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Chapter 3: Relationship forged With More Than Love

There is counted situations where Arima has felt hopeless.

Literally, they can be counted with two fingers.

His life expectancy, which he couldn't find a way to cure.

And his battle against the one he considered family, Ken Kaneki or Haise Sasaki as he was known as the time. He was defeated by his own mercy, he lied at the first round, against his black-haired persona, he could have dealt a death blow 1290 times, even more. He had only a couple of years left, he needed to help Kaneki with his grown, and that moment he let his guard open for his attacks, and let himself die in his hands. Besides, he was almost blind, and his body was crumbling, it was all a handicap that helped Kaneki win.

He didn't even used Owl in its full capacities.

But well,

Now there is 3 situations in which he has felt hopeless.

"I, am out of ideas"

It was a sour on his mouth, to admit defeat.

But he had no other option.

He couldn't do anything else.

Why is Kishou Arima, the Untouchable ex-investigator like that?

Ever since making his weapon on his first year, he has investigated every metal known on Remnant.

Every chemical known.

Studied every book of biology possible.

And yet, he found nothing.

Nothing to help him.

Even with all the knowledge he had, he couldn't make anything close to Kagune Steel.

He knew how Kagune Steel worked, he knew its composition, its biological makeup, yet he couldn't recreate it.

"Hah" He sighed, which is weirdest way he has acted ever.

Moving his has to his Smartscroll, a small version of a Scroll, just the size of a Phone on his old world, he pressed the on button, it was 1:39 a.m., He obviously needed a rest.

Turning his eyes to his screen wallpaper, he couldn't hide the small twitch of his lips. The wallpaper always had a calming effect.

It was a photo of him a Glynda in an amusement park, she somehow managed to convince him to take a picture with the mascot of the park. What that achieved was a photo of him and Glynda with a giant teddy bear holding a microphone.

But well, he can't complain about it. It is a photo taken by his girlfriend, and now fiancé.

Glynda Goodwitch, soon to be Glynda Arima.

How did the stoic Kishou Arima happen to enter in a relationship with the most beautiful woman in the world (At least for him)?

That is a story that goes back 2 years.

2 Years Ago

Kishou Arima wasn't someone to be controlled by emotions. Yet this time, he feels nervous.

He has never experienced love, he is as experienced as a 5-year-old kid. He doesn't know how to identify it, he is completely oblivious, yet he knows what he feels isn't something normal.

These feelings started at least 1 months ago,

Glynda entered into full puberty, with her body becoming more developed in every way. Not that Kishou noticed that, he just noticed how tall and strong she was becoming.

Yet it seems his classmates noticed this, and had been flirting with her, some even asked her out.

Glynda of course rejected them, as she had her eyes in the white-haired spectacled boy. But he didn't notice that.

What he did notice, is that every time someone asked Glynda out, he felt something clench inside him.

Something like a hand gripping his heart and squishing it a little. But when she rejected them the hand disappeared and a feeling of relief surrounded him.

Not knowing what this was, and not wanting to speak this with Glynda, as he suspected she was one of the causes of this problem, he turned to the other ones he trusted with his life.

His mother and Father.

When he talked with them about his concerns.


The answers were less than pleasant.

"Jejejejejejejejejejejej! O-oh, my stomach, I just can't-Pfft-jejejejejejejejejeje!"

That was his Father

"Hehehehehehehehehehehe! I can't believe, after this much time, you finally-Hehehehehehehehehe!"

That was his mother.

Letting them relax from whatever joke they found in his dilemma, they both turned to their only son.

"You are in love, stupid!" His father shouted

"In love with Glynda, to be specific!" His mother shouted.

Kishou just listened to their words, taking them in with full determination.

"In…. love?"

"Yes, son, in love" His father reassured him with a hand on his shoulder "I know it is the first time you have felt something like, so I will let you mother talk you about this"

Kisha turned to her son with her always-present smile "Kishou, it is only normal that you fell in love with Glynda, she has always been there with you, always helping you, always cheering you on. It was only a matter of time for this to happen. Ans now it will be a matter of time before you confess this feeling to her"

Meditating about the knowledge they just released to him. He stood from the chair in which he was resting, and moved to his room.

"Thank you, mother, and thank you father, you gave me a lot to think about, I will be going to my room now" He turned to the started towards his room on the second floor.

His parents watched with a combination of pride and amusement, pride for what he has become up until this point, and amusement for the situation their son was presented with.

As much as they tell others their son is the prodigy he is, they also know he is stupidly dumb in other.

How didn't he notice that before?

Well, they can think about their son another time.

For now, they have a debt to collect.

Kisha called their old family friend, a smile on her face just grew as the call was answered

"{Yes?}" From the other side of the scroll, Lyman grumbled.

"Guess who is winning the bet" Kisha's voice couldn't be more amused. She was clearly enjoying this.

But who wouldn't? she is clearly implying that her son will bang his daughter in a future.

"{…...What?}" Lyman's full attention turned to the call

"Yeah, "What?" Turn out, Kishou just came asking for love advice, he is noticing his feelings for Glynda, and now I am sure he will be with her before their time in Signal ends" Kisha's malefic grin showcased on her face while Tsuneyoshi watched his wife's behavior with amused. "And you know what you have to do when that happens?"

It was Kisha's idea to start a bet about their children.

She saw how close Kishou and Glynda were, and decided to bet how long it would take the two of them to start a true relationship. Kisha said they will be together before Beacon. Lyman, said after Beacon

The stakes of the bet…

That is something they decided for each other.

"{You seriously want me to buy your son his first condoms?!}"

"That is the bet and you know it. What? Retreading already?"

"{No, but remember the part of our deal}"

"Yeah, I know, I will have Kishou wear a butler clothes and have him as your butler for one week"

"{Good, now if you excuse me, I have to release some pent-up aggression}"

Sound of things breaking and throwing were heard before she ended the call.

"Well, that went better than I expected" Kisha commented. "But if he thinks for a second, I will let Kishou become his butler for a day, he has one thing coming to him" Kisha cracked her knuckles in anticipation

"Sure honey" Tsuneyoshi continued "You know, I also have some pent-up things I need to release" He spoke with a seductive tone

"Oh really?~"

Kishou organized his thought for at least 5 months after that, noticing every little detail he could to come to a conclusion.

He started spending more time with Glynda, more time to noticing what was different from before. Even Christmas passed, and he used the opportunity of the family reunion to add notes to his conclusion.

He came to the conclusion that he was in fact, in love with Glynda Goodwitch.

Not like, not a normal affection, love.

He felt started noticing emptiness when not being with her.

He started feeling happiness when hearing her laugh.

Funnily enough, she dressed as a witch for a Halloween party, the dress was a little bit tight in her front, making her cleavage more visible.

Kishou swears to himself that he wasn't ogling Glynda's cleavage. He swears that he didn't blush, or felt aroused by Glynda's assets.

Whoever says the contrary will met Yukimura 3/3 personally.

With all those moments into account, he couldn't shake from the truth.

Kishou Arima, was in love with Glynda Goodwitch.

And now that he knew that, he will do something he never saw himself doing.

Be a boy and declare his love to a girl. Not just ask to be his girlfriend, he thinks of asking something more profound.

Luckily for him, Valentine's day was right in the corner, specifically, one week away. It was the perfect opportunity, with enough time for planning.

So, calling his friends, he decided to ask for their help in conquering the blonde witch's heart.

"Gentlemen, I'm glad you all came here"

Kishou turned to his only male friend in the academy.

Apart from Kishou, in the room were other 2 white-haired male and one green haired one. All of them in their Sixth Year like him.

It was an empty classroom. This was usually the time where students were in their respective clubs. But for the Arima's fortune, his friends weren't in any of the available clubs and had free time after class.

Kishou sat in the teacher's desk, with hands crossed on front of his face, eyes covered by the glint of his glasses, he would appear to be an evil leader planning to destroy the hero.

That couldn't be further from the true, anyway.

The three friends with him on the classroom, each showing different expressions, but all synonym to one another.

"So, what is this all about?" One of the fellow white-haired asked. He was wearing a red tank top with dark green pants, his skin like sand but Violet eyes that contrast with his body. He is Kishou's self-proclaimed rival, Marcus Black

It all started in Second year when the two of the were added to the same class. Although they knew each other before hand, it was from this point that their friend truly blossomed

In combat class, Marcus would use his Semblance that he calls "All for one" to steal his opponent's Semblance and use it against them. Of course, he always gave it back at the end of the fight.

That's why, when fighting against Kishou that doesn't possess Semblance, or Aura for that matter, he was defeated in a fight of pure skill.

Front that point onward, Marcus promised that he will practice as hard as he could to defeat the fellow white-haired. Kishou took the challenge and promised to give his all in the next battle.

Since them, the cold-headed Kishou and the Hot-headed Marcus became friends. With Marcus becoming more sociable thanks to Kishou's intervention, and Kishou becoming more joyful.

Little did they know, that friendship would change Marcus' fate completely.

"Well, my friend Marcus, if Kishou called us here, then that must mean something serious" A boisterous voice replied. He was a muscular white-haired male with brown eyes, although they were always covered by big and hairy eyebrows. His bulky body was complementary for his boisterous voice, although it contrasted with his height. He wore the usual Signal uniform consisting of a formal black suit with white undershirt. He is Peter Port, the Strongarm Huntsman.

How he met Kishou is simpler than with Marcus.

He transferred to Signal in his 4th year boasting about his strength and perfect track record. And to add to his words, he defeated each of his adversaries with might and determination.

To prove he was the strongest of his year, he asked who was the strongest Huntsman in training of the school.

Of course, everyone pointed their fingers to Kishou.

With a goal clear in his eyes, he challenged the white-haired boy into a friendly match.

He was surprised when he learned about the lack of Aura in the boy.

And he was more surprised when he was defeated by the fellow white-haired.

He had become self-entitled and arrogant. Kishou taught him that confidence in your skill is good, but too much confidence becomes arrogance, and arrogance turns into defeat.

With that learned, Peter turned to Kishou for practice and a sparring match, becoming comrades in arms in a matter of days.

"This ought to be good, I suppose" A green haired male replied. He wore the same uniform as Peter, but he wore it as if he was in a hurry when putting it on. His demeanor spoke like he was all the time active, with rapid movements from time to time, and round glasses that hid brown eyes. He is Bartholomew Oobleck, or Barty as they know him inside their group.

He first met Peter, as the boisterous boy was studying for the exams, he received help from Barty in finding the books he needed, and even some help with history, which helped him pass the exam with excellent marks.

From that point onward, Peter introduced the fast-paced green boy into their social circle. Causing most to groan as they already had the hyperactive Summer to cause them headache about weapons and bullets all day, now they had Barty to talk about history all the time.

Nonetheless, their group wouldn't be change by anything. They are close with each other, and they trust each other to the point they can put their lives in the line for one another.

"Gentlemen, what I am about to say is top secret, I want all of you to carry this secret with you until it is reveled, understood?" Kishou supplemented

With a shaky nod, the three of them replied.

It is the first time they see Kishou act like this, and it is actually scary how serious he is right now.

"Good" Kishou nodded back, "Now, as you know, Valentine's Day is closing in. This day is known as the day where couples use to get to each other. That is why…I plan to use this festivity to declare my love with Glynda Goodwitch"







After 5 seconds of total silence, the group replied with a single question.

This is Kishou Arima they are talking about, also known as the Ice emperor and heartbreaker thanks to his cold expression and how many times he had rejected a girl declaring her love to him.

Now hearing from directly from Kishou that he felt in love with Glynda. That is definitely new.

The group all had a secret code "Kishou and Glynda are made to each other".

All of them, except the innocent red flower until a while later, knew that Glynda felt something for Kishou.

Kishou on the other hand, was an enigma. They didn't know if he felt something for the blonde girl, as he never showed it. Lately, he has been acting a bit weird. They all had different theories.

But none got close to the truth.

Kishou Arima, THE Kishou Arima, is in love with Glynda Goodwitch.

Hell must be freezing in this moment.

Kishou declared he loved someone, he declared he loved Glynda Goodwitch.

"YOU?! GLYNDA?! WHEN?! HOW?!" Marcus spoke in strange haikus, the revelation, although somewhat expected left inquiries in their mind

"ARE YOU SERIOUS?!" Peter screamed

Barty on the other hand, gaped like a fish asphyxiating in the air.

All of them surprised, it wasn't that they didn't knew Glynda and Kishou would end up together, is that they didn't expect Kishou to be the one that declares his love first.

"Calm down everyone, please" Kishou reassured his friends "No need to scream like children"

Taking a moment to clear their thoughts (And another moment to make sure the man speaking was in fact Kishou Arima)

"Explain, now" Marcus clearly demanded while the other two nodded in agreement

"Lately, I've been feeling weird when looking to Glynda, my heart rate increases, my body temperature grows, and my mind becomes clouded with happy thoughts about her. That's why, after so much consideration, I discovered the truth. I fell in love with Glynda Goodwitch, I've always been, but it was until now that those feelings surfaced in my oblivious mind. That is why I plan to use the romantic setting of this festivity as a way to ease my declaration"

"Then why do you need us"

"Because, I want to make it special. I will need your help to prepare everything for the moment, I will make sure to repay this to each of you, but for the moment, please help me do this"

It is the first time Kishou has asked for their help in something, more in this way.

Turning to look each other in the eyes, and maintaining a silent conversation, the three turned to the white-haired lover boy.

A man's code, if a man wants to declare himself to a girl, they must help him.

"What is the plan?"

Kishou's lip twitched half a millimeter. He couldn't ask for better friends than these ones.

Arima Kishou never had that much friends. Coworkers? Yes, he had a lot. But never tried to establish a true friendship with any of them, more than acquaintances.

In his own perspective, it's better that nobody develops a close bond with him.

Even in a job where they put their life on the line, Arima was fated to die anyway, that is why. With less people to care about him, less people to mourn him.

But now, Kishou Arima is free from the shackles of a weak mortality. He is free to make the life he wants, and this point in particular, is a turning point for him.

Turning to his friends with a serious expression, he takes out a pen and paper.

"Here is what we are going to do…."

On the other side of Signal academy. A blonde girl faced a similar problem.

"This year I will declare to Kishou!" The blonde girl shouted.

"Glynda, that's what you have been saying for 3 years in a row" Her friend, a light orange haired girl supplemented

"Yeah, Glynda. Every time you try it always end with you hiding in the corner and watch Kishou walk away" The black-red-white themed girl added after biting a homemade chocolate cookie "And after that we need to make a sleepover to help you with your feelings"

"S-Shut up" Glynda stuttered in embarrassment "This year is different"

"Different in what way?" Seles asked

"Because this year, I have a plan!" Glynda adjusted her glassed with confidence. "With this, I will declare to Kishou, and then we will get married and have child-"

"And do tell" Seles interrupted her best friend's rambling "What is this so-called master plan"

"Glad that you asked" From seemingly nowhere, Glynda took a Long list, filled with drawing, scribbles, all sort of thing, and for some reason some drops of drool. "This is my 36-step plan to conquer Kishou's heart. And you two will help me"

"Why us? Why does this concern us?"

Glynda produced a colored paper from her pocket and released a fake saddened expression "Oh well, it seems I will have to throw this coupon for 80% off the bakery to the garbage *SIGH* what a waste" Before Glynda could even move from her position, the coupon disappeared in a flash of white petals

"Oh my god, it's a coupon for Dustland Bakery!" Turning her eyes from the coupon to her blonde friend, her eyes turned serious. "Who do you need me to kill?"

"That's the spirit" Glynda then turned to Seles "What about you"

"Do I have an option?"

"What do you think"

Seles turned to Glynda and saw a commanding stare that would make children faint, a chill ran down her spine with enough strength to leave remnants of ice.

"….. Alright then, what's the plan" She gave up.

"Good, now. Here is what we are going to do"

Kishou Arima started his plan, which was simpler that Glynda's, but not because that less romantic.

"How are things in your side?"

"{Well, the bulk of red candles will be ready in two days, my friend}"

"Good, what about you, Marcus?"

"{The kid agreed, I have time to practice the Semblance}"

"Excellent, Barty?"

"{The cake is already ordered}"

"Everything in order then, I will prepare my part too" Kishou replied and ended the group call.

Standing in front of the teacher's lounge, he knocked 2 times and waited for reply.

"Come in" Came the voice from the inside.

Kishou opened the door and moved inside.

Seeing his homeroom teacher, Kishou moved towards her.

"Hello teacher" He greeted. His homeroom teacher that year was the same that received him when he was doing the entry exam, Nimmie Amee. She wore a green themed suit with a pencil skirt this time, and white shirt under the suit.

"Ahh, Mr. Arima, what a surprise seeing you here" The professor replied

"Yes, sir, I came here for a request"

"What would that be?"

"I would like to ask for permission to use the Auditorium"

"The Auditorium? Why?"

"I want to declare to a girl"




Every teacher in the vicinity stopped what they were doing and turned to the white-haired boy with a face that expressed both shock and confusion.

Every Professor in the school knew about Kishou Arima.

The man that holds and unbeatable record for 6 consecutive years.

Highest grades they have seen, without a single error on his homework or exams. If he doesn't become the best huntsman ever then something is wrong with the world.

There is the rumor that Atlas' headmaster offered entering his school 5 years early, when he was in Third Grade.

He refused, telling them he wanted to take things slow, living his life at his own pace.

But they also knew something, he is the most emotionless person ever. Not that he doesn't have emotion, is just that he always has a blank face that shows nothing more than boredom.

But now, this same boy is telling his teacher that he wants to declare himself to a girl.

That girl must be the luckiest in the word.

"I-I see" Nimmie replied "But why the auditorium?"

"I want to prepare a lot of things for my declaration, so I must use the Auditorium for that"

"Isn't that, a little bit too much?"

"Professor Amee, I've never fell in love. I always thought love was something useless that distracted me from my objectives, something I didn't have time for. But then, this girl appeared, she showed me a type of affection no one has showed me before, she made me discover love for the first time, and now, I can't imagine a life without her, I want to expend my life with her, I want to be there for her as she was with me, that's why, I need to make sure she feels the same as I do, I need to make this happen by all means. Will you help me, professor?"





Almost all the female teachers around released tears looking to the boy, the male directed respect towards the boy with their eyes.

This declaration sound almost like asking someone to marry him.

Coming from the emotionless boy, it must mean the world to him.

Kishou didn't understand why they were crying, he just told them his full reasoning, is there something wrong with that?

"O-Of course, Mr. Arima, I will make the paperwork, don't worry, just make sure she accepts?"

"I will professor" He nodded "I will take my leave them, thank you professor"

He moved out of the room

Standing outside the teacher's lounge, he had only one thought on his mind.

"That went easier than I expected"

Kishou then went to his pocket and took out a small black box.

"Let's hope it all works out"

While Kishou's plans were almost complete, Glynda wasn't as much luck as him.

"WHAT DO YOU MEAN ALL THE RED FLOWERS ARE GONE?!" The blonde witch shouted.

"Sorry, girl, we are out of red flowers, we are in valentine after all, even the ones that will arrive soon are also reserved"

"Roses?! Tulips?! Geraniums?! Poppies?!" Glynda asked with a slim part of hope

"All sold out"

"DAMNIT" She released a curse uncharacteristic of a lady. She then took a deep breath and turned around "Ok, ok, we can do without the flowers, we still have a lot of things to prepare, let's go Seles, there is a dozen more flower stores we can check" Glynda walked with a slight twitch on her feet. Her shoes leaving a small crack while walking

"Fine" Seles begrudgingly followed.

2 Days Later

"Here Kishou, one whole boxes of red candles" Peter replied

"Good, let's prepare them in the Auditorium, Professor Amee gave me permission to use it, but we must clean after"

"Alright, are you ready Marcus?"

"Yep" Marcus replied by snaping his finger and lighting a candle.

He asked a boy from another class to rent him the Semblance. Since then Marcus has been practicing with the power, giving it back from time to time for the boy that needs it for his classes.

"A couple of days more and I will have it ready for the occasion"

"Now the cake" Barty replied, placing the cake in front of them. The characteristic features of a riding crop crossed with a familiar sword in it.

"Good, let's prepare everything"

Kishou had almost everything prepared for the great day.


Not so much

"What do you mean there isn't any Coffee Cakes?" Glynda asked with a serious voice that didn't contrasted with her stare

Summer saw her life past in front of her as she saw the stare directed to her direction

"Weeeeell" Summer started, trying to calm the woman "They said someone decided to buy the entire stock, and since Valentine's day is close, they decided to start making Chocolate Cakes and Vanilla ones instead, so no Coffee Cakes until after Valentine's" Summer stopped and then walked backwards "Pleasedon'tkillme!"

"*BREATH IN*" Glynda breathed for moment before turning from the red-themed girl to the wall "WHO WOULD BUY ALL OF THE COFFEE CAKES AVAIABLE?! I WILL KILL HIM?!"

"There is nothing like a Coffee Cake to go along with Mistralian Coffee" A certain white-haired headmaster spoke as he stared to all the Coffee Cakes in front on him

"Achoo" He suddenly sneezed, and then a chill ran down his spine. "That feeling was worst than the one Salem gives me, what was that?!"

Valentine's Day

"No red flowers, no Coffee cakes, no white decorations, why nothing goes as I want it to go?!" Glynda cried on Seles' shoulder "Why?"

"Shh, shh, it's alright, maybe is the world telling you that this year you can't declare to Kishou, maybe next year will be better"

"*Sob*… m-maybe you are right"

"See, let's get something to eat"

Glynda only nodded, and walked saddened with her eyes on the floor.

Seles and Summer both helped the saddened witch to walk to the cafeteria.

Around them, they saw couples declaring their love to each other, with heart-shaped boxes and posters used to the love declarations.

Seeing this Glynda just feel down more than she was, making both Seles and Summer rub circles on her back to try to soothe her emotional pain.

Summer stopped rubbing her back to eat a couple of chocolate boxes she bought, since Valentine's Day makes the store discount the prices, she managed to buy a lot.

"It's alright, girl, it's alright!" Seles spoke with a smooth voice, trying to calm the blonde girl's feelings "I hate seeing you like this"

"*Sob*…... Sorry, but I really wanted to make things with Kishou official!"

"I get it, Glyn, I get it"

"NO! You don't get it!" Glynda half-shouted half-cried "I'm loved him ever since we were kids, not liked, LOVED! I'm been in love with him since a long time, and I just want to express myself to him. I'm afraid…..." She ended up mumbling the last part.

"Sorry, what was that last part?"

"I'm afraid a thieving bitch will appear one day and snatch him away from me!" Glynda ended up with her head on the table, covering herself with her arms

"Glynda, that would never happen, he appreciates you a lot, I can tell you that. You have been with him for a lot time, you should already know that"

"But does he love me? Or as least likes me more than a friend?"

"Weeeeell…" Selestia didn't had an answer to that one. Kishou had always been the silent expressionless type. If Kishou feels something for Glynda, then only he knows

She didn't have to reply as a familiar green-haired accompanied by his strongarm friend appeared.

"Girls, glad we found you!" Barty spoke

"We are not in the mood for anything, Barty" Seles replied

"Something happened to Kishou!"

"WHAT?!" The three girls stood quickly becoming alert of the situation

"It was a training accident, Kishou is in the auditorium, come quick!" Peter replied and started running into the Auditorium.

The three girls wordlessly followed, rushing to the place.

Just outside the door, Barty and Peter quickly stopped and grabbed Seles and Summer's arms, stopping them from entering.

Glynda was to concentrated in the task at had to notice this and entered the auditorium.

When she entered, she noticed the place was dark, without a single light.

The door closed behind her, alerting her that something was not right.


A snap of fingers echoed the auditorium. And red candles started lighting. A domino effect made the candles end at the center of it.

She saw Kishou there, standing alongside a table, surrounded by a circle of candles. Beside him a table with a white cake.

"Kishou, what's going on?!" Glynda quickly walked to the man, analyzing every part of his body for any sign of damage or injury.

"Glynda" He called her attention to himself. Placing one arm on her shoulder and another arranging a lock of her golden hair behind her ear. "Listen carefully"

Noticing the seriousness of his voice, she nodded.

Kishou nodded back, and then started "For the last 6 months, I've been thinking a lot. About me, about you, but more importantly, about us" Glynda's face blushed, this is something she has never heard before "I've been noticing a lot of things I feel about you, how I like your touch, how I love your laugh, your smiling face that cleanse all fatigue from my body. Your beautiful emerald eyes, as bright as gems"

'Is this what I think it is?!' Glynda's thought when overdrive trying to analyze what he was getting to. Her hopes becoming brighter.

To the two of them, the candle-lit room became brighter, like they were on a sunny day.

"I have noticed, I can't feel myself living without that, without your smile, without your voice, without your touch. Without…. You"

"Kishou, are you…."

"What I am trying to say is…" Kishou stopped, and for the first time in two whole lives, he feels nervous "Glynda Goodwitch, would you marry me?"

"YES! KISHOU YES!" She quickly went to kiss the white-haired bo-man.

Kishou received the kiss, it was the first kiss he has ever experienced. But it was glorious.

Sparks were felt between the two of them.

Exchanging heat, through their lips. Feeling each other closer than ever.

Until Glynda noticed something wrong, a quickly separated. "Wait a minute, Kishou, can you repeat your confession?"

"Glynda Goodwitch, will you marry me?"

"M-M-M-MARRY?!" Glynda's emerald eyes opened as big as saucers, her mouth gaping and her face as red as blood "You mean, like ring and all?!"

"Oh, yeah, I forgot the ring" Kishou was nervous enough to forget to kneel and pull out the ring. He digs into his pocket and took out the small black box he had the other day. Opening it, he showed a green chrome Tourmaline. A rare green gem in square form attached to a silver-white metal ring.

He placed the box in the table and took out the ring. Kishou kindly grasped Glynda's left hand. She was catatonic, not reacting to anything. Kishou slowly placed the ring in Glynda's finger.

The moment the ring adjusted itself to her hand. She came back to reality.

She noticed Kishou grabbing her hand, and her eyes turned to her hand.

"Wait, so it wasn't an illusion"

"No Glynda, it wasn't"

"But I thought you just wanted to declare to me to be your girlfriend…."

"No Glynda, I don't want you to be my girlfriend, I want you to be my wife" Kishou stated using his hand to caress her cheek "Glynda, I don't like you, I Love you"

"You do?" Glynda asked while releasing a couple of tears.

"I do" Kishou replied "What I just said, is all true. I can't live without your smile, I can't live without touch, without your eyes staring into mine. I decided, you deserve more than just being my girlfriend. I want to spent, my whole life with you, that's why I decided to ask you to be my wife, not my girlfriend. Because, being boyfriend and girlfriend isn't a tittle fitting of my feelings for you"

Glynda stood there, her eyes releasing tears of joy. Those were the words she always wanted to hear. She always imagines herself in an altar, with Kishou wearing a white suit while she wore a white dress.

She always imagines what their children would look like. If they would have white-hair, golden-hair, or a combination of both.

She always imagines what would be to wake up with him by her side, hugging her in her sleep.

Now, they aren't just imaginations, this are true possibilities.

That could happen, very, very soon.

"Kishou, I accept" She said in between sobbing.

"Thank you Glynda"

With one hand, he cleaned her cheek from the tears, and leaned to kiss her.

It wasn't a boyfriend and girlfriend's kiss.

It was a wife and husband one.

Outside the auditorium, while the two declared their love for each other.

The group of friends were having another type of conversation.

"Why did you stop us?!" Seles shouted.

"Shh. Don't distract them" Barty shushed her

"Don't distract who?"

"Kishou and Glynda"

"What do you mean?"

"This was all a rouse, Kishou didn't had an accident"

"Then what happened?"

Barty and Peter turned to each other, having a mental conversation, and then Peter started. "You wouldn't believe this. But Kishou decided to declare to Glynda"



"You mean Kishou, wants to declare himself to Glynda?!"


"Are you sure he was Kishou?"

"Yes, we double-checked"

"Oh my god!" Seles shouted "And we spend all this week trying to help Glynda do the same"

"What do you mean?"

"Glynda was trying to declare herself to Kishou" Seles replied

"Oh, how did that go?"


"Yeah" Summer added "She had this 36-step plan that involved a lot of things, including Coffee Cakes, a ton of red flowers, fireworks, a horse, and airplane that leaves a smoke sign, balloons, doves, a couple of flamingoes and many more" Summer counted.

"Oh, I get it, she didn't find any of that"

"She, we had troubles finding everything on her list, except for the flamingoes, we found a weird guy that sold them, but without the rest they were useless"

"Wait, really?"

"Yeah, the rest were necessary"

"No, I mean the flamingoes, how did you find someone that sold them?"

"Oh, we met this small fat guy that sold exotic animals, he also had a couple of tropical birds, he said they were from Menagerie, he also sold eggs of the animals, apparently he had a Semblance that helped establish a "Tamer Contract" between an animal and people, his name was Belo-something"

"Huh, weird?"

"Yeah, no shit"

"Language!" Summer shouted.

"You are the same age as us…"

"Doesn't matter"

The doors of the auditorium opened, revealing a blush Glynda and the stoic Kishou. If one looked closely one could see the microscopic blush on the corner of his cheek.

"What happened?!" Seles quickly rushed to Glynda.

Instead of asking, Glynda opted for lifting her hand, showcasing the ring on her finger.

"Wait, is that…...a ring?"

Glynda sheepishly nodded.

They all turned to Kishou for confirmation. He gave a proud nod.

Turning from Glynda, to the ring, to Kishou, to the ring again, to Glynda again and repeating the process for 15 seconds, they all exclaimed.


One could swear the whole school heard the shout.

"B-but you…...G-Glynda…...R-ring…" Summer's heat turned as red as her hair and almost feel to ground unconscious, if not for Seles catching her.

"Yeah, I'm with Summer on this one" She turned to Glynda "Seriously, what the fuck?"

"Language…." Summer managed to mumble. even while unconcious

"Don't look at me, look at Kishou, he was the one that declared himself to me"

They did so and turned to the white-haired.

"I decided that my feelings for Glynda were bigger than just being in a relationship as boyfriend or girlfriend, so I decided to go the next step"

"That isn't going the next step Kishou, that's going up the whole staircase to the rooftop" Peter replied.

"Nonetheless, she accepted, so everything is fine"

"I guess so"

"Come, let's eat the cake to celebrate"

"Cake?! Where?!" Summer woke up almost immediately and rushed to the inside of the auditorium.


And so, Kishou became a married man, with Glynda Goodwitch as his wife. They agreed to have the ceremony after graduating their Huntsman academy.

And he couldn't be happier, although he didn't show it with his stoic expression.

Deciding this was a waste of time, he turned to go to bed.

There, he saw the same woman he has loved for a lot of time.

He had all his house to himself as his parents went out of a trip to visit a friend.

He doesn't know how Glynda knew his parents were going on a trip. He has the theory is his mother, but he doesn't have enough clues, and he doesn't care.

Glynda arrived just as his parents were going out with enough clothes for a week.

Yes, both their families know about Glynda and Kishou's relationship, although they didn't expect the gravity of it.

His mother fainted when Glynda showed the ring to her.

His father almost did the same but he maintained his composure.

Glynda's father was silent. He asked for a moment to take this in and moved out of the house for a couple of hours. Surprisingly, a great volume of Grimm disappeared exponentially that day.

Then Lyman came back with a bag from the pharmacy that threw to Kishou's face and then took Glynda to talk to her on their house.

The bag was full of condoms. Something his mom and father, found amusing and Glynda ended using her Semblance to throw Lyman into the middle of a lake found a couple miles away.

They ended up using them two weeks later. They both lost their virginities in his house

It was a situation just like this. His parents went away and Glynda invited herself to his house. And after two days of spending time and sleeping together, Glynda "Attacked" Kishou in the night and they found themselves the next morning with one of the boxes fully empty.

Huntsmen in training have very good stamina. And Glynda is hard to satisfy. Even for her first time. But so was Kishou

He remembers fondly all those moments.

Now they are graduated from Signal, waiting for Beacon's entrance test

But that can wait.

Now he just wants to spend time with Glynda.

Opening the sheet of the bed to let himself in. Kishou quickly found Glynda's hand and placed it with his own.

Glynda feeling the familiar heat, wake up slowly looking at Kishou by her side.

"Did you complete it?"

"No, not even close"

"Not stress yourself, you will find a way"

"I know, I just want to be become strong quickly, and that could help greatly"

Glynda sat on the bed with a frown "Why do you want to become strong, you already are, when we unlocked your Aura, you had the double a normal Huntsman had. We still haven't found your Semblance, but you don't need it to fight. You are already the strongest Huntsman-in-training I know"

He unlocked his Semblance when he graduated Signal. The amount he released was enormous, bigger than his father's, who was an excellent Huntsman before retiring.

It turns out, his theory about Aura was right.

"For you" Kishou replied

"For me?"

He nodded and then continued "You are my joy, my happiness. I don't know what I could do without you. That's why, I want to be able to protect you, to protect our future family, I can't let myself be weak"

"Kishou" She placed her hand on Kishou's cheek and smiled "You know I am strong enough to protect myself, we have friend that can protect us as we can protect them. And we both will be strong enough to protect our future family in the future, you don't have to worry about that for now" Glynda then mischievously "Let me help you get that worry out of you"

She threw Kishou on the bed and sat on top of him.

The White-haired man's lips twitched slightly as he knew what was coming.

Luckily, they live away from society.

Who knows how many noises complains they would've received?

Kishou's worries disappeared like liquid coming out of his body

Morning arrived to the Arima household, and Kishou found himself alone in bed. Having rested like never before, and naked.

He grabbed pants and boxers quickly and moved to look for Glynda. He couldn't find his shirt, but he didn't care, there is nothing Glynda hasn't seen before.

Going downstairs, he smelled breakfast being cooked.

Knowing the one that was cooking he appeared in the kitchen, there he saw Glynda happily cooking for the two.

She was wearing his shirt, and nothing else.

Sensing Kishou's presence on the kitchen. Glynda turned to her white-haired husband with a smile "Good to see you awake, I'm still a little sore from last night, but I managed to wake up early to start making breakfast, sit and wait until I'm down"

She turned back to her cooking.

Kishou obviously noted the way she wiggled her well rounded rear.

She was obviously inciting him.

If he was the past Kishou, he would've sat down to wait for breakfast ignored her obvious signal.

But this was a new Kishou Arima, one that could feel love, could feel connection to others to the point of giving his life for them, and one that understood the pleasure of physical affection.

And so, without any other indication….


They had breakfast a couple hours later, but a very happy breakfast

Omake: A World Without You

In another place, another time, Arima Kishou's soul was fully recycled, making a full new soul being placed in the body of Kishou Arima, and not a single memory of a world full of Ghouls, Ghouls Investigators and Quinques remained.

In that world, Kishou Arima was a happy kid that liked to spent time with his mother and laugh with his father.

A kid that was born a kid.

And so, this Kishou Arima was presented like that to the little Glynda Goodwitch.

"Who is coming to visit us?" Kishou asked his mother.

"A family friend to this island, he carried you when you were just a baby, don't you remember?" She then squealed, literally squealed "Just remembering makes me want to pinch those adorable cheeks of yours"

"Mom, I'm not a baby anymore, and that was 8 years ago, I am sure people can't remember when they were just babies"

"You look so adorable when you are serious, makes me want to keep hugging you for all your life" She pinched Kishou's cheek. Kishou quickly tried to pry off his mother's hand from his cheek and turned red in embarrassing

"Mom, please stop you are embarrassing me, I'm not a baby anymore" He groaned, his cheek becoming red from his mother's grabbing.


"I'll go!" Kishou quickly rushed to the door.

His father was on the other side of the door accompanied by a blonde adult man with a mustache and a blonde girl seemingly of the same age as the white-haired kid hidden behind him. They seemed to be talking as when he opened the door of the two stopped and turned to the white-haired kid.

"Speaking of the king of Vale" Tsuneyoshi smiled to his son "Kishou, meet Lyman Goodwitch"

"Nice to meet you sir, I'm Kishou!"

"Nice to meet you Kishou, Please, call me Lyman, or Uncle, or Uncle Lyman"

"Yes, Uncle Lyman"

"Hmm" he chuckled "Well, Kishou, it's been a while. You probably don't remember me but I was there when you were just a baby, look at you all grown up" He placed his hand on top of the little girl's golden hair and moved her to the front. "This is my daughter, Glynda. Say hi Glynda"

The girl stood there with her body shaking a little. Slowly raising her hand, she waved to the boy "H-Hi"

"Nice to meet you!" Kishou then extended his hand to the blond girl "Wanna be friends?"

The blonde girl looked to the hand for a second and then shook it before quickly running back to her father and hidding behind his legs

"Forgive her, she is a little shy with strangers. She will open up to you in a while"

Kishou just nodded and monitored them to enter the house. He beamed a smile to Glynda that made her blush.

"Lyman, nice to see you!" Kisha greeted the men and his daughter "Hello little girl, nice to meet you, what is your name?"

"Gly-Glynda" The little girl muttered

"Nice to meet you Glynda, I'm Kisha, Kishou's mom" She extended her hand to the little girl. Glynda slowly raised her hand and shook the woman's before retreating back to her comfort zone behind her father.

The adult chuckled at Glynda's behavior before turning to one another.

"How about we continue this conversation while having lunch" Kisha offered

"Of course, how about you Glynda?" Lyman asked his daughter

"Hmm" The girl shakily nodded

"You will love it" Kishou told the girl"My mom's cooking is delicious!"

After having lunch, everyone started doing their own.

The adults chatted together on the table, they talked about old times and present news, catching up with each other's lives.

Kishou and Glynda started watching TV together, a series about heroes fighting against evil monsters trying to rule the world.

The two of them enjoyed talking while watching the series, with Glynda opening a lot with Kishou, smiling and laughing to his jokes.

"I know" Kishou suddenly said standing up from the couch "Let's go out and play heroes!"

"Yeah!" Glynda chorused

The two ran towards the door, but Kisha stopped the two before they could open it.

"Wait just a second. Here" She gave Kishou an umbrella big enough for the two. "It's going to rain very soon, come back before it starts to rain, okay?"

"Yes, mom" Kishou then grabbed Glynda's hand and the two of them ran towards the forest.

"Those two…." Kisha smiled at their energy.

Running outside, the two started playing as heroes. With Kishou using the umbrella as a sword and Glynda throwing power from her hands.

"Ice beam!"

"Holy Sword deflection!"

"Fire beam!"

"Holy Sword deflection!"

"Hey! Not fair, how can your sword deflect fire?!"

"Because it's not any sword, it's a Holy Sword!" Kishou then asked "How can you throw both fire and ice?"

"Because I am magical"

"But magic doesn't exist"

"Then I have a Semblance!" Glynda said with the idea on her head "A Semblance that controls both fire and ice, that would be so cool!"

"Yeah, but I bet mine would be better"

"Oh, yeah, what could be your Semblance?"

"Weeell" Kishou then started thinking and came with the idea "I know, stop time!"

"Stop time?"

"Yes, I can stop time and save people from danger in an instant, I could become the greatest Huntsman ever"

"No way, I'm going to become the best Huntress"

"Look, Stop Time!" He widened his arms as if activating his powers.

"Oh no!"

Glynda, playing along, made as if she was frozen in time. Kishou quickly used this opportunity to stand behind Glynda and started tickling her.

"Stop! I'm going to pee!" Glynda shouted in between laughs.

"See, it's the best power in the world!"


The two stopped playing, and turned to the source of the sound.

From the bushes came a black figure they both recognized as obviously, a Grimm.

The Grimm was a pitch-black creature, mask in his head in form of a wolf with red veins and predator red eyes. The beast used its hind legs to stand and then stabbed the ground with the claws on its arms. Its stood larger than the height of a normal adult while growling menacingly and showing its large fangs, it wasn't that big meaning it was an infant in the eyes of another Grimm.

"G-G-Grimm?!" Glynda half-shouted.

Kishou then stood in front of Glynda, aiming his umbrella to the sword.

"I will protect you, Glynda. Run!"



She did as he told her and started running.

The Grimm noticed this and turned its attention to her, but Kishou used the umbrella and broke it on the Grimm's head.

"Hey ugly, come for me!" He started running in the opposite direction of the one Glynda came from.

Glynda, while running for a couple of minutes, clashed against two familiar figures.


"Glynda? What's the matter?"

"Grimm!" She pointed to where she came from

Tsuneyoshi and Lyman quickly dashed with their Huntsman towards the direction she pointed.

Glynda didn't managed to follow at their speed, so she was behind by a hundred of feet.

Arriving, she saw the Grimm from before turning to dust.

She would've been happy, if she didn't notice the blood close to its mouth.


She noticed Tsuneyoshi hugging a bloody form while crying.

She walked closely, recognizing the umbrella it holds in its hand. The only hand it had left. She saw where all the blood was sprouting.

A big wound shaped as a bite in his shoulder, that tore his arms. She slowly walked closed, recognizing little by little the grey eyes that carried shine now lifeless.


She shouted.

She tried to run into the boy, but his father stopped her.

Tears started falling from her face as she screamed.


Years Later

Glynda sighed as she entered the cafeteria.

Food covering everything and everywhere.

Some windows broken. Some tables broken.

And the culprit in the middle of it laughing without the care of the world.

It irritated her, as that kind of laugh always reminded her of her childhood friend.

After that day, the Arima and Goodwitch family started meeting less, as they no longer had any big reason to join.

Kisha became blank, not smiling anymore, not even in front of her Huntsman. Tsuneyoshi went back to become a Huntsman, become one of the most ruthless around. Their divorce hitting hard everyone that knew them.

And all her fault, for going out and playing hero.

For being weak.

For being useless.

She used her Telekinesis to arrange the things in the cafeteria and turned to the irresponsible kids.

"Children, please. Do not play with your food!"

The orange-haired girl called Nora burps aloud as both Team JNPR and Team RWBY try and fail to compose themselves from laughing. A screaming blonde then crashes from the ceiling into one of the tables. Just increasing their laugh.

That laugh brought her bad memories. The mutilated body of the kid she has come to admire for his bravery appearing in front of her. The boy she has loved even though he has been dead for decades, making her a solitaire woman her whole life. Only loving a boy, she couldn't be with.

Her hand squeezing her weapon in frustration.

"Let it go"

She didn't have to turn to recognize that voice, so she only replied "They're supposed to be the defenders of the world"

"And they will be, but right now they're still children. So why not let them play the part? After all, it isn't a role they'll have forever."

He left before she could reply. Glynda turned to the two teams and walked away

"They should know by now, what it truly means"

She cried that night. And then fell sleep on her bed.


Without anyone to hold her.