one late sunny afternoon in a dirty run down hotel room Benny Weir and his adopted big brother Dean Winchester were eating breakfast in the kitchen Dean was eating apples and cereal while Benny was eating nuts and berries.

Dean looked at his brother with a frown as he saw he was eating his food really fast.

easy kid chew slowly Dean said worryingly.

sorry Benny replied feeling upset as he stopped.

it's ok kid no need Dean replied as he smiled softly.

Benny smiled back at him and then continued eating when one of the nuts got stuck in his tooth his eyes widened in fear as he tried getting it out with a fork but it was no use.

Dean looked over at him again kid be careful before you break a tooth he said.

no im not gonna break a tooth Benny replied as the tooth flew out of his mouth and landed on a napkin.

but you might need surgery Dean replied giving his brother a hard stare as Benny frowned in return.

at that moment Dean's phone rang so he answered hey listen Sammy i know i promised i'd go on a hunt with you but i gotta take the kid to the dentist alright i'll talk to you later bye Dean said hanging up.

listen Dean im a big boy i can go by myself you don't have to go with me Benny said.

alright kid just be careful and don't wreck my baby or i'll kill you Dean said jokingly Benny laughed as he began walking out to the impala he then got into the front seat and drove off as Dean stood on the front door steps watching his brother go as he smiled feeling proud of him that's my boy he said in his head as he turned around and went back inside.


Benny walked into the building feeling uneasy and nervous but took deep breaths to try and calm himself down as he walked to the front desk and began filling out the papers and forms when it was all filled out he walked over to the waiting chairs and sat down as he began to wait.

a few minutes passed by and eventually the back doors opened as a nurse walked out and began going over to him mr Weir the doctor's ready to see you she said motioning him to follow her.

Benny gulped in fear as he got out of the chair and began following her to the back of the building.

Benny followed the nurse into a big room as he saw a dentist chair in the middle of it.

alright mr Weir the doctor will be here soon the nurse said as she left.

Benny walked over to the chair and sat down feeling uneasy again as his belly began cramping and hurting from nerves he put his hands on it to settle it but it didn't work as he felt like the inside of his belly was full of butterflies and in knots as he waited he then turned around hearing a loud sound of the door shutting as he saw the doctor come into the room.

hello mr Weir my name is Dr. Castiel so i hear you have a broken tooth is that right? he asked.

Benny just nodded his head not wanting to talk.

well i'll have that fixed up for you don't worry Castiel replied with a smile but Benny didn't feel calm since he knew what kind of tools were used for fixing teeth.

now you may feel a bit of pain and numbness but that's normal because you'll be put to sleep so i can get it fixed Castiel said holding up a needle.

Benny stared at the needle in panic and fear.

yeah nice meeting ya Benny said as he jumped out of the chair and left the room.

you too mr Weir Castiel said as he watched the boy leave.

later that night

Dean was drinking a beer and eating a sandwich when he saw Benny come in the hotel door.

hey how'd it go kid your tooth all fixed? Dean asked.

um yep sure is Benny replied his tone of voice shaking a bit but his brother didn't notice.

great because im getting ready for a movie night and i made us snacks great old popcorn Dean said holding up a bowl that was full.

wonderful um... i'll make myself a bowl and then join you Benny replied as he began walking to the kitchen until his brother grabbed his hand and stopped him in his tracks.

nonsense kid i got a whole bowl full that we can share Dean said.

ok Benny said as he agreed he went over to the couch and sat down next to his brother and grabbed the remote putting the tv on netflix as he put on a superhero movie that was his favorite of all time Spider-Man.

a few minutes into watching the movie Dean noticed that Benny wasn't eating any of the popcorn as he was too busy focusing on the screen so he tapped his brother on the arm.

hey kid you ok why aren't you eating any of the popcorn? Dean asked feeling worried.

im just not hungry that's all Benny said as he got up and left the room as he walked upstairs.

Dean shook his head as he followed his brother into his bedroom.


of course i did Benny said his voice going high and squeaky as he stared at the floor as he didn't want to look at his brother in the eyes.

your lying kid i can tell by your voice Dean said knowingly.

alright Dean you win i didn't get my tooth fixed you happy? Benny asked.


because i wanted to prove to you that i could do something by myself but i couldn't and im a wimp because of it Benny confessed.

Dean frowned as he began understanding what was really going on with his brother.

kid listen are you scared of the dentist? Dean asked.

just tell me the truth i won't laugh or judge you Dean said his voice turning soft as he comfortingly put his hand on his brother's knee.

yes i am Benny said as he hung his head down in shame.

it's ok kid there's nothing to feel upset about because lots of people are afraid of getting their teeth fixed or even cleaned it's a normal common fear your not the only one who has it Dean replied.

really? Benny asked his voice shaking as he slowly looked up at him with tears running down his face as he began crying.

shh shh shh come here Dean said soothingly as he wiped the tears away from Benny's face and pulled his brother into his arms giving him a hug.

now come on kid let's back to the dentist to get your tooth fixed and don't worry this time i'll go with you and i'll be with you the whole time Dean reassured.

Benny smiled as he grabbed his brother's hand as they both left together.

a couple hours later Dean drove the impala back to the dentist luckily it was open 24 hours he and Benny went inside as they ended up back into the room where Castiel was still sitting down in his chair finishing on a person's teeth when he saw Benny walk in with his brother.

oh hello mr Weir nice to see you again Castiel said kindly.

hello Dr im ready to get my tooth fixed this time im much more calm now Benny said.

i understand lots of humans have fears of being here it's common but i promise you you'll feel little to no pain and it'll be over before you know it nothing to worry about Castiel explained.

yes sir and i feel much better now about it now that i have my brother with me Benny replied as he walked over to the chair and sat down.

Dean walked over to stand close to his brother.

don't worry kid im not going anywhere im here Dean vowed as he held Benny's hand.

Benny smiled at Dean feeling at ease then his eyes closed as he began feeling the effects of the drugs and passed out.

an hour passed and Benny woke up in the chair feeling silly dizzy sleepy and woozy from the drugs as Dean stared down at him with concern.

hey you ok kid? Dean asked.

Benny nodded his head with heavy sleepy eyes and sat up and tried to get out of the chair and almost fell but luckily Dean was there to catch him.

i gotcha kid your gonna be just fine come on let's go Dean replied to his brother as he put his arm around his brother's shoulder helping him walk but not before thanking the doctor then he and his brother left the building to go back to their hotel.