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The first time Izuku saw them was during the sports festival. He didn't tell All Might this but he heard voices that day during that moment, a cry of support.

The second time he saw them was in his sleep. He couldn't hear them this time but he could see two of them more clearly.

One was a younger looking All Might, and the other was a smiling woman.

The smiling woman looked at the younger All Might and talked to him. He couldn't hear them but he was able to catch something thanks to a skill to read lips he learned over the years...

"icked an interesting choice, Toshi!"

The younger All Might pulled off his own smile and mouthed a laugh before replying, but Izuku wasn't able to catch what he said as he woke up.

"What was that..?"

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Yeah... not my best but I'm sure people will like the idea! If anyone wants to adopt it, let me know!

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