19 BBY, Endor System

Hulumn Nikonu, Captain of the small YV-929 freighter was having a strange morning. The female weequay woke up knowing something was going to happen, although after the stock of caf had gone missing, she figured it was merely that, yet the feeling persisted.

"Julin, any idea what that thing is?" Hulumn asked her communications officer, really not much more than a pirate in some painted clothes suited to identify her affiliation and aid her work.
"No, ma'am. I've never seen anything like it. It's easily longer than a republic carrier, but it looks... alien. Even to me," The officer responded. "It looks like a sort of eel combined with a seppy ship." The comms crackle to life and a deep, throaty voice cuts through the static, quickly correcting itself to basic.
"This is Fleet Master Rath 'Marelosee of the fleet of Inagurative Inquisition. Unknown vessle, halt and identify yourself."

"Weapons, what do you read of that ship's armament?" The elder fleetmaster asked his weapons command officer.
"They seem primitive, yet advanced. I cannot detect any weapons aside a set on either wing and on the bow. I suspect they pose little threat to us."
"Very well, we shall escort the contact to our closest ship, navigations. Communications, which ship would that be?"
"Blade's Apprentice, Sir," The young sangheili responded.
"Hail the unknown contact and coordinate with the navigations officer to arrange Sword's boarding", the fleetmaster ordered.

Hulumn stared in awe as her crew disembarked from the freighter they called home for over 15 years. A monstrous alien in white armor stood over them, flanked by two crimson armored aliens that were slightly shorter than the lead. She soaked in every detail, from their oddly hinged legs to their massive, 4 fingered hands to the ever so obvious 4 mandibled mouth which somehow was able to form intelligible speech.
"So, shipmaster," the center alien boomed. "What has brought you to my fleet?"
"Chance. My ship is a scavenging ship. We just take broken ship scraps in space and sell them. What brought you here?" A secretly nervous Hulumn asked.
"I am asking the questions. You will answer when I speak, and you will leave when I say so. Do you understand?" The alien said, jabbing a finger at the almost shaking captain.
"Y- yes, sir," She said submissively. She knew this creature had the upper hand. This is gonna be a long few hours, if I even make it out alive, she thought. At that moment, however, she knew that she wasn't, as a greener crew member draw his DH-17 pistol and managed to squeeze a few shots on the red alien, sending it recoiling in suprize but seemingly without amy harm, the blaster bolts hitting a bluish ray shield.

"Open fire!" The white armored creagure ordered, translated as to scare the puny creatures, including a heretical human, before they were to be slaughtered. He personally took the captain by its throat and ripped one of the horns out from under its chin before impailing its throat with it, then dropped it.

"Shit, come on, lets get inside!" The man that fired on the aliens said. Half of the crew sent outside was lucky enough to scramble inside as the pilot started to take off and made it out of the airlock. However, the ship wouldn't make it far before pulse lasers cut through its turrets and engines, leaving the ship floating in space. The final nail in the coffin was driven home as a loud metal clang resonated throughout the ship and a hole was burned into the cargo hold, letting a dozen small squat tan aliens in colored armor with tanks leap out, followed by 2 of the monstrous aliens.
"Passageways! C'mon!" The navigations officer whispered as she moved a nearby vent cover quietly up and opened the passage for the 2 people in the bridge with her. If all went well, they could make it to the other end of the ship and access the escape pods.
"Please no!" Someone screamed as a door blew open and loud whirring filled the room, quickly followed by a single pulse and a bright blue flash through the cracks, followed by the thump of a body hitting the ground.
"Wort wort wort," One of the aliens said, and the smaller aliens scampered throughout the ship, scanning passageways and rooms carefully and looking for the few remaining crew.

Over the next hour, they made it to the escape pod, but in that time, more screams were heard, small firefights erupted, and the artificial gravity died, nearly sending them banging into the floor above them and alerting the aliens. As they climbed from the vent, the leader, a random mercenary hired to protect from pirates and the likes, noticed something odd. 2 turquoise glowing lights shown in front of him, and as his eyes adjusted, he recognized what he saw and moved to draw his blaster, but fell slack as the points erupted into light and a plasma bolt melted his face off, sending the two other crewmen scurrying back down where they came from, only to be met with a glowing, sticky ball that got louder and lou-

"Commander, the last of the crew has been routed or killed. I recommend we let the huragok board and scavenge what we can before we destroy this filth," The sangheili, a minor named Ngas Krelos called to the mission commander aboard the boarding craft.
"Yes, that would be wise. Return to the entrance. I am assigning you protection of the huragok," The commander responded, ever vigiliant.
"It shall be done, sir," Ngas replied as he got up and returned to the room that resembled a sort of cargo hold. Soon therafter, the familiar blue glow of the huragok emerged from the now dimmed boarding tube. It greeted Ngas, a welcome, if rare, gesture between huragok and other species, then went along its way, fiddling with an alien pistol similar to some human sidearms, but with a tipped silver cylinder and obvious vents for cooling. Soon it handed it to Ngas and floated into the clear bridge before probing a computer port with its cilia and inserting a tentacle into it. With its translator a low synthesized voice spoke.
"The data upload to me will take several moments. There is a large amount of data, but it has been well stored and compressed. Please guard me until I finish downloading it," It said anticlimatically, until rustling was heard behind the vent grate, which was kicked open to reveal three armed aliens and a human shakily holding a plasma pistol, all easy targets, although one round did nearly hit the huragok, which earned that creature a boot to the skull, leaving a slippery, bloody mess in its wake.
"Huragok, are you ok?"
"Quiet please. You are interfering with my work. I have little time left for this. And... complete, with grand success. We should return to the fleet and tell them of the news. This is quite the galaxy we have to explore. Many creatures, much technology. I will have my work cut out for me," It said, its body language expressing its excitment far more than its monotone voice.
"An entire galaxy? This will be quite the work indeed," Ngas said as they boarded the craft with the unggoy and other sangheili in tow. "And quite the war to fight."