one powerful rainy and stormy night Benny Weir was running around town in kansas trying to get out of the downpour as it thundered loudly he screamed in fear when suddenly his gaze landed on a familiar 1967 black impala car as it sped down the highway road and stopped in front of him on the sidewalk as he covered his eyes from the bright headlights as the windows rolled down it was none other then his older adopted brother Dean Winchester.

HEY KID WHAT ARE YOU DOING COME ON GET IN! Dean yelled as he opened the door as they took off down the highway eye of the tiger was playing on the radio in the car speakers when Dean turned it down.

kid what were you doing out there? you know it's dangerous being out in weather like this! Dean said feeling concerned as Benny looked down feeling guilty.

im sorry Dean i didn't mean to it's just... Benny trailed off luckily his brother wasn't that mad at him as he gave him a smile and a pat on the arm.

it's ok kid im not upset i was just worried that's all anyway listen instead of us going to stay in a hellish awful horrible hotel room for the night and for shelter how's about we go to a coffee shop to wait for the storm to pass luckily it's just a few miles from here because i don't know about you but i need a drink especially from all the supernatural crap we've been dealing with lately Dean replied.

what i thought you liked drinking alcohol when you deal with pain and problems? Benny asked feeling confused.

well i figured that beer is bad for your health and i'd just try something new and mix it up Dean said.

who are you and what happened to my brother?! Benny exclaimed.

very funny Dean replied as he laughed.

a few minutes later

Dean and Benny walked into the building as they immediately heard loud music and people talking.

then they both walked up to the bar counter as a young brown haired girl came up to them as she smiled hello what would you like? she asked.

one french vanilla for me please Benny said.

and a blueberry caramel for me pretty little lady Dean said flirting as he smirked and winked at her as the girl giggled.

Benny just rolled his eyes.

sure thing boy's be right back she said as she left swaying her butt and hips.

a couple seconds later

she returned with the drinks here you go boys enjoy she said then gave a piece of paper to Dean as she laughed and left again.

um what was that about? Benny asked looking confused.

well in case you don't know she gave me her number kid Dean replied as he showed his brother the note with numbers on it.

Benny rolled his eyes again as he then began sipping on his drink as Dean did the same.

when suddenly loud thunder and lightning struck as it shook the building and lights inside the building as the power went out resulting in darkness.

Benny then grabbed his brother's hand out of fear as he screamed.

relax little brother it's just a power outage from the storm Dean explained trying to comfort his brother.

i know but it's just... im scared of storms and i have been ever since my real mom and dad died in a thunderstorm when they went for a drive out with me when i was little Benny replied.

it's ok kid don't worry your safe with me Dean said gently and softly as he patted Benny on the back.

AHH WHAT DO WE DO EVERYONE IT"S LIKE WAR OUT THERE! AND WE CAN"T SEE ANYTHING! a young men shouted as a group of people screamed in unison.

IT"S OK EVERYBODY I HAVE FLASHLIGHTS! Dean shouted as he handed his brother and the crowd of people their own flashlights to use as he grabbed his own.

Benny stared at his brother in awe wow Dean your amazing i can't believe you packed these! Benny said surprised Dean just shrugged.

well it's just in case anything happens you never know Dean replied as he smirked at his brother.

just then at that moment a man and two woman came into the coffee shop with flashing eyes and evil magic glowing from them as they also made the lights come back on as well but Benny and the rest of the crowd were scared as Dean just looked unfazed.


well now i don't think that's a nice way to greet someone now is it Dean? Ruby asked as she smiled evilly.

Dean just stared at her with a hard gaze.

WHAT"S GOING ON WHO ARE THEY?! a young woman said in fear.

it doesn't matter listen everyone go to a safe place in this building i'll hold them off go! Dean demanded as a large group of people left but the only one who didn't leave was Benny as he stood beside his brother holding up a gun.

KID GO FIND SHELTER NOW! Dean shouted to his brother but Benny shook his head.

NO DEAN IM HELPING YOU! Benny shouted back.



ATTACK FELLOW DEMONS! Ruby yelled out as she Meg and Crowley started attacking Dean and Benny in the shop with their powers.

soon enough a intense fight broke out as Ruby Meg and Crowley roughly began beating Dean in the face chest and arms as he began bleeding severely as he grunted in pain.

Benny stared in shock at the horrifying scene he couldn't do anything not even shoot his own gun at the demons in front of him as all he was thinking about was that they were hurting his brother.

than Benny got a burst of courage as he walked towards the demon's HEY DEMONS LET MY BROTHER GO RIGHT NOW! Benny shouted angrily.

oh yeah and what are you gonna do about it boy? Meg asked.

Benny just smirked at her as he raised his hands magic then came out of them as he fired at Ruby Crowley and Meg as their eyes widened in fear.

i didn't know the boy could do that let's get outta here Meg told Ruby as they both left but Crowley didn't as he wasn't going to back down.

ha you think a little magic can scare me boy i don't think so im going to kill you Crowley explained but instead of feeling scared Benny just simply nodded his head.

do whatever you want to me just don't hurt my brother Benny said.

Dean was currently laying on the floor with his gun laying a few feet away from him as he stared up at his brother with horror in his eyes.

KID NO STOP! Dean shouted but Benny just accepted his fate as he turned around facing his brother as he smiled with a glint of happiness in his eyes as his life flashed before his eyes.

i love you so much Dean your the best big brother ever Benny said calmly he closed his eyes as Crowley pulled out his knife and stabbed Benny in the back as he fell to the floor.

Dean's eyes widened in horror NOOOOOOOOO he yelled out heartbroken as his voice echoed.

good riddance Crowley laughed heartlessly as he left the building to catch up with Ruby and Meg.

even though Dean had injuries he immediately went to check on his brother as he knelt down holding his brother's limp body close to him as he hugged him and cupped Benny's face in his hands as he tried to wake him up but he was unsuccessful then he pulled away slightly as he looked at his brother's lifeless face in horror.

NO NO NO KID CAN YOU HEAR ME IM NOT LOSING YOU LIKE THIS NOT NOW PLEASE DON"T LEAVE ME WAKE UP KID COME ON! Dean shouted as he hit Benny's chest in anger and desperation.

IM NOT LETTING YOU GO KID YOUR A FIGHTER NOW GET UP AND FIGHT! Dean shouted desperately as he hit Benny's chest again but it was no use.

no no no no no no no no no Dean whispered helplessly.

Dean once again pulled his brother back in close to his own as he hugged him tightly in his arms.

he then closed his eyes and began sobbing as tears fell down his cheeks.

we should go to sleep now you should stay the night

i'll be up to watch the world around us live and die

lying on the grass now dancing for the stars

maybe one will look on down and tell us who we are

we might fall

we might fall

we might fall

we might fall

now that we are older i remember you reaching out to show me all the things that i must do

now that we are older i remember youth now that we are close to death and close to finding truth

we might fall

we might fall

we might fall

we might fall

Benny's mind:

Benny was in darkness and he was scared as he looked around and saw nothing but blackness.

HELLO HELLO IS ANYBODY HERE?! PLEASE HELP ME! Benny shouted but all he heard was his own voice echoing back to him.

AM I DEAD! Benny said to himself.

suddenly a bright light flashed in front of his eyes as a angel with wings appeared.

hello Benny Weir i've heard a lot about you from Dean my name is Castiel the angel said.

what are you are you going to hurt me? stay back! Benny said in defense.

im an angel of the lord and no i will not harm you because i know Dean myself and he's my friend Castiel explained.

so you're a real angel that's friends with a human hunter? Benny asked.

can you leave here and go to earth and help Dean with the supernatural and hunting are you his partner in crime? he continued.

yes but that's not important what is that i simply can send you back because right now Dean needs you more then you know as not only did he lose his parents Mary and John but also he lost his real blood brother Sam Castiel said.

oh no that's awful how did Sam die? Benny asked.

by saving Dean from a supernatural demon and sacrificed his own life Castiel explained.

that's what i did Benny replied.

exactly which is why you need to go back Castiel replied back.

well it was nice meeting you Castiel i hope i can see you again because i think your a pretty sweet and awesome angel but im ready to go back to Dean because i don't wanna leave him alone on earth Benny said giving his thanks as he hugged the angel.

thank you Benny and you will sometime in future but right now all that matters is that you get back to Dean Castiel replied.

can you send me back now? Benny asked anxiously.

yes good bye Benny Weir it will be awhile before we see each other again Castiel said bidding his farewell as he faded away.

goodbye Castiel thank you for sending me back home Benny said in gratitude as he closed eyes as the darkness vanished as a bright light shined all around him.

back in the present Dean was still sobbing and holding onto Benny's body when he suddenly took a grasp of air and opened his eyes as he stared at his brother with happiness in his weak tired eyes.

Dean heard him as he pulled away and looked at Benny in the eyes.


don't worry i won't but believe me when i say that because your my brother i'd lay down my life in a heartbeat and i'd do anything to save you again and i'd die for you again if i have to Benny replied truthfully.

well i would too kid anyway lets get outta here and go home Dean said as he helped Benny off the floor with him leaning on him as he supported his weight as they both walked out of the coffee shop and out to the impala as Dean helped his brother get in the door and buckled him in then got in the front seat himself and drove off back to a hotel as Benny fell asleep.

don't worry kid when we get back we'll patch each other up so we both will be good as new and just for you we most definitely will take a break from this crap tomorrow because will have a day all to ourselves with a whole day of chilling out and relaxing i promise Dean told his brother as he turned his head over to face him and then focused back on driving and the road as he turned the radio up a little bit smiling to himself enjoying the music and bopping his head lightly as back in black by ACDC played.

thought i found a way

thought i found a way out yeah

but you never go away

so i guess i gotta stay now

oh i hope someday i'll make it out of here

even if it takes all night or a hundred years

need a place to hide but i can't find one near

wanna feel alive outside i can't fight my fear

isn't it lovely all alone heart made of glass my mind of stone

tear me to pieces skin to bone

hello welcome home