide. The water was now getting cold, and as he looked down, his feels his breath catch in his throat.

The water was filling the tub, quickly now, and before he knew it, it was up to his ankles…

He looks up, back at the shower doors. An eerie feeling made his quills rise a bit. The water temperature was now ice cold, causing him to shiver slightly. He reached for the shower doors again, but jumped back when his fawn furred hands touched something odd and…stringy? It was almost clear and unseeable, but when he stepped back and looked at it in the light…

His heart froze, and as he realized what was happening, that there was a spider web now covering the doors completely, he felt something on his foot…

He jumped up, a weak cry breaking his lips. There was one, now two, now three and more, spiders swimming in the quickly rising water!

The board…

He couldn't believe it. Here he was, trapped in a small space, unable to run, spiders everywhere, water rising…

He didn't want to admit his worst fears. He didn't want to play the game…

…and now the game was playing him.

Rouge drops the cards, frowning. "According to the cards, Sonic is afraid of losing his voice."

Sonia looks up from the book in her slightly shaky hands. "Yeah, that's because when he was little, he had a problem with his voice. According to Dr. Quack and mother, he has a permanent disability where his 'voice box', so to speak, is damaged beyond repair. The only reason he can talk is because of his Chaos Energy."

Knuckles looks up. "Really? I mean, he loves to sing and everything…"

Sonia nods sadly. "Yeah, whenever he runs too low on Chaos Energy, he'll lose his voice. He hates it, because he feels like no one will ever listen to him." She pauses, sighing. "Or, that's what we think. He wouldn't ever admit that."

Rouge smiles sadly. "Not with that ego of his. I have the same problem with Shadow."

Sonia smiles in return. "You treat him like he's your kid or something."

The bat winks. "That's what it feels like sometimes. Like he's my kid or a little brother."

A certain yellow fox pokes his head in the door, a worried look on his muzzle. "Uh…guys…?"

The three look up, startled by his weak tone.

"What's wrong?" Knuckles asks.

The kitsune swallows. "Sonic's bedroom door is covered in spider webs…"

He tried to scream, but he couldn't. He couldn't make a sound. The water had rose so quickly, too quickly, and at this point he was beyond terrified. Maybe it wouldn't have been so bad, if it weren't for the hundreds of spiders swimming around with him. He hated them. He hated them so much…

The water was at his chest, yet there was nothing he could do. He had no Chaos Energy, somehow, and felt sick…

…and then suddenly the doors were broken down, and he ran forward, screaming as he ran straight into Knuckles's arms.

Tails, Shadow, Sonia, Rouge, and Manic all stood there, wide eyed and mouths agape. The water rushed out, hundreds of little spiders spreading across the bathroom floor.

Sonic was shaking violently in Knuckles's arms, screaming and cursing and whining, wiping himself off, crying for the spiders to get off of him.

The echidna tried desperately to get the hero to calm down, shushing him and murmuring softly to him. Shadow, who had helped Knuckles break down the door, turned around and looked to Sonia. "We have to play the game, don't we?"

The girl could only stare, wide eyed, her face pale, as Knuckles led her hyperventilating brother out of the room.