Once Ronin was in his causal wear they where off, Crystal wasn't exactly keen on him driving with one eye but she said nothing as he slid into the driver side of the car, the night was calm almost lonely in a way but she stared as the unfamiliar buildings and street's went by reminding her that this was not her home.

The ride was quite except for the radio which was playing some classical music, at least something was familiar in this strange world she found herself in, the music reached a crescendo and slowly ended leaving silence in it's wake.

"So...?" She started, stretching 'o' due to awkwardness, risking a glance at the other occupant of the vehicle. He kept his one eye firmly on the road ahead but a slight twitch of his head in her direction informed her he was listening.

"Who is this 'someone' you think can help us?" Crystal questioned, moveing her gaze back to the road in front of her, he slowed to a stop as the street light turned red and answered. "His name's Cyrus Borg and he's an inventor, if anyone can figure this out it should be him." Ronin concluded as the light became green and the car moved forward again, she watched as he took a few turns and soon he was parking the car in the first floor of the parking lot.

As she clumsily stepped out of the vehicle, still not used to her new body, she looked up and her jaw dropped to the asphalt. Crystal had seen many a skyscraper in her day, living in the city and all, but this one was huge, she couldn't see where the building ended it was so high in the sky!

A soft chuckling sound brought her back from her shock and she snapped her head in the direction of the noise, Ronin was smirking and failing in his attempt to hide his chuckles behind his fist, she glared half heartily at him from her spot beside the closed car door.

"Ha haa yeah laugh it up." She grumbled, not really mad as she to could imagine the look on her face and it was kinda funny, she took a tentative step forward and started walking steadily just behind Ronin as he lead the way into the massive tower of a building.

The doors opened automatically for them and Crystal was met with the most technologically advanced entrance to a building she had ever seen, computer terminals and high definition T.V screens and other things she didn't know the name of whether she had seen it in her world or not, it was hard to keep pace with Ronin when all she wanted to do was explore and look around.


Ronin noticed the nindroid slow in it's walk and turned his head slightly to see what had caused it to lose pace with him, the bot that was about an inch or so shorter then him was looking around the place with a child like wonder in it's red ey- uh optics, he couldn't help the small smile that formed on his lips.

Then the moment was ruined.

#FACIAL RECOGNITION VERIFIED! NAME: RONIN. OCCUPATION: THIEF.# Ronin flinched as a computerized voice spoke loudly in to the bustle of the lobby. Crystal's attention snapped to him and he could clearly see the look on it- their face said WHAT!

Little red dots appeared on his chest and his hands flew into the air above him, Crystal moved so they were back to back with him and instead of putting their hands in the air like he did they got into a fighting stance, he was about to ask what they think they were doing before the bot suddenly stilled and then hunched over, covering their face as if trying to protect their eyes from some unseen horror.


#FACIAL RECOGNITION VERIFIED! NAME: RONIN. OCCUPATION: THIEF.# Crystal turned her head in Ronins direction so fast that if she was still human she would've gotten whiplash, as it was the only repercussion she got was the sound of an echoing metallic snap and click from within her neck, she was sure her face said it all for her."WHAT?!"

As she saw the red dots appear on his chest she knew she just couldn't stand there and do nothing, pushing her back to his she got into the boxing stance she had practiced since ninth grade and prepared to either fight or negotiate with who ever listings, eyeing the robot guards she was about to size them up for a-

Her vision went red.

She wasn't seeing red her eye sight was literally tinted bright red, soon her sight was blocked by tabs that popped up next to the robots in front of her detailing their weaknesses and the vulnerable points on their bodies. She stilled for a minute and then covered her eyes in the hope that the action would make the Windows disappear, sadly that was not the case and the tabs remained for her to read at her leisure, she pressed her back to Ronin's to make sure he was still there and got pressed back in return, not being able to see scared her and as the sound of something powering up filled her ears she prayed it was just her noise receiver system malfunctioning.

The shuffling of the people in the entrance was drowned out by her thoughts, trying to think of how to remove the notifications from her H.U.D she didn't notice that Ronin started talking to the security bots before them."Hey hey hay wait a minute let me explain! I've been doing my community service i swear, but i'm not not here to cause trouble, you have my word!" He stuttered out as smoothly as one could with laser guns pointed at them.

As Crystal risked looking up despite the impaired vision another voice rang out above the din of the lobby in a stern command.