Living the Dream

Naruto could only let a sigh out as he was looking out the window. He stood up from his desk and walked towards the window. He was living in a nice house in the human world. It was a large house that housed all his wives. Yes, I said wives, that means he has a harem. Though he doesn't like to call it that, well his wives don't mind calling it that. His wives like to poke fun at him not wanting to call it that.

He went to sit back in his chair, but just then he heard running footsteps as four people came running into his office. Well, more specifically four small kids came running into his office. Naruto turned his head around and chuckled as his children came running in, "TOU-CHAN!" They all shouted as they came running into his office.

Naruto turned around and smiled as he opened his arms and scooped them up, "Hey! Hey! My little devil princesses!" Naruto quickly picked his children up and laughed holding them in his arms. Naruto gave them all a kiss on their forehead and got a good look at his children, "Well, well, well how are my little princesses doing!?" Naruto let a smile out as he looked at his children. The first girl he was looking at, she had red crimson hair and green/blue eyes. This was Bayli, the daughter of Naruto and Rias. (A/N: If you guys didn't know but Rias's name originate from Rias' name is derived from the Pokémon Garchomp (Japanese: ガブリアスGaburias. Baylie is Bayleaf from Pokémon as well). Naruto looked at his little girl next to Baylie, she was Eri, the daughter of Naruto and Grayfia. This little girl had his mother's red eyes and silky white hair. (A/N: Eri all the fucking way, she was adorable I love her from My Hero! Goddammit! WHEN SHE SMILED MY GOD! THE FUCKING FEELS BRO! THE FEELS! It's not pedophilia, because we can all agree that Eri is fricken cute and adorable in My Hero. She went through so much shit that she deserves much love from the fans) Next to Eri was, Tsuki, and she was the daughter of again Naruto, but also the daughter of Akeno. She had silky black hair with heterochromia eyes. One is sky blue like Naruto's while the other is violet purple like her mothers. (A/N: Akeno's name means Sun depending on how you use it. So, Tsuki means Moon). Next to Tsuki was, Tomomi, the daughter of Naruto and Sona. (A/N: Sona's name means intellect and wisdom. From Japanese (tomo) meaning "wisdom, intellect" or (tomo) meaning "friend" combined with (mi) meaning "beautiful" or (mi) meaning "fruit, good result, truth". Other kanji combinations can also form this name).

He looked at his girls, "What are my cute little princesses doing in here?" Naruto chuckled as he nuzzles his cheek up against their soft skin. His little girls all giggled in his arms as he played with them. Naruto took his little girls and flew around the room with his wings out. His daughter's eyes sparkled looking at all his wings.

"Tou-chan! Tou-chan! Can I touch your wings!" Eri asked clapping her hands excitedly. Naruto gently landed and set his girls on the ground. He smiled as he sat down and turned his back to them. He had his wings out, his twelve Devil wings, and his twelve angel wings. Tomomi walked over and sat in Naruto's lap wanting to continue cuddling with her father. Tsuki hugged her father's side while touching his angel wings. Eri was on Naruto's back with her little arms hanging onto his back. Baylie came to Naruto's left side hugging him while she touched his wings as well. Soon Grayfia came walking in with, Rias, Akeno, and Sona. They all let out small giggles watching their husband playing with their children.

Naruto turned his head with a small sweat drop on his head, "Oh! Hey girls! What's up?!" Naruto chuckled as he stood up balancing his four-year-old girls on his limbs. The girls giggled and laughed as they got to cling on their father. Trying to stay on him was a lot of fun. Naruto smiled rubbing the back of his head.

Rias shook her head, "After the four Maous declared you to be the next Devil King in general. To think that you were still this childish is funny." Rias kiss the lips of her husband while his little girls continued to cling to him all thought it was cute.

Akeno giggled, "Well he is Naruto after all, what could you possibly expect?"

"Hey, I know I can be mature when I need to! But I need to be a child for my little girls!" Naruto retorted back offended by his wives' attack on him. Akeno could only help but snicker and laugh at Naruto.

Grayfia shook her head, "Naruto you have duties as the main Devil King and the next Leader of Heaven. I need you to be serious". Grayfia was then attacked by all the girls who flew over to her; clinging onto Grayfia.

Grayfia opened her eyes and could only sigh in defeat. The girls were all clinging onto her were quivering their lips. Naruto was also on the ground clinging onto Grayfia's frill of her maid outfit, "Common Fia-chan, I want to be able to goof around and spend time with my little girls!"

Grayfia could only roll her eyes and let another sigh of defeat, *Sigh* "Fine but you can't slack off on your duties, as your wife and your maid. I must make sure you do your job!"

Sona rolled her eyes, "Grayfia, I think we can lighten up on Naruto. I mean he did bring all factions to true peace. I mean, what is there going to really happen."

Soon another woman came walking into the room. A young woman with a voluptuous figure and very long blonde hair with matching eyes. She is a woman with delicate facial features and her eyebrows are cut very short and round a symbol of nobility. Her hair is usually tied in a loose ponytail, reaching all the way down to her legs that end in a spiral, with taut bandages to keep it in place. She was wearing a traditional shrine maiden attire, and over that, she wore a white coat held closed by a red ribbon and a golden crown.

"Oh! Yasa-chan! How are you doing?" Naruto smiled as he stood up and walked over kissing her.

Yasaka held her husband close while kissing him. She gently pulled away, "Well I've been really good, I finally got a break now from watching over Kyoto."

"TOU-CHAN!" A girl shouted from the side. She came running up to Naruto and jumped into his arms. Naruto turned his head to see his adopted daughter running to hug him.

Naruto opened his arms once again as he brought the girl into a hug and hugged her close, "How are you doing Kunou-chan? You been behaving for your Kaa-chan?" He asked while he held her in his arms. He pulled his head back and pressed his forehead against his eight-year-old girl's head. Kunou is a young girl with the appearance of a middle school student. She has golden, blonde hair tied in a ponytail and matching eyes. She also has nine golden foxtails and matching ears.

"Yes, I have been Tou-chan! I've also been taking care of Gorudo-kun too!" Kunou turned her as a four-year-old boy came walking up.

Naruto gently let Kunou down as he knelt down to Naruto's first son. Naruto chuckled, "What are you doing Goru? Come give your old man a hug!" Goru was the spitting image of Naruto, the only difference is his golden eyes from his mother. He also had nine swaying tails behind him.

Gorudo smiled, "Yes, Tou-san I have been. I've also been getting stronger too, just like you said. I need to protect Nee-san and Kaa-chan."

Naruto rubbed his head, "That's my boy, keep it up Gorudo now that we have time to spend together. I'm going to take a break!"

"OH NO YOU DON'T!" Grayfia pressed her pointer finger up against Naruto's mouth. Naruto dropped his shoulders and hung his head in defeat, "You have responsibilities! You're the main Devil King now! You're needed by everyone, and your also helping Michael-sama run heaven! You can't slack off! You get a break when your done with your work!" Grayfia pointed her finger at the desk where the pile of papers appeared.

Naruto swallowed, "I-I could do it later or maybe I could leave a shadow clone to do it?" Naruto made a clone appear.

The clone knew what his boss wanted, "What? You summoned me to do work! Heck no!" He disappeared in a puff of smoke.

"Hold up! What the heck I'm supposed to say when you disperse! I UGHHH! ARRRGGG!" Naruto began crying as Grayfia pulled him by his ear and sat him back down in his chair.

"Quit acting like a baby! I didn't marry a baby; I married a man! When they offered you the position you took it! That's your fault!" Grayfia scolded her husband.

"I guess some things never changed." Rias chuckled as she picked up Baylie, "Common girls we should leave Tou-san so he can get to work. Common Eri." Rias grabbed Eri's hand as Akeno picked up Tsuki, Sona picked up Tomomi, and Yasaka took Gorudo and Kunou.

Naruto watched as his girls left, "Wait what about Gabriel?" Naruto raised an eyebrow.

"Ah Gabriel, she is right now in heaven helping Michael right now. Your daughter Mary is with Gabriel learning things about heaven." Grayfia said as she stood there watching Naruto do his work.

Naruto looked at Grayfia again, "What about Kuroka-chan? I haven't seen her in a day or two. Where is she?" Naruto asked.

"Well, Kuroka is currently taking care of a stray devil in the area. She is taking your daughter Yui with her." Grayfia said with a little worry in her voice. (A/N: Yui is from SAO)

"W-why? Why would she? I-I don't understand her sometimes. I just hope she makes sure that Yui-chan is alright." Naruto looked out the window and smiled, his mind went back to his parents. Even though they had more children, they decided to move close to them. Their house was a few blocks away. Naruto has younger siblings now that both of his parents are alive again. Kushina and Minato had a girl and her name was Naruko. Right now, she is six years old and has been with Tsunade and Jiraiya's child Hashirama who is also six years old. Jiraiya put his perverted nature away and took to focus on raising Hashirama properly. Naruto did his work as he smiles remembering how he met up with Sona for the first time. Then on the school trip when they went on to visit Yasaka and Kunou.

Flashback roughly 8 Years

Naruto was currently in the ORC room sitting with Rias and Sona. Naruto was a little shocked and confused by the scenario, "Wait I'm confused you're trying to tell me that your parents are trying to get you into marrying someone?"

Sona nodded her head, "Y-Yeah I know it's a lot to ask you, but I might have lied to them."

Rias sighed, "Tell him." Rias had her arms crossed underneath her bosom.

Sona scratched her cheek, "My parents might have asked if I had a boyfriend. They want me to find one because I am going to be the heir to the clan. I might have told them that… it… was… you." Sona pushed her cheeks out embarrassed with a blush on her face.

Naruto was a bit annoyed and mad that Sona used him. However, he couldn't be that terribly mad because her parents were wanting to force her to be with someone, "Is it specifically both your parents or is it just your father?"

Sona was a little surprised at how easily Naruto could deduce things, "Well actually yeah, just that my father holds a little bit more power than my mother. Mainly because the rest of my clan want me to produce an heir. I didn't know what to say because my father's queen ended up beating me in a chess match." Sona looked down worried and scared, she didn't know what she was going to do, "Because I lost the chess match, I was forced to go along with my parents. They wanted confirmation from you."

Rias nodded her head as she said, "I'm okay with it."

Sona and Naruto looked at her confused, "Okay with what?" Naruto raised an eyebrow.

"R-Really! W-Wait! W-What if something really does come out of this!? H-How does it work then? I-I mean." Sona was cut off by Rias pulling her head into her bosom.

Rias smiled, "Sona your one of my best friends if it means that I have to share Naruto with you. I'm perfectly fine with that. If you two do find love together than that's even better. I'm already sharing Naruto with a bunch of other girls already."

Sona had tears running down her face as Naruto stared blankly, "W-Wait a second… you saying that… I have to go along with this?"

Sona quickly turned to Naruto, "N-No! That's not it! I-I mean if you can help me out, I'd be eternally grateful but if we don't find love in the end, I won't force you!" Sona wanted Naruto to understand that it was temporary.

Naruto nodded his head, "Well I'm okay with it, I guess… I mean I'm also seeing other girls already, so I don't see the reason not to."

Sona cheered happily as she hugged Naruto, but Naruto made it more realistic when he planted his lips on Sona's. Sona blushed heavily as she felt his lips on hers, they were so warm, moist, and tasted a lot like ramen. Once they broke Sona was in a daze from the kiss, she quickly gathered her bearings and said, "T-That was my first kiss ya know… Japanese girls say that their first kiss is important… you better take responsibility."

Naruto chuckled as he brought Rias and Sona in for a hug, "I think this is going to be one interesting year!"

Next Day

(A/N: Forgive me if I'm wrong on the year Naruto is in along with the people in his peerage as well). Naruto was currently a senior now in Kuoh in their last year. Rias, Akeno, Sona, Tsubaki, Erza, Kuroka, Jellal, and Gabriel who also attend when she can. They were all preparing for their trip to Kyoto for their graduation. Naruto was currently at home packing what he had ready to leave. He had a week worth of clothes, he would be spending time with Rias, Akeno, Kuroka, Sona, Tsubaki, and Gabriel. He knew that Jellal and Erza were already a thing so they would do their own thing.

Kushina and Tsunade were sitting and talking in the family room with Minato studying. Jiraiya was well… being Jiraiya. Jiraiya can be perverted when near Naruto and his girls, but when Hashirama or Naruko are around. He never acts like a pervert. Naruto came down the stairs, Kushina and the others were already informed about the trip, "Make sure you behave Naruto, I… know you don't want grandchildren just yet, but..." Kushina and Tsunade began to giggle.

Naruto blushed rubbing the back of his hands, "Just because I have some girlfriends doesn't mean I'm having children anytime soon." Naruto mentally deadpanned.

Jiraiya gave Naruto a stupid perverted thumbs up, "Let me know how it goes! I want every detail!" Just then Jiraiya was met a punch to the face courtesy of Kushina and Tsunade.

Naruto shook his head leaving, "I'll see you all in a week!" Naruto heads out the door with his parents waving and Minato smiling.

Jiraiya was weeping in the corner, "Why don't I have a harem! It's not fair! I'm the Gallant Jiraiya!"

Tsunade began to crack her knuckles, "I'm sitting over here pregnant… this is what you have to complain about!?" Jiraiya begins to sweat as Minato sighs as he feels Michael calling for him, "Oh thank the heavens." Minato gets up and leaves to see Michael.


Naruto met up with everyone with their belongings packed up and ready to head out. Then Naruto noticed that Shuri was there with her bags packed, "Oh? Mrs. Himejima? I'm surprised your coming… but isn't it a student only?"

Shuri giggled, "I'm applied here as a student just recently even if it is only for a little while. I'm registered as Akeno's big sister."

Naruto deadpanned as Akeno sighed, "My Kaa-san wanted to come as well." Akeno was reluctant but Shuri asked Sirzechs regardless if she could act as a student for a while.

Issei was there along with Maria, Sicilian, Asia, Koneko, Kiba, and Shin. They were there to see their Seniors off, "Man! Naruto even has Akeno-senpai's mother all over him!" Issei flared his nostrils when he looked at Shuri. Shuri was currently holding Naruto's head in her bosom. Issei likes a good milf and seemingly Naruto took it away.

Naruto and the others made their way to the train station. That's when Naruto saw that Grayfia, Azazel, and another woman with silver hair was there, "Umm who are you?" Naruto asked curiously.

The woman bowed, "I'm Rossweisse I use to work for Odin as his bodyguard… then Rias was kind enough to invite me into her peerage! I am her rook! It's a pleasure to meet you!" She bowed knowing full well of Naruto's status with Rias. She knew that they were a thing, but she later learned that Naruto had several lovers. It made Rossweisse all the more interested in learning who he was.

With that, the crew hopped on the train and began to make their way to Kyoto. Naruto was sitting with Rias, Akeno, and basically everyone else were in the same car. Especially Shuri and Rossweisse wanted to get to know just who this Naruto was, "Wait so… if I'm listening correctly, you're a devil… and an angel?" Rossweisse could not believe that these two could ever mix. Also, there are no other students in the car besides Naruto and his group. The other seniors are in a different car.

Naruto continues to chat with Rossweisse and found out that she is going to be Issei's history teacher. Since Rias, Naruto, Kuroka, Akeno, and the others were graduating this year. Rossweisse was able to get a job as a teacher, "Wow your also a Valkyrie! That sounds pretty cool!" Naruto added thinking she must be pretty strong then.

Rossweisse rubbed the back of her head, "Yeah well, the only issue I've been having is looking for a boyfriend! It's been one of the hardest things to do!" She began to blab on about how much of a failure she was.

Naruto whispered to Rias, "Ummm is she always like this?"

Rias nodded her head, "Yeah, she is a very serious person, acting professional prioritizing work and study above all else since her youth, this however, caused her to miss out on romance, thus is extremely bitter and sensitive about not having a boyfriend and is quick to anger or sadness when made fun of." Rias chuckled, "Though it makes me wonder." Rias put her finger to her lips, "We getting another added to the harem?"

Naruto sighed, "You know I don't like that word."
"But that's what it is!" Kuroka chimed in.

"You have to accept it!" Akeno walked over to the couch wrapping her arms around neck kissing his cheek.

Shuri giggled, "I'm okay being part of it. I am your servant after all!"

Rossweisse was cut from her talking when she saw how intimate the others were with Naruto. Seems that Naruto isn't that of a guy, to begin with, "What is it like? Having someone you care about?"

Naruto smiled as he thought of Grayfia and his child that she is carrying, "It has to be the greatest thing that has ever happened to me. Honestly, I'm lucky that they're all so okay with me having multiple lovers."

"Well you know it's normal for devils to have multiple partners, but I only need you." Rias placed a kiss on his lips. The others began to wait there turn eager to get their fair share of Naruto medicine. This made Rossweisse pout a little bit puffing her cheeks out.

The group continue to get to know one another better, there was actually big talk of the Four Maous stepping down from power. They were looking for a main successor as the true devil King, many speculated that Naruto might be the perfect candidate. Not only that but Michael also offered the main position in heaven to keep the peace. All three factions wanted peace and so did Azazel, though all he really wanted was oppai. Not that Naruto really disagreed with him on that subject. Naruto had to admit defeat that most of his lovers hard large breasts. A new one to get used to would-be Sona, because of her parents.

Once they arrived at their vacation for a while, they were in a hot spring area. Naruto along his other male peers had their rooms. However, what Naruto didn't know is that Rias had Sirzechs pull strings for Naruto to be staying in an all-girls room, with just Rias and the rest of the girls in his group. When they went to check-in, Naruto was looking forward to alone time with just some of the other guys in his grade. Even if a bunch of them hated him, he still could talk to them. Once he made his way towards the hall with them. The group of them stood shoulder the shoulder blocking Naruto from joining them, "We're sorry Uzumaki-kun, but we've learned of how you deceived all of us!" "It's not fair man! You get all the WOMEN!" "We leave you here to die!" They all pushed him away, which Naruto had to allow them to push him, he skidded back confused.

"Hey what the hell! I'm a guy I'm supposed to." Naruto was cut off when Kuroka wrapped her arms around his one arm.

"Common boyfriend we need to get going!" Kuroka purred as she dragged Naruto to her room.

"W-Wait!? I know we're dating and all! But I should be with the guys." Naruto said confused.

"Rias pulled strings, we got you into a room with us." Kuroka giggled, "I'm just saying boyfriend because we're using that as our scapegoat. You know your staying with all of us, right? That includes the new chick Rossweisse!"

"W-What!? I-I didn't agree to any of this I!" Naruto was cut off when Kuroka sent him a death glare. "Yes Kuroka". Naruto hung his head in defeat.

Kuroka smiled as she dragged him to their room and found that he was the only male in the room. He chuckled, as he saw them all changing into Yukatas, "So what about the hot springs I'll be joining the guys… right?" Naruto had a sweat drop appear on his head as he said, "Dammit can't we just have a normal school trip."

"Nope!" Kuroka, Rias, Akeno, Shuri, and Sona giggled. Even if Tsubaki was a little flustered that Naruto was here, but she knew she had stronger feelings for Rias's knight Kiba. Though her master Sona has seemed to take some sort of a liking towards Naruto. He agreed to help her with her family problems.

Naruto waited as the girls changed and made their way into the hot springs. Rias and the others were in a sperate hot spring from the regular populace of the school. So, when Naruto made his way inside, he found Rias and everyone else butt naked. Besides Tsubaki wanted to keep her figure hidden, which she did a poor job on. Naruto rubbed the back of his head seeing everyone naked, "A-Are you sure about this? I-I don't want to make Tsubaki and Rossweisse… uncomfortable." Naruto slowly began to stop talking as Rossweisse was on the ground passed out. This was the first time she has ever seen a man naked… well Naruto had a towel on.

He went over and took a quick shower. He then sat into the water relaxing letting a sigh out happily. He then feels Rias, Akeno, Kuroka, and Shuri right next to him. Sona was a little nervous but technically he was her boyfriend. Naruto opened an eye as he found everyone near him. He didn't mind it that much, but it was a little uncomfortable. Naruto sigh he extended his arms out and pulled Rias and Kuroka into his arms. Rias and Kuroka blushed as the closeness which earned a small gasp from Rossweisse, "My Naruto I feel hurt." Akeno said with a small giggle.

Naruto smirked as a bunch of his clones appeared pulling Akeno and Sona into a hug. Shuri got in on the action with the same clone with Akeno. Rossweisse was a little surprised by how intimate Naruto is with the other girls. He showed originally wanting to stay separate and on his own side. However, when it did come to the girls he fell apart. Naruto looked over to see Rossweisse a little surprised by the sudden action he took. Rias giggled, "Ya'know Rossweisse you're more than welcomed to get a clone for yourself." Tsubaki would only sigh and enjoy herself. More or less she is a bit fonder of Kiba. While Sona was quite happy snuggling up with Naruto's clone.

Rossweisse blushed turning her head away, "I-I think I'm good." Rossweisse was a little uneasy about this, as she never bee this close to a man like this. Then again this was a new experience, her desire to have a lover of some sort was hard for her to come by.

With that soon, the bath ended with them heading to get dinner and head to bed. Well except for Naruto and his gang. They actually had a meeting with Azazel, the Governor of the fallen angels. They were talking about a meeting with the leader of the Yokai faction. Naruto was asked to be the representative for the angels and devils, "I guess we can, I don't have any objection." Naruto scratched his head, he did kinda want to go to bed.

The group began to make their way through a made portal to take them to the Kyoto shrine area. Where they went inside of a house, Naruto saw a woman with a young woman with a voluptuous figure and very long blonde hair with matching eyes. She is a woman with delicate facial features and her eyebrows are cut very short and round a symbol of nobility. Her hair is usually tied in a loose ponytail, reaching all the way down to her legs that end in a spiral, with taut bandages to keep it in place. Naruto had to admit that the woman was quite beautiful, she was beautiful just like Rias and the others. They sit down, "Welcome son of Minato Namikaze, and nephew of Michael, we have learned of your alliance with Rias and Sona Sitri. You were elected a representative since your engaged to them."

Naruto nodded his head, "I am, I've heard you wanted to create an alliance with all three of us." Naruto gave a slight bow in return as Yasaka couldn't help but eye Naruto. He was very handsome and hasn't met another person such as this. For an angel/devil/human he possessed stronger chakra than a normal one.

"Yes, I was hoping to create said alliance… but I've heard you've needed a woman for an alliance." Yasaka blushed a little bit putting her hand on her cheek, "If you need I-I can fill that role." Yasaka said with a blush on her face.

Naruto scratched his cheek, "Uhhh no that's not needed, I don't know where you heard this. Don't get me wrong your beautiful. I-I don't know if having another lover is."

Rias and Kuroka both said, "We don't mind!"

"I'm cool with it!" Akeno giggled.

"I-I don't mind… as long as Naruto loves all of us evenly," Sona blushed at the idea, Rossweisse was wondering about the same thing Yasaka was.

Yasaka quickly coughed into her hand, "I-I see well I mean having an alliance is helpful, either way, if you accept, I have people that would want to meet you."

"Who would what be?" Naruto asks.

"Well, it would be Amaterasu-sama and Tsukuyomi-sama," Yasaka answered with a smile, she was a little nervous the two were on her to get a new father for Kunou.

Naruto nods his head, "Yeah, sure I'd be happy to."

Yasaka clapped her hands happily, "That's great you will only be gone for a week. I hope you don't mind."

"Yeah, I'm okay with it." Naruto gave her a foxy grin which earned a small blush from Yasaka.

Rossweisse quickly spoke up, "Wait are you sure letting Naruto stay here is alright?"

Yasaka raised an eyebrow, "I can assure that Naruto will be treated with respect. Do you think something bad will happen to him under our watch?"

"N-No I-I just wanted to get to know Rias's future husband is all." Rossweisse blushed.

Rias giggled, "Don't worry Rossweisse we can help you become Naruto's lover."

Naruto scratched his cheek blushing, "I-I see… I mean if that's how you feel Rossweisse."

"I-I no! I-I mean… I-I don't know." Rossweisse was blushing as her face was beat red.

Yasaka chuckled, "I see well we can't wait you guys are allowed to stay here for night." Yasaka bowed until her daughter came running in.

Naruto saw that the little girl came walking out as she looked at everyone, "Okaa-san who are these people?"

"Oh Kunou-chan these people are devils, but Naruto over here is a devil and an angel." Yasaka smiled gesturing towards Naruto as he waved to her. Kunou is a young girl with the appearance of an elementary school student. She has golden, blonde hair tied in a ponytail and matching eyes. She also has nine golden foxtails and matching ears. Her main attire is the traditional Miko outfit and tall geta with white tabi. The sleeves of her haori feature a giant red star-shaped pentagram, surrounded by five smaller pentagrams in between the points.

Naruto smiled, "Hello there Kunou-chan! The name is Naruto!" Naruto waved to her.

Kunou quickly ran up to hugged Naruto as she quickly said, "Kaa-chan! Are you getting married! Am I going to have a Tou-chan now!?"

Naruto felt a sweat drop appear on his head before Yasaka could tell Kunou to stop. Naruto quickly sent Yasaka a wink. Naruto lifted Kunou into the air and smiled cheekily at her, "No I am not, but I am helping your mother make an alliance. Well, I'll be here for some time, maybe we can get to know one another." Naruto nuzzled his nose with hers which earned a laugh and a giggle from Kunou.

Kunou smiled, "Kaa-chan! Please! Marry Naruto so he can be my Tou-chan!" Kunou looked at her mother with tears in her eyes.

Yasaka blushed, "I-I mean I-I just met Naruto Kunou-chan it takes time to get to know one another."

"Then I'll guess we'll just have to see how well we get along." Naruto gave Yasaka a smile, which earned more blushing from her. Some of her underlings have never seen Yasaka-sama like this before. Rias and the others thought it was adorable, in all honesty at this point they all thought the bigger the better in terms of harem.

With that, they change and go to bed for the night. The next day they go back and continue their trip as they were supposed to be there. After a week when their trip was done, Naruto went back to the Shrine to find Yasaka. Naruto walked into the garden as she was tending to as, "Hey good to see you doing well."

Yasaka quickly turned her head, "O-Oh! Naruto! I didn't expect you here so soon!"

"Well, I did make a promise to Kunou the night we left to come back." Naruto chuckled.

Soon Kunou came running out as she saw Naruto, "Hey! Naruto!" She ran up as Naruto scooped her up into his arms, "Are you going to teach me to walk on different surfaces now!"

"Oh, that's right! I forgot you were trained in the arts of chakra!" Yasaka gasped

"Yeah, I know Kunou has been asking to be trained to walk on surfaces." Naruto smiled, "I don't mind it's not that hard, I think." Naruto began to rub Kunou's hair.

Yasaka smiled, "Well that's fine, today Amaterasu-sama said she would stop by later. While you two begin training, do you guys want something to eat?"

Naruto smiled, "If it's cooking from you Yasaka-chan then sure!" Naruto gave her a thumbs up.

Yasaka blushed, "A-Alright you two behave now!" Yasaka went to go make lunch, she was a little excited to have Naruto here with her. She had to admit that he was good with kids. Yasaka was happy, she as happy for Kunou because she asked her if she ever found a boyfriend. Kunou has always wished for a father of some sort. Kunou wanted to know what it was like to have a Tou-chan. It makes Yasaka wonder if Naruto… really fell that way about her. They don't know one another but that didn't mean it couldn't be impossible.

Naruto slowly begins to teach Kunou to begin using her chakra. As soon as Naruto explained it, Kunou was a natural with chakra. She picked up the walking up the walls along with water walking. She was laughing and giggling all the way. Naruto chuckled as smiled, "Kunou you want to fly for a little bit?" Naruto patted her hear.

Kunou smiled, "Yeah! Please! Papa! I want to! I-I mean… N-Naruto yes I do!" Kunou let that slip accidentally with a small blush on her face.

Naruto was a little surprised by the quick name, he smiled and picked Kunou up as his wings came out of his back. He began to fly around with Kunou as she was on his back. Kunou laughed and giggled as Naruto flew her around. Yasaka finished lunch up, this made her wonder if he would like her cooking. Its been a while since she has cooked for anyone else besides her and Kunou. She looked up to see Naruto and Kunou flying around this made her heart hurt a bit. Seeing Naruto interact with Kunou like this made her heart hurt. Her heart was beating a bit faster than usually does, this is the same feeling she has this for her previous husband. Though it still saddens her to think that her previous husband tried to use her. That is why she has never fallen in love again, to think that she was taken advantage of.

Yasaka thought she was in love but was lied to when he left them. He tried to take Kunou with him, but he was stopped and killed by her. She didn't know he was trying to use her for Kunou, which is why she has never trusted another male. However, she can't help but think that Naruto might… be different. She knows it sounds insane, but Naruto might just be a man she could be interested in. Soon a woman appears behind her, "Yasaka-chan? How are you doing?" The being speaks up.

Yasaka turns her head, "Oh! Amaterasu-sama! I didn't realize you would be here so soon!"

Amaterasu giggled, "I see you have the Naruto boy here, what do you think of him so far? Me personally… I think he is pretty cute seems to work well with kids."

Yasaka nodded her head, "Y-Yea I mean he is… I-I don't know though. He seems like an interesting man, but… ya know."
"Girl, you do know who the strongest queen is right?" Amaterasu raised an eyebrow.

"You mean Grayfia Lucifuge? The strongest queen who is working under Sirzechs right?" Yasaka asked curiously.

"She is pregnant… guess who the father is?" Amaterasu sent her a smirk, Yasaka's eyes widen.

"W-What you mean Naruto is… already a f-father." Yasaka looks at Amaterasu surprised. Yasaka thought to herself, then that must mean that Naruto was a good man. To have Rias and Sona both younger sisters of two of the four Maous. That must mean he is a good man, that the girls are comfortable enough to be with him.

"Yasaka-chan your thinking of getting it on with Naruto-kun?" Amaterasu began to poke fun at her.

Yasaka blushed, "S-Shut up I'll see how things go! Besides I just met him." Yasaka shook her head as Naruto landed in front of them.

He landed with Kunou in his arms and his twelve angel and twelve devil wings still out, "Oh hey what's up? Oh, you must be Amaterasu?"

Amaterasu nodded, "I am and Tsukynomi should be arriving soon."

Naruto smiled, "Cool so Yasaka-chan! Is that lunch ready!" Naruto had a grin appear on his face.

Yasaka quickly stuttered, "Y-Yeah! Umm where, Oh! Yeah! Here!" Yasaka began to act strangely finding out that Naruto was willing to have more than on companion. Showed that he was a good person and Yasaka's hormones were starting to increase. It was mating seasons for her, which made it all the harder to know if she had true feelings for him.

"Okaa-san! I got to fly with Naruto-san! He was so cool! You think I can fly one day!?" Kunou said excitedly as she began to make airplane whooshing sounds.

"Kunou you can't unless you get wings, but I'm more than happy to take you flying every now and then." Naruto knelt down as he rubbed Kunou's head. Kunou was a little upset, but that meant Naruto would come back. That means she would get to see him more.

With that, they went inside for lunch that Yasaka prepared. Naruto enjoyed the lunch much to Yasaka's joy, he seemed to love her cooking. All girls know, the best way to a man's heart is his stomach. Naruto continued his stay over at Yasaka's meeting with Tsukuyomi and Amaterasu. There was a lot of talking and they decided that there would be a peace agreement between the Yokai, Shinto Gods, Devils, Fallen, and Angels. They all agreed to do so, which made the factions all happy. Naruto was a perfect representative for the deal, with one of the requirements that Naruto… is engaged to Yasaka the leader of the Yokai faction.

"WHAT?!" Yasaka screamed as she darted her head back and forth between Tsukuyomi and Amaterasu.

"Well, it's quite obvious that you're interested in the boy," Tsukuyomi stated with his arms crossed.

"Oh, stop playing Yasaka-chan! I already know you like the boy! Why not give him a chance!" Amaterasu giggled.

Naruto scratched his head, "Sooo uhhhh this peace agreement needs to seal with a marriage contract. I mean wouldn't it be easier to see how it plays out between us first? I mean I know very little about Yasaka-chan, so you won't force us into it right, away right?"

Amaterasu was quite happy with Naruto's response and Tsukuyomi didn't seem to care all that much. Yasaka couldn't help but smile at Naruto's response, "W-well if we can take it slow that's fine, but what if it doesn't work out?"

"We won't enforce it." Amaterasu said happily, and Tsukuyomi was going to argue until Amaterasu grabbed him. She teleported them away before Tsukuyomi could protest as she signed the contract for both of them.

Yasaka and Naruto sat there looking at one another confused, "So uhhh does that mean we're."

"YOU'RE MY NEW TOU-CHAN!" Kunou shot off her seat enveloping Naruto into a hug as he nine fluffy golden tails swayed behind her.

With Rias and Everyone

"That's how the contracted was formed." Naruto rubbed the back of his head at the ORC room with Yasaka on the side blushing. Naruto currently had Kunou clinging on his left arm snuggling her face into his shoulder.

Rias rubbed the bridged between her nose and Grayfia was pretty much didn't care. Akeno giggled, "Well Kunou-chan is pretty cute isn't she." Akeno walked over as she rubbed Kunou's head as she purred.

"Well it seems the family just got bigger, but we'll see how Yasaka and I get along. If it doesn't work out it doesn't work." Naruto stopped as he looked down to see Kunou with a quivering lip.

Yasaka shook her head, "Kunou-chan you know that every man isn't going to be your Tou-san. I need to be happy too. It sounds selfish but I need to know if this the man I'm going to love. Is he going to treat you with the love I want him to give you."

Naruto smiled understanding Yasaka's words, "Let's just see how everything goes."

End of Flashback

Naruto smiled as he sat in his chair doing some paperwork. Just then he saw Yasaka, Azazel, and Michael walk into the room. Naruto smiled, "Alright let's finally some updates on how our factions are going." Naruto placed his pen down ready to listen.

Naruto became the overall ruler of the underworld. The four Maous granted him the title of Devil King to represent their entire race. Naruto also was part Angel, so he also vouched for the angels being their leader. Yasaka was still the Yokai leader, Azazel the fallen angel leader, and Michael more or less their vice representative for the Angel Faction. Naruto wrote down a name and smiled, "Henceforth we will all be known as Supernatural Coalition. We'll exist together, care for one another, and watch out for one another. The humans might not know who we truly are, but that's fine. We'll protect them from the shadows and make sure this world is always safe for the future."

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