Prologue: Not Carrying a Burden Anymore

In the lowest park of the CCG's prison for ghouls, the Cochlea.

In the flower field at the basement.

Two people clashed against each other.

They are Kaneki Ken, who was known as Sasaki Haise, a ghoul investigator in the Quinx Squad.

His body covered in his Kakuja, tentacles in the form of claws. His target, the Reaper of CCG, Arima Kishou, the most powerful investigator in the world.

Arima used his SSS class Quinque, Owl, to slice an upcoming attack of Kaneki.

The ghoul formed more black tendrils from his back as it shaped as a net to Arima's direction. Jumping acrobatically, he rotated in mid air to enter the net. Quickly looking for his enemy as he landed, he found it wasn't there.

From the ground, black sharp tentacles emerged all around the ghoul investigator. Arima using the length of his sword sliced the tentacles spinning all around.

"AHHH!" The ghoul investigator heard a battle cry behind him.

Without any hesitation, he moved his sword to slice where the neck of his opponent would be.

Turn outs, it was a decoy.

What he cut was a mouthed tendril that Kaneki used to distract the investigator. Arima's eyes widened as he saw that.

"I... win…" The mouthed tendril spoke

From behind, Kaneki used his Kagune to slice Arima. The investigator turned quickly and used his Quinque to defend himself.

His Quinque broke against Kaneki's Kagune.

"…." Arima stared as his broken weapon.

Kaneki landed in front of him, the ghoul's body covered in black except his face, sweat and blood covering his face as he stared with his heterochrome eyes "It's over. Your Quinque is destroyed. In this kind of situation…."

"Fighting…." Arima interrupted, he readied his weapon and charged towards the ghoul "Continues until you kill your opponent"

Arima sliced the tentacles created by Kaneki using his broken Quinque. Owl clashed against the Kakuja covered arm of the ghoul.

"How very like you" Kaneki complimented

Even with a broken weapon, Arima still fights with superior ability. Slicing the attacks with his Quinque, Arima got close to Kaneki at stabbing him in the middle of the chest.

That attack might be mortal to any other ghoul. But Kaneki isn't any ghoul. The attack just stung for him as he stated impassively to the investigator.

"This match has already been decided" Kaneki spoke "Doing something like this….is meaningless"

Arima gave a step back from an opponent for the first time in his life. He took his sword from Kaneki's chest "Then…you don't intent to kill me?" The investigator asked

"I don't" The ghoul replied

Arima looked to the ceiling, his eyes not caring any emotion "… So, this is defeat" He turned to the ghoul "In my 18 years of being an investigator…. This is the first time I've been hopeless in front of an opponent. I will ask one more time. Do you really have no desire to finish me off?"

"I won't change my mind"

"… I understand"

Without hesitation, Arima sliced his own throat.



It took Kaneki a moment to assimilate what just happened. He rushed to the investigator as he fell backwards to the ground.

Kaneki caught Arima before his back touched the ground "What were you trying to do with that?!" The ghoul shouted

"I've been waiting all this time" The investigator coughed blood "Listen to me, Kaneki Ken. I was running out of time, I merely moved up the deadline. Me, Hairu and Furuta too…The "Sunlight Garden" have raised aren't human, we are…. Failures with mixed blood, "Half-Humans""


"My right eye, you have noticed too, it is already close to not being able to see anything. Glaucoma, it is a very common disease…...for the elderly"


"Those of us that came from the garden age at a faster rate than normal people. My eye gradually losing its ability to function. My life expectancy going to reach its end soon. All of us…. have a ghoul parent"

Kaneki knew all of this was true, as Arima never jokes around. So, the information became more and more disturbing as he heard Arima's last breath

"Do you know what happens when a human and a ghoul have a child together?"

"They turn into one-eyed ghouls, half-ghouls?"

"That is not always the case, the situation of the one-eyed ghoul is very rare. The children that are born are almost the same as humans. They don't have Kagune and can also eat normal food. The only two differences are that their physical abilities are improved, and they have shorter life spans"

"How… How could something like that… Why are they doing something like that?!"

"I don't know…. That is something I am unsure of…... Perhaps they want to try and become humans"

"Arima-san, do you wish for me to do something?"

"Pretend you are the one that killed me, Kaneki Ken. What I wish for, you should know immediately, please, only you can do this…."

"….. I understand. I'm the one that killed you"

Arima raised his hand towards the sky. A memory of a flying moth appeared on his thoughts "Thank you… I've always despised it. I despise this kind of life of only plundering…I finally…feel like I can leave something behind…." Drawing his last breath, a tear moved on his cheek. It is the first time he cries, and the last.

"A-ARIMA-SAN!" Kaneki shouted.

The darkness overcame his vision, everything turned black.

He died there in the arms of the person he called a friend, a brother…. A son.

It was so sad.

So peaceful.


The unfairness of his condition, of his life.

He was born to die, he had his death written since the moment he was born, not able to be free, not able to decide.



Only darkness and sadness surrounded him in the void.

Suddenly, a light shinned in from of him.

Maybe it was the light at the end of the tunnel that is rumored for the death, the light of the afterlife.

Arima feel himself being pulled towards the light, his body feeling heavy.

The light shinned brighter as he got closer.

Everything turned white as he got into the light.

He felt himself being lifted.

"Congratulations, it's a boy"