I've had this story in my head for a while now. It is based on a film but everything, including the proper title and summary, will be revealed when the next chapter gets posted (it could be in a week's time but knowing me it will probably be in an hour). I've already written three LONG chapters, and I'm currently writing the fourth.

Disclaimer- I do not own anyone you recognize.

So enjoy my dudes. Are you ...ready for it (pun intended)?

Jenny Shepard screamed as she pushed.

"Come on Jennifer!" Ducky said, gripping Jenny's hand.

She pushed harder and her baby arrived, crying loudly.

"It is a girl" the nurse told them before she wrapped Jenny's daughter in a blanket and handed her to her Mom.

Jenny sobbed as she held her baby girl to her chest, thinking of her daughter's Father and how happy she was to have a part of him with her.

"What are you going to call her?" Ducky asked after a while.

"Megan Elizabeth Leora Shepard" Jenny replied as her daughter wrapped her tiny hand around her Mom's finger.

Who is the baby's Father, I wonder? Sorry this was so short, I am only just getting started...