Medusa was not happy at all. In fact, she was downright furious with rage. As she kept glaring daggers at her crystal ball, showing Pit and Palutena, laughing and celebrating at another victory. The goddess of darkness was at her wit's end, breathing deeply as no mater what she has done after returning from the events of Uprising, they just keep beating her.

"PULL!" She screams out in rage, making Thanantos toss another vase with the Goddess of light's face on it as Medusa blasts it with her eye beams, cluttering her throne room more with broken pieces. "Ooo! Nice shot!" Hewdraw comments as he waits for his brothers to grow back. "I can't believe these fools." She mumbles as she walks away, ranting. "I tried everything i had at them. AND THEY HAVE'NT EVEN—" She was interrupted by creaking sounds, making her look to the God of death and notices something on his feet.

"Thanatos." "Yesssssss...?" The green god gave a silly grin as the woman grits out. "What...are...thouse?" She gestures to the sandals that shows a grinning Pit, giving a 'v' sign. "Oh! These? Just some new wear i picked up, spying on Skyworld. Looks like Pitty is being a real star up there! And they make me dashing!" Thanantos gave a big smile as Medusa face palms.

"I have been trying to get rid of Palutena and her Errand boy for 33 years!" She hisses out with Venom. As she approaches the green god, who suddenly got worried as he darts his eyes side to side as the woman's shadow covers while she grew to triple her height. "As they are the only ones that are standing between and my destiny of ruling all 3 realms. Possibly the entire cosmos themselves!"

Medusa leans in as her face twisted into anger as her teeth turns into fangs, her tongue turns long and forked as her eyes became glowing purple with white thin pupils. "And you...are wearing..." Thanantos widens his eyes in horror as Medusa's body got covered in a dark aura, only for it to erupt into a torrent of black flames as she screeches. "THAT ANGEL'S MERCHANDISE!?" The woman then raises her arms over him, looking to maul the god of death as he screams in silent and terror. SSSSSSLLLLLLLLLLUUUUUURRRRRRPPPPPP

The aura dies down as they both turn to see Pandora, sipping on a cup with Palutena's winking face on it. The Amazon Goddess of Calamity stops and notices the looks, making her glance at her cup and chuckles nervously. "Hehe... Thirsty, your majesty?" Medusa stares in disbelief for a few mins, her left eye twitching before she looks ready to explode.

At Skyworld Palutena and her captain are talking as they both drink and celebrate to success. "AAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM Both deities were surprised by the loud yell along with the huge explosion sound. They glance down at Earth to see that the very world it self shook for a brief moment. As if something exploded underneath them.

Both God and Goddess groan in pain while being covered in soot, pressed against the wall as they slumped down, face first as Medusa left to soak in her springs. "Well... I hope you 2 learn a lesson: Never wear Angle Merchandise around Medusa." Hewdraw comments as he left, leaving 2 knocked out commanders.