John had called Harry to a meeting at the conference room on Isla Nublar. He arrived to find John, David and a young red-headed woman.

She was dressed in a white blouse and long skirt, much like John preferred white.

"Harry, meet Claire Dearing." John smiled. "I have finally found someone who will fulfil the same role David does, only she will be working for you."

"A pleasure to meet you, Mister Potter." She gave a nervous smile.

Harry shook her hand and nodded, neutrally. "All the roles?" He asked John.

Claire looked slightly horrified.

"She hasn't had any firearms training yet." David answered. "But she will be receiving it very soon."

"This is just an introduction really." John assured him as they sat. "Miss Dearing will be shadowing David for the most part for a few months. This will also be a probation period to see if you can work together."

"You don't have issues with magic, dinosaurs, press, unplanned instantaneous global travel or threats to your safety or life?" Harry asked Claire.

"I can't say I don't have issues with the threats." She responded carefully. "But I am aware and prepared."

"Alright, have your clothes been treated?"


"For wear and tear. Magic charmed."

"No… do they need to be?"

"Perhaps a practical demonstration is in order." John smirked. "Harry, why don't you show her around? Introduce her to a few people."

Harry had taken Claire straight to his apartments on the island. In less than five minutes the bottom of her skirt was frayed and dirty.

Eleven curious little monsters can cause damage that quick.

"Where can I get my clothes charmed?" Claire had asked Harry resignedly.

Fortunately Harry was well versed in the spells. He had to warn her to get him to do it on any clothing she wore and to get him to remove it for washing. Otherwise the clothes wouldn't wash.

Following the introduction to the raptors, Harry decided to take her to visit the rex.

She had been terrified as Harry apparated them across the fence before he transformed and began talking to the rex. Harry had learnt long ago that if he treated the dinosaurs like his pack they respected him a bit more. He made sure to carefully sniff and inspect them. Like a parent.

Rexy still liked to try and fight him, but Harry was still bigger, stronger, tougher and… had arms long enough to tickle a t-rex.

But Claire proved her mettle.

Next she was introduced to Mullins and the team. Harry noted that she became very closed off when dealing with people. She was polite but offered nothing of herself.

There was one more place he wanted to take Claire and he wasn't allowed there without the team.

One international portkey later and they were standing in the Leaky Cauldron.

"Fuck off Potter. No one wants you here."

"Pleasure as always, Ron." Harry sighed as he walked towards the alley entrance.

Cain stayed back a few feet to keep an eye on the red head.

The second they stepped into the alley there were several sneers sent their way by people in robes.

"They really hate you." Claire whispered.

"A pariah in my own home." Harry nodded.

"A pariah wherever purebloods live." Larkin scoffed.

"You haven't spent much time amongst magicals, Miss Dearing?" Tomas asked.

She shrugged. "It's never really come up. I assume I've met some, but I've never met one who instantly pulled a wand out in front of me. Usually I see them on the streets or public places."

"Most of the people who have been magicals for generations hate Harry Potter." Tomas explained. "They blame him for the fall of secrecy they hid behind."

Claire frowned. "They think it's a bad thing?"

"They are no longer the ruling elite." Tomas smirked. "They have no power in government, their wealth is pitiful compared to a decent percentage of non-magicals."

"And they are quickly learning that they are dumb." Came the voice of Cedric Diggory as he walked up with a smile.

"Ced, you're a pureblood." Harry pointed out.

"And one of the dumbest according to my wife." He grinned. "Thanks for the warning, by the way."

"No problem. We nearly had an incident with Ron in the Cauldron."

"Ah, one even dumber than me." Cedric groaned. He turned to Claire. "He used to be Harry's best friend. The little git was always jealous of Harry though.

"Aside from all the fame Harry got before and after the fall of secrecy, Ron was one of the ones who was hit by the 'Rule of Dumb', as my wife calls it.

"He was lazy. Never studied. Failed most of his exams.

"He refused to study the basic courses the non-magical government enforced and now he can't get a job.

"So… he blames Harry, because it is easier for him than actually making an effort."

"Claire Dearing, meet Cedric Diggory. He is an… a police constable?" He questioned.

The young man was in a standard Metropolitan Police uniform.

"Yep, the auror corps are finally gone." Cedric said proudly. Then he deflated. "Of course, my missus is American and finds my helmet hilarious."

He poked the domed custodian helmet.

"So… Harry… Miss Dearing is… ?"

"Mister Hammond's recommendation for Harry's new assistant." Tomas said quickly.

Cedric appeared relieved. "Oh. How's Lex?"

"She's fine." Harry shrugged, not sure what the new tension was about. "Probably at school. More wedding planning tonight. Did you get your invite?"

"I did and we will be there. Expect our formal notice in the post." Cedric said with certainty. "Anyway, I'll leave you to your business."

"It's fine, Ced. I just wanted Claire to experience the hate I am surrounded by. She's on probation, so I figure she has time to back out."

That seemed to annoy the young red head. "Mister Potter, I don't care what others think. I was a year younger than my peers at college. I graduated top of my year. I am used to hate."

"You really aren't." Cedric said sadly.

"Miss Dearing, Harry has had several attempts on his life in the past-"

"His entire life." Cedric interrupted Mullins. "The first being when he was only a year old. But you should know this." He frowned thoughtfully. "You were recommended for the position of being his assistant. Harry's story is known globally."

Claire was flustered and extremely embarrassed. "I am sorry. I didn't mean to compare myself to Mister Potter."


She looked at the young wizard with a scowl.

"First rule of working with my family… be family." He gestured to the four men behind him.

Harry had given Claire one final test. He sent her to introduce herself to Lex.

Harry himself had cornered John in his apartment on Isla Nublar.

They sat in the old man's living room with a stiff drink.

"So, how long do you have?" Harry asked the question that had been eating him up all day.

John's drink froze on his lips.

"I can smell it. It doesn't help that after all these years you've finally assigned me an assistant."

John sighed and sipped before putting the drink down. "I may have months or even years. My body is simply old and shutting down.

"When I die, I want to do so having seen the park flourish in your hands.

"Miss Dearing is simply the first step in giving you what you need to do so without making the position an unbearable ball and chain."

"Who else knows?"

"Just David and Missus Hoyte."

"They've tried everything?"

John chuckled. "Everything but confronting the Reaper himself." John sighed and leaned forward, patting Harry's hand. "Denial. That is what you are experiencing, Harry. The first stage of dealing with loss.

"I admit that I am still in the 'bargaining' phase. But I know it will pass."

"John… if you die before the wedding… I swear I'll find a way to drag you back to apologise to Lex."

"Weddings aren't really in my remit." Claire grimaced as she sat in the penthouse apartments on the couches around the coffee table. Which was covered in catalogues and brochures.

Currently present were Lex, Tina and Mary.

"Weddings are the best way for you to cut your teeth for your new role." Mary told her. "There is a reason why my dad doesn't attend planning meetings like this. He just cuts a cheque and runs."

"Shouldn't Harry be here?" She asked.

"Merlin, no!" Tina laughed. "That boy is well aware of where his talents lie. Like John, he'll just nod and write the cheques.

"Now, dear Alexis… she's the one we have to keep a rein on." She smirked at the young blushing woman.

"Too many bridesmaids?" Claire asked as she recalled her sister's recent wedding.

"Lex seems to have forgotten that not only is she the granddaughter of one of the wealthiest men on the planet, but she is marrying one of the most famous." Mary said with exasperation. "Her idea of a wedding involved immediate family, a judge and then telling everyone to leave so she could enjoy her new husband."

"Tina's fault." Lex muttered.

"Anyway." Mary continued. "Lex's plans for a short ceremony and long honeymoon were dashed when Dad's office sent us a list of dignitaries we needed to invite." She handed Claire a stapled set of papers with the familiar letterhead of John Hammond.

The woman's eyes bugged out. "But… this is a security nightmare!"

"And a tricky one for seating arrangements." Tina added. "The people on that list won't be in the front rows. And several don't speak English."

"The worst part is that none of this is what Harry and I want." Lex grumbled.

Claire looked at the list of names. It continued on for three sheets. "Forgive me for bringing up a, 'rude' point, but you're rich, can't you hire people to do this?"

"And then we'll have nothing of our own." Lex sighed.

Claire held up the papers. "If you are forced to invite these people, then I can't see it being yours in anyway. I'd recommend hiring people to do everything, you just approve it.

"Have your own private, family ceremony and just leave the signings for… this." She dropped the papers down on the coffee table with disgust.

"Ah… you haven't finished?"

Claire jumped at the old man's voice behind her. She turned to see the famous Newt Scamander looking warily at the brochures.

Newt was often seen with Harry and the dinosaurs. It helped bridge the magical and non-magical worlds as he often dressed in robes.

"We are." Lex said firmly. "Claire, make it happen. If you can handle a wedding then you'll have proven you can handle Harry."

"Handle this wedding and you'll prove you can handle the world." Mary muttered.

A few days later and John was surprised to see Harry and Ellie march into his office and sit down.

Ellie dropped a thick folder on his desk and said: "We told you so."

John sighed and leaned back. "Can you summarize what you told me?"

"Sibo go boom." Ellie glared at him.

John's eyes widened. "I had forgotten about that." He pulled the folder towards him and began leafing through it. "Is this just evidence of the fact or do you have plans to deal with it?"

"We've been brain storming." Harry admitted. "There is no timeline. There is just the fact that the volcano is not dead. It could erupt and probably will… next year, decade, millennium-"

"Two millennia." Ellie reminded him, the new millennium not long off.

"Sure." Harry glared at her. "We have basic options to look at. Closing and moving the park, trying to prevent an eruption-"

"Prevent it?" John asked.

"A volcano is the result of the pressure beneath the Earth's crust along the edges of the tectonic plates." Harry recited. "We just need to create a big pressure valve nearby."

"An underwater volcano." Ellie added.

"Do we even have the technology to accomplish that?" John asked.

"No. But we have enough that we can use magic to fill in the gaps." Harry assured him. "Magic can be used to enchant submarines to travel to those depths, magic can also enchant drills to never break and always spin. Put those together and we have an operation to start on that only needs monitoring."

"There will be a lot more to it than that." John promised. "Harry, you will prepare the briefing for the board and the Costa Rican government.

"I'll be here to advise you as you need and David will be at your disposal. But…" John stood and gestured to his chair. "It is time for you to take over."

It was only weeks before the wedding. Claire was doing admirably, but Tina had taken the woman to task when she clearly began to lose weight with stress.

Lex had made sure to try and help after class, she felt guilty about lumping it on the woman.

Harry and Ellie were hard at work preparing the briefs and plans for the 'Tectonic Valve'. John had insisted she help as penance for being so smug.

Alan hadn't been pleased at losing his girlfriend for extended periods of time.

The wedding was done and dusted.

It had been an elaborate affair held in the summer on John's estate in Scotland. The Prime Minister had been a little peeved as he had to personally arrange security for the event.

But he had still been quite happy to attend and witness the event.

The honeymoon was spent on the beaches of the same island that now housed the former dragons of Gringotts. It was a reserve island that Harry suggested be left untouched by InGen to preserve the ecosystem.

Of course that didn't mean the newlyweds couldn't enjoy the beaches as they lived out of a magical tent.

They didn't spend long on their honeymoon, both wanted to spend as much time with John as possible.

The raptors were growing quickly, already at waist height.

They had now seen the ocean and some were curious as to what was beyond. Of course, some had trouble believing the ocean actually ended.

"Why medicine?" Harry asked fifteen-year-old Timothy Murphy as they sat at one of the restaurants in Jurassic World. "You love dinosaurs."

"Loved." Tim shrugged. "I don't hate them. I still like Scar and Jelly. But I don't want to… I don't want them as a career."

"Well… I guess if anyone could become a doctor, it's you and Lex." Harry sighed. "Still, that's a lot of school."

Tim gave him a typical teenager scoff. "You always hated school. Well… you never really went to school."

"Hogwarts was a school." Harry said defensively.

"Hogwarts was circus." Tim countered. "They trained you to do tricks and made you perform. Then they made you do all their jobs.

"Even if you didn't tell me everything, your life is fully and publicly documented.

"You never went to school to learn the basics. I heard Grandpa call your entire time at Hogwarts 'just another orphanage'."

"So what field are you going to specialise in?" Harry abruptly changed the topic.

"No idea." Tim shrugged. "I don't know if I want to be a practising physician, I just want to learn."


"Maybe. Genetics? I've got a long family history in it." Tim smirked.

"Looking to follow your sister and join the family business?" Harry asked.

"I don't think either of us counts for that. You're the only one actually following Grandpa's footsteps."

Harry could sense a little bitterness. "Say the word and we'll both start preparing you." He said softly.

Tim shook his head. "Maybe I'll learn one day. But business isn't really my thing."

"That's half the problem with how you and Lex look at John." Harry grumbled. "He doesn't do things for business. He didn't bring the dinosaurs back to life to make a pretty penny. He did it to make people smile. To make you smile.

"Taking over InGen or the Hammond Foundation isn't about making sure we beat out the competition or make record sales. It's about guiding the organisations to look further, think bigger, seek more goals."

"Oh? So what have you been cooking up?" Tim asked curiously.

"Mainly volcano stuff." Harry admitted. "Ellie and I are working on experiments for deep sea drilling into lava. I really don't trust Ol' Sibo not to blow his top."


Harry jerked in surprise at the voice he hadn't ever expected to hear again. Standing nervously at their table was- "Hermione?"

"I wanted to surprise you." She smiled shakily.


"Take a seat." Tim gestured to one of the spare chairs. He could see Harry was not sure what to do. "I'm Tim, You're… one of Harry's old circus friends, right?"

"Tim!" Harry hissed. "He means Hogwarts."

Hermione nodded slowly and warily. "Yes. You don't like magicals?"

"Sure I do. Harry is my brother-in-law. Saved my life all those years ago.

"I don't like Hogwarts though."



"Don't worry, Harry. I'm not offended by that. I share the sentiment. I'm twenty-years-old and I just got accepted into university." She said in disgust.

"Is that a bad thing?" Harry asked curiously. "Is it an English thing? When do Americans start university? Lex started when she was eighteen."

"Two different systems Harry." Tim warned.

"English Universities start at around eighteen." Hermione explained. "I am two years behind because I had to take my GCSE's and A-Levels late."

"Oh. I never went. I had one day of high-school and got expelled."

Hermione stared at him as Tim snorted.





"Did you kill someone?"



Hermione's eyes snapped to Tim.

"Harry was attacked by bullies. He defended himself and put one in the hospital. If he hadn't been trained he could have killed the idiot." Tim explained.

"Wow." Hermione said somewhat gobsmacked.

"They had it coming." Tim said a little defensively.

"No… no, it's just… well, Harry technically killed someone when he was eleven and didn't get expelled."

Tim looked at Harry with a calculating look. "Huh. I guess not all your life was publicised."

"I don't like to talk about it." Harry glared at Hermione.

"Sorry." She winced. "It wasn't your fault. I know Mister Murphy is your brother-in-law and I thought he might have known about some of the… well, he seemed to really hate Hogwarts." She shrugged apologetically.

"So what brings you to Jurassic World?" Harry asked. "I hope you didn't waste all your money on visiting me."

"Hardly a waste." Hermione sniffed. "It's the least I can do after I was such a little bitch back in fifth year."

"You were? What happened?"

"I meant when I visited you in Scotland."

"Oh… Fourth year was my last year of school."

"He had private tutors." Tim explained.

"Anyway, you could have sent a letter." Harry frowned.

"Harry, we were close for four years. We haven't seen each other in nearly five. A letter is in no way adequate."

"Are you here for the weekly, fortnightly or monthly stay?" Tim asked.

"Fortnightly. Wait… I thought Americans didn't use that term."

"My grandfather is Scottish and my brother-in-law is English. Guess who runs the company." Tim smirked. "Well, come with me." Tim said as he stood. "Let's go talk to some people about a refund on your rooms at least."

"No… please, I insist on paying. I really only came to try and see Harry."

Unfortunately, Timothy Murphy was as stubborn as the rest of his family.

"Claire, is everything alright?" Harry asked his assistant as they met up an hour later. "You look… not happy?"

Claire had to resist the urge to snap at her boss. "Just a bad night. I'm perfectly fine."

"Well, an old friend of mine from school turned up at the Park today. Maybe you can meet her later."

"Did she make an appointment?"

"No, she just paid for her tickets and found me sitting with Tim at the restaurant."

"And she just walked up to you? I'll have to speak to security." She sighed.

"Why? She didn't do anything wrong and she wasn't a threat." Harry frowned.

"Because she might not have been a threat, but others could be. Security should have picked up her name and the connection to you and alerted me to it.

"Remember, you were the one who took me to London to see how much magicals hate you."

"Do you need to do it now?"

"It can wait until after your meeting." She assured him.

"Is he here?"

Claire checked her phone. "Yes. I'll have him sent in." She pushed a few buttons on her phone and the doors to Harry's office opened and in walked-

"You!" Claire hissed.

The man who had entered stumbled to a stop.

"You?" He asked dubiously.

"And finally… me." Harry stated, clearly not having any clue what was going on. "You are Owen Grady, yes? Here at the recommendation of Admiral Lakes to work as an animal handler and researcher?"

"Er… yeah. That's me." The well-built, brown haired man nodded, still looking at Claire like she was a bomb about to go off.

"Alright, what happened between you two?" Harry demanded.


"We had a date." Owen was clearly not going to deny it and was now being treated to a murderous look from Claire. "It didn't go well. End of story."

"If it was the end of the story you wouldn't be looking at each other like the pureblood magicals look at me."

"Well, it was just last night." Owen admitted.

Harry looked at Claire in realisation. "Ohhhh."

Now Claire was glaring at him.

"Look, it was one night. I assume you weren't violent or insulting to each other?"


"Inconsiderate rude brute." Claire muttered to herself.


She took a deep breath. "No, Harry. It won't be an issue. Suffice to say, that we simply discovered that we did not mesh well… on a personal level."

"Can you put this behind you both?"

"Of course. I apologise, Harry. It was a difficult evening."

"Claire, take a few hours off. Go and rest or something. Let me deal with Mister Grady. I want to get to know him without all this tension that will have nothing to do with his job."

Claire winced. Harry didn't really give orders. He made requests. She would turn them into orders.

She nodded and moved to the door.

"Sorry." She heard Owen mutter sincerely.

She nodded slightly and left.

"What happened?" Harry asked bluntly.

"Erm… I guess we both learned the important lesson that looks aren't the most important thing in a relationship?"

Harry stood there, waiting.

"I'm a sailor. I have several warnings in my file for attitude. It's why I left the Navy.

"I want to enjoy a more relaxed way of life. Where I don't have to continuously mind my mouth.

"But, Admiral Lakes should have told you that it has never affected my work and I never had issues with other enlisted men. Just… a few entitled officers."

"You'll follow orders?"

"Yes, sir."

"Put the safety of your colleagues and civilians first?"

"Yes, sir."

"Bring the reputation of the Hammond Foundation or InGen in to question?"

"Err… not on purpose?"

Harry sighed. Not the best response he'd heard from a prospective employee when he'd sat in on interviews… but even Lex had a habit of causing rumours when she got irritated.

"Let's walk and talk." Harry gestured to the door.

Owen Grady immediately brought to mind Danny Larkin. You'd never guess either man could follow an order.

But Harry found him easy to talk to and he had a certain passion for animals that made him ideal for the job.

"I'm still not sure why you'd need an 'animal behaviourist'." Owen frowned as they walked down the main road by the t-rex paddock. "You can talk to the dinosaurs. I would have given anything to be able to talk to the dolphins."

"But only I can talk to them. Sure, the translators work, but only the raptors will talk to others. Rexy, the dilos, even the dragons won't talk to other humans.

"Except Newton Scamander."

"He can talk to them as well?"

"No. But he can communicate, just like you did with dolphins and I did with raptors before I could talk dino."

"What makes him so special then?" Owen asked curiously.

"Basic understanding of other animals?" Harry shrugged. "Look, the best anyone has ever managed to determine is that we are just gifted.

"And the people who made that determination include several scientists."

"So what would my duties be?"

"Figuring out what the problems are for any dinosaur that seems… out of character. If Rexy gets moody or super irritable, for example."

"They can't just tell you?"

"Mister Grady, I'm nearly twenty. I've spent a good deal of my life under the threat of death. What will happen if someone succeeds? Who will the dinosaurs talk to then?"

"So this is about building foundations for the long term?"

"Exactly." Harry nodded. "Hopefully I'll be around for a long time… but your job is to make me redundant."

Things had changed a fair bit at Harry's rooms on Isla Nublar. He had his bed back in case he needed it. A room had been set up for the raptors to lay their eggs.

But more importantly, a gate had been installed in the garden fence that allowed the raptors to explore the rest of the island. Harry had paid a visit to the wild raptors and warned them that he wouldn't tolerate any attacks on his pack.

More importantly, the raptors freely roamed the park itself.

Everyone knew the raptors had human comparable levels of intelligence. They had been on the news and media. Despite the documented aggressive and predatory nature of the raptors, nobody worried that they would attack the humans.

None of the raptors were dumb enough to piss off the Indominus Rex. Not even the wild ones.


People screamed as the stomach high raptor leapt onto Harry's back sending him to the ground.

"Damn you Blue." Harry hissed… mainly in pain.

"Off." He heard Owen say firmly as the pressure on his back was relieved. "Look, blood. Bad.

"Sir, the raptor got a claw in your back. It looks like it pierced your kidney." Owen said as he applied pressure.

"I'm sorry!" The raptor wailed as she nuzzled Harry's head.

"Don't worry, Owen. I'm used to it." Harry groaned as he pulled out his wand and awkwardly healed himself. "Blue, what are you going to do if you hurt me and break my wand? I won't be able to heal myself." He admonished the young dinosaur.

"I'm sorry." She said contritely.

"Blue, meet Owen. He is going to be working here." He turned to Owen. "Owen, meet Blue. She's the eldest hatchling of my pack."

"They play rough." Owen frowned.

"Not all of them. Blue can be excitable though."

"Blue? Did you name them all after colours?"

"No. Scar and Jelly wanted me and their human friends to name them. They don't really have names. They used to call humans 'skinny walkers'.

"We named the raptors after certain traits. Blue has an affinity for the colour. She would horde blue items when she was little."

"Make him wear it." Harry turned to see Blue holding up a headset and collar she took from a thin leather pouch strapped to her front. He smiled and took it from her. "Here, this will let you hear her and talk to her."

Owen donned the headset and collar and Harry turned them on.

"Can you hear me?" Came the monotone computer voice.

"I can hear you." Owen nodded with a frown.

"What do you do?"

"I was a sailor. I lived on a large boat and travelled on the ocean."

Blue frowned. "Was is past. What do you now?"

"That depends on Mister Potter. I'm applying for a job."

"What job? Are you going to be babysitting Scale?"

Owen was confused and turned to Harry. "I don't understand. 'babysitting scale'?"

"Scale is one of her brothers." Harry grinned. "Named because he climbs everything." Harry quickly translated for Blue.

"Blue, why don't you show Owen around?"

"Around where?"

"The park, home, introduce him to some people."

"Okay." Her clawed hand reached out and she grabbed Owen's hand and started dragging him off.

Harry just grinned at the confused former sailor.

Harry had received a call from David. He had apparated straight to John's apartment on Isla Nublar.

David was standing there solemnly as Doctor Patel and a representative of the Costa Rican police force worked at the bed.

"He… just didn't wake up. He seemed fine when he went to bed." David said tightly as he controlled his emotions.

"It was just his time, Mister Bridges." Doctor Patel assured them. "He passed away peacefully, he never woke up, never panicked. It all happened as he slept."

There was a knock on the door and the officer moved to answer.

"Is Mister Potter here?"

Harry moved to the door as he heard Claire's voice. He took her gently by the shoulder and led her into the living area. "John passed away last night."

Harry was surprised as the red head quickly stepped forward and hugged him. She was not a tactile person.

"Are you ok?"

"Numb." Harry admitted. "I need to tell Lex and her family. Can you keep an eye on David for me? He was very close to John."

"Of course. I'll begin handling arrangements."

"Thank you." Harry said as he walked off.

Clair walked back to the bedroom, she froze, her hand on the door knob. She was about to enter a room with a dead body.

She steeled herself. Harry asked her to do this. She loved her job and she owed John Hammond for the amazing opportunity. She took a deep breath and entered.

There were a lot of tears in Harry's apartment. Harry had brought Mary, Ryan and Tim to the island. He had also brought John's sister, her husband and Peter.

"I always thought he'd outlive us all." Juliette Ludlow sniffled as she dabbed her eyes. "He survived the war, all his adventures globe trotting. Then he settled down and focused on business.

"I'm four years his junior and he tired me out."

"He had plans to go out and people watch today." Harry told her, Lex crying into his shoulder. "His favourite past-time is sitting near the dinosaur pens and watching the excited children."

"Is his legacy protected?" Angus Ludlow asked with concern. "The corporate vultures won't start ripping apart his park and turning it into… his nightmares?"

"He made me the owner and CEO of InGen and the Hammond Foundation. Ever since I found out he was dying, I forced him to write down his dreams for the park.

"I've got a good idea of what he wanted and what I say goes. Has done for the better part of the year."

"He put all that pressure on you?" Juliette was horrified. "But you're so young. You should be in school with Alexis. You shouldn't be burdened with this."

"I'd say it's my destiny." Harry gave a sad smile. "Since the day I landed on the island, John has encouraged me to enjoy the park."

"Harry saved Grandpa's dream." Lex sniffed. "I heard Ian and Grandpa talking about how the sabotage, deaths and chaos would bankrupt InGen.

"But because Harry could talk to the dinosaurs, he made it easy to clear up.

"Grandpa always said that Harry had done more Jurassic Park and the Hammond Foundation than anyone else. Even him."

Juliette patted her husband's hand. "His legacy is perfectly fine. He was always very proud of his accomplishments." She told Harry. "For him to state you contributed more than he did to his creation… he definitely knew he'd chosen the right man for the job."

"Alright, that's enough wallowing." Tina said as she came in, Newt looking slightly embarrassed behind her. "You are going to have plenty of time to deal with the loss and sadness. For now, go out and bask in what John Hammond achieved.

"Take a stroll around the park."

Harry begged off as he had work to do. Unfortunately that work was seeing to John. Before he left he was taken aside by Tim.

"I- I want to be a part of Jurassic World." Tim swallowed. "I owe it to Grandpa."

Harry sighed and pulled the sixteen-year-old into a tight hug. "Your timing and reasoning suck, Tim." He muttered.

Tim pulled back, offended.

Harry gave him a sad smile. "John would have been over the moon to hear you wanted to be a part of the Park. But not because you felt you owed him.

"John would have encouraged you to chase your dreams."

"I know, but-"

"One year." Harry said firmly. "Continue as you were for one year. If, after you've finished grieving, you still feel the same, we'll talk.

"John wanted you to be a part of the Park, but he wanted you to do it because you enjoyed it. Besides, we're going to need more doctors eventually."

"David, how you doing?" Harry asked the older man as he joined him on the sofa in John's office.

"Shaken." David admitted. "I know we were expecting this…"

"I think I might be in shock, myself. I don't really feel anything. The man who protected me and gave me a life just died… and I feel nothing." Harry said with a hint of disgust.

"You compartmentalise." David shook his head. "I've watched you for years. At the moment you have a job to do and you have shunted everything off to deal with later so you can focus.

"You were the same when John became ill during the attack on you during high school. When Jelly's egg wouldn't hatch."

"So what are your plans now?" Harry sighed. "Did John discuss anything with you about your future?"

"This is hardly the time to talk about that now Harry." David said dismissively.

"David, Tina Scamander just threw out the entirety of John's family because she wanted them to enjoy his legacy and not wallow in grief.

"You and I are a part of that legacy. This seems like the perfect time to talk about it."

They sat there in silence for a few moments.

"John suggested I just keep doing what I do, but answer to you instead. But I don't know if I want to stay on. John gave me everything."

"There are some decisions I wanted to make for myself." Harry said quietly. "Decisions I never discussed with John. But I know John would approve."

"Are we talking about expanding the Jurassic Park franchise… or something else?" David asked curiously.

"I can stand in front of the board and argue with them. I can make decisions. Give orders.

"But I still don't understand business. Financial reports. Staffing requirements.

"I want you to work for me, David. But I would prefer you accept a raise and a promotion."

Harry stood and turned to face John's now former PA. "I own the company and foundation. My word is law. But I want you to run it and get the recognition.

"Me? I just want to work with the dinosaurs.

"Stay for a while. Try out the desk. See if you could sit in that chair." Harry turned and walked out leaving the man shocked and confused.

The death of John Hammond was international news. Jurassic World began displaying tributes and videos of the man who had changed the world and resurrected a long dead era.

Harry had stood in front of cameras with Mary, Ryan, Lex and Tim and introduced the world to David. Lex had also addressed the cameras and assured the world that there were no two greater experts on her grandfather's dreams and no two men who would be dedicated to protecting it.

Harry had a different issue. The raptors didn't know how to respond to John's death.

"But we didn't eat him." Scar grumbled as she paced, the younger pack members sitting between her and Harry, Jelly at his side.

"Humans don't eat their dead." Harry explained.

"Because it makes them sick, right?" One of the male raptors piped up, named Claw because of his incessant habit of clawing at everything.

"It can do. But it isn't the main reason. It isn't respectful for humans. We wouldn't eat you if you died."

"I want someone to pay." Scar was clearly frustrated. "Someone must pay."

"Sometimes there is no one to pay." Harry said soothingly. "Death comes for us all."

"Then Death should pay." She muttered.

"We should do something for Grandpa." One of the females said firmly. Named Leech because she would cling to others. "But I don't know what." She admitted with a whine.

"But John is dead." Scar frowned. "He won't know we are doing anything."

"It isn't about what John will know. It is about what we know." Harry explained. "We will show respect for Grandpa and what he did for us. For the lives he helped us make."

For all that the offspring of Scar and Jelly were capable of learning and doing, they were still hunters at heart. The following day the pack caused quite a stir in the park when they started dragging the carcasses of goats, sheep and cows that were bred and allowed to roam on the island.

Harry had to quickly cast a sonorous and explain the situation to the terrified tourists. The raptors were showing their respect for John's passing.

It was a once in a lifetime sight. Unfortunately not many understood what they were witnessing, but it didn't have a huge impact on anything.

"They really do miss him."

Harry turned from the sight of the raptors piling the carcasses in front of the entrance to visitor's centre to see Hermione standing there looking sombre.

"John was present for every hatching of every lab created dinosaur. He wanted them to imprint on him. He was also present for their hatching." He indicated the pack. "But he made it quite clear that no one should touch the babies before their mothers."

"I might not agree with what Mister Hammond was doing, but I can see that he was anything but malicious." Hermione said as she stepped up and squeezed his arm.

"So what brings you back here?" Harry asked.

"My best friend's adopted father just died. I wanted to make sure you were ok." She said as she gave him a small nudge.

"I've got Lex, Tim, her parents. I'll be fine." Harry sighed.

"What you've got is not the same as what you could have." Hermione said firmly. "You have them and your pack. But you've also got me and your friends.

"Cedric and Natasha send their condolences as does Neville."

"Just them?" Harry asked with a sad smile.

"Those were the ones that caught me before I caught the portkey."

"That must have cost a fortune." Harry frowned.

Hermione blushed. "Tim Murphy insisted that I was added to a specific list of people who could travel to the islands at will courtesy of The Hammond Foundation.

"I don't know how he got my phone number but he called me last night and demanded to know why I wasn't here."

"The Murphy kids are two of the most intelligent people I know. Right up there with you." Harry chuckled. "He could have asked for someone to get your number, but he probably did it himself. I know Lex was teaching him computing."

Harry began walking towards the entrance of the visitor's centre. This was now the third iteration of the building due to it needing to be bigger.

John had always envisioned Jurassic Park as a cosy place which would house up to fifty families at a time at most. Within two years of the park opening they had ten times that many.

Hermione scoffed. "I've spoken to Tim a few times. He is far beyond me in terms of intelligence."

"He's looking into medicine at the moment." Harry commented as he led Hermione through a staff door.

"Yes, I've talking about some of the universities in England with him. But he's still not sure what field he wants to go into."

"He's got time to decide."

"What about you?" Hermione asked as they entered a small but luxurious office. "Have you thought about going back to school?"

"He tried that once before."

Hermione jumped at the new male voice. She turned to see the four guards she had met at the Hammond Estate in Scotland playing cards at the conference table.

"He got himself expelled on the first day." Danny smirked at the wizard.

"Yes, Tim Murphy told me that story." Hermione admitted.

"Miss Granger, I'm surprised to see you here." Mullins said neutrally, but the tenseness was clear.

"I heard Harry had lost someone close to him. Tim contacted me and I came."

The door opened again and Claire walked in. "Harry, your pack has left, but we don't know what to do about their… 'memorial'?" She shrugged.


"Memorial?" Tomas asked.

"They went out and hunted prey and left the bodies in front of the centre." Claire explained. "Whilst a very touching tribute, Mister Grady has warned that the bodies will quickly rot. I understand he is talking to your pack and trying to figure out what they want to do." She told Harry.

"Leave him to it." Harry said firmly. "It's good that he's building a rapport with them. Make sure security and maintenance know he has authority to deal with this."

Claire just nodded and tapped away on her tablet computer.

She then looked up at Harry. "Incidentally, I was looking for you in Mister Ham- Mister Hammond's office." She faltered as the name was still a raw topic. "Mister Bridges was there and asked me to pass on a message. He said: 'Make sure you knock before entering my new office.'"

Harry smiled broadly. "So he accepted the job."

Claire smiled sadly. "Yes, but he said he won't move into the office for a few weeks so you and the family can sort out Mister Hammond's belongings."

"You mean like the office?" Larkin snarked. "Ow! Piss off Bobby." He grumbled as he rubbed his head. Bobby Cain just smirked.

Claire's tablet began to beep. "Harry, I've got an emergency request coming from the Rapid Response Centre. A Chinese Fireball dragon has gone on a rampage near Hong Kong.

"They are requesting assistance."

Harry rubbed his face with the heal of his hand. "Sarge, can you assemble everything we need? I want Grady to come and observe."

"I'll contact the girls." Larkin said as they all stood.

"Hermione, why don't you go to my apartment. Lex and her family will be there and can show you around."

"You're going to handle the dragon personally?" Hermione frowned.

"Technically it is my actual job. I work with Sarge and the team to handle any dinosaur outbreaks. The world knows this and the governments often ask us to aid with magical animal issues.

"Especially after we liberated the dragons from Gringotts."

"I just thought you would have stopped going on missions after you took over from John Hammond."

"No one else can turn into a massive dinosaur and talk dragons down." Claire scoffed.

Things were tense as they landed on the outskirts of Hong Kong by Portkey. Scar and Jelly were exceedingly proud as they led their pack.

Mullins, the team and Harry were extremely uncomfortable as they had never worked with so many.

Owen was nervous and sweating bullets. Sure, he'd seen combat, but he was a sailor, now he was going up against a flying creature whilst on land.

This was a huge leap from dolphins and sharks.

Making things worse was the tension between the Chinese military, the government officials and Harry and the team. The officials had been reluctant to call for foreign help, the military had been out right against it… and Harry and the team just wanted the job done.

It didn't help that only one of the officers spoke English.

"Harry looks really angry."

Owen jumped as Blue stepped up next to him. She decided he was her responsibility and now he always had to wear a translation kit. Fortunately they weren't bulky.

"I'm more worried about the dragon." Owen nodded to the large reptile in the sky.

"She is really really angry. Someone stole her eggs."

"You can understand her?" Owen asked.

Blue didn't say anything.

"Does Harry know?"

Blue gave him a withering look. "He can hear as well as me."

Owen cowered as the entire raptor pack leapt forward between Owen, Blue and the humans talking. They were growling angrily.

The Chinese military had pointed their guns at Harry, Harry and the team had responded in kind.

"Make noise." He heard Blue say. The pack immediately began barking and growling louder.

Blue left Owen's side and slinked behind the pack, she nudged three of her siblings who immediately ducked low.

Owen listened as Blue instructed them to slip away.

Owen crouched lower as he followed Blue as she ducked into an alleyway behind the pack. "Blue, what are you doing?"

The raptor slowed slightly so the human could keep up. "The humans tricked us. They stole the dragon eggs and made it angry on purpose. The used it as bait to get Harry." She was clearly angry.

"Ok, but why are leaving?"

"Harry can take on humans, but the dragon might want to help."

"Dammit Blue. Just remember, I'm not a wizard. I can't put out fires like Harry."

"Tell your pets to stand down or my men will open fire." The Chinese Army General ordered.

There were ten men with assault rifles and an armoured Humvee with a mounted turret. Harry knew they could win… but it would hurt and it might cost them.

But Harry was more interested in the seemingly one-sided conversation he could hear in the distance and the three sneaky raptors approaching from behind the APC.

"Scale, take out the human on top of the vehicle." Harry said calmly. "The rest of you, take step back and prepare to attack."

The pack took a step back and gave Harry a wide berth.

The General smirked at the seeming display of obedience. "Good. You will soon be put to work training an army of dinosaurs for the Chinese People."

"You should really learn to count." Harry smirked back.

And that was when he changed. Scale grabbed the turret operator by the head and popped it as his two siblings barrelled into the ten soldiers, knocking them off balance.

Jelly leapt at the other army officer, pinning him to the ground with her claws through the man's stomach.

Scar jumped amongst the government officials and tore into them as the rest of the pack joined in with attacking and killing the soldiers.

Mullins and his team had their weapons up, keeping an eye out for any surprises.

Harry was nose up against the General. "Where are the eggs?"

"In the car! In the car!"

"Cain, Tomas." Mullins ordered.

The two men quickly moved to check, they were followed by two of the juvenile raptors.

"Got 'em, Sarge." Tomas called over.

"Harry, see if you can call the dragon over." Mullins instructed.

"Dragon! We have your eggs safe."

"Dammit Harry." Larkin groaned as he rubbed his head. The earbuds blocked out most of the noise, but it didn't stop the vibrations and pressure.

The dragon soared over the houses and landed on the roof of the nearest one.

"You stole my eggs?" It asked cautiously. It didn't matter how far it could shoot fireballs, it did not want to mess with the monster in front of it.

"No. The injured humans did. What do you want to do with your eggs? Do you want us to help you get them to your nest?"

"The good humans can drive the car." Blue offered. "We will guard them from the ground whilst you fly above."

Mullins had taken Tomas and Cain to drive the APC. Jelly had insisted on following and the pack had split in half.

This left Harry, Larkin, Owen and the other half of the pack to deal with the General. Blue and Scar were part of the remaining pack.

Harry had reverted back to human form.

"Alright Mister General." Danny smiled darkly as he put a foot on the man's chest and pulled his side arm, pointing it at the man's head. "You have the opportunity to live. All you gotta do is confess to stealing the dragon eggs and setting the trap for Mister Potter."

"Die scum." The General spat from his prone position.

"Scar, he's all yours."

Scar didn't need to understand Danny's words. She got the intent and leapt on the man, ripping and tearing. The screams were terrifying.

"Danny… what the hell?" Harry asked.

"Tying up loose ends. Sending a message. Take your pick. But don't ever doubt that Scar and Jelly had it right all along. You don't leave an enemy alive."

"I thought you were a doctor." Owen frowned.

"I'm a soldier first. I trained to keep my men alive." Danny shrugged as he holstered his weapon. The screams had died… along with the man.

"Still… "

"Has Sarge ever told you how we met Bobby?" Danny asked the former sailor. "I know Harry knows.

"He joined the army because he needed the money to support his family.

"First deployment and he's assigned to us. Pinned down by sniper fire and the boy shits his pants. Literally.

"But he fought that fear and located the snipers and saved us all by pointing them out."

"Impressive." Owen admitted.

"Yep. There was one bastard, had an attitude. Mocked the kid for his accident. Sarge and the others took the bastard and beat him and warned him about his attitude.

"The kid has been Sarge's go to guy since that day."

"Okay… and your point?" Owen pressed.

Danny smiled darkly. "I was the bastard. The one who mocked Bobby.

"Bobby literally saved my life. I didn't realise it and I don't think he even knows it." Danny pulled a chain from under his top, on the end was squashed piece of metal. "The kid took a glancing round for me. He saw the snipers first and tackled me to the ground.

"Sarge found this in Bobby's canteen and threw it at me as they left me, bleeding and bruised.

"I'm a bastard. Always have been, always will be. I've just learnt to direct it where appropriate." He jabbed his thumb over his shoulder at the dead General.

Lex was spitting nails when she heard the report from Harry. She had dragged David into her grandfather's office and told him to get to work.

She had taken her own steps and uploaded sections of the video footage captured by the team. China was in full denial mode whilst America and Britain had offered additional support for the Hammond Foundation's Rapid Response Unit.

Even the Gringotts dragons on the islands had offered to accompany them.

"I just want to be clear that your friend needs a lot of work." Lex grumbled as she sat down next to her husband in the apartment.

Harry frowned. "Hermione?"

"Yes. She has this incessant need to try and stand up for everything she considers an oppressed being. She refused to believe that Rexy was fine.

"And she kept trying to get in the kitchens to see the house elves."

"But we don't employ house el-"

"I KNOW!" Lex was clearly frustrated. "Not that she would take my word. The Head Chef screamed at us for five minutes because we entered his kingdom."

"It was one of the concessions for his working for us."

"I know!" She growled. "Fortunately, the Head of Facilities forbade us from his areas. Said it was against company policy."

"It's all about keeping the Park safe from saboteurs and thieves. Even I can't go everywhere."

"Harry… I love you and I know you are trying to be helpful… but please shut up and let me rant."

Considering Lex had grabbed him by the front of his shirt and was glaring at him… he decided to just nod.

Lex just sighed and shuffled down on the couch to rest her head on his lap. "She's a decent enough person, but she doesn't seem to trust anyone's word.

"At times it doesn't seem like she trusts her own eyes."

Lex waited a few minutes then opened an eye, squinting at Harry. "You can talk now."

"Anything I should or should not say?" Harry asked with a smirk.

"Depends on whether you want me to go straight to sleep or spend some quality time in bed." She twisted her mouth challengingly.

"I love you."

Lex groaned. "That's cheating."

"Look, Hermione will be gone soon. If she becomes too much for you… throw her at Tim." Harry suggested as he stroked her long blonde hair.

"You're not going to argue for her?" Lex frowned.

"Why? I already know she's wrong. She's trying to be better but from what I've learnt, Hogwarts and magic were the worst things to happen to her.

"They showed her a world of prejudice and subjugation and it turned her into some sort of… crusader for whatever she perceived as injustice.

"Her parents tried to correct her but she was already too far gone and too old to believe her parents knew better."

"I guess if anyone can bring her to heel it's the man who tamed two raptors and a rex." Lex snorted.

"Do I have to?" Harry whined.

Lex stood up and pulled him to his feet. "Come on, maybe I can give you some incentive." She grinned salaciously.

Harry eagerly followed. There would always be problems. Whether it be misguided friends, selfish countries or just deciding whether or not to let his wife be on top.

Sometimes it's best to deal with things as they come.

No pun intended.

The End