Part 18 - A Cruel Angel's Phone Etiquette

In the winds of Instrumentality, Shinji Ikari was taken on one hell of a mind-trip, let's just say. And at one point in his experience touching the minds of millions, a phone in a familiar apartment rang. Picking it up, he was met with quite the negative response...s...

Asuka: "You little worm! I hate you! I hate you!"

Toji: "Me too! I hate you too!

Kensuke: "I hate everything about you!"

Hikari: "I'm sorry, but I hate you."

Ritsuko: "I hate you."

Makoto: "I do hate you."

Shigeru: "I hate you."

Maya: "I hate who you are."

Kaji: "I hate the person you are."

Misato: "I just hate you!"

After hearing all those varying levels of vitriol, Shinji paused before he responded. And just how did he respond?

Shinji [teasingly, smirking slightly]: "Who is this?"

There was nothing on the other line at first, but then, all those voices responded in kind.

All [frustrated and dumbfounded]: "SHINJI!"

Shinji winced a bit as he held the phone away, swearing he could even hear a few of the people on the other line even banging their phones against some solid surface. He then shrugged, sighed, and hung the phone back on the receiver.

Shinji [shaking his head as he walks away]: "Hmmm. Testy."

Unfortunately for those who masterminded the Human Instrumentality Project (be it SEELE's or Gendo Ikari's), it turned out Shinji Ikari wasn't as much of a miserable wretch as they imagined. He actually had quite a sense of humor.

END Part 18.

**Author's Note(s)**

Took me a while, but who knew a short scene from the final episode of the TV series would fit so well with my favorite Seinfeld running gag?