On a comet in space was a great tree. A male and female alien sat in its branches.

"I am going to die if you don't bring me human lives..." the alien tree spoke. "You are the last of your species. Feed me and care for each other."

The female alien flicked out a seed from her hair.

"Drain the life of a human and bring their soul to the great Goshinboku!"

The male alien smiled. "Soon we will have enough to rebirth our planet."


"Class we are going to welcome two new students: Maka and Jyu." Mrs Mayuko said.

A handsome boy stood there with a very pretty girl.

They looked similar, but they didn't seem to be related.

At any rate, the Omnitrix didn't seem to like them.

And neither did the girl Ben had a crush on: Kuri Hikawa.

She was all tensed up and looked extremely upset.

Jyu came and sat next to Kuri.

"It would be great if you'd agree to a date with me, Kuri." Jyu said.

"In your dreams." Kuri shot back.

Ben suppressed a laugh. Kuri was very hard to ask out, he knew that for sure. She had yet to agree to a date with him!

Maka looked over at Ben, tossed her blonde hair, and winked.

It was too bad she wasn't his type!

The bell rang for school to end.

Ben headed outside, and there was a strange scuffle. An alien of some kind—some sort of plant—was absorbing the life of one of the teachers.

A girl dropped down from a tree, even as Ben touched his Omnitrix.

He changed into Swampfire and threw flames at the alien.

The girl was wearing black shorts, a black bikini top with a gold star at her heart. Her hair was long and dark, and her eyes were dark blue like the night sky. Around her head was a gold circlet.

She held out her hand and a silver light struck the alien and it turned to stardust.

"Who are you?" Ben asked.

"I am Chaos."