Chapter 2: Uprising Dreams

A/N: I just remembered these dreams, they were really fuzzy because they're two of the small amount of TRON dreams I hadn't written out. The others don't seem to be connected, and are rather random, so they probably won't be written.

Later, when the young girl had grown up, she would have two dreams while Tron trained Beck. He needed her in those moments, moments of doubt, of wondering, of tiredness. He had been through so much, and the dreams translated that to young Yori, though her name was different now.

One such dream would lead her to Tron's base in the mountains just outside Argon City. He was staring out a small rectangular window, showing the side of the mountain beside his base. It was to the right of the room, if one stood at the back facing front. He was deep in thought, and this time, she knew, with wonder, that she could hear what he was thinking. He talked about his thoughts on the revolution, reflected on things that had happened. Though, that's about all she could remember about their topics when she awoke. She knew she had talked to him, and was sure he could hear her…

Then, he spoke of Beck. She immediately felt his love for him, and she was instantly jealous. She wasn't aware at first that it was a fatherly love, though different from a User's fatherly love, but after some prodding into the feeling, she soon found that to be the case. Suddenly she was happy. That little boy she had dreamed of having with her Tron was real! Though not in the same way. She briefly even saw Beck's code run by her eyes in a blue glowing text, something she felt, and knew from her Tron's thoughts, that Beck had actually possessed parts of both of their code! Which came as a surprise to both of them!

She felt from her Tron, and heard his thoughts that Beck reminded him very much of her, something she smiled about, though she wasn't seen. She somehow knew she was only there in spirit once more, and she was ok with that. They talked a little more, and then, she could feel Beck approaching, though it wasn't from her own abilities, but she felt it through her Tron. She realized that the Grid spoke to him, his connection with it via his functions being that strong. That's how he always knew when a disk was flying towards him and when people approached, and could even trace their footsteps, something Beck would learn with practice.

He cut off their conversation then, and when Yori awoke, she wouldn't know if she was able to say she loved him or not, but hoped she had. When Beck had approached Tron, she could feel the wariness and tiredness of her Tron lift a bit, they talked, and then she woke up.


The next dream came a little later, she was aware of being within her Tron this time, but he had no energy to stand on his own and had his eyes closed! She was literally inside him spiritually and could feel a portion of his pain! Somehow, she knew that that amount meant he was in SO much more pain than he had ever been in before!

She felt him being pushed past what felt like a wet substance, though it wasn't wet, his skin was dry once past it, and a sucking sound filled his ears as they past it. Once in, she felt his pain ebb greatly and she didn't even notice him being turned around, she was frantically trying to figure out what was wrong! Then… He opened his eyes, and there was light all around him, a glass surface before him as Beck held his hands to the glass in fear and desperation! She couldn't make out what he had said, but saw him dash back to a console to the right of Tron.

She feared even more now! She could feel his tiredness, his willingness to give up. He was so ready to die! She couldn't have that! She cried within him and tried to fill him with hope and love with her words, but nothing helped. He felt he had completed his tasks, had done his duty, he'd been through enough. Then, suddenly, she felt and heard him think that he would finally see her again. She somehow knew he meant her, it was a feeling, not a word, and she knew it was her, she got the name Yori a bit later.

She shook her head and said. "No! If you die now we'll never see each other again!" She shouted at him desperately. "I'm ALIVE!" She tried to tell him, but there was no getting through, this time, like last time, he felt even more that she wasn't there. Last dream she had of him, he barely believed, he was so lost, this time, he didn't believe at all!

She desperately tried to tell him to have hope, that the people needed him! That she needed him! That she LOVED him! But, he felt the Grid was in good hands, he honestly felt that Beck was ready, that he would take his place, it was the only reason he didn't fight at all. He really believed in Beck and that he would save the Grid in Tron's place.

Then, Tron let go… And he died. Yori shook within him and poured all of her love and hope into him via feeling and her emotions! Giving him hope, not letting him give up! Not even letting a milimicro go that he would be dead, she somehow took control of his body, fought FOR him, in place of him! Kept it going before it began to derez, and it worked! She also held tightly onto her Tron's soul as he started to rise from his body, and kept him IN him! She focused everything she had on him, being there for him, with him, as much as she could be! She couldn't let him die! Spiritual tears ran down her cheeks as she cried out to him and kept him alive!

Suddenly, the light around her Tron in his healing chamber glowed brighter! To it's brightest! And it exploded! Shoving her out of him, but her work had been done, he fought now, had a small slight bit of hope. He would live. His soul was stationed within his body firmly, she wasn't needed any more.

She woke up.