Hybrid of Both Worlds

A/N: Another update! I decided to remove the part where he reveals his angel. Carlos made very good points! So I decided to remove it and Naruto doesn't 100% trust them either. Devils, Angels, and Fallen Angels are after Naruto.

A/N: Quick update that I didn't explain. Should have explained how Tsunade, Jiraiya, and Kushina's relationship is. Tsunade and Jiraiya are Kushina's mentors which I said, but they are close family friends to Kushina's father's side who was human, the devil side was well a devil.

Hello, so… I've been wanting to start this story for a very long time now. I know it's a sudden story. I just started another story as well as going back to others. I have ended Demon Fox DxD, Forgotten Fox, Blonde Ashikabi, and I will be ending Catalyst soon. So, the main stories I have been focusing on are some of the newer stories. I don't know how much further of the other stories I will be going into. I, I just don't have the drive to go for them… I don't know yet. I will probably update some of my older stories, but not as much as my new ones. I am going to work on Senju prince and then Wise Man's Grandchildren and Infinite Fox. For the sake of the plot and everything that make sense for this story. How do I say… the times and events are a bit different. One of them being the Thousand Great War between the factions. It is taking place a year after the war. I want to make this story have some chronological sense. I don't know for the birthing of the races take longer than humans who hold the babies in for nine months. Now let's get on with the story! As for Harem, I am not allowing any more than four or five if I do a harem.

Kushina Uzumaki was in the hospital as she was grunting and moaning. She was in the hospital with trying to give birth to her unborn child. She was with Tsunade her best friend and her doctor. "Common Kushina! One last push! I see the head!" Tsunade shouted as Kushina grunted. Outside of the room was an eagerly and nervous Jiraiya. He was the Sensei to Kushina Uzumaki and best friend to Tsunade Senju. They were the last of the clans that were able to use the unique and special power of the chakra. An energy source that very little bit of humans could use. These three now including the new child would the only ones to be able to use it.

Kushina used every ounce of her power and pushed out. She felt the give her belly flattened out as Tsunade was holding the bundle of joy in her arms. Tsunade cut the umbilical cord while Tsunade went to wash the baby with warm water. She dried the baby and then wrapped it up into a blanket to hand to Kushina, "W-where is my baby? Where is my little boy!?" The redhead called for her child. She was tired and exhausted and she just wanted to see her boy.

Tsunade walked over with the bundle of joy as she handed the child to Kushina. Kushina accepted the baby into her hands and chuckled, "My baby boy… my little Naruto… my little Naru-kun". Kushina smiled. Kushina saw the baby with bright blonde spiky hair. She saw the baby looked identical to her husband. Kushina smiled, "If only your Tou-san could be here my little Sochi-kun. I'm… I'm sorry my baby boy… my Sochi-kun… I-I'm tired…". Kushina uttered one last breath as she passed away. The baby in her arms began to cry as Tsunade picked the boy back up into her arms.
Tsunade had tears run down her face. Jiraiya came running in when he was let it find crying Shizune and Tsunade. They knew the real reason why Kushina passed, for reasons Tsunade as the doctor stated that her death was labor. Which is sometimes how life works, to give life, one must make a sacrifice. In this case, it didn't matter if Kushina wanted to give birth and stay with her child. She was to give birth and die afterward, she just barely held on and got to see her baby boy. Tsunade looked at the baby as whisker marks began to appear on the boy's cheeks. Jiraiya saw the boy with a seal on his body that appeared. It took the shape of a Ten-Tailed Fox.

They knew why Kushina died and what Naruto was. They knew what the father was, in this world it was cruel. However, the world was also beautiful when new life was born. Tsunade and Jiraiya were given the guardians of this child and were announced the parents of Naruto Senju. Yes, they had to keep the father's name a secret, his enemies would come for him. Most likely try to kill him or kidnap him and making him into their weapon. It was heart-wrenching to know that of Naruto's parents were both dead. The Father of the newborn died before he even knew he was going to be a father. Jiraiya and Tsunade took the newborn Naruto back to their place as they had a baby crib and everything set up for the boy. They knew it was going to be hard and long to raise this boy. If he was going to be anything like his mother, he was going to be an energetic boy.

Time Skip Five Years

A five-year-old Naruto was sitting down on the couch a little confused by his Kaa-san and Tou-san. Naruto knew he was adopted since they told him right away that he was adopted. When he asked his parents who his birth parents. They told him who his mother was, but the father was unknown. They couldn't tell Naruto, but what they did need Naruto to do. Was to start growing up, this world was going to come at him very fast. "Wait, so I have to start training?" Naruto asked.

"Yes Naru-chan, there are many people out there in the world who would want to hurt you. We cannot let that happen. So your Tou-san and I are going to train you're in the ways of chakra. You may not know it, but you have massive reserves in you. Thanks to an ability you were given at birth, you have one and only one Ten-Tailed Demon Fox spirit residing in you Naru-chan. You have to train so you can harness that power". Tsunade tried her best to speak in the simplest terms.

"Sacred gear? What is that?" Naruto asked.

"It's a special weapon that some special people are born with. You so happen to be one of them Naru-chan. We want to make sure you receive the best training so you can survive Naru-chan. We love you very much we don't want things to hurt you". Tsunade smiled as she hugged her boy.

"I understand, but how is learning about those pervy things that Tou-san does help me?" Naruto asked.

Tsunade chuckled, "Don't worry Naru-chan, that's one thing you won't be learning". She ran her hands through his hair as he smiled at her.

"Well! Can we start training then!" Naruto got off her lap smiling and jumping excitedly.

"Sure, we can start!" Tsunade smiled.

Time Skip 5 Years

A ten-year-old Naruto has been training non-stop with his Kaa-san and Tou-san. They trained him in the art of medical ninjutsu, Fuinjutsu, Taijutsu, Genjutsu, and other basic elemental jutsu. They found out he had affinities for all five elements which didn't surprise them. He revealed to have many if not all the Kekkai Genkai that came with the sacred gear. How they knew of what this sacred gear thing was when Kushina and Minato still were dating and trying to get to know one another. Minato and Kushina got on that topic of telling her that he was in the mists of war. He received intel that whomever Kushina's child was going to be the next host for that sacred gear. Little did Minato know that he was going to be the father of Kushina's child. He died within those six weeks before Kushina found out she was pregnant.

Naruto excelled in his Fuinjutsu skills thanks to Jiraiya with hand to hand combat. He learned all Tsunade's healing techniques including her incredible strength to cause earthquakes. Naruto was very powerful and strong, he learned to tap into his sacred gear at the age of six. He learned to use it's power by getting physically stronger. Then his body could handle more of the tails of the Ten-Tailed Demon Fox he learned his name to be Kurama. When Jiraiya passed away when he was 10 caused him to awaken his Sharingan. He learned to use it with Kurama's guidance helping him increase his level in it. Tsunade was heartbroken when Jiraiya passed away while out on a mission. He was killed by a group of fallen angels when he was trying to gather intel. He wanted to make sure they didn't know who Naruto was. He couldn't risk his son to be hunted or rather killed. Tsunade and Naruto stuck close to one another as Tsunade agreed to homeschool Naruto through grade and middle school.

Time Skip 2 Years

Tsunade smiled as a 12-year-old Naruto helped her sit down on her bed for the night. "Thank you Naru-chan for helping me. Me and my old bones just don't move like I used to, even my chakra isn't helping".

"…Kaa-san, don't say such things". Naruto sat her down gently as she smiled.

She was sitting on the edge of her bed, "Naruto I want to tell you something that I should have told you long ago. I know you always wondered what that feeling was in your back… well, tonight is the reason I am going to tell you". Tsunade smiled.

"Kaa-san I don't like where this is going". Naruto had a worried look in his eyes that made it look like he was going to cry.

"Shut up and listen Naru-chan. Come here". She waved him over as he turned his back to her. She applied chakra to the seal and bite her thumb and rubbed the blood over it. The seal broke as Naruto felt a rush of new energy he has never felt before.

"W-What is this?" Naruto asked.

"Naru-chan… this energy your feeling it's the power your Tou-san and I decided to seal away since your chakra would grow along with it. That seal on your back will allow you to have access to your demonic and angelic power". Tsunade smiled at him.

"Wait… angelic… demonic?" Naruto looked at her with worried eyes. Naruto felt the power in his back as four white angel wings came out of his back. He had four devil wings as well since he was already strong.

"Yes, Naruto… due to your mother being half-human and devil… you have demonic energy. You can suppress it like you could with chakra, now for your angelic part… well… your father was none other than Minato Namikaze. He was an angel who worked in heaven under their leader known as Kami-sama". Tsunade saw Naruto's eyes tearing up with confusion. "N-Naruto you will need to train hard to master these powers and don't slack. Many people will come for your head and try to kill you… you're the son by the blood of an angel, devil, and human. That makes you a Nephilim and a Cambion Naruto. A being that should never exist, but don't think it like that. I love you and I am glad you existed… due to that, I got to be a Kaa-san like I always wanted to be. I want you to know not to hate yourself since you were a Nephilim and Cambion. The birth of all Nephilim always ends up with the mother passing away. Nephilim has an extreme amount of strength and power. Now, I know it's a lot… you want to know more. We can discuss this in the morning". Tsunade yawned tiredly.

"Okay Kaa-san, I love you no matter what". Naruto smiled. Inside he was so confused and shocked. He couldn't believe all this, there was so much for him to think about. He just hopes more can be answered in the morning.

"I love you too Naru-chan! Remember what I taught you as well?" Tsunade asked.

Naruto replied, "Those who break the rules are scum, but those who break the rules and abandon their comrades are worse than scum. The other was to protect the people who are precious to you. If you do that, then you can become truly powerful".

"Yes… good boy Naru-chan… can I hear your motto again?" Tsunade smiled.

Naruto hesitated and had a small tint of pink on his cheeks, "I promise Kaa-san I will follow what you taught me! I always keep my promises, because that's my Nindo!" Naruto gave out a laugh that made Tsunade's ears ring in happiness.

"Goodnight Naru-chan I love you". Tsunade laid down feeling her body beginning to slow.

"Goodnight Kaa-san I love you". Naruto placed a kiss on her forehead and folded his wings into his back and went to bed in his room.

Next Morning (Not a bit rap fan, but I like this song since it's perfect. Changes by XXXTENACION-?).

Naruto went downstairs as he began to prepare breakfast for himself and his mother. He made eggs, bacon, two sides of small ramen, hash browns, waffles, pancakes, and biscuits and gravy. He smiled as the table was set up, he went down the hall to visit his mother. He walked into the room to find her sleeping peacefully… but it looked too peacefully… as if she wasn't moving… or breathing. Naruto shot from his spot as he ran over to Tsunade in tears, "Kaa-san! Kaa-san! Kaa-san! Breakfast is ready. I'm starving can we go eat!?" Naruto had more tears rushing down his face. He put his fingers on her throat and felt for a pulse. He began to cry harder praying that his Kaa-san was alive.

He kept waiting and waiting until minutes to hours passed. He cried and wept for the loss of his Kaa-san. He had so many more questions for her, he wanted to learn so much more from her. He also wanted her to be there with him when he figured these things out. Naruto cried on the floor on his hands and knees. Kurama on the inside left Naruto alone letting his emotions out. After a while or more crying Naruto regretfully called the police. He told them that his Kaa-san passed away in her sleep in the middle of the night.

Naruto hung the phone up and thought, "Who is supposed to take care of me now? What do I do…? I-I don't know what to do anymore". Naruto cried a bit more as he felt his eyes begin to hurt. His eyes spun into a flower petal pattern; his eyes bled down the side of his face. He ignored it and kept weeping until the officers came. They came in with people who took Tsunade's body away with Naruto giving her one last goodbye. He placed a bottle of Sake in her hand as they took her away. The cops asked him if he was going to be alone. He told them yes since they knew Jiraiya they agreed he can live alone if he attended a school. So, Naruto agreed and joined a school called Kuoh which was only ten minutes away. He would be starting as a middle schooler.

Naruto wanted to shut himself in and be left alone. However, that one person that kept him from going down this route was Kurama. He told Naruto, 'Your Kaa-san wouldn't want you to do that, now would she? She would want you to live your life and be happy, make friends, get a girlfriend and get laid'. Okay, maybe it was all Kurama talking there. Naruto agreed to what Kurama said and decided to make his life the way they wanted him to live it.

Next Day

It was the next day for his mother's funeral. People who were either saved or people who knew her came to the funeral. They said their condolences and asked if he needed help or anything. He said no politely and said he would manage. After all his Tou-san was a major pervert and wrote those Icha-Icha books that became famous. That's where all their money came from, Naruto had plenty in the bank. Naruto decided to take it up to make sure money kept coming in for the future. Naruto was the last one who stayed at the grave of Tsunade and stood there. He sat down near the headstone and unsealed a sake cup and bottle. He put some in the cup and said, "To you Ero-Tou-san… Kaa-san… I love you both I promise to keep living on for you! I PROMISE TO MAKE YOU PROUD OF THE MAN I WILL BECOME! I-I WILL MISS YOU BOTH AND I LOVE YOU BOTH! SO! PLEASE WATCH OVER ME!" Naruto shouted as he took the sake down in a single gulp. He curled his lips at the taste, and he felt his throat burn. He poured some sake from the bottle on Jiraiya's headstone. He then took the bottle and gulped a little bit more down like his Kaa-san would. Naruto wiped the sake away from his lips, but still feeling the burn in his throat. He poured the rest on her headstone, "Rest in peace Kaa-san… Tou-san I hope you guys are back together. I know you loved the pervert Kaa-san. For now, I will say goodbye, but I promise to visit every week". Naruto turned around sealing everything back up and walked away with tears flowing down his face.

Naruto walked back to his house and put his shoes on the mat at the entrance of the house. He walked towards Kaa-san's bedroom as he looked at the empty room. He went inside as he looked around and found a note. He read it as follows,

Dear Naru-chan,

If you are reading this, then that means I have passed away in my sleep the night I told you of your heritage. I want you to know that your birth parents loved you no matter what or who you were. I love you and so did that pervert of a father of yours. I want to let you know that you will grow up to be a great and loving man. Please keep living even if we're gone, be your own man and find something you can call precious to you. Fine that and hold onto that and never let go. Follow those mottos I taught you about and follow the motto you declare, '…

Naruto began to read the phrase he always lives by as he read the note, "I will never break my promise, that is my Nindo way".

that is my Nindo Way'. I love you Naruto, everything else you want to know. You will under my bed. Kurama is your reading this, take care of my baby boy and train him. I leave all our possessions, money, everything to you Naruto. Live a life full of adventure, love, friendship, and kindness. I will forever be in your heart and be watching over you. XOXOXO

Love, Kaa-san

Tsunade Senju

Naruto had tears running down his face, he wiped his tears and regain his composure. He went and found a seal on the leg of the bed. He opened it as a box appeared and Naruto took it out. He opened it to find baby pictures of himself with his Kaa-san and Tou-san. He smiled, but then he found a picture of his biological Tou-san Minato. Naruto was shocked by how much he looked like him. He did have whiskers that made different from him, Naruto saw a picture of his biological mother. He smiled as he ran his finger over her head and her hair. His finger trailed around her body, "Wow… she was so beautiful". Naruto had a smile appear on his face. He went through the box to find the will. He put it to the side and found Jiraiya's original copies of his Icha-Icha books.

Naruto then found a letter for the Kuoh academy asking it to be delivered to a man name Sirzechs Gremory. Naruto remembered Kaa-san talking about him as she saved one of his friends one time. Since Naruto has been homeschooled it was a favor that Tsunade was going to ask for Sirzechs. Naruto let a sigh out as he didn't want to attend school. He sat there and decided that instead of attending school, he was going to travel the world. He would write the Icha-Icha book and do his studies abroad.

Next Day

Naruto had all his things gathered; he didn't take too much. He made sure he had kunai, wallet with credit cards, cash, clothes stored in seals. He closed the house and placed seals over it to keep people out. He walked towards the bank to hand them the will from Tsunade. So, he could then access their bank accounts. He went in and talked to them, all he had to do was give them a book that his Tou-san signed for his fan. They were more than happy to put the bank accounts under his name. Naruto walked out sighing, "Perverts… I swear they are too naïve and easy to persuade with smut". Naruto made his way towards the school to find this Sirzechs guy.

Naruto made his way towards the school as he looked around. He saw a handsome man who seems to be in his early 20's. He has shoulder-length crimson red hair and blue-green eyes. He walked over to the man, he turned his head and smiled at the young boy. He already knew who this child was, he and Tsunade kept close tabs on his friend to make sure she was alright. "Hello Mr., do you know where I can find Sirzechs Gremory? I need to see him as I have favor from Tsunade Senju".

The man smiled, "Well you're in luck, I am Sirzechs Gremory". He smiled.

"Great, Gremory-san I was hoping to join the Kuoh school. However, I was hoping to test out of the grades and attend when I become a first-year in high school". Naruto looked up at him.

"I mean… you can if you want. Might I ask what you are going to do? I heard your Kaa-san has passed away. I am deeply sorry for your loss. What do you intend to do?" Sirzechs asked curiously, he was hoping to try to get Naruto to join Rias's peerage.

"I intend on keeping a promise I kept to my Kaa-san. I also have a lot to think about and learn, I want to see the world". Naruto smiled looking up at Sirzechs.

He nodded his head, "Grayfia, please take Naruto to the testing room. He will have two hours to complete the exam. If he scores higher than 90%, I say he can skip the grades until he is the age for being a 1st year".

"As you wish Sirzechs-sama". She bowed as she escorted Naruto to the testing room.

Naruto was a bit confused by her wearing a maid outfit, guess he must be from a prestigious family. Naruto didn't even know the half of it. Naruto went towards the room as Grayfia handed him some pencils and the test. She started his timer as he went to work.

Sirzechs sighed as he sat in his office, he was hoping to get his little sister and Naruto acquainted so he could fix the errors he made. Even though Naruto suppressed his power. Sirzechs could feel the power coming off Naruto, but he didn't know how powerful he was. Sirzechs waited as his queen came walking in thirty minutes later, "He is done". She replied.

"Already? That's impossible, for someone like him it should at least take an hour". Sirzechs was shocked.

"Yes, I checked over it twice and found no errors. He scored a perfect 100% on the test which allows him to skip to almost 2nd year if he wanted to". Grayfia handed the test to Sirzechs.

"Wow, that's impressive I think he would give Sona and Rias a run for their money". Sirzechs was looking over the work Naruto did. "Impressive I wonder what his IQ is".

"I have no doubt the boy is very smart, but I can't help but feel strange energy coming from him". Grayfia spoke in her plain tone.

"I see well, tell him that he passed, and he can attend when he is a 1st year". Sirzechs was very impressed by Naruto's intelligence. It made him wonder just how strong he would also become in a few years as well.

Soon Grayfia went to fetch Naruto and brought him to Sirzechs, "Hello Naruto, I would like to be the first to congratulate you. You passed with a perfect score; you may do as you wish until your 1st year as a high schooler. We will see you in three years then". He smiled.

"Thank you, Gremory-san, then you too miss. I will be off then and leave you be". Naruto gave a slight bow and left through the door.

When Naruto left Grayfia slapped Sirzechs across the face, "Owww! What was that for!" He whined.

"That was for trying to give him the wrong test. I know you were trying to get him to join your sister's peerage to fix the problem you made". Grayfia said in a cold tone. Sirzechs let a chuckle out as he scratched his chin with his finger.

Naruto walked out as he made his way towards the airport. Naruto contacted his Tou-sans publisher and told him that he was going to pick up where Jiraiya left off. They talked about the conditions and everything was kept the same. Naruto said he would make sure to produce content to bring in plenty of money. Naruto bought an MSI laptop from the store to create the stories. Naruto got ready as he made his way towards the airport. He was going to make sure he trained and traveled the world. Naruto wanted to make the most of it and enjoy some of it. The first place he wanted to visit, United States.

Time Skip Three Years

Naruto was on his flight on the way back to Japan. He was sighing as he sat in the plane with about an hour left. He had his iPhone X in his hand with his wireless orange and black beats in his ears. He was listening to Carry on My Wayward Son by Kansas with Metallica and Guns N Roses to follow. He was sitting in first class with his laptop out and working on the new book for the Icha-Icha book. He already has written many others which became a big hit around the world. It was translated from Japanese, English, German, Chinese, Korean, French, Spanish, and many others. One of his biggest hits being Icha-Icha: Beautiful Violence.

Naruto was writing as the first-class flight attendance smiled as they looked at him. Naruto was 6'1 with his hair framing his face. His hair was yellow with hair giving him a wild look. On his cheeks, he had three whisker marks. He was only 16, but a lot of people mistaken him for being eighteen or twenty. Naruto smiled as the flight attendant had to be about twenty.

An hour passes as the land and Naruto was walking out with a bookbag. He walked through customs and was picked up by taxi and was took back to his old him. He couldn't believe he was going back home. He has been back home to see his parents at least three to four times a year. Now that he was back for school, he would be attending for his 1st year of high school. He arrived at his old house as he deactivated the seals. "Huh, how is it being back home after all this time?"Kurama asked Naruto.

Naruto let a sigh out, "Nice… also still a bit saddening". Naruto walked inside as he finds the place a bit dusty, but everything the way it was before. He made a bunch of clones and they began to clean the house. Naruto went up to his room and began to unpack and put his clothes back. Naruto knew he had school the next day. He walked outside as he went to buy food from the store. He found a package at the base of his steps with a weird crest on it, but it did say Kuoh. He picked it up and took it inside and opened it. It was his Kuoh Blazer, somehow it was the right size which Naruto found a bit odd and creepy. He shook his head and decided to question it later.

Naruto put it inside as he saw his clones finish cleaning up the house. He left and went to go shopping and made his way towards the store. He went inside and bought some food and ingredients to make Ramen. He also bought some instant ramen; he made a clone to run its way back home. Naruto then decided to walk around and see the town. He made his way towards a book and media store. He made his way inside to find rows of discs and anime shows. He found a bunch of manga that involved some of the animes he did like. He wasn't an Otaku or anything, but he did like the Dragon Ball series along with Fairy Tail and One Piece.

He heard a bunch of giggling then a shout from the other aisle, "OH MY GOD YES! THE NEW ICHA-ICHA: BEAUTIFUL VIOLENCE!" Naruto turned his head to see a boy with brown hair with stars in his eyes. "I SO WISH I COULD MEET THE AUTHOR ERO-SENNIN!" He was smiling with stars in his eyes. His friends were all smiling perversely as well.

He shook his head letting a giggle out if Jiraiya would have met them. He would have taken them under his wing. Then they could be considered the Ero-Sannin. The Legendary Three Pervy Sages. Naruto turned the corner as he made his way to purchase the new manga for the Wise Man's Grandchild. He suddenly bumped into someone as she fell to the ground. Naruto knelt quickly, "I'm sorry!" Naruto began to help her collect her things. He picked up a few manga books and then he picked up one of the Icha-Icha books.

The person in front of him hat fell off and the glasses to slip down her face. She looked at Naruto in shock, "Uhhhhh!" She was blushing in embarrassment as she quickly pushed her glasses back up and put her hat back on, "I'm sorry, thank you for helping me". She quickly took the things from Naruto and went to the counter to buy her things.

Naruto shook his head letting a chuckle out as he let it go. He didn't make too much of it, but what caught his main attention was her beautiful red hair and blue-green eyes. He waited for his turn and bough the manga and left. He made his way back home so he could go to bed early and sleep. He didn't feel like being late for school on the first day. He went home and his thoughts trailed back to the girl he saw earlier. The red hair and blue-green eyes reminded him of Sirzechs. Maybe she was related to him? Younger sister maybe? Naruto shrugged his shoulders and arrive home. He walked in to hear nothing in the house. It made him a bit depressed, he was expecting to hear his Kaa-san calling for him. He let a sigh out and went to bed, he figured he should start training again tomorrow as well.

He was laying in bed as Kurama asked, "So, how is it? Being back home and everything?" Kurama asked.

"Ehhhh, bit weird and having to start school…seems annoying". Naruto looked up at the ceiling.

"What will you be doing now? I mean what is there more for you to do?" Kurama asked.

"I don't know… what else is there for me to do. I never found that person I can consider important to me". Naruto laid there still annoyed.
"Well, I have a feeling that things are going to get interesting at this school. Granted you have been traveling for the last three years. I hope you haven't gotten rusty on your social skills". Kurama scoffed at Naruto.

"Keep talking furball I've been talking to you, I'm just glad I haven't gone insane". Naruto smirked back.

"Then again… you are talking to a furball that inside of you that no one can hear unless I let them hear me". Kurama smirked.

Naruto flinched and grunted, "Stupid fox". Naruto turned over to go to bed.

Next Morning

Naruto was wearing his Kuoh blazer which he didn't mind too much. However, it did lack one thing… which was orange. So, Naruto oh a black shirt with an orange Uzumaki swirl in the middle. He had the Kuoh blazer jacket with pants and the Kuoh shoes. He had his backpack slung over his back with his hand supporting it. Naruto didn't want to attend school, but it was going to keep the cops off his back about not going.

Naruto made his way towards the entrance as he stood out from the crowd. He was a 6'1 blonde boy with sky blue eyes and whisker marks on his face. He began to sigh heavier when the girls began to scream and squeal like fangirls. His Kaa-san warned him about fangirls and how they would throw themselves at him. He made his way inside and looked around trying to find his class, but he ended up getting lost as he didn't know where he was. He was confused as he scratched his head, "Where the hell do, I go?" Naruto began walking around again, but he found his room which was class 3-B. He knocked on the door, "I'm sorry I'm late I got lost!" Naruto smiled while rubbing the back of his head.

"Oh okay, then… you must be Naruto Senju?" He asked.

"Yes, that's me". Naruto decided that he was strong enough to start using his father's and mother's name. Plus, it was a small town, not like anything major will happen.

… Right?

"Ahhh… what do you prefer?" The teacher asked.

"Just call me Naruto I don't care too much for honorifics". Naruto smiled.

"I see, wait for my call". The teacher walked back inside, "ALRIGHT EVERYONE! We have our new student who has been part of your graduating class since middle school". The teacher smiled, he was so proud and happy to have Naruto Senju in his class. He was someone who could rival Rias Gremory and Sona Sitri in their academics. "You see this young man was supposed to join you guys back in middle school. However, he took a mock test and allowed himself to skip up to high school. So, he didn't have to attend school for three years. Now he is attending high school, I would like to introduce you to Naruto Senju". The teacher smiled as Naruto came walking in.

He had his hand holding his bag and he picked his right hand up, "Hello, it's nice to meet you all. My name is Naruto Senju like sensei said. Please just call me Naruto". Naruto gave everyone a polite bow.

The girls began to whisper about how cute he looked. Others began to eye him while they stared at his physic. Naruto was tall and well-toned in his chest and arms. Naruto was strong physically which affected his appearance which made everyone blush. They eyed Naruto like predators looking for their prey. Naruto noticed this while he groaned internally. He heard the boys cursing him and hoping for the blonde to die. Especially the perverted trio in the class, "If I die, that means no more Icha-Icha". He laughed at their pain of them hearing that the author of Icha-Icha dying, "Please sit to the right of Issei please". The teacher asked nicely. Naruto walked over and sat down as he was stared by a bunch of the boys. He could feel their itty-bitty killing intent. Naruto focused his Ki on the boys causing them to fall limp and non-responsive. No one knew what happened, Naruto did it so discretely.

When lunchtime came Naruto walked towards the cafeteria as he let a sigh out. What he was learning was super boring. His Kaa-san's lessons were way harder, and she was relentless with homework for Naruto. This to him, it was like slapping him on the wrist with homework and saying, 'go do it'. He went to the lunch line as he heard staring and girls squealing. He looked up to see two people walking to the line. There was a beautiful young woman with white skin, blue-green eyes. Her most distinctive feature is her long, beautiful crimson hair which caught Naruto's eye as it reminded him of his birth mother. Her hair reaches down to her thighs with a single hair strand, known as an ahoge, sticking out from the top of her head. Her hair also has loose bangs covering her forehead and side bangs framing her face.

Next to her was a girl a beautiful young woman with a voluptuous figure, very long black hair and violet eyes. Her hair is usually tied in a long ponytail, reaching down to her legs with two strands sticking out from the top and sloping backward, with an orange ribbon keeping it in place. Naruto heard from the students they were the great Onee-samas of the school. Naruto felt kinda bad for them, the girl's fangirling over them. That isn't bad, but the looks that they get from the boys. They look at the two like they were pieces of meat that can be used to satisfy their lust. Then Naruto notices their strength, they didn't seem like regular human beings. He felt their demonic power coming off them. He then came to realize that they were devils, Akeno's energy seemed a bit different, but was still demonic.

Naruto shook his head feeling bad for the girls. He let them be as he turned his attention to the line as he got five bowls of ramen that he was hoping was good. He went to sit down not noticing the looks that the two Onee-samas were giving Naruto. Rias looked at Akeno, "Can you feel his energy?" Rias whispered to Akeno.

Akeno was just as surprised by it, "I'm sensing a demonic with something else… he strong".

"Should we be worried or what?" Rias asked.

"Why don't we go over and see him. Talk to him, I heard the new student who passed a mock test that allowed him to skip grades. He started traveling around the world three years ago. I think got a 100 on it if I remember correctly". Akeno was trying to make sure her assumptions were right.

Naruto was eating his ramen as he scarfed down three bowls until he heard a voice behind him. "Hello there, Naruto Senju, right?" Rias asked.

"I am Akeno Himejima". Akeno gave Naruto a polite bow as the elegance gave her a natural glow.

"My name is Rias Gremory president of the occult research club". She smiled sticking her hand out to shake Naruto's hand.
Naruto smiled as he accepted her kind gesture, "Yeah likewise! Nice to meet you too! I'm… just a student of Kuoh". He smiled.

"Well do you mind if we sit with you?" Rias smiled as she looked at Naruto's eyes. His eyes didn't waver in at the sight of her beauty. He kept looking at her keeping his head up and looking at her face. Instead of being distracted and succumbing to the male's desires. It hit her; he was staring at her eyes. She was making eye contact with Naruto's eyes. He wasn't looking at the two of them like they were pieces of meat. He didn't have that look in his eyes that made them feel that they were better than him. He had equal respect for them and the way he carried himself.

So, the three began to talk about school and just about life in general. They talked about their likes and dislikes. "Well, I liked my family of course… for my dislikes are the three minutes it takes to cook instant ramen. Then the regular time it takes to make regular ramen. For hobbies… I like training… studying can be fun when it's something new. For dreams… well, I do have one in mind".

"Well, that's wonderful Senju-san! I like school, my friends and family. For hobbies would be out Occult Research Club. I like a few other things as well. Dislikes are quite a few things, people who hurt my friend or family. People who don't respect woman for what we're worth. Then a certain someone who I hate". Rias smiled.

Akeno giggled, "I like my friends and our Bucho… a lot of other things dislike… well, I don't have many accept those who hurt my family. Hobbies… I got a lot~. Then dreams I have many~". Akeno licked her lips eyeing Naruto which made him have shivers run up his back.

"There is something I want to confirm, you seriously scored a 100% on the mock test to allow you to skip!" Rias looked at him.

"Yeah, I guess I did, but you know that was then. I got to travel; I was just traveling the world". Naruto smiled.

"What were you looking for?" Rias asked. Akeno was quiet as she smiled.
"Well… how do I say… I was trying to keep a promise to my Kaa-san. She wanted me to find special people or person. Try to find something that I consider precious to me. So far… I haven't had any luck. I've just been traveling around and trying to get stronger". Naruto smiled.

"Stronger? For what?" Rias asked.

Naruto realized what he said, "I-I mean like you know martial arts. I'm into that type of stuff, so I went around trying to get stronger".

"Oh, that's interesting, well I'm surprised your family let you do something like that. Why did they let you go around the world?" Rias asked.

"Oh". Naruto's eyes saddened as Rias realized she may have touched a touchy subject.

"Oh! I'm sorry I didn't mean to bring up old wounds". Rias said upset.

"No, it's okay… my birth parents. I never got to meet them. My mother passed away giving birth to me and my father died weeks before my mom figured out, she was pregnant. So, family friends took care of me. My adopted parents Kaa-san and Tou-san, but… they passed away when I was little". Naruto smiled as he tried to push the memories to the back of his head. "Besides you couldn't have known". Naruto smiled.

Rias and Akeno gave him back a small smile, "It's been nice getting to know you Naruto. I was thinking… would you want to join us at the ORC tonight?" Rias asked.

Naruto knew there was another reason why she wanted him there. He knew she was a devil; he wasn't going to be easy to get away, "Yeah sure I'd be glad to join you guys Dattebayo!" Naruto smiled.

"Dattebayo?" Rias and Akeno giggled. Naruto was trying to be himself, but when she asked him to join. He kept himself from getting upset. He knew they were devils, but he didn't want to get into their businesses. Another big issue was Naruto didn't know what devils did. He didn't know what her true reason was for asking him to join her. Even Kurama didn't know all the details even he was a devil. He was a devil from the very beginning, and he stays reclusive from the other devils. The others around them were listening in with the girls sighing. They wanted to see if they could get together with Naruto. Naruto was a bit nervous due to all the guys glaring at him wanting to kill him. Many of the girls were upset.

"Well, we will see you later Senju-san!" Rias and Akeno stood up, "It was a pleasure to meet you". Rias smiled.

"It was great to meet you Senju-san". Akeno bowed.

Naruto waved his hand to tell them to stop, "Just Naruto is fine, I don't like the honorifics". Naruto smiled at them giving them his foxy grin.

Naruto went back to class with Issei and the other two perverts Matsuda and Motohama. Issei ran up to Naruto, "Senju-sama! Please teach us how you get the girls! PLEASE TEACH US!" Issei went on his hands and knees. So did the other two making Naruto extremely uncomfortable.

"Uhhh, how about you start acting like normal men and not like pervs. That is for starters". Naruto began to scoot away. He escaped and made his way towards class thinking to himself, "Was that a good idea Kurama? I feel like it wasn't smart to agree to join them".

"Well kit let's be honest, you know that I know that they sensed your power. Even if you tried to hide it, they could feel the angelic power coming off you. You're a Nephilim and a Cambion for peak sake! All I can say is be wary of them. It's a high possibility they will try to make you join her, however, what is weird. I can sense her demonic residing in that other girl Akeno. I can sense of a bit of her energy in some of the other people in the school as well". Kurama was trying to figure out what the thing could be.

Naruto was back in his classroom as he looked around. He sat back down as the perverted trio came walking back in. They went to sit down as their day continued as per usual. When the bell finally rang, and Naruto got to leave. A handsome young man with short blond hair, blue eyes came walking in. The girls in the class screamed for Kiba-senpai. Naruto felt the same energy coming off him just like he did from Rias and the others. Kiba walked over to Naruto, "Are you Senju-san? I was told by Rias to come to guide you to our club room". Kiba smiled.

"Oh, Uhm yeah, I'm Naruto. Please just call me Naruto". Naruto stood up and extended his hand. Kiba smiled as he accepted his kind gesture as the two walked out. The girls squealed as they watched the two walked out. While they were walking Naruto decided to make some small talk, "Soooo those girls back there, seem to be a bit of a pain sometimes eh?" Naruto asked.

Kiba let a sigh out relief out, "Yeah, you have no idea sometimes. It's hard when then keep calling you the prince of Kuoh. Seems you know what I'm going through".

"Tell me about it, the girls have been doing nothing but talking about me and comparing me to you". Naruto scrunched his face, "Then many other things too about us".

"What do you mean us?" Kiba asked.

"Us… you know… being a thing". Naruto scrunched his face and so did Kiba, "No offense if you do swing that way! I don't!" Naruto wanted to make sure he didn't offend him.

Kiba shook his head chuckling, Naruto was an interesting person. Funny and easy to talk to, "Don't worry about that I don't either. I hope we can become goo friends Naruto-san". Kiba smiled. Soon the two came to the building and arrived at the giant front doors. "Here we are Naruto; this is the ORC". Kiba smiled as he opened the doors.

He opened the door to find an area a bit dark. He saw Akeno at the table pouring tea with a small petite girl who had white hair and golden eyes. Naruto and the little girl looked at one another as the girl tilted her head looking at Naruto curiously. She could feel the chakra being strong within Naruto, even stronger than hers and her sister Kuroka. She sensed that he could use senjutsu chakra as well. She wondered how he didn't go mad with the power. Soon Rias came walking in drying her hair, "I'm sorry about that. I wanted to freshen up a bit. Anyways welcome to the ORC room. You already know who Akeno, Kiba and I are. This is our final member Koneko, she is a year under you so she will be attending Kuoh High School next year. Naruto you must know who we are". Rias raised an eyebrow as Kiba went and walked over towards Rias.

Rias stood there with Akeno on her left, Kiba next to Rias on her right. Then Koneko on Akeno's left as their wings popped out of their backs. Rias smiled, "I am Rias Gremory I belong to one of the 72 pillars of the underworld. I am the nest Heiress to the Gremory clan. These are my dear servants, but they are my family".

"Servants… what do you mean by that?" Naruto asked.

"Well easy, I am their king. Our devil kind were dying out, so we used a system called the evil pieces. We typically gather people who we want to reincarnate as our servants into devils. I am their King, Akeno my queen, Koneko a rook, and Kiba my night. I still have a knight, another rook, two bishops, and eight pawns to chose from. I wanted to bring you here to offer you a position in my peerage. However, before I can even officially off you a position. Who and what exactly are you?" Rias asked.

"What do you mean by that?" Naruto asked.

"Well, what are you, we keep sensing your demonic energy from you. We can tell you're a devil, but we sense something else. Who exactly were your parents?" Rias asked.

"Why should I tell you?" Naruto asked with his tone a bit more on the defensive side.

"You're in my territory, this area belongs under my rule. I am the devil that controls this area. When there are enemies that I am unaware of, I won't let them have free roamed of my area. It would make me look weak". Rias stammered sensing Naruto's defensiveness was put up.

Naruto was tensed up, but he didn't want to leave the area where he grew up in either. He figured them finding out a few things wouldn't hurt, "Can you keep a secret then? It's important as I want very few people to know of my existence. Otherwise, I could be a target for your factions".

"Fine, what is said in here nothing is said outside of this room." Rias stated.

Naruto started with, "My parents who took care of me were Tsunade Senju and her partner and lover Jiraiya. They were both Chakra users, Jiraiya who was like a father to me. He was a senjutsu and Fūinjutsu specialist. He was my Tou-san and my Kaa-san was Tsunade Senju, I use her last name to cover up my other two last names. She also used chakra for healing purposes and to use genjutsu as well. She was also super strong and could cause earthquakes to shake an island or sink it". Naruto looked at them.

They were already shocked to hear that he was a chakra user. However, Koneko was the one who picked up and was very interested in Naruto. They thought that most chakra practices were lost and gone, but few humans still practiced it. "Then my actual biological parents… I still don't know if I can trust you. I must keep that a secret, but I will show you this". Naruto's summoned his wings as six black devil wings came out of his back.

The group in the ORC felt the immense power that Naruto was showing the. Naruto was a devil already they wondered where his origins came from. However, they did not know Naruto was no doubt a human, but he was a Nephilim and a Cambion. The hybrid of both breeds that created Naruto. A Cambion is a hybrid between devils and a human. A human and angel hybrid was a Nephilim. A combination that shouldn't exist a being that held far too much power than anyone could imagine. That very being was Naruto Senju, that was the name he went with. His real name was Naruto Uzumaki/Namikaze/Senju. He used his recent Kaa-san's last name to hide. So, no one knew who he was until he strong enough to protect himself. He figured by keeping it a secret he protects himself and everyone around him much longer.

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