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Chapter 2

Two Young Lovers

Addy looked over her shoulder, smiling up at Daniel as she opened the front door of her little apartment. She'd only had a few minutes left of clinical for the day so he had waited. The light snow that was falling was promising to turn heavier over the next couple hours, so they'd decided to just go get food and bring it back to her apartment. It was already snowing heavier. Earlier, Addy's steps and porch railing had been clean of snow — now there was probably two inches out there. She flipped on the light switch by the door, her attention running quickly over the small front room. If this room was any indication, Jess had done more than a good job cleaning up her apartment. It hadn't been dirty exactly, but messy and disorganized and there were clothes piled on one end of the couch. Addy cleaned the snow off her boots on the mat and turned, stepping out of the way so Daniel could come in. She closed the door then pulled her feet from her loosely tied boots.

The idea that they were going to be alone, really alone for the next two nights, made her feel antsy. It wasn't that they hadn't been alone together before. However, the idea of being alone with his quiet reticence for two nights and a day made her feel jittery and nervous. Unwilling to let her nerves get the better of her, Addy shrugged out of her coat, hanging it on the peg by the door and took the bag of takeout Chinese food from him. Daniel had suggested pizza but she had eaten so much pizza lately, Chinese food had sounded far better.

"You can put your bag on the bench by the door," she said, making her way toward the couch. "Make yourself at home," she added, setting the bag on the large coffee table. "I don't have a kitchen table so I usually just eat at the coffee table," she said next, glancing over her shoulder at him.

Daniel nodded, dropping his bag on the bench. He unzipped his coat and shrugged out of it.

Addy pulled her scarf from her neck then bent down and gathered the stack of books and magazines from the table. She made her way to her computer desk and sat them there.

Daniel slipped his shoes off as his attention moved around the small room. He had never been in her personal space before and he found he was curious. Across from where he stood a large stone fireplace dominated one wall, an overstuffed sofa and loveseat sat near it creating a cosy little nook. There were not a lot of decorations. A couple blankets laid folded on the backs of the furniture. A clock hung on the stone over the fireplace and few pictures sat on the mantle. A computer desk and bookcase sat along the wall near the doorway Addy had just disappeared through. A soft tender feeling wove through his chest for a moment. He wasn't surprised she only had a coffee table. She had gravitated to his when she was researching her paper. She would sit down between it and his couch, a pencil stuck through her ponytail as she read. She spread open books out on it, on the floor, even on his couch. Honestly, he had missed her doing that when she left. He could sit there and watch her like that for hours. Moment like that made him want her with him even more.

"Have you heard anything about your paper?" Daniel called as he moved closer to the fireplace. He squinted as his attention passed over the pictures.

"No, not yet. I'm trying not to be obsessive," she replied, the sound of a cupboard door closing punctuating her words. She had spent hours of her only real break this year researching and writing the paper on cross-species infection of Equine Herpesvirus in giraffe populations infected with Encephalitis.

"It was a really good paper, Addy." He knew it was. She had spent more than one evening at his apartment, pouring over veterinary tomes and periodicals as she researched. She had also emailed it to him when she finished so he could proofread it.

Addy nodded silently. Not only was the subject content a mouthful to say, but she also worried it may have been overly ambitious. What she said was, "I know. I'm just trying not to get my hopes up. The chances are so slim."

When she noticed him studying one of the pictures in particular, she said, "That's Dad and me in Virginia a couple of years ago," drawing his attention.

Daniel watched as she put the plates on the coffee table and two cans of soda on the table. "The t-shirt trip?" He asked, thinking of the dusky purple t-shirt she wore that had the state slogan written on it, "Virginia is for Lovers."

"Yeah," she replied with a nod and smile. "Dad and I spent four days backpacking in the Blue Ridge Mountains."

Daniel watched as she made her way toward him, her attention moving to the mantle.

Addy lifted one five by seven frame. "This is Mum and Dad."

Daniel studied the candid picture of the dark-haired couple. The woman had her arms around the waist of Addy's father who was dressed in an Army Service Uniform. She wore a bright smile that Daniel knew well. "You look like her," Daniel said.

Addy nodded. "Really, I resemble them both. They were both dark in coloring but her eyes were hazel. Mine are like Dad's." Her attention dropped to the picture. "Also, she was actually a lot taller than me." Placing the frame back on the mantle, Addy grabbed another and handed it to him. "See, this is my high school graduation."

Daniel studied them for a moment. They stood under a tree, her mom had her arm around Addy's shoulder. Addy wore a bright smile, her green gown was open to reveal the sundress underneath.

"Cause I was eighteen, wild and free and a wonderin," she said, a wistful hint to her voice.

Daniel looked over at her, to find her attention still on the picture. He had no idea what she was talking about.

"Down a long dusty driveway, I set my mind to go, cause I was eighteen a wild and free and a wonderin'," she added as if that explained everything.

Still uncertain what she was referencing, Daniel nodded.

Laughter in her voice, she explained. "They're lyrics to the Sawyer Brown song, The Walk. I was always a daddy's girl. Even though it's about a father and son, it reminds me of our relationship."

"I might have been a daddy's girl, but Mum was a driving force in my life. She wanted so much for me. She was an amazing woman. She would have liked you."

"Yeah," Daniel said, watching as she placed the frame back on the mantel.

"She got her BA in world history, despite being a military wife and having a small child in tow. No matter where we lived, she always said it was important to understand the culture and learn as many customs as you could. When we lived in Anchorage she worked with the Anchorage Cultural Society. She also taught World History at my high school."

Addy continued to look at the picture and Daniel watched her. His chest tightening, he was all too familiar with the feelings of lost moments and life that losing a parent could inspire. He had been far younger and lost both of his parents; Daniel had often wished he had at least been older but he couldn't imagine that mattered much to the loss she felt in these moments.

Daniel reached over, his fingers trailing down the blue of her sweater sleeve. "How old were you when she died?" He had a rough idea, but had never asked.

"Twenty-five," Addy said, her attention dropping to his hand. "She'd be so happy," Addy said with a shake of her head, feeling tears threaten to spill. "She would be so excited right now. She made me promise I would finish school. Not take a year off. Not wait. Just keep going." She gave Daniel a wane smile. Addy had absolutely no doubt whatsoever that her mother would find him every bit as interesting as she did.

Addy let out a deep breath, changing the subject. "Oh, I have something for you, I had forgotten," and she really had forgotten.

She hurried into her bedroom, brushing moisture from her eyes. She took a deep breath and slowly exhaled then grabbed an antique wooden box from on top of her dresser.


"They're journals by a surveyor who worked for the Union Pacific when it was being built," she said, scooting closer.

"Really?" Daniel asked, brow furrowing in surprise, glancing down at them and then at her.

"Yes," Addy said with a nod.

"They're amazing, they're full of pictures he drew." Addy carefully turned the pages of the journal he held until she found what she was looking for. "Check this out." A hand drawn topographical map spanned two pages, showing the Missouri River and some of its tributaries. Not even looking at him, she took the time-worn, leatherbound book from his hands and gently flipped through more pages. Daniel's gaze drifted over her profile, a smile tugging at his lips, a familiar pressure settling in his chest. "This, though. This is one of one of my favorites," she said, handing the book back to Daniel. The page was covered in the image of a ridge drawn for a distance. Four Native Americans sat atop horses, one holding a rifle across his lap. "Look, how detailed they are," she pointed to one of the small braves and the fringe you could see on his clothes, "they're so… it's like really seeing what this man saw, I can't even imagine," she trailed off. "I read in one of the entries that the party would soon be entering hostile territory. It was more like he was asking God to bring him acceptance of his fate."

When she trailed off, Daniel spoke. "It was likely terrifying sometimes." Despite that, Daniel could also understand why the man had done what he had. It could've been just about the pay, but it could also have been about something greater than himself. Of being part of something of such real importance or 'manifest destiny' as the newspapers has dubbed it.

"Would they be Lakota?" Addy asked, looking over at him and pulling him from his thoughts.

Confused for a moment, brow furrowing, Daniel said, "um," looking back down at the picture. "Yes, they could be, but they passed through Cheyenne territory first and others as well," he said, carefully turning the page to see if there were any dates. They couldn't be Pawnee; they weren't wearing the tell tale headdresses worn by the men. The next page read, Dakota Territory, 1866. "They could have still been Cheyenne, but they were in the Dakotas so they were most likely Sioux. Though, depending on which side of the Dakota Territories they were on, they may not have been Lakota."

"Really?" She asked.

"There were actually three branches of Sioux," Daniel began, his attention returning to the sketch. "The Lakota, Dakota, and Nakota. There were also several tribes under them. It's really quite fascinating. There were three different pronunciations, because of dialect differences, one Sioux language has an L in it and the others did not. All three translate to mean the friends or the allies. Interestingly enough," he went on, "the name Sioux isn't even a Lakota or Dakota name. It comes from the Ojibwe name for the tribe, meaning "little snakes," but when speaking English the people of the nation commonly refer to themselves as Sioux. Coincidentally, Ojibwe is another name for Chippewa, and that tribal name came from the Algonquin Natives. Chippewa," Daniel said, looking up as if just remembering himself, "means.." he trailed off, "means puckered."

Addy bit her lip and smiled. "Do you really like them?" she asked, even though she didn't need to.

"Yeah," he began, his brows growing close. "Where did you find them?"

"An estate sale," she said, turning to grab the box she had left on the couch beside her. "This I bought for me," she said, handing him the box.

Daniel opened it up to find a large compass, set in a wide brass base. "Do you know what this is?" Daniel asked. After placing the box on the coffee table, he carefully lifted it out.

"It's a Theodolite," she said with a nod. "A surveyor's compass. It's broken though."

Tilting his head to the side, he looked back down at it. Both of the folding legs to attach the transit to the compass were still there. The glass was in good shape and it still had all of its hands. "You could have it fixed," he observed, licking his lips. " I might even know someone," he offered, thinking of Sam.

"No," she said, squinting at him playfully. "I like it the way it is."


Brows drawing close, Daniel glanced up at Addy. "These are...these are fascinating," he said, repeating his earlier sentiment. They had eaten after she showed him the Theodolite. She had told him to go ahead and look at his journals while she cleaned up dinner. When she was finished, she had sat down facing him at the coffee table so he could show her something he'd found.

Addy's smile grew and she bit her lip. "I'm glad you like them."

"I do," he said distractedly.

She had missed the creases in his brows and how easily distracted he became. Tilting her head to the side, she said, "I'm going to go take a shower."

She arched an eyebrow when he barely acknowledge her with a nod.

Addy stayed put, continuing to watch him. "You could come with me?" she suggested, not even realizing she had had the thought. Heat spread across her cheeks as the idea made her skin feel suddenly tight.

Daniel glanced up again, his gaze began to drop but darted back to her. His heartbeat increased as her eyes darkened. Daniel's jaw went slack for a moment. "I…" he began, stumbling over his words as he put together what was happening. "Um…" What had she just asked him? "You want me to…"

Had she just asked him to share her shower?

Her eyes dropped to his lips, a soft smile playing about her mouth. Addy tucked her hair behind her ear, the blue of her eyes grew more stormy; her flush deepened. She scooted closer so she was on the edge of the coffee table. Her hands settled on his thighs as she leaned over the gap separating them, her lips touching his for a heartbeat.

Addy pulled back slowly, her eyes opening at the same pace. She met his gaze, stifling the urge to giggle at how wide his eyes were. She privately delighted at how easily she could still throw him off center with a look or a touch.

Addy reached out, taking the forgotten journal from Daniel's hands, and placed it gently on the table beside her. She stood, reaching for his hand. Daniel stood as well, a look very much like wide-eyed confusion marking his features; he reminded her of a deer in headlights. He stumbled as Addy led him around the coffee table, amusing her more.

When they reached the bathroom Addy dropped his hand, moving across the room to the shower. She pulled the curtain back and turned the water on, testing the water. When she was satisfied, she reached up pulling the hair tie from her hair, letting it fall just past her shoulders. She ran her fingers through it, forcing the sudden wave of nervousness away. It was not lost on her that despite her throwing him off balance, she knew she was as well. Addy reached down, grabbing the bottom of her shirt. She hesitated for a half a second, for she had never been this bold with him yet. He put her on edge and she — she refused to finish her thought. She squeezed her eyes closed, willing the wings in her stomach to still as she pulled her shirt over her head. She dropped it to the floor. Keeping her head down, she toed her socks off. At the same time her fingers went to the waist of her jeans; she worked the button free and unzipped them. She finally glanced back over her shoulder at him as she pushed them down her hips. He still stood in the middle of the room where she'd left him.

He watched her, his face taking on the same absorbed, analytical expression he wore when he was examining an old text – not what Addy expected of a man watching his girlfriend disrobe. Addy's cheeks reddened and she turned, nervous energy swamping her, crossing her arms over her chest. As much as she loved it about him, sometimes she wished he wasn't so easily thrown off. She halfway expected him to start rubbing his fingers together.

Daniel watched Addy turn away, the surprise that had him frozen and even somewhat fascinated as he watched her melted when she looked away. Her body tensed and she folded her arms over her chest in what could only be described as a protective gesture, and Daniel knew he was an idiot. He removed his glasses, laying them on the counter. "Hey," he said softly, moving closer, not wanting her for one minute to think he didn't want this.

Addy bit her bottom lip, her heart thumping painfully against her ribs as he gently took hold of her arm, turning her toward him. Her eyes fell closed as Daniel leaned down. The first time he had really kissed her, blood had pounded through her ears just like it was now.

Daniel's gaze drifted over her face, an ache lodging in his chest. Stopping short of kissing her, Daniel ran his tongue over his bottom lip, his brow furrowing slightly as he trailed his fingers lightly across her cheek. "Addy," he whispered, brushing her bottom lip with his thumb.

Her eyes opened, Daniel held her gaze for a second, cupping her cheeks in both hands. "You're so beautiful," he whispered, and she was, especially like this: eyes dark, skin flushed. "I can't..." He trailed off. "It's hard to think." It was true, he couldn't, not when she was so vulnerable like she; not when he saw open emotion dance across her face. Daniel leaned down, his lips brushing against hers. A soft breathy sigh escaped her. He lifted his head then he kissed her again. This time he caught her bottom lip between his. Daniel started to lift his head a second time but her lips followed his; she caught his upper lip between hers, pressing her small frame into him.

Daniel stepped closer, pushing her head further back. One hand threaded through her soft hair, the other found its way to the warm soft skin at the small of her back, holding her against him. Already steam from the shower filled the room and made her bare skin damp.

Addy reached behind herself and unclasped her bra. Slipping it from her shoulders, Addy pulled it from between them. The soft wool of his sweater teased her sensitive skin and her hands settled against his chest. Addy pressed herself more firmly against him for a moment before she pulled back a bit, slowly breaking the connection of their lips. Her eyes stayed on his mouth as her arms slid from around his neck and her hands found their way to the waist of his sweater, tugging upward. Daniel's hands fell away as Addy pulled his sweater over his head.

Daniel watched her eyes widen possessively as they dropped to his chest. Some very male and questionably unevolved part of him liked that look very much; liked knowing she was pleased. His hands twitched and his body tightened in anticipation. One small hand settled lightly in the center of his chest, lips slightly parted. Her eyes lifted to his mouth and stayed there.

Daniel's attention dropped as she stood there so close to him, the steam in the air wrapped around them. He watched the rapid rise and fall of her full breasts then followed along the curve of her waist to where he could see the lacy line of her underwear riding low along her hip.

Not touching her, Daniel ducked his head to catch her lips. Just before he kissed her, she turned away. Addy pushed her underwear down her hips, lingering a moment, then she looked over her shoulder at him before stepping inside the shower.


Addy leaned forward on her knees and placed another piece of wood on the fire, then looked at Daniel over her shoulder. He was sitting in the same spot he had occupied before, hair still damp, jogging pants on in place of trousers. His long legs were stretched out at an angle so his feet hung off the edge of the couch, and by the looks of things, he was already reabsorbed in one of those journals. She turned back to the fire, soaking in the heat, a soft smile dancing around her lips. For a moment, she had not been certain he would follow her, despite knowing he wanted her just as much. The memory of his wet skin slipping against hers was already making her blush. He certainly hadn't been hesitant when he followed her into the shower. Though, she didn't know if what they had done was actually showering. They hadn't even been there five minutes and Daniel had wrapped them both in towels and carried Addy to her bedroom. It was so easy to get all tangled up and lost in him. Especially when he said things like he had to her in the bathroom and proceeded to touch her like he had. He stirred so much inside her, she was helpless. She knew they weren't just words; he meant them. It was nearly impossible to protect herself at all.

Over the last few weeks she had learned things about his nature and she was pretty certain he would not have just decided to join her in the shower. Nor was he likely to suggest it. Maybe he would be bolder eventually but not now. She got the feeling at times that he was still uncertain and on some level that worried her. If she was being honest, Addy was pretty certain she had started falling for him almost as soon as they met. Addy had no idea until after about a week and a half before school went back that Daniel had been married or that his wife, Sha're, had died not long before they met.

That sense of sadness about him again made sense. Addy hadn't pushed him for more than he wanted to give. She had questions but they didn't really matter. He told Addy that he'd met Sha're in Abydos. A faraway look covered his face for a moment then corrected himself, "the Temple of Abydos in Luxor, Egypt." He had sounded nervous when he corrected himself and quickly changed the subject.

Addy knew Grace would tell her to stop: she was overthinking when she should just be with him. If she was truly in the mood for being honest, it was not that simple and that was what scared her the most. She was already so in love with him. If his uncertainty was because he wasn't sure he was ready to move on just yet, she completely understood. She had seen the look in his eyes and heard the sadness in his voice, and she felt his loss.

What truly scared Addy was she knew she could get hurt and far worse than before. She had no way to protect herself.

Coming back to reality, Addy shook her head and let out a deep breath. She was not going to worry about this right now. She put another log on the fire then climbed to her feet, brushing her hands off.

Daniel looked up when Addy moved, a soft smile wreathing his lips. He watched as she made her way toward him. He had meant what he said: she was beautiful. The image of how she looked, sprawled on her bed as his lips whispered up her thigh, filled his head. Daniel reached up, pulling on the collar of his t-shirt and cleared his throat and looked up. Certain as he held her laughing eyes that she spoke to him and he hadn't heard a word, yet again.

Her smile grew as she climbed over his legs and sat down by his feet, pulling her knees up against her chest. She slid her feet under his calves and spread her toes, trying to snag his jogging pants between them.

Daniel's only response was lifting his brows.

"What do you want to do tomorrow?" she asked.

Daniel hadn't thought much about what they'd do besides just seeing her. "What did you have in mind?"

Addy shrugged, tightening her arms around her knees. "We could stay here, or…well, there really isn't much to do in town. We could go to Denver? I want to sell them my old textbooks." She did plan to do so and she also thought Daniel would like the old two-storey post office renovated into a secondhand book store. "And maybe get some lunch at the Train Depot?" she added a second later, "that's if the roads are clear." She hadn't really been thinking about the snow.

"Sounds good to me."

Addy gifted him with a bright smile as soon as his words were out. If they had another day, she would suggest they take the train. That was something she had wanted to do since moving to Fort Collins.

Addy moved, scooting up the couch a bit. She laid her head on his chest, one arm falling over his waist, she wiggled around until she was comfortably wedged between him and the back of the couch.


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