Cyrus Borg had started his day out like normal.

Wake up, eat breakfast and get dressed for work, he was in the elevator on his way to his private lab to do some tests on his newest invention when he got a notification on his phone. The security bots had identified a thief in the lobby and, to his surprise, Ronin's face was clearly displayed on screen with all the known data about him Just below the picture.

Seems his day just got a little more interesting.

Pressing the lobby button on the elevator and, using the emergency override code to get down faster, the owner of Borg industries was at ground level in a matter of minutes, though given he was already low in the building to begin with might of helped, as the doors opened he was greeted with quite a sight.

The security bots had surrounded Ronin and, while one half of the people in the entrance where trying to see what was going on, the other half where standing back in confusion and slight fear of what was happening. Sighing and thinking to himself about how he really needed to fix the programming in those bots, he inhaled as much air as could and shouted.


The din of the lobby went quiet as everyone looked his way and he finally got a better look the one he came down here for, the bots backed away as he approached and he saw the the theff standing ramrod straight with his hands high above his head, the sight was hilarious and he would've laughed if the the thing standing beside him hadn't caught his eyes.

A nindroid. One of his nindroids.

Cyrus froze for a moment just staring at the maskless figure that started right back at him, albeit rather awkwardly, his attention snapped to the only one who likely had an explanation for why the droid was functioning again.

"Ronin do you mind explaining why exactly you have a nindroid with you and why you decided to bring it here?" He asked, hi voice strained to keep from shouting, though he had addressed Ronin he kept his gaze firmly on the machine standing next to him.


Ronin winced as Cyrus questioned him, he had known the inventor had a vary personal history with the Overlord and knew he would not take kindly to the bots visit, he was hoping to talk on less misfortunate circumstances but it seems fate had other plans.

"Okay i can explain but first can you please call off your guards?" He said, he was not about to be held at gun point for wanting the man's help, he kept his eye on Cyrus as he continued to stare at the bot next to him.

Cyrus waved a hand for the bots to leave and one by one they returned to their stations, he rolled his wheelchair to the side and beckoned the to into the elevator behind him, his eyes never once left the nindroid as they moved, very aware of the all the other eyes on them.

Once in the elevator, Cyrus in one corner and the bot in the opposite with Ronin in between, Cyrus hit the button for the floor his lab was on and an awkward silence issued.

Desperate to for the tense air to be dispersed Ronin cleared his throat and was about to explain what happened in the lobby but Cyrus cut him off. "I don't care about the lobby incident, all i what to know is why in Ninjago do you have one of his monstrosities up and walking around again." While his voice remained steady the underlying tone of aggression was easy to hear, he was all but glaring at the bot in the corner and it was clear that, had Ronin not been here, the inventor would have dismantled the the droid then and there.

With a sigh Ronin recounted the tale that brought them here, when he finished Cyrus's glare was no longer as intense as it was before but there was still heat behind it aswell as suspicion, the topic of their conversation was oddly silent throughout the fiasco in the lobby and the preceding story of their meeting from his perspective.

The bot was no longer having a staring contest with Cyrus but was now staring at the floor with a look of deep thought, they blinked a few times before finally looking up at them, more specifically Cyrus, and spoke for the first time since getting out of the car.

"Um...i have a question." They said. Well. . .that was. . .the last thing Ronin expected the bot to say. Apparently the same could be said for Cyrus as one of his eyebrows went up in curiosity, he had only ever known these bots to be violent and loyal to their master not docile and soft spoken like this one.

"What's your question?" Cyrus asked, rather intrigued by this development.

"How do i get rid of these pop-ups on my heads up display?" The nindroid asked. Cyrus blinked. . .what? That shouldn't have been a question they needed to ask, all the information should've been in their database already.

"Um..." He fumbled, he didn't know how one the Overlords creations had survived the initial shutdown of the nindroid army much less help them with their predicament. "uh try thinking about dismissing them?" He didn't sound like he believed his own words but they didn't need to know that.


When Crystal had looked up the tabs still hadn't disappeared but there was enough of a gap in them that she could see the person in a wheelchair roll out of the elevator after the shout had silenced the occupants of the entrance. He questioned Ronin on why he was here with one of his nindroids, though she couldn't tell if he meant the body she was in belonged to this person or if there was another someone she was unaware of.

She stared awkwardly at the individual that called her a nindroid, whatever that was, and walked calmly into the elevator when he indicated for them to get on. Other then the cliche elevator music it was quiet, the man in the wheelchair continued to glare at her as they went up the building and it was making her kinda nervous.

Ronin cleared his throat and looked like he was about to say something before the man spoke first. "I don't care about the lobby incident, all i what to know is why in Ninjago do you have one of his monstrosities up and walking around again." It was clear he was trying to keep the aggression out of his voice but Crystal could hear loud and clear the hostility in his words, the person did not like her, or more specifically the body she was inhabiting, for what ever reason.

Ronin sighed and told him of how they met and slowly the mans gaze became less intense then before, but it was still a glare so she wasn't going to count her chickens until they've hatched, at some point she had stopped staring at him and instead started a staring match with the elevator floor.

She still had those pop-ups on her H.U.D and it was very annoying.

She looked up and caught the eyes of the other male in the room and spoke in the voice that she didn't think she'd ever get used to. "Um...i have a question. She said, and apparently that wasn't the first thing they expected out of her mouth after all that happened as Ronin looked at her with bewilderment and the wheel bound man with a curious expression, one eyebrow raised and head tilted to that side just a little that it seemed the only reason she noticed was because of her new hypersensitive vision.

"What's your question?" The man responded and man did she need to ask him what his name was, the pop-ups blocked most of her view and while the gap was enough to see directly in front of her the majority of tabs was blocking her peripherals and that wasn't good, so she asked the one question that this man who Ronin believed could help may be able to answer.

"How do i get rid of these pop-ups on my heads up display?"

He fumbled for a moment."Um..." Clearly he didn't expect such a question from a robot, she supposed as bot she should already know how to do that but she wasn't exactly a robot so that didn't apply, she didn't bother reading the tabs as her eyes skimmed over them to try and see Ronin before turning back to the man across from her.

"uh try thinking about dismissing them?" It sounded like he believed his own words and honestly she didn't either but it was worth a shot, Crystal pulled her focus from the other occupants of the elevator and turned attention to the problem that was currently plaguing her, the tabs held information about the security bots same as when she'd first surveyed them.

She tilted her head to the side a little as she thought, maybe it was like a phone and she had to swipe to get rid of them. . .well whatever works, with a light flick and click of her neck joint she envisioned the tabs sliding to the left of her H.U.D and. . . surprisingly it worked!

The the tabs moved quickly to the left and out of sight as her vision was once again as clear as a brand new window.

She straightened up the slight hunch she had before and smiled at that man in front of her. "Thanks that feels much better." She said, happy to be free of the annoying red tint that had come over her sight when the tabs popped up.

The man looked vaguely surprised at her gratitude and especially her smile."Huh i wonder why." Her thoughts provided no help with her situation and frankly she was annoyed with that.

Soon the elevator reached the floor the man had requested and they all stepped, or in the bespectacled mans case wheeled, out.