It started out normal, as all days on planet earth do, but there was one key difference.

The death of one very special girl had taken place.

Her famliy and friends mourned her for months, but we all must move on eventually. Though no one forgot her or the fact that she was a very special person.

And yet. . . .this was not the end of her story.


Ronin was at his wits end.

He had been trying to fix one of the nindroids from the time the Overlord tried to destroy all of ninjago again, and that was some time ago now so he'd almost forgotten he even had the thing.

He pulled the old bot from it's resting place in the back of his hidden warehouse, it was just rusting away in there as if waiting for someone, and luckily he was that someone!

Ronin thought if he could fix this old thing up and sell it as a maid bot or something he could get some cash out of it, though sadly it seemed he just could not figure out what the problem was!

He had put it back together piece by piece and even got new motherboards for the damn thing and it still wouldn't turn on! It looked brand new and while he didn't like that it's appearance would bring down the price, he was not about to just give up after working so hard on it!

With a sigh Ronin set his tools down and walked to the kitchen to get something to eat or drink, hoping that a break would clear his mind and help him figure out how to get the droid to start up.

As he started running the faucet to make some soup Ronin failed to notice the eyes of the nindroid starting to glow a soft red.


The first thing she felt was a buzzing in her limbs as she awoke. It was like waking up after a long sleep and still being really tired, except she couldn't feel anything even after what must of been a good few minutes of just sitting there.

slowly her sight started to return to her and Crystal Flameheart took in the room before her for the first time.

For the most part it looked like a rundown apartment, with peeling wall paper and faded paint in some palaces. There was nothing to really note about the place, no pictures of a happy famliy, no decorations or anything really. Just an empty little living room with doorways that lead to who knows where.

The numbness in her body didn't leave her even after she concluded her observation of the dingy apartment living room. Slowly Crystal started to move, getting into a more crouch like position and pushing up to stand in a hunched over stance.

The almost pins and needles like feeling in her body really threw her off balance.

A clicking noise sounded as she moved and the heavy 'thump' of her numb foot hitting the carpeted floor alerted someone in the other room to her presence, what Crystal assumed was the kitchen judging by the sounds of pots and pans clanging together, which soon stopped as the person in there froze when they heard her.


Ronin froze as a dull 'thump' sounded from the living room. That was not a good sign especially for a mercenary like him. Swiftly yet quietly he moved with practised ease to the living room door and pressed himself against the wall next to the door frame, listing for any movement in the other room.

A soft shuffling could be heard from within and Ronin took the to time weigh his options, his grip on the knife he had grabed before moveing to the door tightening as he thought."Okay how am i gonna do this? I can either get the heck out'a doge or stay and risk dying from some robber or something." Considering he himself was a robber and a dirty cheat Ronin was none to keen on being on the receiving end of it.

On the other hand he was also not big on the idea of death in his future either.


Crystal's mind was starting to come back to her and as a result panic was setting in and fear griped her, she didn't know where she was or what was happening the only thing keeping her from having a full on breakdown was the fact that she knew freaking out would do her no good.

Though it was vary hard to keep a cool head in such an unnerving situation.

"Okay okay okay! keep it calm keep it cool! come on just deep breaths! Remember what you learned, assess the situation and figure out what you know before making a move." She thought to herself, trying to take deep breaths only to hear what sounded like a vent trying to mimic her attempts to breath.

She ignored it for now not wanting lose the fragile control she had over her panic. "Okay okay gotta make sure i don't have amnesia, so first who am i? I am Crystal Flameheart daughter of Nina M. Flameheart and Lewis Flameheart. Okay got that down at least now what happend to me? I was walking home from the park. It was just after twelve o-clock when. . .wh- when!? When what!? I-I DON'T REMEMBER!" Now she was about to lose it, the panic and fear from before seeming to double in amount as she tried to remember what happened.


She froze, she had nerly forgotten that she was not alone, the realization sent a shiver down her 'spine' or what acted as her spine.

A silhouette just half a head taller then her stepped into the door frame and her eyes caught sight of what was clearly a knife in their hand.